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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A Traditional RPG Well Worth Your Time 06/28/04 Aagon
Another Dreamcast classic finds its way to the Gamecube 01/18/05 Aganar
A bright moment in gaming 02/09/09 Arcadiaus
Embark on an awesome cliched journey to save the world. 09/19/05 banned for reviewing
The Legend Will Never Die... NEVER. 07/23/03 BladeBlur
Just an excellent old-school RPG. Period. 12/05/04 Blaze Extreme66
Excellent RPG for those who missed out on the DC original. 06/04/03 chandlerbing
Batten down the hatches! 03/22/03 ConfusedGuy
The directors-cut is better then the original in every way! 06/20/03 Cyril
This is one voyage you won't regret 09/23/04 Daredevil3181
Pirates on a Wing 07/14/06 Destination
A true adventure. If you are an RPG fan, you can't AFFORD to miss this experience! 08/18/04 Duo MaxweII
Read and read 'til your eyeballs bleed. And yes I thoroughly enjoyed the game... 09/03/03 emister
Sega's Epic Quest, Reborn 03/08/03 EonSchism
It's like wine; It only gets better with age. 12/03/04 Evilpoptart937
High above the ground... 04/23/07 Galactus21
A game that has a lot to offer, but still has much to learn. 11/23/04 Game Reviewer
I didn’t know games this good could still be made... 02/01/04 Halron2
The main story is the least of your problems 08/31/10 InfernoCrossing
Fly through the skies in one of the greatest Game Cube games of all time! 07/11/04 Kashell Triumph
Fly those friendly skies... 06/17/05 lasthero
Who cannot love a game this colorful, deep, and vibrant? -enough to rival Final Fantasy!! 10/06/03 link_2_21
Just shy of epic. 11/28/05 LinkChaos
We've got Air Pirates, crazy shape shiftings pets...most of all we've got fun! 07/26/04 linktool
A review with Dreamcast and Gamecube version comparisons 02/22/10 LordShibas
A true classic that's slipped past many RPG fanatic's radars 12/08/04 maximummaker
The game's amazing world and epic scope make up for flaws in the plot and battle system 02/22/11 nintendosega
A Phenomenal RPG, Traditional Yet Incredibly Unique in it's Gameplay and Presentation 03/29/03 Putingrad
Take to the skies... with a bottle of rum! 10/12/12 RageBot
To the Skies! 05/29/07 ShadowFox50
A solid game that can't quite sail with the upper echelon of RPGs 12/19/05 Shivan Reincarnated
The only game where pirates get drunk off fruit juice. 08/27/04 ShyningFade
The Best RPG on any Next-Gen Console 06/19/04 Tails 64
Skies of Legends 07/27/07 TheLastAvatar05
Once in a lifetime... 05/30/06 ToadYoshi
Fun but lacking in many areas 05/13/05 wolverinefan
The Final Fantasy VII of this generation has arrived on the Gamecube 04/20/05 ZaleIsBackAgain
The mastermind behind the Phantasy Star classics is back, and once again Rieko Kodmana delivers a new classic RPG! 08/01/12 Zylo the wolf

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