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Reviewed: 08/13/02 | Updated: 08/13/02

Weird snowboarding game that turns out to be fun.

Dark Summit certainly is an odd game. Instead of snowboarding just to do tricks, race, show off your skills, etc., the game consists of missions involving snowboarding. Right. Well, it was only ten dollars, so I bought it. There's plenty to like about this game, but it's so messed up you gotta wonder what the makers of this game were thinking.

Graphics: The main character's face is terrible, first of all. The game certainly doesn't use the capabilities of the Gamecube, especially in multiplayer, where basically everything but trees and the mountain are taken out. The environments also could have looked better. At least that part is decent.

Sound: Good sound. The music also changes depending on what you're doing and where you are on the mountain.

Story: Just plain weird. The military shut down the mountain and Chief O'Leary wants snowboarders OUT... and for some reason you want to find out why. I can't reveal the other big parts of the story, but the rest certainly is cheesy. You do get to do lots of cool things but still, the story is quite weird. Not too good.

Gameplay: I'm very grateful for the variety of things to do in this game. It's no 1080 or SSX Tricky. You get to do lots of things, like jump off a ski jump and pull off some cool tricks, escape the ski patrol, knock people down, set off an avalanche, and so on. There's some ski lifts to unlock, and the more tricks you pull off and missions you complete, the more points you get towards new lifts and equipment. Unfortunately, you get the best equipment way too fast and then there's no more reason for getting equipment points. Tricks are much easier to pull off in this game than they are in SSX Tricky for gamecube. You don't have to use the d-pad and hope that you pressed the right direction. The missions vary in length and in difficulty. Some have you going down the entire mountain (in other words, they're long), and some are very, very short. Overall, it's fun... but not in

Multiplayer. This was messed up badly. Three modes:
Wrecking Ball - Destroy as many objects as possible by running into them, like signs and random things on the mountain. Boring really.
Race to the Bottom - Obviously, race to the bottom of the mountain. It's not really that fun.
Halfpipe - Pull off tricks in the halfpipe. You have to know the tricks, first of all, and there aren't many people who have this game. And there's no time limit so it's too easy to stay in and pull off lots of tricks. That's silly.

I suggest that, if you can, rent this game. Otherwise, don't buy it unless it's cheap. 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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