Review by Shobs2000

Reviewed: 12/05/03

Great Game at a Great Price!

Are you the type of gamer who just wants some good old fun? Don't care about top-of-the-line graphics, a great story, or complete originality? Pac-Man World 2 may be right up your alley. Combining great gameplay and controls with great level variation, Pac-Man World 2 is a great action game whether you are a video game vet or a casual gamer.

Graphics: 7.5/10

The graphics in Pac-Man World 2, while not being utterly striking, are very colorful and are good for this type of game. Basically, they do not detract from the game, but are not one of the game's high points.

Sound: 8.5/10

The music in this game fits its levels. The songs in this game are nothing that you will get stuck in your head, but they are above average. The sound effects are really cool; many have been taken from the original Pac-Man game.

Gameplay: 10/10

This game is FUN! Seriously, if you liked games such as the older Mario games or other platformers from the SNES era, you will greatly enjoy this game. It has simple controls: basically all you do is jump, butt bounce, and rev roll (which is kind of like Sonic's spin in Sonic The Hedgehog).
This game has a few EXCELLENT platforming levels, such as a level where you ice skate down a mountain, or one where you roller blade through a haunted boardwalk. Overall, this game is just a great throwback to the genre of games which was popular years ago: action platform games.

Replay Value: 9/10

This game has good replay value. The advanced gamer can go for 100% completion on each level which is a pretty difficult feat, while a moderate gamer can just enjoy replaying his or her favorite levels, or enjoying the 4 classic Pac-Man arcade games which you can unlock.

+ EXCELLENT gameplay
+ Great unlockable games, almost makes this a Pac-Man collection disc
+ Good for the video game master or novice
- Average camera, but then again, what 3D platformer doesn't have a camera problem?
- Not for someone who would stereotype a game just because it resembles another in one way, shape, or form.

Many people say this game is very unoriginal, they rip on it because it ''steals from Mario or Crash Bandicoot or Sonic the Hedgehog''. You know what? I really don't care. If Namco wants to make Pac-Man able to become metal Pac-Man, why should people complain and say they are copying Mario? If Pac-Man can do a rev roll, which somewhat resembles Sonic's spin dash, big deal! It's a fun game, and that's all that truly matters. It's a videogame, people, not a book or movie, and just because Pac-Man World 2 may supposedly resemble other games slightly, that doesn't mean it isn't an equally original and excellent game.

Rent or Buy?

I would say rent it if it still cost 50 dollars to decide if it's your cup of tea, but now that it has dropped to 15 bucks after becoming a Player's Choice title, definitely BUY this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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