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Reviewed: 04/03/02 | Updated: 04/03/02

Banjo/Crash/Pac-man lovers alike will love this game.

I really didn't know why I bought this game. It seemed like it was the best game out there that I didn't have. It was pretty hard for me to find and the guys at EB said it isn't really selling well, but when I started to play it, I was really impressed and I found out that this was a great game.

Graphics: 9

I was actually impressed by these graphics. I see other reviews that say it is only PS2 material, but I thought the graphics were clean and simple. It is not an eye sore, but it isn't the best you have seen. This does beat games such as Gauntlent Dark Legacy, and measures up to Super Monkey Ball.

Play Control: 7

This is where the biggest problem is in the game. This isn't that big of a problem though. The controls are nice and remind me of the game Banjo-Kazooie only simpler, kind of like a Crash Bandicoot game. The controls would get a perfect 10 except that the camera is very hard to put up with at times like Sonic. You can adjust it at times though but it is still tough to do because when you do it, it goes really slow so you are waiting for atleast 5 seconds to turn the camera 180 degrees.

Game Design: 10

This game is a cross from the old days of Pac Man and Banjo Kazooie. You still go around collecting little pellets and fruit like in Pac Man, and it has the adventure of Banjo. This is also a small alteration of a Crash Bandicoot game, but I don't know how to explain it. You just have to play it yourself. This is a good game coz it has all of those 3 games in one element.

Satisfaction/Replay: 9

Well, this game can only take around 5 hours if you go straight through it, but to get 100 percent, you have to collect everything and that will take you forever. I like collecting stuff in games, so I will have and had a ball with it. You can also do time trials, 4 arcade Pac Man classics and Pac Man 3D mazes. It will never get old if you like these elements. If you don't, this isn't your game.

Sound: 9

It is Pac Man, a sound of its' old music like when he dies and stuff like that. The music in the background is also very good with a touch of old. Usually in remakes of arcade classics like this and Frogger and Gauntlent, the music is superb.

(These vary from game to game because sometimes I think it is more important than the other depending on the game)
Graphics = 15%
Play Control = 20%
Game Design = 30%
Satisfaction/Replay = 25%
Sound = 10%

Graphics = 9 (1.4)
Play Control = 7 (1.4)
Game Design = 10 (3.0)
Satisfaction/Replay = 9 (2.3)
Sound = 9 (.9)

FINAL = 9/10 (9.0)

I suggest you buy this if you liked the adventure of Crash and Banjo, but if not, just give it a rent and see.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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