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Reviewed: 08/25/02 | Updated: 08/25/02

A decent but rushed soccer game.........

We all know konami are the best at making football games or soccer for you Americans, but this title felt different.
Here goes:

The gameplay for ISS2 is really not any fun at all, it felt slow though you could increase the speed it still felt painfully slow. The button you will be pressing most would be the pass button, try dribbling or any fancy leg work and the computer controlled player will just take it off you in seconds. Fancy leg work did I say? The only skill you will ever learn would be the easy step over move, which does not even get you anywhere really. Don't think I'm just cussing this game, as its an average enough football game to play but its hard to enjoy a average football game coming from Konami, you kind of have expectations you know?

The graphics for this game is amazing. it really uses game cube's good lightning and shadow effects well. The stadium is well featured with many impressive stadium structures. The crowd looks good as well almost looking three dimensional. The players look good from afar with their distinctive boots, hair and style of play but up close they almost look 64 bit, but a football game is meant to be seen from afar so this does not really matter. The weather effects like rain are good but far from perfection, the sky effects here are very good; playing under an evening sky causes the pitch to turn a golden brown, playing in the night sky really feels like you are playing in a night sky with the bright floodlights shadowing everything on the pitch, nice touch.

The music in the game really sounds good though its mainly rock, its crisp and has some surround sound elements in them. The sound effects are quiet poor, when you kick the ball it just sounds like ''thud'' especially when running with the ball. The sounds from the crowd is good, when you on offence the tension rises then when the ball is cleared away the tension drops, when you are just passing around the crowd break out in a chant, the chant depends on the nationality of the team; a team from Africa will be chanted with drums and team from Europe will be more of a song like ''Rule Britannia'' but its more like a mimic than the actual song.

This game will keep you playing and playing, though the game modes are lacking with only league, tournament and custom league but there lots of hidden extras like being able to play with retro players. This area would have received a '10' if Konami added scenarios like in previous ISS games. The game features a good create a player mode with many styles and odd hair styles, but I don't like the way you just make your player have perfect soccer skills just like that.

There is not much to master here, just pick up and play and you will get the hang of it though at first the game play feels odd and painfully slow so you will either give the game back or get the hang of it. you could have a go at performing skills though, the manual does not tell you them or how to perform them so its a bit of a challenge.I have heard there are many skills but I have only seen two.

The game features some excellent graphics and sound, the gameplay is average but for a Konami game you want an above average game, none the less a decent but rushed soccer game. 6/10.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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