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Reviewed: 12/15/03

The classics save the day! Almost......

I'm writing this review shortly after a Pac-Man World 2 gets a good re-release as a player's choice, which means it's cheap, AND it features the absolutely fantastic Pac-Man VS, which is the reason I bought the game. I was not very interested in PCM, it seemed so very thin in terms of gameplay, the very element that determines if we like the game or not!

And I'll tell you something......

I was right.

The story is pretty much dismissed as a provider of entertainment, but anyway, you're (obviously) Pac-Man, and you must eat all the dots and eat all the fruit, while jumping off cliffs and on little edges, Oh, OH, and some pink little houses.... That said, you simply proceed through the stages one at a time, finding occasional bosses and mini-games. It's a simple game, but it's aimed to please simple people. Those players that are tired of having to learn complex controls at every game they play, tired of having to read long sentences, with a complicated story the slow the game down. I know people who would love this game, I one person who loves this game... My Grandmother, that's who, but not me.. Let's get on with the review.


This game's fatal flaw. Where to begin? You start the game in a little village full of ugly houses and ugly sort of Pac-Men. The problem with this is that when you try to jump on the little houses, you roll off if you don't land at the exact place where you should. This is very annoying, to say the least, but this game is full of dumb jumping puzzles that are hard because of the randomness of your jumps. There are too many jumps in this game, it becomes almost a game of trial and error, instead of good action and exploration. This game could have been at least a little better in level design as well, this was awful! If anyone likes the designs, good for them, but most you will agree that there is almost never something exciting to do.

Point is, you're always trying to collect more, more, more and more stuff for absolutely no good reason, it's just there because there is nothing else to do! You don't go sneaking, submarining, flame-throwing, juggling, driving, stealing, flying, fireballing, gun-toting, etc. I wouldn't like to see all of these in the game, but I would surely like to see at least some action in this empty game.

4/10 for gameplay.


I will include this section simply for fun because, as I said before, there is no story. I do want to inform people who are thinking of buying this game that it features a ''dressed to kill'' city worker Pac-Man named Handy-Pac..... :-O

1/10 for story.

-Graphics and sound-

The graphics are alright and don't look outright ugly, in fact, it looks okay. Mostly, the character models are nice and the colors are vivid. The environments are the only problem really... They are so void ,dead, empty, boring. This comes as a result of very poor level design, as I mentioned before, and this affects the entire game.

As for sound, there's not much to say. The music is meant not be heard I think, as in a big family's house, where there can be too much noise to even care about the music! I don't when I play platformers, so I'm kind of glad that I could listen to my music, without worrying about missing any good music in the game.

Average for sound and graphics, an even 5/10

-Game life-

The adventure lasts maybe 10 hours for most people, so it's pretty short, but the surprise is that you unlock great classic arcade games like Pac-Man and MS. Pac-Man. These are really cool, they were cool in the day, and they're cool now. These games are the absolute saving grace for PCM. PCM fails miserably, but the original still rules! There's lots of great little mazes in 3D (it's still 2d gameplay though) that are too great to miss. I finally played these little games a lot more than the actual game. That's good!

Game life, a pretty strong 8/10 (just for the classics).

I really can't recommend this game for people who buy it for the action game, but if you buy it for the classic Pac-Man's and Girls, it's all good! What I do recommend though, is that you still buy this game just to play Pac-Man VS, it is absolutely amazing with a few friends. What I want to see soon is real sequel. A game that could redefine the way we think about games (not really), I would like to play a Pac-Man game in 3D. Not 3D like PCM, 3D like Colony Wars. There could be mazes in REAL 3D, meaning that you not only gobble yellow bits while going from left to right and from down to up, but also from close to far and back again. This would at least redefine the puzzle genre! Crazy Ideas!
I leave it at that with a score of 6/10.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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