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Reviewed: 06/27/03 | Updated: 06/27/03

This has got to be one of the worst soccer games out there

There are two types of ISS games, which are both made by Konami: International Superstar Soccer, and then there is International Superstar Pro Evolution Soccer (generally called only Pro Evolution, for briefness). The latter, I consider to be the best and finest made soccer games, rich with variety, gameplay options, realistic, and what you would expect to be the best soccer simulation game out there. The former, however, has to be a game that Konami simply to make some money, since it is generally of poor quality, and seems to be rushed.


After having seen ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2 on the ps2, I have to say that this game rather disappointed me. Even though the Gamecube has a more powerful graphics processor than the ps2, the graphics look very worse on the cube. The stadium’s crowd seems to be made of 3 textures perhaps, and the players all look the same. There are probably 7-8 variations of how the soccer players look, and maybe, the really really famous players are the only ones who have had some extra effort put into making them. The only part of this game which has impressed me a bit is the grass of the field. That, which isn’t really important, is probably the only part which has made me compliment the developers in the visual department. The field is well made, and reflects how the field would actually look in the real stadiums.

Rating – 6


Again, this part has been done very poorly and seems to have been rushed. The crowed keeps making the same echoing noise, as if the crowd can only speak one language. The commentary is awful, since it is often repetitive and says some obvious things, such as “he kicked it”, “a nice pass”, while never referring to schemes or good tactics such as what can be found in the pro evolution side. There is practically no music, only in the menu system. The only real “pro” that can be found, as opposed to its many cons, in this area is that the commentary is available in 5 languages.

Rating – 5


This part of the game is maybe what could be discussed about. I’d say that this game would be decent perhaps if you play it once in a while to have fun with some friends, but playing it for over an hour would probably bore you to death. When a player is in defense all he has to do is keep the A and B button pressed, and his players will automatically go and steal the ball from the player who is holding the ball. Rest assured, even if the attacking player manages to attack, and pass the ball quickly, he will rarely create a great maneuvered action which leads to the eventual gol. The passing system is very basic, no one-two’s, hard to do back passes, and such. Even the crossing system is bad, since you will hardly score by ability. Sometimes, it seems as if the player presses buttons rapidly and however presses them more rapidly hits the ball with the head, and will either score or launch the ball onto the opposing side, naturally depending on who’s side you’re on. The worst part of the bug, which I sincerely thing is a bug, is that you can score from the midfield. Yes, that’s right, if you hold L and shoot, you’re supposed to do a lob ball, but if calibrated well enough, the all can go right into the goal, with the goalie doing an unnatural movement, when he could easily get the ball. The shooting system is too unbalanced. You can score from 40 meters away. And let’s not forget the free kicks. It is way too easy to score. You just have to face the pole, shoot until half of the bar is filled up, and be assured that you will score. There needs to be lots of tweaking to be made.

Rating – 4

Lasting Appeal:

I’d say that lasting appeal is fairly limited. There is only one cup mode, compared to atleast 4 modes in pro evolution, and 2-3 in FIFA, and it isn’t very interesting. You can win the all-star teams, but it really isn’t worth it. The only other modes are normal game and practice which doesn’t have special training modes like pro evolution. I’d say the game is very limited.

Rating – 5

Some might think that by reading this review, I am making a comparison to pro evolution. I am not. I have to naturally compare this game to something, so even comparing it to other games such as “This is Football” or “FIFA”, this game really falls behind.

Buy or Rent?

DO NOT ABSOLUTELY BUY THIS GAME. I strongly urge you not to, because you will probably play a few games, but get tired by the dullness and lack of variety in the game. I can suggest a rent perhaps, but even then, it really isn’t worth playing this game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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