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Reviewed: 03/23/02 | Updated: 03/23/02

No, Pacman. Drugs are bad!

21 years ago, the original arcade Pacman was released to millions of drooling junkies who instantly fell in love with the yellow 7/8 of a circle. So much love in fact that it spawned numerous spinoffs and sequels, a lot of which have little in common with the original. He's even become popular enough to warrant a cameo in a Bloodhound Gang song. And now, here we are: 22 years later our yellow hero (now a sphere instead of a circle) is waka waka waka-ing onto our Gamecubes. But, is it any good? Read on, oh wondering soul.

Graphics- 6
It's evident that this game was originally created for the PS2. Still, it doesn't even manage to look spectacular when comparing it to other PS2 games. Despite their uninspired and lacking quality, the Graphics are quite beautiful in that they show a great deal of brightness and color. Though, the water effects are what bugged me the most. They are extremely dull and uninspired, as is the shadowing. This game is not the best looking at all.
Human Equivalent- The other guy from Wham!

Sound- 8
The sound, while basically a rehash of various Pacman soundtracks from the days of yore, is quite good. Most of the beats are very enjoyable and will have you actually wanting to listen to them rather than turn up your stereo.
Human Equivalent- Chester Bennington from Linkin Park

Gameplay- 9
I think the game package should have a disclaimer that reads:


Yup, that's basically it. Pacman World 2 is not original in any way, shape or form. But, it is fun. The gameplay is that of various other platform games that it copies: Super Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Rayman, and Donkey Kong 64 to name a few. In fact, some levels were taken right out of these games. The B-Doing Woods level looks an awful lot like it could be Click Clock Wood from Banjo-Kazooie. The Crazy Canyon level looks like Spiral Mountain from...Banjo Kazooie. But make no mistake about it: this game is still fun. Control is solid, and the camera is nicely done, although it does fall flat a couple of times. Many minigames, arcade classics, and maze levels are also prevalent, giving Pacman World 2 a lot of variety. Half the fun comes from deciphering where a certain level was taken from, and the rest is spent enjoying this near-perfect incarnation of Pacman.
Human Equivalent- Kurt Angle (the wholesome all-American one)

In Closing
Get this game. Buy it or rent it depending on your love for platformers. I bought it, and this will definitely hold me over until something blockbuster comes out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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