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FAQ/Move List by Clovershroom

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/29/03

FAQ #17

                                       ###              #  
                                    ####            #    
                                 #####           #
                   #          ######          ##
                 ##         ######         ###
                ##        #######       ####            
               ###     #########      ####              #
              #####  ###########    ####            #
              ########################           #
              ######################           #
              ##############  #####          #
        #####  ###########    ###         ##
          ##############      ##        ##              
       ##  ############       #       ##                   
        ###############          #  ##         #        #     
          ########## ###       ##  ##        ###      ##     
            ####### # ###    ###  ##       ############          
             ##### ###  ##  #### ###           ####### 
             #### ######  ##########    #      #####   
            ##### ######################      ####           
           ###    #####################      ####      
             #########################     #####                 
             #######           ##############           
            ######              ###############   
           #########             ################## 
         ########         ##############   
       ############         ##########    

   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \       / \   / \   / \   / \
  ( B ) ( L ) ( O ) ( O ) ( D ) ( Y )     ( R ) ( O ) ( A ) ( R )
   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /       \ /   \ /   \ /   \ / 

                             (PRIMAL FURY)

                              Version 1.0

                The Complete Walkthrough and move list!
                   Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda)
                 E-mail address: cedric60914@yahoo.com

Hey there, folks.  It's been a while since I wrote something new, but 
seeing as I proudly own a title for the Gamecube, I can say with some 
confidence that this will be the only complete guide on GAMEFAQs (Or at 
least I hope).  It's been on the FAQ Bounty List for so long, and it's 
been requested for over a year now.  Well, you got your wish.  Enjoy it 
proudly, for it will give you all of the info you'll even need.   

                          (Table of Contents)
1. Version History
2. Story
3. Controls
4. Game Modes and Options
5. Strategies
6. Characters and Move Lists
7. Stages
8. Cheats
9. Records
10. Frequently Asked Questions
11. Credits
12. Disclaimer

                         (1. Version History)

(New updates will be added each version, and will be at the very top of 
this section.)

3/30/2003 0.75

Everything except the move lists are up.  They'll be thrown in in 
another update, a huge one, at that.

7/22/2003 1.0

I bet you couldn't wait for this thing to be updated, could you?  Admit 
it.  Things like other character profiles will be in the next update.

12/27/2003 2.0

I threw in the endings.  Character profiles were thrown out (Sorry 
folks) as I was wasting too much time finding them.  So this will be 
the last update.

Oh, and records were thrown out.  They weren't needed.

                              (2. Story)

*From the manual and opening cut-scene in the arcade mode*

During the Age of Feuding between humans and Zoanthropes, a new kingdom 
was born.

Founded upon and dream of peace and equality, for both, the new land 
attracted scores of Zoanthropes from far and wide.  However, the 
kingdom was young, and heavily relied upon its Zoanthrope army for 
security and on its special brigade of Zoanthrope mercenaries for 
income.  Even more troublesome for the infant nation were rumors of 
cruel experiments being carried out on Zoanthropes to uncover the 
secret behing their ability to transform into fighting beasts.  Though 
nearly everyone, both Zoanthrope and human alike, strongly opposed 
these experiments, no one could prove that they were actually taking 
place, much less who was responisble for them.

In an effort to bring the nation together and show off the power of 
their Zoanthrope army and mercenary brigade, the kingdom decided to 
sponsor the ultimate Zoanthrope fighting tournament.  The winner would 
not only earn the title "Zoanthrope Champion," but also take home a 
handsome cash prize.  If only the participants knew what was really 
awaiting them...

                            ///// \\\\\
                           (3. Controls)
                            \\\\\ /////

Control Stick/Pad: Moves your character

Start button: Pauses the game and brings up the pause menu

B Button: Punch
A Button: Kick
X Button: Transforms you into a beast
Y Button: Block
Z Button: Become Hyper Beast
C stick:  Resets Traning mode
L button: Side-step out of the screen
R button: Side-step into screen

                     (4. Game modes and options)


Basically you vs. the computer.  You must fight through 8 matches of 
opponents to the end.  Characters cannot fight clones of themselves.  A 
second player can join it by pressing start.  The first six rounds have 
you fight random opponents.  The last two will depend on who you're 
playing as.

You have to defeat your opponent to move on to the next one.  Time, 
rounds, and Handicap can be adjusted.  To continue, simply press start 
before the counter reaches zero.  You have unlimited continues.  This 
mode also unlocks most of the cheats in this game.


You know the drill, pick a character, have your friend/sibling pick 
another character, and battle.  The person who chooses their character 
first adjusts the time, handicap, and # of rounds.  They can also 
choose which stage they want, as well.


You try to see how fast you can beat the game.  The 8 stages randomly 
choose opponents for you, while you fight Cronos and Uranus as the last 
two, in that order.  The time is fixed at 60 seconds and the rounds to 
win are fixed at two.  You're given a Ranking at the end.


You try to fight as many opponents as you can. The time is fixed at 60 
seconds and the rounds are fixed at one.  Up to 50% of your health is 
refilled depending on how you did the round.  It's almost endless.

///// \\\\\
\\\\\ /////

3 or 5 characters can fight here.  Choose your characters and the COM 
will have a random set of characters for you to fight.  Each time a 
someone loses a round, they start with another character on the team.  
3 player teams have three rounds to win, and 5 five player teams have 
five rounds to win.


Same as above, but with a friend/sibling.  Time, handicap, and stage 
can be selected.


Accessed by beating arcade mode twice, this lets you watch two CPU 
opponents fight.  Not much, worth viewing if you need a time killer.


Practice makes perfect, and this is the way to go for practing.  Like 
in all fighting games with this feature, you'll fight a dummy.  Once 
you select your characters and stage, press start to bring up the 
training menu.

RESUME: Unpauses the game.

ACTION: How the dummy will behave.  The actions below are as follows:

Stand: Stands still.

Crouch: Stays in a crouching position.

Jump: Keeps jumping straight up.

Evade: Repeatedly does guard escape.

Throw: Will always throw you.

Blocks every attacks which can be blocked.

Com level 1-5: The dummy fights on its own.  Obviously, the higher the 
number, the stronger the dummy is.

Record and Replay Input: Press down on the C stick first to record the 
dummy's actions, then press down again on C stick to stop the recording 
session.  BTW, it'll only record for so long (About 20 seconds), so if 
you press the C stick down after it says "Tape full", or something to 
that effect, it'll perform up to that point.  Next off, press down on 
the C-stick one more time to replay it's actions, and down on the C 
stick again to stop the recording.

Record and Replay Input on Counter: Same as above, but for their 
counterattack actions.  I personally don't see that much of a 

Manual Control: The second player plays the dummy.

Block After Taking Damage: Will block shortly after the first hit.

QUICK RECOVERY: Stuns and Knockdowns are reduced.

AIR RECOVERY: Changes the timing on the dummy's air recovery.  It do 
one after 1-7 attacks, depending on the setting.  All attack/7th attack 
means it'll attack shortly after recovering in midair.

COUNTER HIT: The dummy will do counter attack damage on hits.

BEASTORIZE: Will transform into hyper beast or beast form once it's 
able to.

EVADE THROWS: It will always get away from any throws you try to do.

RISING ATTACK: It'll do rising atacks.

GAUGE RECOVERY: The beast gauge will automatically be filled after 
preforming a beast drive or go into Hyper-Beast mode.

