Review by Megaman1981

Reviewed: 02/15/06

It's hard to believe that the idea for Pac-Man came from a pizza that had a slice missing.

Sometimes an idea just hits you like a thousand lightning bolts. That happened one day twenty-five years ago to Toru Iwatani. He was looking to create a videogame that would appeal to both men and women. After looking down at his pizza, he noticed that one piece was missing. Don't tell me how, but that was when Pac-Man was born. The concept to the original Pac-Man was very simple. Your goal was to eat the pellets that litter the game board as well as the many kinds of fruit. You also have to deal with four ghosts that are always chasing you. By eating a power pellet, you can then eat the ghosts. A simple concept that has been played an estimated 10 billion times! Numerous sequels have been made, including the famous Ms. Pac-Man. Anyway, Pac-Man has also gone into the realm of 3D gaming. The first Pac-Man World game that was on the PSone was very successful. Now Pac-Man World 2 has arrived, and it is much better all around than the first game.

The story is pretty cool. Your goal is to recover the five golden fruits which were stolen by the usual band of four ghosts. Even though the ghosts only wanted to defeat Pac-Man, they got a whole lot more than they had bargained for. The fruit was a key that had trapped an ancient evil ghost under the tree on which the golden fruit rested. By using the fruit, the ghosts unleashed upon the world Spooky, an even bigger, more evil ghost than any of them could have dreamed to be. Spooky then makes the ghosts do what he says; which ironically is to destroy Pac-Man anyway.

The gameplay in any Pac-Man game is so simple. You still eat pellets and collect fruit. You sometimes even eat ghosts. The game however has become a platform game. While you can eat all the pellets you like, it won't advance the story. You need to make jump after jump to find the end of the stage. Pac-Man has his roll attacks to help him as well as an excellent punching ability. The game is a bit on the easy side, but does get hard at the end. The camera was a royal pain in Pac-Man World 2. Prepare for many accidental deaths. Those of you that have played Pac-Man World 3 before this game will be very annoyed by the camera in this game.

The graphics look decent all around, but they certainly aren’t anything to rid home about. The music is your basic Pac-Man style music. As for replay value, there are numerous 3D mazes to unlock, plus the original Pac-Man game, Ms. Pac-Man, and many others are included as well. All of these hidden classic Pac-Man games can be unlocked by simply collecting the many tokens scattered threw out Pac-Man’s world.

In all, Pac-Man World 2 is a fun game that has a lot of value for anyone that enjoys a good platform game. It has a very low price tag as now, so there is no excuse not to pick this game up. It is a fun, but interesting platform game, that only is let down by a slightly annoying camera.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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