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Reviewed: 04/06/03 | Updated: 04/06/03

Unless your a hardcore platformer, it's not worth your time

Graphics- 7/10
Meh. They were okay, but I wouldn't say they were anything special. The graphics in the volcano level were not bad, but they don't rival those found in games like Super Monkey Ball 2. The cube can definitely do a lot more.

Story- 3/10
Too linear and too predictable. You find out the entire story in the first movie of the game, and it ends there. No buildup, no progression. It makes the whole game seem kind of pointless. You beat one level just to go to the next level, and that's it.

Music- 6/10
The music itself if good, it's just that every level in a certain area (snow, water, forest, volcano)is a remix of one song. There's very little variety, but for the music there is, it's not terrible.

Gameplay- 3/10
Again, it's much to linear. The levels are pretty much straight forward and there's not much room to explore. There are a few levels where you have to backtrack, but that's about it.

Controls- 9/10
Ah, a redeeming factor. The controls are solid and easy to learn. The camera never seems to get in the way, but in some areas you can't control the camera in just the way you'd like to, but it's usually a problem that you can fix by just moving the camera another way, or moving yourself.

Replay- 2/10
If you want to replay this game, it's a pretty tedious job. The only reason you might want to replay the game is to get a 100% clear, or unlock all of the games in the arcade. Otherwise...

Difficulty- 7/10
Okay, this doesn't mean that the game is hard, it means it's a pretty good difficulty for who the game it targeted to. More experienced gamers will probably find this game to easy, while younger gamers may find the game challenging- a little too challenging.

Mulitplayer- 1/10
Okay, so the game was designed to be more of a single player game, but still, the multiplayer modes are an insult. You can about 5 different versions of pac-man in 2 player, and a tetris-like game which can be very fun. If you're looking to this game for good multiplayer fun, you're looking at the wrong game.

Overall- 4/10
I have nothing against pac-man, but, like I said at the beginning, unless your a hardcore platformer or pac-maniac, you should pass this game by. If you still want to try it, rent it. There are a few fun parts that can be very enjoyable, but otherwise, it's not worth your money.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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