H.BLOCK: If you turn this option off, it'll only do light blocks.

ALL DISPLAY: Turning this off will remove all info like the beast gauge 

INPUT DISPLAY: Turning this off will only remove the bar with the input 
commands off.

SELECT CHARACTERS AND STAGE: Self explanatory.  Change characters 
and/or stage.

CONTROLLER CONIGURATION: Changes button assingments for the 

QUIT: Pretty obivous what it does.


Okay, here's what you can mess with in this game...


Com strength: Change the CPU's strength.

Player Strength: Changes amount of damage for both characters.

Time Limit: Changes time settings for Arcade, Versus, and both Team 
Battle modes.  They can be set from 20, 40, 60, to infinite.

Match to: Adjust how many rounds you need to win, from 1-5.

Team Members: Changes how many team members you want in the team battle 
modes.  You can have 3 or 5.

Default Settings: Resets everything back to what they were normally.


Self explanatory.  This can let you adjust the controls to your 
preference.  It can also be accessed from the pause and traning menu.


Audio Output: Choose between delightful stereo or inferior monorual.

Music/SFX Volume: Turn it up or down.

Music Player: Lets you listen to the Background music.

SFX type/SFX Player: Listen to the sound effects/voices with this.  SFX 
type chooses the stage/character, and the SFX player allows you to 
select the tracks.

Default Settings: Resets everything back to what they were normally.


Time Attack Ranking: Views characters and their rankings in Time Attack 

Survival Ranking: Views characters and their rankings in Survival Mode.

Overall Statistics: Views how freuquently characters are used, and the 
win rate against CPU and human opponents.

VS Mode Statistics: Views each character's winning stats and win/loss 
record in Versus.

VS Mode Matrix:Chart displays each character's record against everyone 
else's.  A 10 is a perfect score.

This can let you automatically save, load or save info here.  Remember 
that the memory card uses three blocks from this game.

                             ////// \\\\\\
                            (5. Strategies)
                             \\\\\\ //////

1. How to win

There are three ways to win in this game.  The most common way to win 
is to drain all of your opponent's life.  The second way is to knock 
your opponent out of the ring.  The third way is to have more health 
than your opponent when time runs out.   
If you and your opponent has the same health, you both win a round.  If 
it's a tie on the last round, you'll begin sudden death. In sudden 
death, you'll both start with empty health.  The first person to hit 
the other wins.

2. The Forms

Here are the three forms each character will have in Bloody Roar: 
Primal Fury.

Human Form: This is the form you begin battle in.  You have access to 
most of your special moves.  Below is the beast gauge, and as you move 
around and deal damage to your opponent, it'll say "Beast Change!"  
That's when it's time to become the raging beast within you (Press X).  

If you choose not to turn into a beast, you'll continue filling it up.  
Once the beast meter flashes "Beast Change!"  You can safely turn into 
Hyper-Beast mode (See below).

Beast Form: 

Once the gauge says "Beast Change!"  You'll be able to become a 
fighting beast.  In this state, you'll have every special move 
available to you, as well as beast drives.  Once you use a beast drive, 
you'll preform a powerful special move that'll drain a good portion of 
health (Usually 50%).  But you'll turn back into beast form, regardless 
of whether you hit with it or not, so make it count.  

While you're fighting in beast mode, your meter will drain as you take 
damage.  Once it's empty and you're knocked down, you'll turn back into 
a human again.  You'll also recover some of your health in fading areas 
of the life meter (Up to 30%).

Hyper-Beast Form: 

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  You know if an aura surrounds you, it's 
potentially dangerous to stick around and fight.  You're more powerful 
than in beast form, and you can perform as many beast drives as you 
wish.  You'll also shift to another move from one part of a move, and 
health recovers faster.  Here, the flashing gauge will gradually fade 
away over time (You have about 20 seconds), and once it's empty, you're 
back to a human.

To battle in Hyper-Beast Form, press the Z button or the A+X+Y buttons.  
If the beast gauge isn't flashing, you'll lose up to 50% of your 
health, depending on how much was filled in the beast gauge.  The more 
it's filled, the less health you'll lose.  If it's flashing, you won't 
lose health, and can safely transform into one.  You do not have to 
become a beast first before you become a Hyper-Beast.

3. Blocking

I can't stress this enough.  Don't go in with fists flying or you'll 
have your butt kicked.  There are two kinds of blocking, light blocking 
and heavy blocking.  To do a light block, leave the control stick in 
neutral postion, and press down to do a low light block.  Heavy 
blocking is done by pressing Y, or press the control stick/pad in the 
opposite direction.  For a low heavy block, press down and Y or the 
control stick in the opposite direction while crouching.

4. Sidestepping

Another thing you need to do is sidestep.  Pressing L or R will let you 
do this.  The downside to this is that it's kind of slow, so try to use 
it when blocking isn't enough, or your opponent misses carelessly.

5. Evading

Press Y to avoid attacks as soon as your opponent does one.  It's hard 
to pull off due to some timing.

6. Evading throws

Press A, B, X, or Y while your opponent starts to do one,  Not as easy 
as it looks.

7. Block Break

Performing one of these will let your characters flash briefly.  Light 
blocks cannot break it.  They'll be pointed out in the move lists for 

8. Block Attack

QCB (Quarter Circle Forward) and or B Button

Here, preforming this will have green lighting surrounding the 
character.  You can attack your opponent while preforming high or 
middle ligh guard.   

9. Air recovery

By pressing A, B, X, or Y, you'll recover in midair.  You'll also have 
the advantage to attack your opponent easily as well.

10. Recovery

If your stunned or knocked down, press buttons and rapidly move the 
control stick to recover.

More will be added in future updates.

11. Beast Drive Damage

This one's recently added as of today.  To my knowledge, the higher 
your beast gauge is when you do a beast drive, the more damage it'll 
do.  I'll use Bakuryu's Double Inferno as an example.  Here, If you do 
this move with little power left into the beast guage or near the end 
of hyper mode, it'll do crap damage.  But...if done at the start of 
hyper mode or if your beast guage is full, it'll do TREMENDOUS DAMAGE.  
You'd be suprized.

12. Grabbing Opponents

Of course, pressing Y next to an enemy will throw or slam them.  
However, for all characters (Except Shina), pressing QCF (Quarter 
circle forward) and Y for an alternate grab move.  All characters can 
grab from behind or if the opponent is crouching.

13. Combo Rings

Long, Shenlong, and Uriko are the only three characters with combo 
rings, giving them an endless variety of combos.  In order to master 
them, however, you need to first do a move that'll allow you to get 
access to it.  From there, it's all up to your skill.  You can do as 
many moves as you like inside the combo ring and perform a finishing 
move at the end.  It's possible to link all of the moves in a combo 
ring with a finisher of your choice, as well.

See the move lists for the combo rings of Long, Shenlong, and Uriko.

                   (7. Characters and Move Lists)

All characters will be listed in alphabetical order.  First off, I give 
the basic info on the character and how he/she plays, as well as their 
specialties and their special moves.  Next, come some other moves I've 
found.  Finally, we have the ending when you clear arcade mode.  

All moves assume your character is facing to the right.


