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Reviewed: 03/26/03 | Updated: 03/26/03

A GREAT game for an AFFORDABLE price!!!

Batman is back, and he's back on the Gamecube,for those of you who like Batman you'll definitely love this game.Batman Vengeance is a real definitely an experience you'll never forget if your are really into the series of games.

Batman is a great game for the Gamecube and it's also at a REAL affordable price,you may be able to buy it used for no more than 15 bucks or get a new one for about 25 dollars.

The graphics are definitely impresive on the console it puts to show what kind of power the Gamecube has on generating a sort of cartoonish look to the game, but the look brings the game more to life and it doesn't look that cartoonish just a little bit,but it is really impressive.Now the cutsceneds ARE SO AMAZING, litteraly they really are I haven't seen that many games with cutscenes that gorgeous, and the best part is whenever you load your game you can go back to check the movis you have earned which is also a great treat.

The controls are also impressive especially the combos you can earn and you can use them on enemies,but you have to build up the meter in order to use 'em,but none the less great controls.The gliding feature is also outsanding you'll need to use it a lot but its fun to use.The way you use the weapons is impressive also.

IF there is EVER a weak point to this game it'll be the story,well in a way it's sort of like 4 stories rolled into one or should I say chapters,I'm not gonna spoil it but each chapter is based on each of Batman's nemesis.If your new to it you'll enjoy because you don't know whats going on but youll soon find out,but if you know a lot about batman you can probaly second guess what possibly MIGHT happen

This game is absoulutley great for die hard Batman fans, but if your new to this it'll still be fun to play and see the story unfold before your eyes,but for most you'll probaly play it thru once or twice and put it up.

Rent or Buy?
Well personally I would rent it because it really doesnt take that long to complete the entire game unless you want to earn ALL the bonuses you can get but if you know what your doing and you absolutely love Batman like I do I'm pretty sure you'll buy it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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