Review by DudePrime

Reviewed: 12/05/04

Decent game for Pac-man Fans.

Graphics - 7/10

The graphics of this game are pretty smooth, a bit cartoony, but seeing Pac-man in 3d gives you a certain feel of uncertainty. Walking around is fine, and the camera isn't to bad, but when your on the map I found the view not fitting, and the fact that, well, I'll leave that for the controls...

Controls 5/10

The controls of this game take awhile to get used to. Especially on the map screen, pressing left sometimes take you up and if you want to smoothly run across the map you'll have to memorize every direction you need to press. Sometimes you'll have to press a direction more then once to get a reaction. In the actual gameplay, the controls are limited but roll pretty smooth. You'll get used to bouncing across the screen in no time.

Sound 6/10

Not much to say about sound, they mix some new generation video game music, as you might expect from Namco, and combine it with some old Pac-man sound effects. The music is kinda catchy, and won't annoy you to death. The sound isn't bad, and overall, better then some.

Gameplay 7/10

I'd say the gameplay is this game's strong point. It's a solid adventure game mixed with some old school classics. Thiers more then one mode, swimming, ice skating, and even roller blading. Bouncing around from level to level is fun and thier is alot to unlock in your Pac-Village. You can go to your little village and play old arcade games and during gameplay you can unlock new levels for one of the games. The boss battles are clever, and aren't all the same. It isn't really challenge but you won't fly through the game without dying at all, thier are some strong points in it's gameplay, but you could probably do with just renting this game.

Replay Value 6/10

The replay value in this game is pretty good, you can go back through all the levels and look for all the tokens to unlock more games in your Pac-arcade. Once you get all the tokens you can even unlock my personal favrite, Ms. Pac-man. Even after you beat the game you can go back and play the good old classics. You wont' be dissapointed with the replay value in this game, but don't be suprised if you find yourself wanting more.

Secrets 5/10

I'm not to sure about the secrets in this game, thier don't appear to be that many but thier are some pretty sweet unlockables, if you would consider those to be secrets. It's rather addictive to try to unlock everything you can so, yeah, the secrets are about average.

Overall 6/10

This game recieves a 6/10 overall because even if you weren't part of the old Pac-man classics this is a nice game to start off with. No Pac-man fan would be dissapointed picking this up, and if your not a fan, and have nothing to do on a Saturday night, you might have fun renting this game and staying up late playing it. So, I'd give a try, whether you have to borrow it or rent it, just give it a shot.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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