Review by Darrrrrrt7

Reviewed: 06/20/04

A pretty good platformer for the Pac-fans.

Pac-Man was an enormously popular arcade franchise back in the days of yore. However, it had never really been modernized until Pac-Man World come out for the PS1. That game apparently did well enough to warrant this sequel. Is this game good? Yes. Is it excellent? No.

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay here is basically your standard platforming gameplay. You go to numerous levels to collect items and jump onto platforms. Whereas other platformers such as Super Mario Sunshine are very free-roaming, this game is very linear. It basically plays just like Crash Bandicoot. However, I think this game is better than Crash Bandicoot. The level designs in this game are pretty creative and the levels seem less narrow than they do in Crash Bandicoot. Also, this game pays homage to the old Pac-Man games in several ways. You're the same Pac-Man and you're still collecting dots, plus the ghosts make special appearances and you defeat them the same way. Also, you can unlock some of the old Pac-Man arcade games in this game.
This game is not perfect though. The camera can be pretty annoying at times. You can get some very bad angles, which will be an annoyance. Also, this game fails to innovate in any way. However, the gameplay in this game is still very good.

Story: 1/10
The story in this game is basically an afterthought. I don't even remember it too well anymore. All I remember is that the ghosts are causing havoc and Pac-Man must save his world from them. You wouldn't expect an elaborate story from a game like this, so we'll just move on.

Graphics: 8/10
The levels in this game are pretty beautiful, but nothing outstanding. This game has pretty good graphics overall, but I've seen much better.

Sound: 8/10
The sound in this game is pretty standard yet good. The sound effects get the job done and the music is pretty good.

Play Time/Replayability: 7/10
This is an area where this game fails. The main game is way too short. There just aren't enough levels. I guess that's because they had to fit all the classic Pac-Man games into this. For replay value, you can replay levels or play some of the Pac-Man classics, but this game is still fairly weak in this area.

Overall: 8/10
As I've indicated many times here, this game really isn't very innovative or original at all. However, longtime Pac-Man junkies and platforming fans alike should enjoy it. It's pretty fun even if it is over too soon. You may be able to beat it in a rental, but I think it's worth buying.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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