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Reviewed: 07/26/02 | Updated: 07/26/02

I thought Namco was more original than this...

Hello, my name is TurquoisePhoenix, and this is my first review on Gamefaqs. Today, I'll review the fun, but highly unoriginal game called 'Pac-Man World 2'.

Story [7/10]

The story begins when Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde decide to steal the golden fruit from the Fruit tree in Pac Village, freeing the evil ghost Spooky in the progess. After that, Pac-Man is called upon to take back the golden fruits and defeat Spooky's plans. A simple story for a simple game.

Graphics [7/10]

The first thing you'd notice in this game would be the simple graphics. They fit the characters well, seeing as Pac people are round yellow balls with limbs, eyes, and a mouth and the ghosts look like, well, ghosts. The cut scenes and the backgrounds are well-done, but sadly there's very few cutscenes in the game and the backgrounds are often covered up by excessive fog.

However, even the simpliest graphics have problems. The main problem is the camera. The camera acts like it has a mind of its own and will often spin around Pac-Man at the worst of times. The game has two buttons to control the camera but they don't seem to work well enough to fix this problem. Another problem is the excessive fog many levels, and can often cause you to blindly walk off a ledge...

Controls [8/10]

Pac-Man controls really smoothly. He responds to your every button command, but sadly the camera controls never work as well as they should. The controls are only confusing in the water levels, making it a living nightmare trying to line yourself up with Pac Dots and fruit in the level.

Game Play [8/10]

Like I said before, this game is fun, but highly unoriginal. Crash, Banjo, Sonic, and Rayman fans will most likey have a feeling of 'Hey, I've played this before' while they play Pac-Man World 2. If you want an original game play experience, do not play Pac-Man World 2.

The Game Play is simple and unoriginal. You get to the exit of the level while collecting Pac Dots, Fruit, Coins, and a special fruit called a Glaxian. To collect this special fruit, you need to beat a Pac-Man maze like the ones you see in the arcades. At the end of every three/four levels, you have to defeat a Boss. Usually, the Boss will be a ghost that's controling a ghost shaped machine that spits things at you. Collecting the things and beating the bosses are highly entertaining, but some people will turn away at it's unoriginality.

Sound [8/10]

The music is well-done, but isn't very catchy. The sounds are taken off the original Pac-Man game and they can get on your nerves at times.

Replayabilty [7/10]

If you have to collect all the things, then this game is replayable. If you're the person that plays a game once and forgets it afterwards, then you won't play this game more than once.

To buy or to rent?

Rent first, to see if its right for you, then decide from there.

I hope my review helped somebody out. Until then, see ya!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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