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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by adam3k3

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      +                                      +
                      +  *                                 * + 
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                      +                                      +
                      +             G      GGGG              +
                      +            GGG    G    G             +
                      +           GGGG   G  GG  G            +
                      +          GG  G   G G  G G            +
                      +              G    G GG G             +
                      +              G   G G  G G            +
                      +              G   G  GG  G            +
                      +              G    G    G             +
                      +              G     GGGG              +
                      +  _   _  _   _  __  __  _    __  __   +
                      +  \ \/ /| |_| ||_ /|_ /|_|_ |_ /|_ )  +
                      +   \/\/ |_| |_||__\|__\|___||__\|\_\  +
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                           18 Wheeler FAQ/Strategy guide                       
                               For Dreamcast/GameCube
                                    Version 1.00
                                   By Adam Cooper
                              E-mail: adam3k3@gmail.com  
                   This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2005-2015 Adam Cooper
                           Last Revision July  17th, 2015
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction..........................................[INT]
    2. Version History.......................................[VHS]
    3. What is 18 Wheeler....................................[WIW]
    4. The Basics
     4-1. Options............................................[OPT]
     4-2. Controls...........................................[CON] 
     4-3. Drivers............................................[DRV]
     4-4. Scoring System.....................................[SSY]
    5. Arcade Mode...........................................[ARC]
     5-1. New York - Key West................................[NTK]
     5-2. ST. Petersburg - Dallas............................[SPD]
     5-3. Dallas - Las Vegas.................................[DLV]
     5-4. Las Vegas - San Francisco..........................[VSF]
    6. Parking Mode..........................................[PRK]
    7. Score Attack/VS Mode..................................[SOR]
    8. Tips/Strategies.......................................[TPS]
    9. Secrets/Cheats........................................[SCT]
    10. FAQs.................................................[FAQ]
    11. Legal Disclaimer.....................................[LDR]
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    1. Introduction                                                           [INT]
    Welcome to my 18 Wheeler FAQ. This game is not just about driving your truck 
    from city to city, no its about driving your truck with style and challenge.  
    This FAQ should have enough information about both good style and best 
    strategy to win. Hope you like it and if anything is wrong or you have 
    your own strategy just drop me an email and I will be more than happy to 
    add it. Until next time, cheers. 
    2. Version History                                                        [VHS]
    Version 1.00 July  17th, 2015
    - The longest update in the history of FAQ writing ;) Anyway, Parking Mode
      is done.
    - Fixed spelling and grammar.
    - Updated some small non gameplay parts.
    Version 0.90 (12:21 AM February  2nd, 2006)
    - Everything is done except the Parking mode weach I will cover in 
      the next version. 
    3. What is 18 Wheeler                                                     [WIW]
    This game was first developed by Sega-AM2, released on May 18, 2001 on 
    Sega Dreamcast. Later ported to Sony Playstation 2 system with exactly 
    the same game and same graphics and finally to Nintendo GameCube system. 
    All three systems has exactly the same version with only little controls 
    deferens and Dreamcast’s Net Ranking mode cut down, other than that its 
    exactly the same game. Personally I prefer the game on Dreamcast as its 
    Sega game on Sega system and because I’m Sega fanboy mined you, but the 
    PS2/GC versions are also ok. 
    4-1. Options                                                              [OPT]
    The option screen is where you can make little deferens to the game settings 
    to match your gaming style or Save/Load your data.
    Difficulty: Set the game difficulty setting on Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, 
    or Very Hard. 
    Rumble: Set to on or off.
    Audio: Set it to ether Stereo for a surround sound feel or Mono. 
    Save: Save your progress.
    Load: Load your progress. 
    Controller: Change your control settings (see next section). 
    Exit: Exit to main menu. 
    4-2. Controls                                                             [CON]
           Brak.....L.----------------------------.R........ Accelerator
                   , __     N I N T E N D O  . __   ,
                  ./    \      GAMECUBE     ,_(__) _ ..... Horn
    Steering Wheel | () |          0      , (_)___|_),`....Change View  
                .  \____/    ------------ . . (___) , .... Gear Shift
                |          _ .   Pause    . .     .   |
                |        _| |_ ,        , __ .....,...|... Reverse
                |      ||_ 0 _||       | (__)   .     |
                |      | .|_| .         .      ,      |
                 ,     ,  ----           ---- ,       ,
                  -----                         -----   
    Note: This is the default setup, you can change it in option screen menu.