P= Punch
K = Kick
Be = Beast
D = Down
U = Up
F = Forward
B = Backward
DF = Diagonal Forwrd
DB = Diagonal Backward
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward (Down, to Down Forward, to Forward)
QCB = Quarter Circle Backward (Down, to Down Backward, to Forward)
HCF: Half Circle Forward (Back to Down Backward to Down to Down Forward 
to Forward)
HCB: Half Circle backward (Forward to Down Forward, to Down, To Down 
Backward, to Backward)
x= # of times you hit button (Or execute motion)
Throw = Throw (Press the Block button up close)

                        Alice the Rabbit

Alice is a good character to start for first timers.  She's well 
balanced and is a good for beginning players to jump into the game.  
Some of her moves are tricky to execute (The triple somersualt for 
instance), but is easy to get used to in time.  

It's little surprise to anyone that she's more agile in her beast form, 
she jumps higher and does more damage, and is more agile, but you 
already knew that of course.  But her huge bounding leaps are an 
advantage for her, because she can evade her opponents easily.  Some 
other moves have some nice perks-her Rabbit Spiral can juggle opponents 
in midair, for example.

Move list

Blitz River Throw: P, K, P, D, K

Sway Kick Combonation: B, P, K
Through Punch Upper F, P, F, P

Rabbit Step: DF, P x3 D, K

Low Rabbit Knee Rush: D, Be, D, Be x4

Leg Beat Combination: DF, K x3

Somersault: D, U, K

Triple Somersault: QCB, K, B, K, B, Be

Rabbit Spiral: QCF, P  
Spring Slap: QCB, P

Rabbit Slide: QCF, K,

Somersault Kick: QCB, K 

Triple Somersault Kick: QCB, K x2, Be 

Squat Combination: D, P, D x2 K

Rabbit Flip Chain: DF, K x2 B, K

Rabbit Blast: DF, K x2 DB, Be

Rabbit Step Hammer: DF, P x3 U, Be

Low Rabbit Slider Rush: D, Be, D, Be D, K, D, P

Other moves: 

Spring Kick: (While Crouching) Be

Sidekick Combo: K x2, F, K

Backkick Combo: K x2, B, K

Low Kick Combo: K x2, D, K

Rabbit Combo 1: Be x3 B, Be

Rabbit Combo 2: Be x3, D, Be

Rabbit Combo 3: Be x3, F, Be 

Midair Grab:  F, Throw (You and opponent must be in midair)

Low Sway Kick Combination: DB, P, K

Beast Drives: 

Bunny Love, QCF x2, Be

Lifting Star Lane: QCB x2, Be


Alice does not face Cronos as the final opponent in arcade mode.  She 
faces Long instead.

Her rabbit spiral can juggle her opponent to a combo of up to 15 hits.

Her Triple somerault is hard to connect sometimes.

Spring Kick does good damage, and is a great attack to use towards 
dashing opponents.

Ending: After defeating Long, he comments on how great her preformance 
was.  She sees Yugo holding Cronos, smiles, then walks up to him and 
slaps him.  She blames him for dragging her into this tournament 
(Because they could've been killed) and cries.

                          Bakuryu the Mole

Quick and speedy isn't even the half of what Bakuryu is.  He's quite 
the trickster and can easily fool opponents with ease, making him 
deadly with a master.  His smoke bomb can confuse opponents, and more 
importantly, can take your opponent by surprise.  This goes without 
saying the this and his Smoke Spiral Kick can be mixed to provide a 
wonderful mind game for your opponents.  If they start to wise up, lay 

But being quick, don't expect any hard hits from him.  Both his punches 
and kicks are fast, but he doesn't hit hard.  It's only through means 
quick movements that'll cause the damage to rise.  Some of the more 
interesting moves I've found were not on the special move list (See 
other moves , and it's only then that his bag of speedy tricks can be 
quite the annoyance, provided you keep them guessing.

Spiral Shadow Blade: P x4 F, P

Flowing Shadow Circular Kick: DF, P, K 

Gale Cresent Moon Drop: F x2 K x3

Poisonous Claw Machine Gun: F, Be x5

Flying Line Drop: B, F, P (Opponent must try to hit him or it won't 

Triple Spiral Kick: P x2 D, K

Shadow Bound: P (when ducking)

Dragon Sword: Be (when ducking)

Sword Drop Blade Kick: P x2, K x2

Fang Drop Hammer Moon Shadow: P, K x2 F, K, B, K, U, P

Lighting: K x2 (When ducking)

Poisonous Claw Slash: Be x3

Snow Light Line Drop: QCF, P

Smoke Bomb: QCF, K

Smoke Spiral Kick: QCB, K

Rising Scrape Up: QCB, Be

Poisonous Claw Shadow Blade: P x4, Be x3

Dancing Lunge: F, Be x4 DF, P, QCB, Be

Other moves:

Triangle Jump kick: D, U, K

Triangle Jump Slam: D, U, P

Claw Drill: QCF, Be

Midair Grab:  F, Throw (You and opponent must be in midair)

Charge Punch: QCB, P

Beast Drives:

Double Inferno QCF x2, Be
Magic Spear QCB x2, Be

There are two variants to his wall jump grab.  If he does it from 
behind, he'll slam the enemy backwards.  If done from the front, he'll 
do his normal grab move.

Magic Spear can be done from anywhere.  See, if you're far away from 
your opponent, he'll spring up to where they are.  It can be avoided, 
but probably not blocked.

In order for Bakuryu to do his Flying Line Drop, someone must attack 
him first.

Snow Light Line Drop must have his enemy in air to actually do the 

Bakuryu doesn't face Cronos in Arcade mode, he faces Yugo as the final 
opponent instead.

Ending: Bakuryu beats Yugo, and is proud to see how much he's grown up.  
He gives him a noogie and reminds him that he's the boss around here.

                       Busuzima the Chameleon

Busuzima is easily dissed.  Many of his moves lag, he's somewhat slow, 
and he's ugly.  But as the old saying goes, appearances can be 
deceving, as he's more powerful and tricky than you'd otherwise expect 
him to be.  Many of his moves are easy to preform, as they usually 
consist of simple button combinations and movements.  This seems to 
make up for some of his faults.

Plus, in beast form, he can turn invisble on his own on in hyper 
mode(Though your character can see him), and some of his attacks have 
long range, giving him a better advantage.  While in human form, use 
his punches, they don't lag as much as his kicks.

Busuzima Kick F, P, K

Back Attack: DF, P, DF, P, B, P

Chopping: K, D, K, P x2

All Open Transparent Kick: P x3, K, D, K

All Open Upper Punch: P x3, Be

Busuzima Head Butt: B, F, Be

Grand Elastic Punch: B & Be x4 (Press Back and Beast 4 times)

Heaven Elastic Punch: U & Be x4

Busuzima Punch Combination: F & P x6

Busuzima Punch Combination: F & P x4, K

Hooligan Fake Kick Combination: F & K x2, F, P

Tongue Lash: F, B, Be

Super Tongue Lash: F, B, Be, QCF, Be

Busuzima (Poison Island) Serious: QCF, K

Serious Punch: QCF K, P x3

Serious Kick: QCF, K x3

Dokujima Exercise: QCB, K x6

All Open Hell Attack: P, K, P x3, K, B, K

Other moves: 

Turn Invisible: QCB or QCF, Be

Kangaroo Kick: (Facing away from opponent) D, K

Countergrab: B, F, P (Opponent must preform leaping attack)

Side Switch: U, P

Taunt: D, U, K

Head Bonk: QCF, Throw

Tongue Trip: QCB, Throw

Head Smash: QCF, P

Beast Drives

Ultimate Die Through QCF, Be
Busuzima's Mandala QCB, Be


For Busuzima's countergrab, someone must do a leaping attack towards 
him.  Leaping attacks are attacks like Gado and Shina's pounce moves.

