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Reviewed: 07/31/02 | Updated: 07/31/02 will have to do.

Now before you start reading this let me take a minute to remind you that yes I am a baseball fan and yes I am a fan of baseball videogames. Now with that said, All-Star Baseball 2003 is not a great game like other reviewers here have said. There are tons and tons of flaws in this game!

Controls = 7/10
The controls aren't too bad for this game. It's kind of hard to not to have decent controls for a baseball game though. One major gripe I have though is that signaling to steal a base can be very frustrating. You have to hold the Y button while pressing the control pad. On top of that there is a pitch coming in at the same time. I didn't like that too much.

Graphics = 8/10
Nothing too spectacular here. The player models are average by todays standards but the stadiums do look very nice. Although to me the stadiums didn't seem big enough. When you are running through the outfield you don't really get the feeling of a large field. It kind of looks awkward too. It is like they didn't do a great job on using realistic measurements. The players and fans have large models but the outfield is too small for the large models. Catch my drift?

Sound = 5/10
This really hurts the game. The sounds of the game like hitting the ball and catching the ball sound good. The commentary is the best ever BUT there is not enough noise in the stadium. The game is very very quiet. Every couple of games you might hear an organ playing between innings but that is it. For anybody who has been to a major league game in the past 10 years knows that they play lots of music throughout the progress of the ballgame. The games in ASB have absolutely no music, way too quiet for a baseball game.

Season mode = 5/10
This mode makes or breaks a baseball videogame. In this case it really hurts the game the most. This is where the most flaws are in the game. I like the farm system idea and I like replacing salaries with points. I also like the hall of fame induction idea but that is about it. One of the most annoying things about franchise/season mode is that you can't do uneven player trades! Uneven in the sense that you can't trade two players for one player, you have to trade two players for two players or one player for one player. Even with signing free agents, you have to release someone on your team to sign someone. You can't just sign a single player! Another couple big flaws that game has is when you are playing franchise mode Albert Pujols always becomes the best player in the history of the game. He ends up hitting like 800 home runs in his career! The game is really unrealistic when it comes to simulating stats and on top of that it never changes every time you play franchise mode. The players always do the same thing every time you play franchise. So play it two times and you know who to get and who not to get. Oh yeah and they don't have a draft after every season but that's ok.

Replay = 8/10
If you can see past those flaws then the game is reaping with replay. From collecting cards to playing franchise and expansion modes. It is easy to kill 2 or 3 hours with this game.

Buy/Rent = see below
Definitely buy if you are a baseball nut and only own a Gamecube because that is the best you are going to get. For everybody else just rent it, you aren't missing anything if you don't.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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