    4-3. Drivers                                                              [DRV]
    Asphalt Cowboy
    SPEED = OK
    This driver is balanced and must I say the best one. We will be using 
    him in this FAQ.  
    Highway Cat
    SPEED = Good
    This driver got top speed but is difficult to drive on upper hill roads.
    Long Horn
    Slow on small roads but good with heavy cargo.
    Stream Line
    Comes second after Asphalt Cowboy in balance.
    Nippon Maru
    A hidden character unlocked by completing the Arcade Mode.
    Lizard Tail
    Beat the game with all of the trucks (including Nippon Maru).
    4-4. Scoring System                                                       [SSY]
    The scoring system is clear and simple. Your overall score is effected by 
    three things:
    how fast you finish: Finish fast with extra time left and it will be 
    multiplied by $100.
    Cargo Damage: Every time you hit a car from a side you will lose some 
    points weach will be taken out from your overall score. 
    Rival: Finish before your rival (Lizard tail) and you will have extra 
    points and a bones stage.  
    Try to drive safe, fast, and take the best way. 
    5. Arcade Mode                                                            [ARC]
    This mode is the main mode in the game. Its like adventure where you have 
    to deliver your cargo safely from city to city before the timer runs out. 
    There are shortcuts and timer vans in etch stage so petition to the road. 
    Timer Vans: These are small black vans that has + 3 Time on them, try hitting 
    them by the side and not from the front of your truck as this may some times 
    slow you down.  
    Slip Stream: Drive behind a big truck for a short time and you will have a 
    short speed boost.  
    Cargo Selection: Starting from the second stage you will have to select from 
    two kind of cargos, Normal or Hard.
    Bonus Parking Challenge: Beat your rival to the finish line and you get this 
    challenge, park correctly in the parking zone before the timer runs out and 
    you will be rewarded with power up part that will make your truck Better.
            5-1. New York - Key West.................................[NTK]
    From the start of the stage drive straight for a second than immediately move 
    to the right side and keep driving toward the highway. Carefully make your way 
    to the middle of the road trough the traffic, keep going till you reach the 
    splitting way sign. 
    Stay on the left side as soon as you see this sign and turn left as the road 
    splits into two parts. If Lizard Tail gets behind you don’t panic and let him 
    hit you from behind, you wont take any damage and will get a speed boost. 
    As you turn keep your Accelerator button pressed and slowly hit the breaks at 
    the same time. Repeat the same when turning right and into the main road. 
    Now drive forward and into the Check Point. Drive forward and into the sand 
    road, be careful when turning to the right here as there will be little 
    traffic and possibly a Timer Van. Drive forward till you come to the finish 
    line. If Lizard Tail is ahead of you don’t worry he will slow down giving you 
    the chance to hit him from a side and block his way. 
    Bonus Parking Challenge: Drive straight, be on the left side on you come 
    to boxes and turn right. Now drive straight and into the parking zone. 
            5-2. ST. Petersburg - Dallas.............................[SPD]
    Move to the right line as soon as your in control of your truck and keep 
    driving straight. You will come to bridge with a roof, don’t overtake 
    Lizard Tail from the left side, instead try to do it from the right so 
    you wont hit the coming traffic, you may change the view to when there 
    is too much cars near you just to make sure you don’t hit anything. 
    The road will spilt in two ways, take the left one. Drive straight and take 
    the first left turn but don’t continue instead drive trough the houses until 
    you come to the second road, don’t worry you wont damage your cargo. Drive 
    straight until you see a truck ahead of you, turn to the right to pass it but 
    don’t go far away from it because as soon as you pass it there will be a timer 
    van, hit it and continue your way straight. 
    Make sure you stay on the right side, a tornado will send many traffic cars 
    and trucks fling into the air than throwing them in your way but don’t worry 
    they are easy to dodge. Next take the right way and hit the timer van ahead 
    of you. Now drive straight to the finish line.
    Bonus Parking Challenge: Drive sorghum and turn left at the end, no continue 
    and turn right and into the parking zone. Slow down when turning.
