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Reviewed: 07/11/03 | Updated: 07/11/03

Best Footy on Cube with Exception of Winning Eleven!!!!

You may think that because FIFA has had more publicity in the past due to more games and the world cups that no Konami game would be able to live up to the standard of FIFA. People who think that are dumb. ISS 2 is one oif the best footballing games ever created. There are so many different modes on the game that will keep you playing for a while, and when you have a friend round the fun will never stop because this game has drama, contreversay and everything else you could want from a top calss footballing game. Whether you want to control England or Peru the choice is there for you. The graphics on the players are not top notch but they are near enough for you to tell the difference between David Beckham and David Seaman. All other visuals really do look top notch such asd the crowd who scream and groan often depending on whether you are playing at home or not.

The different game modes in ISS are quite similar as most are tournaments. There is the basic mode of friendly where you pit yourself against a friend and see who is the best footballing player. The International Cup mode where you take a team through the qualifying stages and then into the world cup itself to see which country is the best in the world. World League mode is like the continental cup where there is the African Nations trophy the european cup and the Asian and american cup. The final mode is custiom league where you choose between 4 and 8 teams and put them in a league to see which team wins.

Of course there is the create a playr mode which is pretty basic but all the same is very fun when you choose his abilities and put him in an international side. The facials are pretty basic as i said and really it is quite difficult for you to create a player that looks exactly like yourself.

All in all ISS 2 is a top class football title. Better than FIFA but not as good as Winning Eleven which is only out in Japan also form Konami.

Graphics - Top cvlass in most places but let doen mostly by lack of detai lon the players themselves
Sounds - Good crowd noises but then again no game has good commentary and it gets annoying after a while
Gameplay - The gameplay is simply superb and reallly with all the game modes it will keep you playing for ages 10/10
Lifespan - With all the game modes and the two player being brillaint you'll never want to stop playing this superb footy game

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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