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Reviewed: 11/13/02 | Updated: 11/13/02

You'll be asleep before you reach the bottom of the mountain.

Dark Summit - a snowboarding game by THQ. Sound pretty standard? Well, it should. However, THQ have instead said that Dark Summit is an ADVENTURE snowboard game, giving the game a more mission-based approach. The question is, does it work?

Dark Summit, for most of the game, looks reasonably attractive. It is a hard task indeed to make a snow-covered mountain look better than what it is, but THQ have succeeded mostly by putting in plenty of bright colors, and breakable scenery. For the first level, everything is good. However, once you progress to the second level, the impression is brought down a notch simply because of the feeling that you HAVE played this area before - each area looks very similar.
I award the graphics with a 7.

I did not like the music at all in Dark Summit. I found that it became annoying as it was very repetitive. However, possibly even more irritating than that was some of the character's voices - as you board down the mountain side, you'll occasionally come across others (mostly enemies) who like to threaten or demean you. There is very little variety in what they say, and their voices will soon begin to grate.
I give the Sound a 3.

You wouldn't think you could go far wrong with a snowboard game, but THQ have made a mess of the gameplay. The objectives are all hugely boring, giving you little incentive to keep playing. As if that wasn't bad enough, the snowboarder's animations are tragically slow. Pressing jump looks very strange, as it seems that your snowboarder just hovers up into the air, rather than jumps, and performing tricks feels clunky and unrewarding. The collision detection is also pathetic. You might jump onto a rail to grind, but instead your snowboarder will just fall over for no reason, or just fall through the rail. The gameplay is where Dark Summit truly fails, as there really are no redeeming features to the game.
Just before I finish up this segment, I must also mention how short this game is. Dark Summit could easily be finished in a day or two, if you could manage to bother playing it.
I give the gameplay a 3.

To conclude, Dark Summit is lame. My advice is to only even consider a hire if you're a snowboarding fan, and not even consider buying. SSX Tricky is out there, and is a far better game, and if it's just an extreme sport you want, you can't go past Tony Hawk!

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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