            5-3. Dallas - Las Vegas..................................[DLV]
    As always drive on the right side until the road splits, just before that 
    will be a timer van on the left side. Hit it if you feel comfortable but 
    if your not sure don’t as you will slow down and lose a lot of speed and 
    time, take the right way and continue up the hill. 
    On the way will be some falling rocks, watch out for them because they will 
    hit you and lose you speed. After the check point the road will turn to the 
    right, slow down a little and break as you turn so you don’t fall. Continue 
    your way hitting the timer van on the right side of the way. 
    Now make your way into the main road and stay on the right ill you come to 
    the finish line hitting the timer van that’s one the same line as you are, 
    don’t bother the other line one as it will only slow you down.  
    Bonus Parking Challenge: Drive straight, be on the left side on you come 
    to boxes and turn right. Now drive straight and into the parking zone. 
            5-4. Las Vegas - San Francisco...........................[VSF]
    The first part is easy, just drive straight on the right side and hit the 
    timer van. Take the bridge way and continue your way dodging any blocking 
    objects on the way, hit the tier van and carefully turn right. 
    Continue your way into the check point. Turn to the right and stay on the 
    right line, make sure to dodge any traffic especially when driving down hill 
    as you will get big boost in speed and you don’t want to lose it by hitting 
    anything. After small turns you will come to a bridge, drive trough into the 
    finish line hitting the left side van if necessary. congratulations you beat 
    the arcade mode.  
    6. Parking Mode                                                           [PRK]
    You must get your truck into the stop zone before the timer runs out. Each hit 
    will decrees 4 seconds of your overall time so be careful. Follow and hit the
    yellow orbs to get +1 second. To stop faster, switch to reveres gear and hit
    accelerator with break at the same time. 
    Stage 1 "Factory I"
    Drive straight to your first stop zone, time your breaks. Next drive straight 
    up to the last yellow orb, hit and move to the left than immediately make a 
    sharp turn to the right getting the yellow orb as you drive to your second 
    stop zone. Drive ahead and turn to the right, get all the yellow orb and 
    turn to the right and into your third stop zone. 
    Drive straight avoiding the trucks, turn to the left and carefully enter the 
    stop zone without hitting the truck. carefully exit the stop zone moving to 
    the right side as far as possible immediately turning to the left. Drive ahead 
    and turn to the right at end into your final stop zone.
    Stage 2 “Town”
    Drive straight and start turning by the light into your first park zone.
    Not hitting the boxes, get on the main road again and drive till the
    next right turn. Careful not to hit the light or the boxes. Continue
    driving collecting orbs and turning with the road into the incoming
    traffic cones. Turn left not hitting the boxes on your side and the
    ones on the right side of the parking zone.
    Reverse and carefully adjust your truck not to hit the boxes behind as
    you park in the park zone. Carefully drive past the drums while not
    hitting the light and park on the right park zone. Drive into the main
    road and continue collecting orbs. At the end of the road, turn left as
    soon as you drive past the boxes and then turn hard right into your final
    park zone. The yellow orbs will guide you when to turn.
    Stage 3 “Building”
    Drive forward, slight left and a hard right into the first park zone. Careful
    not to hit the light. Continue driving on the narrow path collecting orbs and
    turning hard left at the end into the next park zone (turn after the light).
    Drive past the cars and turn hard left at the end. Drive forward and turn right
    after the orb into the park zone.Carefully revers not hitting the light to
    straighten your truck. Drive forward into your another park zone. 
    Drive straight collecting the orbs and carefully turn to the left at the end
    (careful not hitting the boxes on the right side of the next street).Carefully 
    turn to the right watching out for the light and continue going down collecting
    orbs. Continue driving start breaking slightly before the second last orb
    before the park zone to slow down and park in the final park zone.
    Stage 4 "Mountain"
    | This stage is little hard but can be beaten. An important tip; always drive
    on the opposite edge of the turn. For Example, if you are about to turn to
    the right, drive as far as possible on the left side and turn at the last
    moment, Your truck going little off road is no problem, the important thing
    is to keep your load on the main road. |
    Drive forward and take the right turn at the end of the road. Turn to the
    left after collecting the orb and park into the park one. Drive forward
    leaning slightly to the left and make a hard right right before the Texaco
    truck ahead and park into the parking one. Reverse back all the way to the
    Texaco truck and drive ahead collecting the orb ahead. Turn left as soon as
    You collect the orb on the dirt road and continue driving up the hill.