Do tongue trip, then very quickly do his Dokujima Exercise for a 16-hit 

In hyper mode, he'll turn invisible.

For "Busuzima's Mandala", his hits can easily miss, and can be hit or 
even grabbed out of it (It happened to me once).

There are rumors of him having a 3rd beast drive.

Busuzima doesn't not face Cronos as the final opponent in arcade, he 
faces Stun instead.

Ending: After beating Stun in a fight, he takes the fruits of the 
experiments, but Stun gives him a good punch to the gut before he even 
carries out his plans.

                         Cronos the Phoenix

While Cronos is a Phoneix, he has a second beast form as well.  A 
penguin.  Yep, a harmless penguin.  Or so it looks like through first 
impressions.  In reality, he can be an annoying character when you take 
all his forms into account.  Add to the fact that he has 3 beast drives 
instead of the usual 2 and you'll see his true potential.

His penguin form isn't very powerful, it doesn't do many of his moves 
as good as his human and Phoneix counterparts, his attacks are weak, 
and he can only do one of his three beast drives. But the postives can 
easily balance them all out.  His small body has him easily avoid high 
attacks and some middle attacks, which means people will have to duck 
down for a chance to touch him.  The fact that he attacks low as well 
can give him a cheap advantage too.  Not only that, but he can't be 
grabbed, and his winning pose is sure to put people in embarrassment.

Then there's his Phoneix Form.  Not only is he very powerful, but he's 
quick, he can fly, and has a hidden beast drive for his form only.  His 
attacks are done very well like his human counterpart.  The obvious 
downside to this is that it's in hyper-beast mode, so enjoy it while 
you can.  

Hyper Punch: QCF, P x2

Hyper Kick: QCF, P, K

Super Hyper Punch: QCF, P, Be

Flip Over: QCB, P

Double Sidekick: QCB, K

Flipkick Combo: P x2, K x2

Punch Combo: P x3
Peck Combo: B x5

Upward Kick: QCF, K

Kick Combo: K x3

Head Peck (Penguin only): QCF, Be

Foot Peck (Penguin only): DF, Be

Roll and Peck (Penguin only): D, Be

Flaming Sprial Dive (Phoenix Only): U, K

Fly: QCB, Be

Midair dash: (While flying) Be

Dive: (While flying) P

Grab and toss: (While flying) K

Flame Shield: DF, Bb

Backwards Slap: B, P x2

Backwards counter: B, P, K

Beast Drives:

Wall Scrape: QCF x2, Be 
Phoneix Fury: QCB x2, Be
Phoneix Fireball: F+DF+D+DF+F x3, K, P, Be x2, K x2 (Hyper Mode only)


An easier way to do his third Beast Drive is to rotate the control 
stick three times and press X.

If you do his Super Hyper punch, he can still finish off the combo with 
a punch, kick, or his beast attack.

His counter moves always consist of a kick.

Phoneix Fury can only do damage while he's a phoneix.  If he's a 
penguin, he'll just drain the enemy unconcious, making it totally 

Cronos cannot face himself in arcade mode, so he'll face Uranus as the 
final opponent instead.

Ending: King Orion says a new round of experiments have been ordered, 
but Cronos doesn't want to have anything to do with this.  He tries to
kill himself, but King Orion stops him.  He tells Cronos the 
experiments must continue if humans and Zoanthropes must live together.

                           Gado the Lion

I like this character very much.  He has good speed, good strength, and 
great variety of moves.  Being well balanced, he's very easy to get a 
grip on, and his moves are powerful, even in human form.  Beast form is 
even deadlier, as a more fierce opponent lies under the surface.  With 
lots of mastery, he'll become one of the best characters for you to use 
in the game.  The only gripe I have with him is G-Bomber Beast drive.  
It looks great, but does crap damage, but that's probably from my 

Shotgun Combination Drive: P x2, K

Tomahawk Basher: F, P x3

Shell Slash: DF, P, D, K

Tropper Comb: K x3

Skyruncher Strike: F, K x3

Triple Scratch: Be x3

Destroy Scratch: F, Be x2

Absolute Fire: B, F, P

Shotgun Combination Fire: P x2, F, P

Spinning Strike: B, P x2

Talk to the Fist: D, U, P

High Command Edge Combination: K x2, F, K x3

Heat Capture Middle Kick: QCF, P, (when hit) K
Heat Capture Low Kick: QCF, P (when hit) K

Bloody Ridge: U, Be, QCF, Be

Heat Blaster Double Claw: K, B, P x2, Be x2

Heat Blast Skyrancher Strike: K, B, P x2, Be, F, K x3

Pressure of Tyrant: QCB, K, B, F, P, QCF, P, QCB, P

Other Moves:

Pounce: QCF, Be

Beast Drives: 

G-Bomber QCF, Be x2
G-Cannon QCB, Be x2      


G-Bomber looks great, but does crap damage.

The final part of "Pressure of Tyrant" can be charged for more damage.

For some comedy, try this with G-Cannon.  Take your opponent and push 
him/her toward the wall you're facing (About 3/4 away, though arenas 
vary.  Then do the move like normal.  Your opponent will fall on top of 

For some cheapess, do Talk to the Fist or Absoulte Fire at the start of 
a round/match.

Ending: He signs a pact with King Orion at a meeting.  Gado's job now 
is to ensure peace between humans and Zoanthropes.  Someone is secretly 
viewing the meeting and walks away.  Who that figure is, we'll never 
                         Ganesha the Elephant

Ganseha isn't an character anyone can take to.  First off, if you want 
someone with combos, avoid him, for he cannot link any of his hits 
together.  Don't get him if you despise slow characters either, for 
he's the slowest character in the game.  

While it's his main weakness, his strength is what makes him incredible 
and feared, and it'll undoubtedly take a long time before he becomes a 
must play for anyone.  Being strong, he can send opponents crashing 
through walls with little effort, becuase of his weight.  However, his 
weight can work against him, as opponents can easily send him through 
walls as well.

He has a variety of slam moves, and some can be linked together to 
bring major damage (See move list, of course).  However, the timing for 
this is tricky, as you can to quickly input the command and press throw 
at a certain time.  It helps to repeat those particular motions over 
and over so you can get a good idea on how to make the most of them.  
Just don't rely too much on grabbing and play defense,  and try hit 
your opponents once or twice, then back off.

Shockwave: U, K

Uppercut: DB, P

Big Chop: QCB, P

Hard Punch: B, P

Roundhouse Kick: B, K

Trip: DB, K

Downward Slap: DF, P

Trunk Grab: QCF, B

Strong Kick: QCB, K

Side Kick: QCF, K

Leg Lift Slam: HCF, Throw 

Midair Trunk Grab: QCB, B

Downward Slap: QCF, P 

Can be linked by: 

360 Degree Toss: 360 + Throw


Suplex Combo: D, D, Throw, U, D, U, Throw

Butt Slam: QCF, Throw

Can be linked by:

Squatting Leg Overhead Slam: B, F, Throw

Belly Bounce: QCB, HCF, Throw

Beast Drives:

Elephant Power Toss: QCF x2, Be

Elephant Suplex QCB x2, Be


His grab combos are hard to connect.  You have to preform the motions 
and press the button before he slams them to the ground.  

