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Reviewed: 03/03/05

Resident Evil 4 is a must for any Gamecube owner.

This is my first review for any game I have ever played on the Gamecube and I would just like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and opinions on many aspects of this wonderful game. Spoilers may change the playing experience...get over it.

This being one of the defining parts of this game. The graphics of this game are outstanding whether you are outside rumbling with the villagers in the rain on a stormy night, or you are under the "safe" housing of Salazar's gigantic castle taking on many a foe. The textures on this game are everything a veteran of the series could expect. Blood and infected juices spill out fluently amongst the feet of the hero as he barrels down the hallways and pathways in this game. The facial expressions during the cut-scenes are impressive as well. The explosions either it be from a barrel or a grenade or even a head are as vibrant and colorful as any game out now could hope to have. This is one of the most beautifully smooth games out on the market right now with very little left to perfect. The graphics for this game are honestly gorgeous and amazing.

Possibly where all games are recognized most in this genre of gaming. The sound is nothing short of godly when it comes to this game. The sounds of the villagers are crisp as they say their own war-cries in their own language which is Spanish. Gunshots as loud and as piercing as the real thing. The death noises of both the heroes and the enemies are both detailed and realistic. The music in this game shifts from situation to situation. As you enter a room full of monks in the castle a sort of dark and demented upbeat tune arises and is as clear sounding and fits the situation perfectly. Quoting a good movie, the music and sound on this game would "make George Lucas creme his pants."

This would probably be where a game of this genre would make or break the game. Simple fact of the matter that this games controls are perfect. It's just that simple. The only thing they added as a major control change is the looking pitch which is a good thing. Other then that the controls of this game are responsive and all very precise. Whether it be reloading your shotgun and turning around and capping a monk right before he takes a hunk out of our good friend Leon, or moving the scope cross-hairs across a red cloaked monk in order to get the head shot without even starting a battle. All in all I give this games controls a perfect ten.

Game Aspects
By aspects I would mean the different type of items you come across and how Leon and Ashley can interact with them. Let's start with the obvious. Leon's arsenal of weapons. We all love a good assortment of guns and weapons don't we? Especially in this type of game. What game wouldn't be complete without a trusty Handgun? Leon has many different handguns to choose from and to make it much more simple all of the handguns use the same ammo. Next step would be close-range. Shotguns with a nice spread are available and at different points prove to be a lifesaver. Long-range would be next as you have two choices for this. An old school bolt action rifle and a semi-auto rifle. Both are very good for what they are needed for. Other weapons in this game are also a major part of the game. It is almost imperative you have a handgun, close-range, long-range, and power weapon. Grenades are also very useful in this game. Three types of grenades are about as good as you can get. Flame Grenades,which let out flames of course,Hand Grenades, which blow up after a short time they hit the ground, and the Flash Grenades, which once let go of let out a blinding array of white light to blind and harm enemies. Herbs have always been apart of the Resident Evil series for the most part. This game is no exception. There are the traditional green herbs which refill a small amount of health. Red herbs are used to combine with a green herb to make a formula that refills all of your health. Yellow herbs are used to increase the maximum health of both Leon and Ashley. Ammo is the last I will choose to cover. Ammo in this game is everywhere. Possibly the only thing in this game that is different from other Resident Evil games. At some points you have no choice but to unload a load of ammo. No worries after that though because you will get your refills soon after. If you run out of ammo for the handgun you have seriously wasted ammo. All in all the items in this game are placed well but the excessive ammo on this game could have been cut down by a bit. No complaints though since you need the ammo.

Resident Evil games are known for their length. Resident Evil 4 is a very long game on your first play through. From beginning to middle to end this game leaves you with a satisfaction only few games could surpass in my opinion. This game has different places to go such as the Village and the Castle and then finally on the Island where the main lab is stationed. As the surroundings change the enemies increase with difficulty as well as numbers. This game will last for quite sometime and if you are somewhat of a perfectionist you will have even more gametime to look forward to after.

There are many different things that are apparent in some games. This game however has tons of intricate things although small are very nice to have in such a game. One that stands out would have to be the wooden doors and shields. Once shot with a gun the wood breaks away like a real plank of wood. Another one would be the projectiles the villagers can throw as well as the monks. Such items as axes, picks, knives, scythes, and pitch forks can be throw at the hero. To counter this they added the ability to fire at these oncoming projectiles and this stops them in midair. Now imagine a two story house with enemies trailing behind you. You have nowhere to go but upstairs and there are windows and in real life you would try and escape. On many games the window is indestructible right? Well on Resident Evil 4 you can jump out of these windows in a blaze of glory as a last ditch effort. This part of the game is astoundingly accurate. Another would be the fact of the matter that ladders are movable. You can climb a ladder as your feet are being scratched at by villagers and turn back around and as they are climbing up after you, you can simply knock the ladder down and watch as they all tumble to the ground. Thinking you are safe for sometime you sigh with relief until you see the ladder plop firmly back up to where you are and they begin to re-climb up after you. This part of the game is simply magical. A returning feature would be the ability to push large objects in front of a way of entry into a shelter. Like a bookshelf in front of a already boarded up window. Another would be a chest in front of a door. These are rare but when they are available they are useful. One lasting effect that is throughout every room is the built in dodge ability. This built in skill is in almost every boss battle as well in many rooms. Such an example as the first official boss. You are in a boat and when you get knocked out of it you have to press A as fast as possible to save Leon before he gets instantly killed. Another definable aspect would be the Dodge Buttons. One combo of buttons are L and R. Another is the A and B buttons. Once these pop up on the screen you must press them or a very unwanted consequence follows. This is very neat and keeps the gamers on their toes.

Replay Value
Like the other Resident Evils in the series once you beat the game the much harder difficulty is tempting. Taunting you to test your skills again. This game's professional mode is nothing short of wonderful. Unlockables on this game also make for a much different and easier playing experience. Such as guns with unlimited ammo. There are also people who love to do what many call "Speed Runs" and that is what mainly these super weapons are for. Once you beat the game you will unlock two more modes of play that will also keep you busy. The replay value of this game is high and that is a very good thing.

I left out many things such as Storyline and whatnot but I chose to do that to not spoil the gamer further for any readers of this review. That out of the way this game can make any fan of the series fall in love all over again. The new engine and camera angle is very good and makes for a different feel for all the Resident Evil games. This game is a definite must for any Gamecube library as it is one the best games to come out in a very long time. This game is a classic mix of epic survival horror and beauty.

Well that is my review for this game and I am aware that I left out many many things that should have been mentioned. I really do appreciate you reading this and I can only hope my opinions did the job in feeding your curiosity on what other gamers think of this game. Thank you once again for reading this.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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