    Stay on the far left side of the road and very carefully turn to the right.
    Break if you must and make sure that your load remains on the first road.
    Drive between the rocks by going left then right so your load dont hit the
    rocks you just passed. Again, stay on the far right side of the dirt road as
    you're going up the hill.
    Break if you must and continue driving taking a left into the parking zone.
    Reverse and turn after the water tank tower to straighten your truck. Now
    drive forward into the parking zone. 
    | Here comes the hardest and the final part of this stage. you have 34 seconds
    to reach the final park zone. Drive carefully not hitting anything especially
    your load as 6 seconds will be deducted with each load hit. |
    Reverse and start turning your truck to the right before the water tank
    tower, but be careful not to hit drum and the truck as well. 
    Now straighten your truck and stay on the left side of the dirt road as
    you drive down collecting orbs (it's ok if you miss the first one).
    Turn right at the last moment to avoid your back load hitting anything.
    Drive past the rocks and sharp turn to the left as you continue going down.
    continue driving forward collecting the orbs. Turn left at the end and
    immediately start breaking as the park zone will be just ahead.
    (You can start slowing down before the turn as well).
    Congratulation, you have cleared the parking mode.
    7. Score Attack/VS Mode                                                   [SOR]
    In this mode you drive around the stage scoring points, hit the timer vans 
    to increase your score. Same with Versus mode but your driving against your 
    friend. You can also view your records for all the modes in Records under 
    Versus in main menu screen. 
    8. Tips/Strategies                                                        [TPS]
    There many things you should do  and should not do to have better chance of 
    wining and better score. 
    Things you should do:
    + Always block Lizard Tail’s way by hitting him from the side or blocking 
      his way from top and letting him hit you from behind.       
    + Stay with the traffic and not against it unless necessary. 
    + Try to take advantage of Slip Stream when possible. 
    Things you should never do:
    - Drive agents the traffic.
    - Hit anything with your cargo. 
    - Drive off road. 
    - Hit a timer van that requires you to get to another line and risk hitting 
      the traffic.  
    9. Secrets/Cheats                                                         [SCT]
    Unlockable: Nippon Maru
    Beat Arcade Mode with all characters to unlock Nippon Maru.
    Unlockable: Lizard Tail
    Beat the game with all of the trucks (including Nippon Maru) to unlock Lizard 
    Unlockable: Trailers
    To unlock extra trailers, beat the game with all four characters in Arcade 
    Hint: Earn bonus parts
    You can earn bonus parts by completing the parking mini-game after beating 
    your rival in any Arcade destination race.
    10. FAQs                                                                  [FAQ]
    Q: what is the best version and why?
    A: As I said they are all the same in terms of graphics and gameplay but I 
    like the original Sega Dreamcast version best. 
    Q2: Is there second chapter of this game?
    A2: There is another similar game by Sega themselves that many consider the 
    second chapter its called Rout 66. 
    Q: Where can I get this game?
    A: eBay or Amazon.com. 
    11. Legal Disclaimer                                                      [LDR]
    Copyright (c) 2005-2015 Adam Cooper
    This document is registered with the Copyright Office. This FAQ or any 
    part of it may not be placed on any public display including and not 
    limited to websites, magazines, or any other distributed form without 
    my written permission. No money must be made of it, selling or giving 
    away with a parches is prohibit. This FAQ was created for private personal 
    use only, violation any of these terms will result in taking legal action 
    against you immediately.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This FAQ can only appear on the following websites:
    .(GameFAQs) http://www.gamefaqs.com
    .(Cheat Codes) http://www.cheatcodes.com 
    .(Neosekeer) http://www.neosekeer.com
    .(IGN) http://faqs.ign.com
    If anyone fined this FAQ on any unlisted site please inform me ASAP.
    Contac information
    I may be contacted at any time via my e-mail, (adam3k3@gmail.com).
    If you have any questions, contributions, corrections, or anything else
    feel free to e-mail, just make sure to put "Game Name" as a subject and
    watch how fast I delete your e-mail if you acutely put "Game Name" as a
    Credits/Special Thanks
    . IGN for the cheats.
    . All listed websites for accepting my FAQs.
    . You for reading this FAQ.
    . Me for creating this FAQ for all of you out there.
    FAQ Created by 
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