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Reviewed: 08/19/02 | Updated: 08/19/02

Adecent Game with some flaws.

Batman, he is one of the most known superheroes ever... he's even duked it out with superman a few times before. Sadly this game isnt his greatest accomplishment.
The Graphics real arent too bad most of the character models look EXACTLY like they did in the old show which is definantly fun to play and look at. Although, I just gotta say that they are on the blocky side unfortunetly. And as for gotham city, well if gotham was a real city and was as boring and dull and lacking as much detail as it does in this game then no one would ever wanna live there. The graphics are good even despite its flaws, the best thing has to be the characters and that makes it worth it despite the dull enviroment and some blockiness of just about everything.
The voice acting is simply put, GREAT. thats the only reason this even got a 6, if it werent for that I would have given it a 0 cuz In my opinion the what little music they have in this game is well, noise. Its barely there and its not even that good and it doesnt really change much to what you're doing like chasing Mr. Freeze's copter through the air and the music doesnt really change to even enphasize the action.
The fighting is great, the henchman are a bit cheap but that makes them fun. Unfortunetly this game ISNT just about the fights. You must also use his many gadgets which isnt necesserily a bad thing but the aiming system is way off prepare for it to take awhile before you have what you want in your sight. and the gliding is nice but you'll often find your self missing jumps, prepare to die many times due to ackward pitfalls that you cant really avoid due to bad control. The camera is also lacking, if you press c up it goes behind the back perspective which doesnt really seem to work too well and everything else about it is kinda shot but I can live with the camera's slight problems.
In Conclusion:(6/10)
Either you love this game or you don't. I reccomend you rent this game out beforehand so you don't have to waste too much money on buying it. I rented it, thought it was ok and i brought it. But then again it was only 20 bucks so it didnt matter really if i brought it or not. This is definantly a game you should rent first though.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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