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Reviewed: 12/01/01 | Updated: 12/01/01

Best Batman game out to date

Overall- 8 :Best Batman Game I've played in a long time. True to the show is just about every way. Those of you who are Batfanatics WONT be disappointed. From Graphics, to sound, gameplay, and even story, this game delivers.

Gameplay - 7.5: This is basically a 3d Adventure/Beat'em up/Puzzler/Racer game. Many different Genres pop up throughout the game, even moments where you must use your stealth to advance. A Many different array of weapons and gadgets are at your dispossal also, including some useful Batcuffs and an Batscope. The fighting engine in the game is basic and very useable, complete with a block button and several ''special moves'' which are very cool to watch IMO. Also, each level offers something new and different. None of that ''same room with different texture'' crap here. One board might have you on/in a speeding train, while the other might have in in a Gas/Chemical Factory. Cheats to be unlocked may also have some coming back to give the game a little replay value.

Story - 7: Starts out very confusing and interesting in the beginning. You'll probably be trying to figure out tha whole mess just as hard as Batman will throughout the game. Twists and turns also keep this from being a simple ''go here, go there next'' kinda game. The story is always moving and will keep you interested to see what happens next, while still trying to figure out the story for yourself. To me, it's one of those stories that might have you coming back a second (or even third) time to figure everything out exactly.

Graphics- 8.5: MMMM MMMMM good. Best looking one between GC and PS2, no doubt. Clean sharp textures are very easy on the players eyes. Wonderfully detailed buildings in the background remind you of the tv show. Character models are also on Par with those from the tv show as well. The Graphics aren't necessarilly ''mind blowing'' but they get the job done at recreating batmans universe. The framerate is always smooth and rarely, if ever hiccups. The FMV seems to be a bit grainy but it's still excellent nonetheless. The Animation done in the Game and FMV are great. No one moves as is they're a robot (a la Resident Evil). Batmans cape never looked so good before....esp while gliding and the lighting hits it making it shine. Oh, and the lighting is dead on too. Nice feel of lurking in shadows and keeping in touch with that ''dark'' mood Batman and his world have always had.

Sound- 9: Also on par with the TV show. All the voice actors from the Tv show have made an appearance in this Game. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) is wonderful as the Joker, as is the woman who plays the role of his wench, Harely Quinn. The Music is also well done. None of that cheesy stuff they sometimes put into licensed games. When you hear this Music, you'll KNOW this is ''Batman'' kinda stuff. Also, SND FX sound appropriate, like kicks and punches, and even your grappling hook. Did I mention that sometimes the Bad guys even make remarks to you...and even their own buddies? One guy was watching me fight his buddy and told his buddy (not kidding here) ''Kick him in the nuts''. Needless to say this brought a lil smile across my face. Everything from a simple punch, to Batmans cape flapping in the wind, and right down to Joker's menacing laughter, everything sounds great. Oh and after the Batmobile level, listen to the Radio in the Batmobile, It's a very cool touch the developers decided to add.

Rent/Buy?: Hmmmm well, these kind of games have been out since the early days of the SNES. It can be beaten within 8 -10 hrs. It's not an RPG or party game so don't complain about there not being a lot of replay value. Although the cheats they offer you, and sheer fun that can be had from some of the levels may have you coming back. If you like Batman, and aren't dedicated to only games with insane replay value, pick it up, it's a good buy, Otherwise, it's an AWESOME rent alone.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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