His midair trunk snatch must have his opponent in the air or it won't 

He has to do the Elephant Suplex up close or it won't work.

His Belly Bounce doesn't seem to do much damage or have any moves 
linked into it.

Ganesha cannot face himself as the second-to-last opponent, so he'll 
fight someone else.

Ending: He beats Cronos and tells him one day he'll understand why he 
had to do this, but he sees Cronos's Phoenix form and suddenly blacks 

                           Jenny the Bat

Jenny is one of the quicker females, and many of her moves are kick 
based.  Punches are rarely used as they cause her to slap, but mixed 
with her beast attacks, she can become deadly.  Her kicks mainly cover 
a wide variety of areas, high middle and low, they're very fast, and 
can become annoyance trying to block them all, especially the middle to 
low ones.

And in beast form, she'll become even more annoying with her added 
agilty, a wonderful way for you to blend your moves into a fighting 
machine.  Some of her midair attacks are especially deadly and can 
easily overwhelm you.

Passionate Heal Rush: F, K x5

Enamel Blade: DF, K x4

Complete Disorder: Be x5

Nightmare Walking: F, Be x3

Twisted Explosion: QCF, P, K x7

Drill Talon: QCB, Be, Be or P or K

Air Blast: (in the air) Be x3

Spiral Talon: F, Be x3

Step Slap: P x2

Back High Heeled Kick F, K x3 B, K

Sly Kick: D, K x2
Gross Edge: (when ducking) K x2

Wind Slider: Be x3, D, Be

Twist Heal Change: QCB, P, K x2, D, K

Bat Wing Blade: QCB, Be

Enamel Wall Wind: DF, K x2 D, K x2

Slap & Nightmare: P x2, F, K x3, F, Be

Slap & Disorder: P x2 Be x5

Other Moves:

Midair Bicycle Kick: QCF, K

Taunt: B, F, P

Somersault Head Flip: U, P

Midair Combo: (In air)  B x3, F, B x3

Wing Slam: (In air) F or B, Be x2

Midair Grab: (in air with opponent) F, P 

Beast Drives:

Sky High Temper  QCF x2, Be

Grimson Glider  QCF x2, Be


To change which leg she'll use for the Twisted Explosion, press Down 
and the Punch Button.

During the Twisted Explosion or the Downward bicycle kick, you can see 
up skirt if you pause at the right time (I know you're out there, 

The finishing button you press for the Drill Talon affects the power 
and distance of the attack.

She faces Gado as the final character instead of Cronos in Arcade mode.

Ending: During her fight with Gado, Stun grabs her from behind and Gado 
comes to the rescue.  She blacks out, but eventually wakes up to see an 
exhausted Gado lying next to her.  She thanks him for saving his life.

                       Kohryu the Iron Mole

It's easy to call him  a clone of Bakuryu, which, in a way, he is.  For 
the most part, his a little more focused on power instead of speed, but 
he can be just a as quick and tricky as Bakuryu.  Almost all of the 
moves from him are from Bakuryu's move list (Except for the Flying line 
drop), but some new ones have been added to his beast couterpart.

But if you've mastered Bakuryu, it shouldn't take you any longer to get 
him down.

Sprial Shadow Blade P x4 F, P

Flowing Shadow Circular Kick DF, P, K 

Gale Cresent Moon Drop: F x2 K x3

Poisonous Claw Machine Gun: F, Be x5

Triple Spiral Kick: P x2 D, K

Dragon Sword: Be (when ducking)

Sword Drop Blade Kick: P x2, K x2

Fang Drop Hammer Moon Shadow: P, K x2 F, K, B, K, U, P

Lighting: K x2 (When ducking)

Poisonous Claw Slash: Be x3

Snow Light Line Drop: QCF, P

Smoke Bomb: QCF, K

Smoke Spiral Kick: QCB, K

Rising Scrape Up: QCB, Be

Poisonous Claw Shadow Blade: P x4, Be x3

Dancing Lunge: F, Be x4 DF, P, QCB, Be

Other Moves:

Smoke Bomb Grab: QCB, B, K

Smoke Bomb Spiral Trip: QCB, D, K

Smoke Bomb Drill: QCB, U, K

Smoke Bomb Downward Kick: QCB, F, K

Fist Launch: QCF, Be

Beast Drives:

Chamber of Doom: QCF x2, Be

Missile Crusher: QCB x2, Be

Charge Punch: QCB, P

As stated eariler, he doesn't have all of Bakuryu's moves, just a 
majority of them.

For his smoke bomb tricks, hold the control pad in one of the 4 
directions while doing the Smoke Bomb Sprial Kick.

Missile Crusher can be done from anywhere like Bakuryu's Magic spear, 
but it cannot be blocked.

Kohryu is one of two characters that does not have any involvement in 
the game's plot.  The other is Uranus.

                           Long the Tiger

Long can be one of the trickiest characters, because he has a combo 
ring.  The only other two characters that have this are Shenlong and 
Uriko.  This gives him almost an endless variety of combos for him to 
use in basically any situation.  It's a tad complex, so study it for a 
few minutes.  

In order to start it off though, you need to do your punch combo before 
you even do any of the moves below.  From there, it's all up to your 
skill.  By mastering this combo ring, and linking the moves together, 
this will completely annoy your opponents, as you can be as 
unpredictable as you like.  

Just remember that you have other moves beside your combo ring, so 
don't be too reliant on it, now, and only bust out your combo ring once 
his/her guard's dropped.  If this happens, than by all means show NO 

Consecutive Strike: P x3 (To Combo Ring)

Cross Attack: K x3

Rotation Back Gate Elbow: P, K, D, K, F x2 P

Hawk Shoulder Plant: DF, P x2

Consecutive Attack: Be, F, K, F, Be, D, P

                  Hawk Six-Level Combo Ring   
          Ax Leg          Break           Left Kick 
           D, K    <->      P      <->      F, K

             |                                |

       Single Grip      Right Kick    Grasp Sun and Moon
           F, P    <->      K      <->      D, P

                 Tiger Six-Level Combo Ring      

     Low Tiger Blade    Cross Claw       Rolling Claw
          B +Be    <->    +Be      <->       F +Be
           |                                   |
     Tiger Attack      Swallow Kick      Blade Whipping
         DB+B      <->      D+B      <->     DF+B

                End of Six Level Combo Ring

Back Gate Elbow  F x2, P         Demolition Attack B, P
Cont. Gem Bombardment  D x2, P   Rotation Kick F x2, K
Turn Over Cont. Kick  B, K       Fwd. Sweep Illusion D x2 K

Other Moves: 
Triple Stomp: QCB, K

Double Air Kick: QCF, K

Cartwheel Kick: QCB, Be x4

Heavy Push: QCB, Be, P x4

Beast Drives: 

Course to Heaven: QCF x2, Be
Ferocious Tiger Laceration: QCB x2, Be


The rumors at the Bloody Roar Primal Fury Boards are false.  There is 
no 3rd beast drive for Long.

For his "Course to Heaven" Beast Drive, he must do it up close.  If it 
doesn't work, the shockwave will do minor damage.

