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Reviewed: 06/01/02 | Updated: 06/01/02

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!!!

Batman Animated Series Fans Unite!This is the game for you.This game redefines what we all learned in the series with classic Villians such as Joker,Mr. Freeze,Poison Ivy and few others.If you loved the Cartoon series you'll love this games.As long as the control doesn't discourage you first.


Very nice graphics when it comes to Game part and the Cut Scenes part.Batman's classic Animated Series suit returns and he embarks on a quest through a very realistic ,as far as the cartoon goes, looking Gotham City.The creators of the game recreated the graphics of the city almost to perfection.The characters all look like the Animated Series ones and are very accurate to their originals.Even the voice overs are those of the Animated Series characters.The cut scenes are like watching the Animated Series but a little more 3D then the actual cartoon.It almost redefines ''Batman the Animated Series''.It makes me want to see a remade version with those kind of graphics.


Well.This is where the Bat Signal malfunctions and Batman doesn't get to the scene of crime on time.Or so to speak.This is the most confusing part of the game.The camera seems to spin around like crazy never staying in the right position.Batman himself is hard to control and getting into all the options such as equipping the Grappling Hooks.After awhile you get hang of it but then all the other options comes in like flying the bat plane and your head starts hurting from all the Death Screens.


Very great recreation of how the Animated Series went and it has Batman beating lots of thugs and other small time villains.It gets into lot of using the Martial Art skills of Batman and mostly is based on fighting and flying,more like floating.But overall it's quiet a nice quest through Gotham to stop villains and people from getting hurt.Just a basic period of time in a Super Heroes life.But this game also gets into letting you drive some of Batman's vehicles and use lot of his equipment.It's a great game when it comes to story line that is mostly based on the Animated Series.


When it comes to games such as Batman that are based on Comic Book characters there almost never is any replay value.The reason for that is that the game has no embarking side quests that would change the story line.But nevertheless this is still a great buy for a Batman fan or just a Comic Book fan.It gets into mostly the Animated Series stuff and doesn't explore much of the Comic Book Batman but still it's entertaining.No real replay value tough.

So on a final note.This is ,once again saying, a perfect buy for the fans of ''Batman the Animated Series'' also some Batman fans will love it too.It has great story lines and lots of familiar characters to encounter.It has problems with controls but that's only on beggining.Later on you might manage to live with them.But once again I must stress as I always do that it's best to rent a game unless you are psyched about getting it.I bought this for one reason.I was getting my GameCube and it was at a cheap price but I ended up liking it and I heard great stuff about the game.Screen Shots were nice so I figured it couldn't be bad.I was mostly right.But you be the judge.Rent it or Buy it.Your choice.Just make one.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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