Review by linkofhyrule523

Reviewed: 06/13/05

Don't let the childish look decieve you, this game is short but hard!

I've always been a fan of Namco games since Xevious and Pac-man. I've played almost every Namco GCN game like Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos and Soul Caliber II. One day while walking in my local EB Games I saw Pac-man World 2, it didn't look to appealing to me, in fact it looked pretty childish. I went home check it's review on Gamespot, which gave it a 7.9. I then played it at my friends house, loved it, biked down to EB Games and got it with Pac-man Vs. It is a short game, but it is challenging. It took me 3 days to beat but the later levels and bosses are tough. Here is my Review:

Gameplay: A-

Now you can jump, rev roll, flip kick, ice skate, rollerskate, ride in a submarine and more! It has 6 worlds with 3-4 levels in each world, with a boss battle. The levels start off very short but they get longer and way harder as you progress, once you've beat a level you can go back for a time trial. The later bosses are tough and may take a few lives before you kill one. Also, you can collect tokens in the worlds, which you can use to unlock classic Pac-man games such as Pac-man and Pacmania to play in the arcade. Main Flaw: Too Short.

Graphics: B+

The graphics are solid with smooth movement. They are not blocky and are a huge improvement since the previous Pac-man games with may more detailed environments and enemy designs. It is now in fully 3-D. Also,Pac-man looks good in 3-D. The intro scene has great graphics. It is like Final Fantasy FMV's only on Pac-man!

Sound: C

The sound can be annoying and so can the music but some songs are cool and I like to listen to them on the jukebox in the arcade. The sound is good, but it can't match up to other platformers such as Mario. After you get 60 tokens you can go back to the arcade and listen to the jukebox which has all the level and bosses' songs.

Replay Value: D- Once you beat it, you probably don't want to play it again.
Control: A- Perfect, it has been used well on the Gamecube controller.
PriceValue: A ($19.99 with Pac-man Vs.) Worth it, it has two games! And both
are great!
Story: B- : Weird, but good, the ghosts sneak into the Pac-man village to steal fruit, then Spooky the ghost gets realeased from the Golden fruit tree, Pac-man must get Spooky.

Overall: B
A solid game that is fun and challenging. Main flaw is replay value, you don't really wan't to keep playing this game after you've beaten it, but that is why it came with Pac-man Vs.

Buy or Rent? Buy, it's is definitly worth it becasue it comes with 2 games.
If you liked this also try: Super Mario Sunshine, Sonic Adventure 2; Battle, Sonic Heroes.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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