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A Complete Package for Webheads! 04/28/02 Air Hoppz
Does whatever a spider can......in an awkward way 04/20/02 BeerMonster
Spiderman, Spiderman, gives enjoyment, as long as it can. 05/04/02 capgamer
A excellent choice for Spider-Man fans and non-fans alike! 04/24/02 chronotrigger300992
Sizzlin' Spider-Webs! 11/13/02 Emm88
Spiderman. Does what the movie can? 07/07/02 Funguz
A GREAT game, with one huge fault. 03/23/03 gamemaster414
Spider-Man Spider-Man, flies around in a grabage can 06/07/02 GCN4Life
sorry I'm too busy playing....oh fine then I'll write the review 01/23/05 giga_bowser91
Spiderman returns, and his web is stronger than ever! 04/25/03 goldensword
A great game for new comers and web-heads alike! 05/07/02 LordDarthVader
Your ears will pop at this altitude..... 07/27/02 MegaCage
Wish you could be Spiderman? Play this game and you'll believe you are! 04/23/02 metalroy
The webslinger is back and better than ever before! 04/20/02 muska121
The Ultimate Web-Spin..... while it lasts....... 04/17/02 Neomaxim
Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can 06/17/03 pelican
This game rocks! 07/19/04 samwise22gamgee
With great responsibility comes a great game... 07/28/02 Scramble125
Amazing!!!!! At first. . . . 07/06/02 ShrinaSoldier231
Everything you've ever loved about Spiderman 04/28/02 Sylancer
One Of The Only Good Games Based On A Movie 03/19/03 THAguyINgta3
Spiderman Spiderman, the amazing Spiderman 06/25/02 VideoMaster
The Ultimate Web-Spinning Adventure for the 21st Century 04/26/02 Zidane Trebal

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