Because of Long's Two combo rings, you can use one combo ring or 
another in beast form, making it far more unpredictable on what to use.

Ending: As he carries an unconcious Cronos, memories of him as one of 
the expermients are replayed in his mind.  Nothing more.

                         Shenlong the Tiger

"Don't tell me...he's like Long, right?"  To answer your question, yes.  
However, his combo ring isn't as complex as Long's, but is just as 
dangerous.  He also has two ways to go into the combo ring instead of 
one.  He also has several more special moves outside of the ring than 
Long, as well.

But that doesn't mean the strategy isn't the same though.  Complete 
mastery of the combo ring can mean trouble for whoever's fighting you.  
More importantly, using some of your special moves as well as your 
combo ring can make a deadly pair of moves and a formidiable opponent 
in the process.

Snake Elbow: P x3 (To combo ring)

Cross Blow Attack: Be x2 F, Be

Low Rolling Sobat: P, K, D+K

Double Cross Crow: U, P

Ring Cross Attack: Be x3

Enemy Grasp Sun & Moon: QCB+Be x4, D+Be

Snake Attack: QCF, P

Rolling Sobat Combination: QCB, Be

Stride Kick: QCF, K

Shadowless Kick: QCB, K

Beast Drives:

Tiger Darkness Attack : QCF x2 Be

Ferocious Tiger Laceration: QCB,x2 Be

             Snake Six-Level Combo Ring for Shenlong      
  Snake Kick              Asian Attack           Snake Stride Kick 
     D,K         <-->          P          <-->         F, K
      |                                                  |

  Back Blow                High Kick                  Low Bow
     F, P         <-->         K          <-->          D, P

                 End Of 6-Level Combo Ring   

Ending Blow  F x2, P           End of Tiger  B, P
Low Double Hand Blow  D x2 P   Shadowless End.  F x2 K
Rolling Heel Kick  B K         Circling Kick  D x2 K
Shenlong does have a third Beast Drive, but...because of the insane 
button mashing you have to go through, as is the timing I've only seen 
it once.  Here's how it goes (As I'm too lasy to put it in the move 
DOWN+KICK, PUNCH, DOWN x3+BEAST.  Whew...perform the final part of the 
move when you see red electricity flowing through his body.

He has two ways of entering his combo ring.

While he faces Cronos, it's at the Indian Palace instead of the Evil 
Laboratory where you usually face him.

Ending: As he walks out, he sees Long, after an exchange of words, they 
proceed to fight.
                          Shina the Leopard

Shina is in the same boat as Gado, but is a little more agile than him.  
Her moves back quite a punch, and like Cronos, she has a third beast 
drive.  It doesn't have to be in hyper mode, but you need to do do a 
grab move first when your opponent crouches, though, and the timing is 

If given the time, Shina can become quite the powerhouse.  But her Mad 
Trap beast drive isn't that reliable unless your opponent is very 
gullible.  Not only that, but her flying drop is hard to pull off, so 
you need to have fast fingers. More importantly, her "fake" moves can 
easily trick opponents, allowing you to play some mind games with your 

M-V1 Stinger: P x3, K

M-V1 Nupperm: P x2, D+K

M-V1 Nupperm Fake: P x2, D+P

Hunting Arrow: F, P, K

Assault Kick Mine: F+K x3, D, K

Triple Low Scratch: Be x2, D, B

Pile Bunker: B, F, K

Lightning Slash: DF, P, F+Be x2, B, Be

Hunting Double: F, P x3

G-III Combination: K x3

Assault Kick Bomb: F, K, f, K x2

Angry Crow Judgement: Be x3

Somersault Scratch: U, Be

Fake Mine: F, B, K

Trident Shoot: QCB, K

Scramble Snatch: QCF, K

G-III General Attack Combination: K x2 F K x3, P x3, K

Flying Drop: QCF, K, D, U, K, B, F, Be

Other Moves: 
Countergrab: F, B, P

Swirling Toss: 360 motion, U=P (Opponent must crouch)

Beast Drives:

Mad Trap: QCF x2 Be

Cross Blade Zapper: QCB x2,Be

Chaotic Midair Attack: Swirling Toss (See other moves), B, P, B x2, K 


Her third beast drive is hard to pull off.  In order to time it just 
right, you need to press the commands above VERY QUICKLY shortly after 
throwing them.  It'll be easy to do in time.

For Shina's Countergrab, someone must try to kick her first.

Someone must attack Shina during her "Mad Trap" Beast drive.  Very low 
or high hits are the only ones that don't cause her to counterattack.

The first three hits of the "Cross Blade Zapper" must connect or she 
will not do the rest of the move.

Angry Crow Judgement does WHOPPING damage-almost 1/3 of an oppoenet's 

Ending: A party is held in honor for her winning the tournament, and 
even Cronos is having a good time.  After the celebration, Cronos wants 
her help uncovering the Zoanthrope mystery, but she says she has to go 

                           Stun the Insect

Stun seems to be the wrestling type.  Like Ganesha, he has several grab 
moves to use on his opponents.  He's a little on the slow side (Except 
in Hyper Mode) and some his attacks are hard to pull off.  His grab 
moves aren't as powerful and damaging like Ganeshas, but the fact that 
his other moves are combos can make this small unfortunate flaw up.

But his grab combos are just as hard to pull off like Ganesha's, 
meaning you'll have to practice with him a bit.  They have better 
reach, though, so you'll have something to take advantage of.  His 
moves do show a little lag in them, though, so watch it.

Hand Knife Combination                D, P, K

Body Slasher                          F x2 P

Shell Slasher                         P, K, P x2

Lightning Mine                        B, F, P

Bio Shock                             F, B, P

Shell Rush Guillotine                 P x3, K

Thrust Blow                           F, K x2 B, P

Solid Cutter Combo                    K, P x2

Thrust Knee Smash                     F, K, K

Thrust Knee Crash                     F, K, D, K

Chaos Beetle Rush                     Be x2, D, Be, D, Be

Violence Beetle Rush                  Be x2 D Be, DF, B, U, Be

Grasshopper Leg                       QCB, K

Spider Drop                           QCF, P

Antler Bomb                           QCB, P

Hornet Grab                           QCF, K

Combination Antler Bomb               F, K, D, K, QCB, P

Thrust Bug Throw                      F, D, Be

Other moves:

Spinning Toss D x2,Throw (crouching opponent)

Position Swap: B, Throw 

QCF, Throw - Fireman Carry and Head Slam

(Linked to...)

German Suplex QCB, Throw

Body Scissors slam: HCB, Throw
(linked to...)

Face Smash: D x2, Throw 

(Linked to...)

Inverted Powerbomb: D, U, Throw

Midair Slam: F, Throw

Beetle Horn Ram: QCF, Be

Beast Drives

VTOL Basher: QCF x2, Be
Boosting Burst: QCB x2, Be


As with Ganesha, his slam combos are hard too pull off. The only 
difference is the fact that the motions aren't as complex as Ganesha's.

The Horn Ram can carry someone out of the arena.

His speed is insanely fast in hyper mode.

Ending: In the labratory, a group of soldiers proceed to fire at Stun, 
but he turns into a beast and kills basically everyone with his awesome 
strength.  King Orion can only stand there with a stunned look...

