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Reviewed: 02/06/05

This game will make the Gamecube famous!!!!

It's finally here. The game all Gamecube fans have been waiting for. RESIDENT EVIL 4!!!!!!! When fans first heard about this game, it was the PS2 owners who were excited to see it coming. Then it was announced it was coming to the Gamecube too. Then it was announced it was only for the Gamecube. Then back with both PS2 and Gamecube again. Fans have really been looking forward to this one, and with good reason. Every time there's been a movie update or demo released, fans have been there and they've been waiting on bated breath for this game to come out. And it's finally here!
This game takes us out of the norm for Resident evil games and re-invents the gameplay mechanics. This in turn, creates one of the best playing games out there today, even compared to other blockbusters such as Halo 2, Half-Life 2, or GTA: San Andreas. Simply put, this game will make the Gamecube famous, like Halo did for the Xbox, or GTA for PS2. It is already one of the best of this new year, and I'm doubtful any game can come along and surpass the level of excellence Capcom has brought to us this year.

The human characters all look incredibly realistic in this game. Even the peasants who have replaced the zombies all look very very gruesome. The boss creatures look absolutely bizarre, but it's the flavor of the game. The environments are pretty ranged in their look, from little villages to a huge monastery, this game definitely puts the Gamecube to its limits. The cutscenes also look fantastic. The effects your gun and shooting have on the enemy all look more realistic too. You shoot them in the head, their head blows off and looks good doing it. You can easily get this game confused for a movie with how realistic this game is. That's an incredible achievement for a game, if you can look more realistic than some movies!

The music really sets the spooky ambiance of this game. You really get the feeling like something scary is going to happen as you walk around every corner because the music is that good at setting up scary moments. The sound effects in this game are also pretty well done. You can also hear all the gunshots and squishy sounds of your enemies' heads being blown off. The voice-overs are also really well done. They aren't over-exaggerated like most other voice-overs I've heard from games. The Spanish that the evil peasants speak is actually translated right, too. But again, the best part of the sound is the spooky music you get when you're playing this game. It makes you feel like it's a live-action horror movie, which is a big accomplishment for a video game.

This game will take you a good long while to finish. It took me about 30 hours to finish this game. Luckily, it's always fun, so you'll enjoy spending your time on this game. There is no mulitplayer, which would have made it even cooler. But sense every other aspect of this game shines, you can't blame Nintendo for not having enough room.

You play as Leon Kennedy from RE2. He's basically now a U.S. Agent who's been hired by the President to find his daughter, Ashley. She's been spotted around a creepy Spanish village, so that's where you start. The plot boils down to one big mess of monsters with a great supporting cast of characters, too. This story is the kind of stuff movies have. It's really that good. It makes you care that Leon can die in many a different ways, and that Ashley keeps getting kidnapped. The story really makes you feel involved, and that's what games constantly strive to do in their stories.

Most other Resident Evil games have always had one fixed camera angle for every hallway or room. And that's always been a real pain in the butt. NOT ANYMORE! This time the camera is over-the-shoulder 3rd person view, and it works wonders. You can now see your enemies better to shoot them and your gun has an aiming laser on it, meaning it's your own fault if you miss. The A.I. in this game is incredibly smart. If you try to hide in a house, they'll find a way in. You shoot them a lot in the head, the others will get smart and dodge head shots. The bosses in this game are all really freaking HUGE! They're also really difficult. Another new addition is the action-button system. Whenever you're in a certain situation, like dodging enemy attacks, sprinting away from boulders, or using levers and items, the action-button will appear and tell you how to do it. You even surprisingly have to do this in the cutscenes, too, so look sharp! You do still have to use the inventory screen, which can be a pain in the butt, but not often. You also have to escort Ashley around most of the game, even though she finds a way to keep getting captured. If an enemy has her for too long, game over. This is just a minor pet peeve of mine in this game, but how come a skidding truck kills Leon, but when a zombie drives about a thousand spikes through him, he's still alive? The decisions by the creators on what kills you or not seem kind of wonky, but that just makes the game even more of a refreshing challenge. And this game is HARD! It's also pretty darn scary. That's what the game was also aiming for, too. As you're playing this game, you're also bound to do something that makes you say, "DUDE!" For example, a group of peasants were coming at me, and I shoot a nearby cart that explodes, rolls down the hill and kills all the peasants! That's some good times right there. This game can lead to some pretty cool moments. I have to ask one question though. What is it with Capcom and these herbs? You'd think they'd find a new way to give you health. Herbs from poor dirty Spanish villages can't be healing can they? All in all, the gameplay is top notch, and easily one of the best of the year, if not one of the best ever.

This game is the kind of perfection most other games try to achieve. Most other games however, fail at this. This game does not. It's a completely visceral experience that is as close to a perfect game that I've ever seen. The Gamecube has finally found it's monster hit in the form of Resident Evil 4.


+Takes away camera angle problems of other RE games
+Action-button system works very well
+Great spooky music
+Incredible graphics, especially on characters
+Compelling story
+Pretty good voice acting
+Long game to keep having fun with
+Great looking moments come out of this game.
+Amazing cutscenes
+Cool sound effects
-Things that kill really shouldn't compared to others that should don't kill
-No multiplayer!!!!
-Inventory screen kind of a pain
-Very difficult
-What is it with the herbs?

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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