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Reviewed: 05/19/02 | Updated: 05/19/02

Arcade mode, fanatsy options and mascots on top of the dugout. What more could you ask for.

Intro: Baseball is my favorite sport. But baseball games have never been my favorite kind of sports games. They were usually to slow and season mode always took to long. It all changed with this game.

ASB2003 has tons of fantasy options. On GCN you need a different kind of memory card then the MC59 to save franchise but thats not were the heart of the game is. But if you choose to put alot of time into franchise then you get a create a team and player that really couldn't be beat. You get to choose from a bunch of names and places never been used in the pros for create-a-team. The create-a-player should have been easy to navigate and more customizable but it really is fun to make a 5 foot high, 250 pound pitcher. It also has a well done card buying system. It also has exibition and arcade play. When you start playing you will hear the national anthem and the best commentary I have ever heard. The fielding was well done except the rundowns made you always trow back to the base and not the fielder in the middle of the baseline. Batting was realistic and really showed how much practice it takes to hit off the pros. You can also change to batting that just needs timing. Pitching was a little slow and you can strike out alot of batters when playing the AI. They also have alot of fun added to the games that make it feel more like a reel baseball game. Mascots, broken bats and a moving crowd. They also included a trivia game, with questions so incredable hard you need to look up most of the answers. The whole time you won't be amazed by the graphics the framerate is good and the characters are so good you can tell who they are by their faces.

Story N/A: None

Graphics 8: The framerate is good and the characters are as real as can be. Still the crowd and backround won't make you stand back and make you go wow.

Sound 9: One of the greatest commentaries ever. Nice background music to. The crowd could have been better though.

Control 7: Pitching and rundowns needed alot of work. Batting was great, and the menus were great, with lots of options.

Fun 9: Lots of fun in almost every mode. Season could have been better. Multiplayer was a ton of fun, and so was watching all the fluff they added to the time between the pitches.

Simply this is the best baseball on GCN.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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