                         Uranus the Chimera

ABSOLUTE CHEAPNESS.  These two words best describe Uranus.  She's 
quick, she's powerful, and she's cheap.  She's the whole package.  Not 
only are many of her moves easy to pull off, but they do incredible 
damage as well.  Can we say overpowered?  
But you'll need to figure out how she works, first.  For staters, in 
Beast Mode, if you press Punch or Kick, she'll pound the ground and 
turn into a beast again.  This however, has two advantages for you.  
The meter will be near filled to where you can turn into a beast, and 
it does a fair amount of damage.  To stay as a beast, use the beast and 
block buttons ONLY. 
It's only in Hyper mode that both can be combined into the ultimate 
character for you to use, but don't take it lightly.  If you're to 
ensure that you'll be succesful, you'll need to be on the offense and 
become unpredictable with your movements, and considering her huge 
amount of power, you'll want to take advantage of this as much as 

Shock Throw: B, P

Sidekick Combo: K x6

Midair Flash: QCF, P

Punch Combo: P x3

Spinning Kick: F x2, A x2

Thunder Crash: QCF, K

Trip and Teleport: D & P x2

Downward Sidekick Combo: K x4, D & K x3

Horn Ram: B, DB, D, Be

Lightning Spiral: QCB, Be

Teleport: QCB, K

Teleport and Slide: QCB, K x2

Teleport and Punch: QCB, P x2

Lighting Raise QCB, P  

Fierce Toss: QCF, Be

Turning Punch: F, Be x2

Midair Grab: (In air with opponent) F, Throw

Beast Drives:

QCF x2, Be: Chimera Sphere
QCB x2, Be: Chimera Power Slam


Her grapple move in beast form does INSANE Damage.

To crouch while teleporting, press down and Punch.  She must face away 
from her enemy.

Uranus is one of two characters that have no involvement in the Bloody 
Roar plot.  The other is Kohryu.

Uranus is the only character that can face herself in Arcade Mode.  And 
seeing how she's not involved in the plot anyway, it doesn't seem to be 
a big deal, right?

                         Uriko the Half Beast

She's the last of the three fighters with the combo ring, but if you 
look at the move list below, it's not as easy to enter it as it 
otherwise may sound.  Her ring is the smallest, but as stated for Long 
and Shenlong, they can add up to huge amounts of damage once mastered.  

Her beast drives are another story, however.  They reqiure walls, and 
if some boundaries are broken, she may have some problems.  Her Dance 
of the Phoneix will need to have her leap off of one, while the 
Surprise Cat Pounce (While she and her opponent are bouncing in the 
enemy ball) may cause her or her enemy to fly out of the arena.  Aside 
from that, the strategy for Long and Shenlong applies to her too.

Thunder Dance: P x2, B, P x2                  

Thunderclap Peace: QCF, Be, Be,(when hit)Be

All Around 1-2-3: P, K, x2 U, K

Supreme Penetrating Bow Thigh: F x2, P, K

Wings of the Phoenix: QCB, Be, B, Be x6

Double Kick Combination: F, K x2

Thunder Blade: P x2 D, P

Rolling Punch: F x2, P x2

Dance of the Cat: B x3

Rubbing Nail Peace: QCF, Be,K

Other Moves:

Midair Grab: (in air) F, Throw

Paw slash combo: QCF, Be x4

Quick swipes: QCF, P

Quick High swipes: QCF, Be

Headstand spinning kick: (When crouching) Be

Hard midair kick: QCF, K

Beast Drives

Surprise Cat Pounce QCF x2, Be

Dance of the Phoenix: QCF x2  Be

                  (Phoenix Six-Level Combo Ring)          
 Single Cobalt          Rebellious Kick        Cornered Mouse Attack
       P         <-->        > K         <-->           F, P

       |                                                  |

 Twin Nail Thigh Drop   Grasp Sun & Moon       Grass Piercing Thigh

       K         <-->        D, P        <-->           D, K 

Jaw Buster) F, x2 P             Heaven's Despair  B, P
Cont. Gem Bombardment D, x2 P   Screen Dream  F x2, K
Mt. Fuji Cross  B, K            Und. Snow Cont. Kick  D x2,


If the surprise cat pounce (While in a ball) goes out of bounds, either 
she or her enemy will go out of bounds.  You also have control of the 
ball, though.  Use the control stick/pad to move around.  Press the X 
button to bounce.

There are two variations to the "Dance of the Phoenix".  If done from 
the front, she'll get on their back hit them repeatedly, flip her 
opponent up, and kick them for lots of damage (The may miss sometimes).  
If done from behind, she'll snap their neck and hit them with a hard 
Also, for her "Dance of the Phoneix", you can control how far she 

For her "Rubbing nail peace" move (When in sqautting position), press 
Punch to scratch her head, or kick to scratch her enemy's feet.  Left 
or right will cause her to run.

                            Xion the Unborn

He'll be a pain to fight when mastered.  Give him easy to pull off 
combos, great range, and speed, and there you go.  His blend of short 
and long range attacks can be dangerous, they cover high, middle, and 
low, and while new people will easily take to him, expericed players 
will make this a torture for those who challenge him.

Because of his attacks from various angles and distances, Xion can 
easily be considered cheap.  Mastery of his combos + Beast Drives can 
easily mean you'll have a hard time with him.  Blocking and 
sidestepping is nice, but you'll want to make sure to try and wait 
until is guard's dropped or else you damage will plunge greatly.  

C-A-I-N: P x4   
A-B-E-L: P x2, D, P x2           

Lunatic Attack: P x2, K                      

Crimson Lunatic: P x3, K x4                      

Paradise Lost: F, P x2, Be            

Moebius: DF, P x2                              

Spiral Babel: F, F+K x4     
Velvet Chain: K x3                        

Tyrant: Be x3                          

Darkness Baron: F+Be x4 U+K                       

Crusader: B+P x2                             

Executioner's Virtue: B, K, B

Chain Breaker: K x2, B

Guilty Chain: K x2 D+K x5

Mystic Slicer: F+K x3

Mystic Rink: F+K, P, K

Striker: D+B x2              

Song to Naught: DK, B x2

Other Moves:

Sky-High Dropkick: QCF, K

Midair Spiral Kick QCB, K

Upward slap: QCF, P

Hard hit combo:Up, P x2

Beast Drives:

Outbreak: QCF x2                      

Ascension to Heaven: QCB x2              


On "Outbreak", the first hit and all the others must connect or he 
won't finish the move.

                           Yugo the Wolf

Yugo is quick and speedy, and many of his moves are punch based.  Not 
only that, but he often attacks high, too.  Add a move that can evade 
moves and open up to several attack he's deadly.  The downside is that 
he attacks high most of the time, so medium or low hits (Preferrably 
low) can easily throw him off.  

The main thing about him is the fact that his punches can easily 
overwhelm enemies who can't react quick enough.  Because Yugo doesn't 
have many attacks hitting below others, you'll want to mix them up a 
bit.  Unless your opponent isn't good at dodging attacks (Especially 
speedy ones), try not to use the same combos over and over.

