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Resident Evil 4 went through various development stages before the final game was settled on. The first attempt was a PS2 game that resulted in something that "didn't fit in with the rest of the RE universe", but producer Shinji Mikami urged the dev team to continue making the game independently. That game eventually became Devil May Cry.

The second attempt came after RE4 was announced as an Gamecube exclusive title. This "fog" version of the game (also called Resident Evil 3.5) featured protagonist Leon S. Kennedy infiltrating a castle-like building fighting against various monsters and even ghosts. The game featured dynamic 3D camera angles similar to RE: Code Veronica and the over-the-shoulder aiming that eventually carried into the final version of RE4. This version of the game was about 40% complete when it was scrapped due to "too many obstacles to overcome and a development cost deemed too expensive". Various assets from this version of the game eventually found it's way into the PS2 game Haunting Ground. The last attempt at development saw the game bringing back zombies and having more "classic" gameplay, but this version was never show to the public and was quickly scrapped for being too "formulaic".

Gameplay footage of RE 3.5 can easily be viewed on the internet.

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Famous Quotes

Leon: "Saddler, you're small time."

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Leon: "Your right hand comes off?"

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Merchant: What're ya boiyin?

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Luis: Well, I see that the President's equipped his daughter with ballistics, too.

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Leon: Where's everyone going? Bingo?

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