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Reviewed: 08/04/02 | Updated: 08/04/02

A great game,except for the fact that I almost destroyed my Gamecube controller....

The fact that Batman: Vengeance is purley based off the hit cartoon series does give the game some chance to actually appeal to some people.With the recent attempts to make a good Batman game,and the recent failures,some fans look at Batman: Vengeance and think that its gonna be really bad,but when you exclude all the flaws that Batman: Vengeance has,you would actually see that its a good game.Hopefully this review is helpful to you.

The graphics are just plain beautiful,all the cinematics look wonderful and rich.What I liked most about the graphics ,is that it maintains the cartoonish feel,Batman the Joker,and Batgirl dont look like they're serious,they look like they just came right out of the cartoon.The graphics deserve an eight because the character models are a bit jaggy,but nonetheless,the CG scenes look outstanding.The animations are really good,mostly because all the mouth movements look very realistic,and the movement of Batmans cape is pretty cool.I should also add that explosians,gun effects,and stuff like that look really good,but the explosions is really what got my attention.Take my word for it,the graphics are really good,except for the fact that the character models suffer from some jaggies.

I probably like the sound most of all,all the stuff like shootings,explosions,and Batman's wird tools sound really great.The people who made this game seemed like they wanted to keep the cartoon quality alive in this game,and it they did,what I mean by that is,is that Batman has different tools and weapons,and one of his weapons is the hammer,when he smacks the enemy in the back of the head,it makes a loud,unrealistic ''DING!'' sound,but thats not a bad thing,its a good thing.Another thing that was really great about Batman: Vengeance,was that all the voice actors from the cartoon series returned for the game,and all of them did a great job,they havent lost any of thier talents from the cartoon series,they can still do the voices after all this time.Like I said,some of Batman's weapons sound cartoony,but the only one of his weapons that sounds realistic is his handcuffs,I dont know why,but I love the sound of the handcuffs.

People may think that this game is the same oridnary Batman game tht has the same type of gameplay as all the others,but it doesnt.The gameplay is just plain fun,and whats also fun about the gameplay,is the fact that you can explore the big enviroments,even though there isnt much interactivity to go along with the game.The one thing that I dont really like,but I dont care for it,is that you cant really do all the stuff that Batman does in the cartoon series,like you really cant drive the Batmobile,you cant use the batgrapple anywhere you want,and so on,but tell you the truth,I dont really care for the Batgrapple,and the Batmobile,the game could have been more fun if you could use the grapple whenever you want,but the game is fine the way it is.I would have probaly given the gameplay factor an nine,but I took two points off because the game was so hard and frustrating,that I nearly broke my Gamecube controller.I hated the fact that if your kind of far in the level,that if you lose,you have to restart,that really pushed me to the point to where I hated the game for a short time.

The fact that this is a Batman game saves the story,but I dont really like the fact that theres some plot twists in the story.There are a couple different storys in the game,depending on which villain you have to find.The storys in the game seems like there all just cartoon episode,because again,Batman is dealing witht the Joker,and the Joker has kidnapped a small child,Poison Ivy has poisoned I think the Mayor,and storys like that.Long story short,the storys that are in the game seem like they have been taken out of the cartoon.

Fun factor:8/10
How fun is this game?well,that depends,if your a person who doesnt get mad easily,you will find this game very fun,but if your a person like me,you will find this game just plain fun,but not very fun.I think this game delivers lots of fun gameplay,but the difficulty somewhat bogs the fun factor down a little bit.I think that the fun factor is the biggest part of a video game,and this game is pretty fun.The fact that you can handcuff villains,and blind them is pretty cool.I think that Batman: Vengeance is a very fun game,but it does get a bit reppetitive if you have already beaten it.

Replay value:5/0
If you have already beaten Batman: Vengeance,but you didnt get all the ''envelopes'',you might go throgh the game agian.Once you have gotten all the envelopes,and have tested all the secret stuff out,you will most likely not play through the game again,since there is nothing else to do.I gave the reaplay value a five because the only unlockable thing is the envelopes that contain stuff like infinit health,and infinite items/weapons.

You could literally destroy your Gamecube console because this game is so hard.The first couple of levels arent really much of achallenge,but the later levels are.In some levels,there are so many enemys,to where you dont stand a chance.Some of the boss fights arent really hard at all,but I'd say that the Mr. Freeze fight is the hardest.What I hated most about the dificulty,(I mentioned it before in ths review) was the fact that if your far in the level,and you lose,you have to start from either the beginning of the level,or far from where you were. Please people,do not take the difficulty level as a joke. The only thing easy about this game,is that its not hard to find your destination.

Fun factor:8/10
Replay value:5/10

Best feature:Great graphics,and outstandin voice acting.
Worst feature:TO DAMN HARD!!

Also try:Batman Returns on SNES.

Final statement:
Despite the fact that this game will nearly make you break stuff,its still a good game.

Overal score:8 out of 10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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