One Two Body Upper: QCF P, F, P, F, P

Silver Wolf Knuckle: QCB, P

Counterblow: QCF, P, B, P

Clinch: QCF, P,K

Heart Break Blow: F+P x3

Champion Straight Punch: B+P x3

Meteor Crash: QCB, Be, D, Be

Dragon Finish Blow: DB, P x2

Final Machine Gun Upper: DF,P x4

Low & Step In: D, K, DF, K

High Speed Combination: P x4

Blind Blow: DF, Be, F, P

Panther Two: F x2, K, P x2

Claw Twin Knuckle Slash: Be, P ,P ,Be

Flicker Lightning: QCB, K, P x4, F, K

Spiral Kick: K, D, K

Leg Slash: P x2 DB, P

Bloody Roar: D,DF,F, Be

Other moves:

Wall bounce: QCF, Be (When somersault hits the wall), Be

Step back and kick: B, K

Uppercut: QCF, K (To get in his fighting stance) U, P

Beast Drives:

Spiral Fang: QCF x2, Be
King of Breaker: QBC x2, Be

Yugo will continue to do King of Breaker even if all of his punches are 
blocked or some of them connect.

Heart Break Blow and Champion Straight Punch can be mixed around in a 
three hit combo.

                             //// \\\\
                            (8. Stages)
                             \\\\ ////

Stage 1-Asian Gate

Not much to look at here.  You're in front of a asian temple, and you 
can either knock them into the water or on the enterance.

Stage 2-Chinese Temple

The only two breakable barriers are the thin walls.  On the left side 
of the arena, you can knock your opponent onto a platform with water 
all around.

Stage 3-Freeway

The width of this arena is the biggest one here.  If you knock your 
opponent onto the road, he/she will have a risk of being hit by 
oncoming traffic.  

Stage 4-Aircraft Carrier

Your opponent can be knocked into the water, or onto the runaway.  
Basically, people that are in the way can be hit by flying bodies.  I 
wonder if the plane will hit them...

Stage 5-Midnight Rooftop

Well, you'll knock your opponent off the roof.  Though occasionally 
they may land on the vents if he/she haven't flew that far.

Stage 6-Back Alley

Here, you'll start on top of a fragile floor.  Eventually, it'll come 
loose and the rest of the fight will take place here.  Some guide I 
read said your opponent can be knocked into the train, but I doubt it's 

Stage 7-Aquarium

This is unique.  If you knock your opponent into an empty pit, they'll 
land into in a huge tank.  Weird...if you knocked them into a 
underwater pit, you're doing it wrong.

Stage 8-Indian Palace 

They can be knocked into the walls and fall off...*Shrug*

Stage 9-Evil Laboratory

A huge octagonal arena with a moving body?  Freaky!  Your opponent can 
only be knocked into the water.

Stage 10-Chaos Laboratory

Same as above, but with a different color.

                             //// \\\\
                            (9. Cheats)
                             \\\\ ////

1. Ganesha and Indian Palace Stage 
Beat Arcade Mode for the first time to unlock Ganesha and the Indian 
Palace Stage.

2. Com Battle, Cronos, and Evil Laboratory Stage

Beat Arcade Mode Twice to access the Com Battle Mode, Cronos and Evil 
Lab stage.

3. Kid Mode

Beating Arcade mode 3 times will unlock this cheat and make everyone 
super deformed.

4. Big Head Mode

Everyone's head gets big once you beat Arcade Mode 4 times to unlock 

5. Big Arms Mode

Beat arcade mode five times to unlock this, then make everyone lok like 

6. No walls 

Don't want boundaries?  This cheat here will eliminate the bounadries 
once you beat Arcade Mode Six Times.

7. Weak Walls

This makes the bounadries weaker.  Beat Arcade Mode 6 times to get 

8. Breakable walls in the Final Round

Beat Arcade Mode 8 times to have walls breakable during the final round 

9. Slow Motion

Beat Arcade Mode 9 times to fight slow.  Although it's not as slow as 
you otherwise expect it to be...

10. Speedy Game

Beat Arcade Mode 10 times to have everyone fight real fast.

11. No Blocking

Aren't you sick of opponents blocking your attacks?  Beat Arcade mode 
11 times to get this cheat.  But remember, if your opponent can't 
block, then neither can you!

12. Max Difficulty

Beat Arcade Mode 12 times to get the highest difficulty setting.  

13. Knock Down Battle

Every hit knocks down your opponent.  Get this by beating arcade mode 
13 times.  Unless you're going to use dash attacks and other hard hits, 
don't bother with this.

14. One Form Only

To fight in Human Form Only, beat Arcade Mode 14 times.  To Fight in 
Beast Form only, beat Arcade Mode 15 times.  To fight in Hyper Beast 
Form only, beat Arcade Mode 16 times.

15. Unlock Kohryu

Get to Stage 5 in arcade mode without continuing.  Then you'll face 
him.  Beat the rest of Arcade Mode and he's yours.

Note: If a second player joins in before you face him, he cannot be 

16. Unlock Uranus and Chaos Laboratory

Beat her in Survival Mode.  She's always the 16th opponent, so take 
advantage of that.  Once done, she will be accessed along with the 
Chaos Lab stage.

                       (10. Frequently Asked Questions)

This is a possible prediction of Questions I'll commonly get.

Q: How do you do a beast drive? 
A: QCB x2, Be or QCF x2, Be

Q: Do any characters have third beast drives? 
A: I've recently found out about Shenlong's third beast drive (Which 
I've seen once), but I've heard rumors of Long (Proven false by my 
point of view) and Busuzima having one.

                                ///// \\\\\
                               (11. Credits)
                                \\\\\ /////

Myself: For typing this guide up...

Hudson Soft: For making this game and god knows how many Bomberman 

Activision: They lent Hudson Soft a hand...

MRoberts guide to Ganesha, Egoraptor's Shina guide, and JRuhl's Stun 
guide on moves I've missed.

The Bloody Roar Primal Fury Boards: For various junk like Cronos's 
third beast drive and fighting styles for the characters.

CJayC: GameFAQs webmaster.

                             (12. Disclaimer)

First off, this guide was made by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  For the 
most part, this guide was made for trying to help people out or for 
entertainment.  I have nothing to do with Nintendo, Hudson Soft, or 
other companies involved with this game.  

First off, because I don't spread out to the gaming community, I will 
no longer accept offers to have any of my guides, old and new up, no 
matter how legit your site seems to be.  So if anyone see this guide on 
sites other than GAMEFAQs, inform me at once and I'll delete it, thank 
you.  The older projects I'll take of, if possible.

Second, you cannot the steal this guide and it's info and use it as 
your own.  It can be printed out, but not to make money and/or packaged 
along with the game itself.  If you foolishly do this, I will not take 
responsibility for your actions if you get in trouble.

As for E-mail policies, I'll accept the following, but keep in mind I 
have a poor habit of answering E-mail.  

What I'll accept:

1. Help that HAS NOT been covered in the guide
2. Thank yous
3. Cheats (Though I hardly put any in my guides)
4. Secrets
5. Unusual trivia (Weird information regarding the game)

What I won't accept:

1. Info already covered in the guide
2. E-mails trying to be funny in any way
3. E-mails asking to be my friend (To busy to even do that)
4. Insulting E-mails (I'll only insult you back)
5. Chain Letters
6. Spam
7. E-mails to porn sites or special offers
8. E-mails asking the same question I've gotten mulitple times

If any of these are found in my E-mail boxes (Cedric60914@yahoo.com or 
cedoda@cs.com), they will be deleted ON SIGHT.  

If you're planning not to follow the above rules, do not use this guide 
whatsoever.  Your actions will not be tolerated.

Copyright 2003 Cedric Cooks/Oda
All rights reserved

                -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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