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Reviewed: 02/07/05

How can I describe this game?

Resident Evil has had a long storied history. It started a long time ago on the Playstation. While Resident Evil may have not been the first survival horror game, it certainly brought the genre into the lime light. As such a successful franchise that has spawned off numerous sequels, a prequel, and many somewhat sub par spin offs. What is so great about this franchise? What has given it its staying power, and what can we hope for from this new installment in the franchise that has somewhat rehashed idea of shooting zombies again again and again. if you are tired of the same old game and think it will be more of the same this review is for you. If you hate the idea of change and think that the game and franchise will forever be ruined and tarnished this review is for you. If you are a gamer who is looking for a good game and are wondering about this game, this review is for you. Read on to see why this game got a perfect score from yours truly.

Storyline: 10/10

This is truly the best storyline since the first Resident Evil because its not the same old Umbrella is at it again kill zombies type storyline. This time you are in control of one of the heroes from Resident Evil 2 Leon Kennedy. Its been six years since the destruction of Raccoon City and Umbrella is no more because of that incident. Leon is now a secret agent and has been given an assignment to rescue the President's daughter. His search as led him to a rural part of Europe, but what Leon will discover will not be what he expected. You will start in a rural village and you will no longer be encountering zombies as will become clear when you kill you first enemy for when you check him the screen will read telling you that he is not a zombie. Thank you Capcom, for changing the story. This adds to the fear factor unlike the other games because you always knew what to expect as it was basically the same story, different package. With a new story you do not know what happens next, because every part of this game is practically new and has a few surprises that I just can not say because I do not want to spoil the game. Definitely the best storyline for a Resident Evil game yet.

Graphics: 10/10

Once again the Nintendo Gamecube stretches it graphics capability to its maximum capabilities. Everything moves with a realness not seen in most games even today. Leon's hair will move independently no more robotic movement as motion capture was used to give every character realistic movement. Pictures just do not do this game justice. Shooting someone's head and seeing it explode into pieces never looked so good. The environments are also beautiful to look at. and if you shoot at a window it will react and shatter after a few blasts. The environment will react to everything. If you shoot water it will react with a little splash. The water effects are also beautiful to behold. Then there is the fire. Fire has been in a lot of games but it has never looked so good. It moved and waved just like real fire should. It is the best looking fire ever seen in a game. There is just so much in this game to mention, that I cannot think of it all.

Sound: 10/10

Sound is great. Villagers talk and yell, and the most memorable sound effect of the game is when you hear a faint sound of a chainsaw in the distance and getting louder as it gets closer. One of the more scary sounds of the game. Sounds do affect the mood as you can sometimes hear the breathing of creatures nearby but you do not know exactly where they are. The music is good and usually is playing while fighting enemies and wont die down until all the enemies in the area are killed while if there are no enemies in an area there is usually no music but still great sounds. Even the voice acting is more believable and better than past Resident Evils. The music and the sounds go along way to setting a mood in this game, and when you hear that chainsaw getting closer or a villager screaming, your heart rate will rise and you will start to panic. This is what the sound and music was supposed to do, and it made it look easy.

Playability 10/10

Absolutely the best change in the series ever. After playing this Resident Evil you will wonder how you ever got along without this control scheme. No longer will you have blind camera angles, robotic movement, and just all around bad controls. Now it has been changed to an over the shoulder view which has to be experienced to be believed. Aiming has been totally changed as well as now you can shoot an enemy in the head, arm, body, leg, wherever your laser sight is pointed to. The enemies even react differently. Shoot them in the face and they will grab their face and stumble around blindly. Shoot them in their leg and they will have trouble walking. Also, something else that is totally new is a sniper rifle. Never has Resident had a sniper rifle. When Leon raises the sniper rifle you will see cross hairs and you can easily zoom in and out. For a game that has never had a feature like this you certainly could not tell. Its all flawlessly done, that you will not even think about the controls as you play the game which is what great controls are supposed to do. Forget that you are holding a controller and make you think you are holding a gun, rifle, or whatever else Leon is using at the time.

Entertainment 10/10

Absolutely the most fun I have had in a game ever. Once you start playing it will be hard to put down I guarantee it. For me this was the best game I ever played. Its that good

Replayability 10/10

Even with the best games I usually will play through it once be happy and move on to another game. This game is not like that at all. I have played through the game twice so far and now am into my third play through, it just has that high of a replayability. Its well worth the 50 dollars spent and it never gets boring. The only bad thing is that its over too soon, even though this is easily the longest Resident Evil made as it will take you probably 15-20 hours the first play through. Also, if you do somehow get tired of the main game, there are minigames that are unlocked and they are a challenge to complete. Also after beating the game once you can also choose to have alternate costume. Or if you think that the game was too easy and want a challenge a new mode will open after you finish the game called professional mode. Not much changes except the enemies are much stronger, and the difference is definitely noticeable.

To buy or to rent:
I always used to say rent first always but with this game I say stop reading and go buy it now! Why are you still reading this go buy it now! No GCN? Go buy a GCN and this game, its worth it. Do it right now, because a game this great does not deserve to not be part of any gamer's library. I can not stress how great this game is. It is the best game ever. It is for the casual gamer as well as it is for the hard core gamer. It is for the Resident Evil fan, as well as someone who would not call themselves a Resident Evil fan. Are you still reading even now? I said go and buy the game. There is a copy of it in your local video game store and it has your name on it. Go now. I absolutely guarantee you will not be disappointed. As I said before I usually never recommend to buy before a rent but with this game I assure you that you will not regret it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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