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Reviewed: 02/11/02 | Updated: 02/11/02

I was suprised how good this game was!

I went to the video store to rent this game because Nintendo Power had said it was really good. Knowing how games based on cartoons aren't always good I was cautious but when I played this game, I loved it!!

Graphics: 9/10

The reason I gave it 9 is because, though the graphics are good, I don't think they utilize the Gamecube's capabilities very much. However it is very easy to see what's going but the graphics also help set the dark mood the game has.

Sound/Music: 10/10

The music serves it's purpose, it get's the adrenaline pumping! When there is a mysterious event or mood the music fits the scene perfectly, however if there is an action scene then the music is going at a much faster pace, again it sets the atmosphere very well. As for sound nothing special, it's good, but there is nothing really worth mentioning.

Gameplay/Control: 9/10

The controls are very good contrary to what others may say. You select items with the R button and when an item is selected you go to first person view and use A to use the item and the Control Stick will allow you to move, while the C stick let's you rotate the camera. The third person view mode is nothing special. A button to jump, B to punch and C stick to move the camera behind Batman. When you fight a crook the camera automatically starts to rotate around you and B will allow you to punch while A will kick. The gameplay gives you a good feeling that you're living the Caped Crusader's adventure.

Story: 10/10

For a Batman game the story was excellent! It starts out very simple and evolves into something much bigger. You will be absorbed!

Difficulty: 10/10

When I say 10/10 I mean the difficulty was well balanced it started easy and progressively becomes harder. Same for the puzzles, their hard but not so hard that you'll run to a FAQ and throw your controller down. The puzzles are quite fun actually.

Replayability: 8/10

There isn't that much replayability but you can earn cheats to use the second time you play the game among other things, but this game could have been a bit longer. Not much but a bit.

Buy or Rent:

I suggest you rent it first and if you like it then buy it!

Overall: 9/10

Great game but as in any other there were some things that could have been tweaked. Oh well, nothing's perfect!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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