AnimationAaron Carlson
AnimationTom Tobey
ArtistRandy Brown
ArtistChris Donaldson
ArtistRuben Garza
ArtistKelly Goodine
ArtistEddie Linley
ArtistChris Oliver
ArtistBrad Taylor
ArtistRobert Walden
ArtistArt Wong
Assistant ProducerPaul Lefevre
Associate ProducerAndy Kafka
Associate ProducerEd Tucker
Audio DirectorJD Smith
Audio Software EngineerJohn Rogers
Core TechnologyMichael Bean
Core TechnologyTommy Bean
Core TechnologyChris Johnson
Core TechnologyRob Rossow
Executive producerFrank Lucero
FMV ArtistWoody Smith
Game Designer/Art DirectorShawn Wright
Globe FXDave Young
Interface DesignerAaron Wright
Lead ArtistKich Ma
Lead ArtistMurphy Michaels
Lead Audio Softward EngineerBrenden Tennant
Lead Software EngineerAngus Henderson
Level DesignerChris Donelson
Level DesignerScott Hansen
Level DesignerShawn Wright
Lighting and RenderingDevid Menkes
Original In-game abd Cinematic MusicBob Daspit
ProducerBob Cantrell
ProducerRic Curtis
ProducerJim Galis
ProducerMichael Gottlieb
ProducerJohn Sieker
ProgrammerHideki Ikeda
ProgrammerAllen Jackson
ProgrammerHari Khalsa
ProgrammerChris Warner
Project Manager/ Lead ProgrammerAla Diaz
Pyro FXJack Cheng
Software EngineerMike Petersen
Software EngineerBrad Robnett
Software EngineerMatt Schmulen
Software EngineerDave Venturini
Technical DirectorSteve Lotspeich


Data and credits for this game contributed by Gbness, discoinferno84, odino, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, gamer_boy997, oliist, adultnature, misschu, and LordAndrew.

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