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Reviewed: 04/01/02 | Updated: 04/01/02

Fun game, lots of collectibles, yet...

This review will be done by someone who has not played any Pac games except Pac-Attack, Pac-Mania, and the original one. If you do not trust reviews from someone who has played few Pac-Man games, go back and choose another one.

After hearing a bad review from a website for this game, and then a good review from a magazine, my brother and I decided to rent it out.

--Story-- 7/10

You can either watch the story in the opening scene, or read it in the manual. 4 ghosts are looking for trouble in Pac-Village. While ''running'' around they spot some Golden Fruit hanging from the tree in the middle of the village. Plucking it down, they all play with it, happy. Soon, though, lightning flashes and a monster rises from under the tree. The ghosts have awakened Spooky, a monster sealed under the tree as long as the Golden Fruit remained on its branches. Pac-Man must go after Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde to retrieve the Fruit and seal Spooky again.

Now this story is okay, but is kind of common. A monster is awakened from the depths, and the hero must collect some special items after defeating bosses, and in the end seal the monster away and restore peace to the land.

--Gameplay-- 8/10

Basically you collect things and get to the end of the level, but sometimes (especially in later levels) that last Token or fruit requires you hit a switch, then backtrack, or find a hidden area covered by the surroundings. There are also puzzles, but most of them don't require too much thinking, and after pressing a switch it usually shows what happened. Another extra thing to the game is that by collecting Tokens you can unlock various old Pac-Man games to play. To sum it up, the gameplay is simple and fun.


Really, the controls are very easy, and there's only four moves for Pac-Man you need to remember. You jump by pressing A, and while jumping press A again to do a ''Butt-Stomp''. By pressing B in the air a Flip Kick will be performed, and when B is held on the ground, a Rev-Roll will be charged up and and done when B is released.

What really makes parts of the game annoying is the camera control. Using the C-Stick, you can SOMETIMES move the camera around Pac-Man and above him. What I meant by ''SOMETIMES'' is that usually the camera can not turn around at all when you most need it (or whenever you want it to). Also in some levels a forced forward scrolling (with the view from in front of Pac-Man) can get annoying, especially if you're trying to collect everything in that level.

--Sound/Music-- 9/10

Most of the sounds in the game are taken from previous Pac-Man games, and for that reason aren't very realistic, but very neat to listen to.

The music is VERY good, and surprisingly never gets too repetitive or annoying to listen to. Many of the early levels have remixed versions of the same tune, but later on there are different, but equally appealing, music tunes for levels.

--Graphics-- 9/10

Graphics are very smooth and some levels are very bright and colorful. There are few cinema scenes in the game, but the ones there are have amazing animation and smoothness. In the last two worlds, some areas get kind of foggy and hard to see ahead, but I'm not sure if that was intended or not.

Buy or Rent? I think it's a great game to rent, at least for a few days. If you bought it you might finish it quick and just leave it.

Final Score: 8/10 Fun, simple, but the camera can get annoying.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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