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A few changes and its perfect! 10/18/02 Alexander S
Fun game, lots of collectibles, yet... 04/01/02 Balin the Wise
A pretty good platformer for the Pac-fans. 06/20/04 Darrrrrrt7
Decent game for Pac-man Fans. 12/05/04 DudePrime
Banjo/Crash/Pac-man lovers alike will love this game. 04/03/02 garrspete
Pac-Man is a great character..too bad he is stuck in a sub-par adventure game. 03/25/02 Jake Edwards
Don't let the childish look decieve you, this game is short but hard! 06/13/05 linkofhyrule523
The Pac is back. The best of the three versions! 05/09/04 Mega Man 5
It's hard to believe that the idea for Pac-Man came from a pizza that had a slice missing. 02/15/06 Megaman1981
Keep on chomping those dots! 04/18/03 MZ
No, Pacman. Drugs are bad! 03/23/02 N2x
While ultimately satisfying, this Pac has lost that extra pizazz. 04/13/05 RPGs R Awesome
So...why did I but this game again? Oh yeah...to get bored. 09/03/04 rpmog
Great Game at a Great Price! 12/05/03 Shobs2000
Unless your a hardcore platformer, it's not worth your time 04/06/03 Sportyboard
Pac-Man needs to fire his camera-man. 09/19/13 thebrawler56
Uninspired. 04/04/02 Tidus9rules
I thought Namco was more original than this... 07/26/02 TurquoisePhoenix
Yet another good Pac-Man game. 07/27/04 wilbur0960
Gamecube's got a case of Pac-Man Fever! 03/24/02 WilliamPorygon
Screw Flower Power, This Games Got Pac-Dot Power 06/17/02 Willy Honka
Basic platforming at its best -- or worst 10/02/04 WishingTikal

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