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Reviewed: 08/29/05

This should've been the best game of the year, but no...

Introduction: Resident evil has always been a good series, and has never changed or moved from the normal by to much. But when people started hearing that Resident evil 4 would be completely different, fans were scared and didn't know what was going to happen. So, has Resident evil 4 lived up to the hype? Has it delivered good action and a good change? Is every thing delivered that Cap com promised? Read on to find out. I know I'm late, but who cares, right?

Sound: Sound quality in this game is top notch, and pushes the hardware on the "Kiddie cube" by quite a lot. When walking through a village you can hear the rain hitting the roof's of buildings around you, and the slight whispers of villagers as they creep up on you like vampires. The sound of thunder cracking from the sky as you unload round after round at the chanting enemies sounds so real its scary. Speaking of scary, the sounds are so good and well made that even the footsteps of enemies sends a chill up your spine. Each gun sounds different, which isn't rare these days but other games don't make they're shots differ by much. But this game is different. A shotgun sounds like a shotgun, and is no way even close to the sound of a bazooka or machine gun. Everything is different. The voice acting isn't top notch, but its up there. Leon sounds cool, Ashley a woman, and everyone else sounds good. Well, save that annoying as heck midget. He sounds like Richy Rich drowning in Pasta. But, eh, the quality is still good. They just picked the wrong voice actor for that guy. Well, good sound quality is heard in almost every game, but quality like this is /Rare/. Your ears will enjoy hearing this game. 10/10

Story: Decent job here. The President's daughter gets kidnapped for a strange reason, and your sent to Europe where people have reported that they saw her in the area with other people. As the game goes on twists emerge (Gosh I hate saying that word...twist. Ugh.) and the plot line thickens. But this isn't no M. Night movie so they aren't to drastic. Its all well made with excellent new characters and even some old ones! You won't be sad here. The only flaw though is that this is a sub-story never to be continued. I was sad, but life goes on. Great story, excellent characters and good twists. Though there are flaws, but I can't explain them here without giving anyway the entire plot. But here's one. If you don't hear one character named Serra say his name, you'll be in a shadow of confusion through out the game until near the end. That really confuses the plot. 9/10

Controls: The controls are very good. R is your aiming button, A is to shoot, L brings out your knife... Pretty basic stuff. This game takes a few minutes to get used to, like with you aiming and the spinning but besides that its good. Though there are problems with the controls. The spinning move is a little tough to pull off, and your character is slow as heck unless you always hold down the B button, which doe's get annoying. And the fact you have to press pause, and select each item when you want to change your equipment. That gets annoying. But once you play the game in motion after a few days you /will/ forgive the flaws in the controls. 7/10

Graphics: Extremely good job here. Everything looks insanely detailed, seriously. Each tree looks different, leaves kick up from the ground as the wind passes by. The water ripples, splashes and looks almost perfect. Leon's hair moves when he walks, runs, fights, and jumps. Everything is at an insane level of detail. This game has surpassed even the Hardware monster X-box in graphics. The Anti-aliasing works great by the side of the graphics card's excellent pixel makers and pipelines to smooth out all edges and make them look life like. The Game cube could always pull this off, but the Cube shows its stuff with this game. This game has the best graphics out of any game made for the console, and stands at Second place for best graphics made. I'm not joking here. This game is that pretty. light shines though windows and lightens up parts of the room, window moves curtains as it blows through windows. All the characters blink and breath, even in-game they do. Leon starts to breath heavily after he runs for a while. Like I said, I'm not joking. . Don't go thinking the Ps2 or X-box can pull off graphics like this. The Ps2 has horrible Anti-aliasing which makes things jagged and less crisp, and the X-box has insanely bad textures. Only The Cube can do this stuff man. Well, anyway everything is smooth, crisp, and textured beyond anything we've seen before. Now we can see the true power of The Cube. No flaws here, at all. I feel dirty giving it a Ten because it deserves so much more, but thats what I have to do. 10/10

Game play: This game shines here. This has to be the best action game since Devil may cry 3. Now is your chance to play Resident evil as it should have been. Going commando on thousands of perfectly detailed enemies with shotguns, machine guns, rockets and pistols plus much more. The camera is now stationed at all times behind Leon slightly to his side so you can see over his shoulder at whatever is approaching. Gone are the ungodly cameras that plagued Resident evil. This camera fits the game and makes it feel like a movie. The fighting is simple, but incredibly fun. Leon with his guns, knives and Martial arts skills is like God in this game. He can kill everything and anything with skill and great moves. You aren't invincible though. Prepare to die a lot of times. But, anyway, this game plays 100% differently then the other Resident evil games. Now you can buy your weapons and supplies instead of walking around like a fool while avoiding enemies. Now its time to lock and load and get down and dirty with excellent weapons. This game finally includes grenades which work like a charm. Are you cornered by 50 enemies and out of ammo? Pull out a grenade. Want to teach an annoying enemy a lesson? Pull out your flame grenade which lights them ablaze. Anything you can imagine is put into this game. Stylish knife duels, exploding heads, Martial arts combat against Villagers, blazing machine guns, everything. The change was incredibly good. If you thought Resident evil was good before, guess what? This makes them look like dung. I would like to mention the bosses. They are incredible in this game. Imagine: Fighting a giant troll as lightning rips the sky and thunder booms in the distance; rain pounding down on the creatures back. Or sitting on a boat while grabbing for dear life as a giant fish drags you around in the water. They're incredible. Like I said. How this game didn't get best game of the year is beyond me. Halo 2 can't and never will beat this game. Oh well, I give this section a: 10/10

Replay Value: Very high. After you beat the game you unlock a mode that is incredibly fun, but I don't want to spoil it. The game is lengthy and will last you at the most five days. But I warn you never to play easy mode. The game gets ruined! If you want a tough challenge play this game on hard or normal. Ether way it'll be fun. You won't find any disappointment in this section besides if you're an expert gamer like me and beat everything within a day, like I did. But it still will be fun. I mean who doesn't find good replay value in elbowing enemies in the face so their heads explode or hiding in a house from thousands of approaching enemies? 8/10

Final: I would suggest buying this game. Like I and other gamers have said. Its very good, incredibly pretty (As in graphics.) and simply astounding in coolness and sound values. I regret renting this game for I have the urge to play it again. Its that good! But if you don't like blood and violence go play something else. This game will contain it. Lots of it. I'm not sure of the price, but I am positive its worth it. This game will be a worthy title to add to your collection. Remember, this is an M rated title. This isn't your average Ratchet and Clank. This is big stuff. Well, good night! Thank you for reading this review of mine.


+ Best graphics for any console.
+ Excellent sound.
+ Amazing game play.
+ Great voice-acting, which is rare.
+ Insane water effects.
+ Best bosses in any game.
+ Just about everything else really.


-Annoying as heck midget guy.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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