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Reviewed: 03/20/06

Not perfect, but it was better than a nine.

Game play: 10/10
Other stuff: 9/10
(the other stuff was related to game play so I did them together
I loved it. I find some shooting games were kind of lame because all the enemies you fought shot at you. And that was their only attack. In resident evil 4 the enemies ran at you and you had to shoot them to stop them.

Not being able to run while you shot was a good thing. In some games I could just run around and avoid enemies that chased you. If you have ever played Time splitters future perfect and got to the zombie level you should know what I mean.

One thing that I didn’t like (at first mostly) was fighting bosses when you couldn’t move while shooting. Maybe this was because I wasn’t good at first. But it would have been better if the bosses would stop after you shot them a bunch. Most of the bosses did this but maybe it was good to have a change.

Protecting someone in a survival horror game? A great idea! It was cool at times when Ashley was being attacked by zombies and you had to fend them off. I was glad you didn’t have to do that all the time and she left you at times. It likely would have been cool if you had to fight some of the bosses with Ashley with you. Not very many because I imagine it would be annoying to have to worry about her while you killed the boss.

You shouldn’t have been Ashley in that chapter. Or they should have had it not at all or at least twice.

I liked the behind the back perspective. Seeing yourself made it much cooler and better. And I liked the laser pointer on all of the guns. Instead of having crosshairs was a good thing. Long range shooting was hard because you could barely see the laser. The handling of the weapons was nice detail. I think it would have been cool if you had to buy the laser pointers from merchants. It likely would have been cool to have to aim without one. I am not saying they shouldn’t have had laser pointers. I think there should have been parts without one for a certain gun.

I loved the merchants. I am glad there was no obvious better weapon and you could choose which one you liked and preferred. The tuning up was great. Like what I said before. You could tune the weapons you liked. One thing I didn’t like is that the weapon kinds (other than the handguns) had one that was obviously the best. They should have all had there own benefits and problems like the red 9 and blacktail did.

For every main type of gun there were at least 2 guns of that class. Except the TMP. The other ones were the rocket launcher and the mine thrower. There isn’t anything they could have made for those two. So they shouldn’t have made several types of those. The next TMP could have been like a submachine gun of some sort. Although they partially fixed this by the way the TMP was tuned up. It started at 0.4. Once fully upgraded it had 1.8 firepower. This is more than four times the original firepower. The shotgun’s firepower is 4. a fully upgraded striker is 12 plus the faster firing. This is three times the original plus the firing speed. This meant that as you got the better shotguns and upgraded them the TMP (if upgraded) would stay equal and not just be as good as the shotgun once fully upgraded.

I like what they did with the magnum. It would have been kind of bad to have one gun that was way better than the others that you just used for the bosses for the whole game. You couldn’t get the magnum for a while so I am glad you had to do parts without it. Just so you could try parts like that.

Round 2 was cool. It was just a chance to play the game without a challenge and totally blowing your enemies away. And there were the 3 awesome weapons (chicago typewriter, infinite rocket launcher, hand cannon). They were very cool. For some parts of a round 2 game I felt like the enemies didn’t blow up or something like that. It just felt like they could take a lot less damage. This was because my weapons were very highly tuned up. I am glad those three weapons had infinite ammo. It would have been lame to always be saving up your ammo for them. The hand cannon didn’t have infinite ammo at first but whatever; it was easy to get it fully tuned on round two it just took some time. The mercenaries, amazing! It wasn’t enough to produce such a fine game. Capcom had to make mercenaries. It was a good way to really test your skills. Although I am normally a fan of games with stories I loved it. I thought it would be lame when I heard about it on gamefaqs. Boy was I wrong. It would have been lame if it wasn’t for the kill count. Well it might not have been lame but not very good. I am also glad you were not just one character. Well not the characters but I am glad you didn’t have only one set of guns. Each character had his or her weaknesses and strengths. Therefore you had to make strategies for each character on each level. So it wasn’t so simple. It was different from the regular game in a way because you were trying to kill enemies, not survive them. It is nice to have a change from that.

Something that would have been cool is a survival mode. You are facing an impossible amount of enemies and you have to survive for as long as you can. There should have been four stages (like the mercenaries) and five characters. The same characters as in mercenaries should have been them. And that is how you unlock the infinite rocket launcher. Although that is just an idea, I am not the one who designs it.

Then there was assignment Ada. It was not great. It was basically more of the same except without the story and stuff. But it was just a little mini game. It wasn’t intended to be some great thing in the game like the mercenaries. So it was as good as it was intended to be.

Graphics: 10/10
Well obviously the graphics were fantastic. Although having good graphics can’t make a game good. A few people said that resident evil 4 was not so good and just had good graphics. It was good in all ways. The graphics were bragged about but that didn’t mean that the rest would suck. But this game needed good graphics. I mean how scary could it be if the environment looked crappy. It looked good so everything felt not at all cheesy. Some games do not need good graphics because they are funny games or something. Obviously resident evil is not one of them.

The details were awesome. I like when the game programmers think about the detail and not just the big stuff. And this was done not just the graphics. The little things like how you saved or that you pant after you run a lot. These details (if done poorly) annoy me. And they may be small but they happen a lot over the course of the game so they should make them good.

Sound: 10/10
Great like the rest of the game. Sound is a detail of games that annoys me or makes me happy. The different music for the different enemies was nice. It didn’t just feel like different music for the enemy. The music suited the enemy you were fighting. My favorite sound was the sound that the regenerators made. That scary breathing noise they made. Sometimes you could hear them but not see them. That was the scariest thing in resident evil 4. More of that would have made the game scarier like some people wanted. That is why the sound got a nine instead of a ten. It was another detail that went on through the whole game so wasn’t actually that small of a thing.

Replay: 10/10
All games are better the first time than the second. But I will still beat this game many times and still enjoy it. I am glad they made pro mode so more skilled players like my self could have a new challenge. And you could not fully tune your weapons if you wanted another challenge. Then there were mercenaries. I am glad you saw your score and not just the star rating so if you had already unlocked the hand cannon you could still enjoy it. It didn’t dull very much beating it the second time. You likely had some idea of where enemies were and when they were going to attack you. But you didn’t know exactly. So some people might have been scared expecting for something to happen but not knowing when it would happen. I am not sure if Capcom intended for this to happen but it worked out well.
Overall: 9.6/10
I would have given this game a nine point six or something but you can’t do decimals on your ratings. This game was absolutely marvelous but not perfect. No game is. I was going to give it a nine but I thought I was being too cheap so I went with a ten. I have never given a game a ten.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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