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Reviewed: 01/18/05

The Greatest Survival Horror.....Ever.


Resident Evil, known for its clunky controls, polished interface, and gorgeous graphics for more realistic scares. With the addition of RE4, the series has achieved near perfection, taking care of all the complaints that people have had, and some people haven't even mentioned.


Truly groundbreaking and amazing. This is the survival horror game of the future: no more 80's controls, no more backtracking an hour to find a typewriter, this is just perfection. As Leon Kennedy, from Resident Evil 2, you must make your way through "zombie" infested areas and survive, all while helping the presidents daughter Ashley. The camera takes place behind the shoulder of Leon, "Splinter-Cell-Aiming-View" style, if you catch my drift. The game stays true to its name sake, offering a variety of weapons for killing and plants for healing, from shotguns, to magnums, to rocket launchers, to a green herb. Also as usual, there is a limited amount of space in your inventory, so don't expect to be able to run around with 10 different types of rocket launchers Halo or Metal Gear Solid style.

The best aspect of this game is the combat. Also like its predecessors, RE4 uses the R button to go into "aiming mode" and the A button to shoot (while holding down R). A small laser sight comes up from your gun, allowing for INCREDIBLE pin point accuracy - shooting them in the face blinds them (or if you're close enough, decapitates them), shooting them in the leg or foot will make them fall or grasp their leg in pain, and shooting their arm will disarm them (if they're carrying a weapon) or...well..hurt them. Pressing the B button while holding R allows for a quick reload, taking away yet another problem from the past RE games. After all, who wants to go into an item screen and spend 1 whole minute combining extra ammo with your gun just to get more shots?

The B button is also run, which you'll be using a lot. The L button allows for Leon to automatically pull out his knife - great for smashing crates and hitting zombies in the neck for a nice decapitation. The C Stick moves the camera around Leon somewhat. One of the coolest additions, however, is the new context sensitive A button. Next to a ladder? Press A to climb it. Near a stunned zombie? Press A to roundhouse kick him and any near by buddies in the face. There are a myriad of things you can do with the A button with its new "Zelda: A does everything" control set up.

The best addition to gameplay, though, is the INCREDIBLE A.I. These "zombies" are so smart, that they will bust through windows and open doors to get to you. But thats not all; should you hide up in a tower, they'll not only put up ladders to get to you, but also throw Molotov-bombs up there to draw you out. Without going into too much detail for room purposes, these zombies are as smart as any A.I. you'll find anywhere else, times 2...thats how smart they are.


Without giving too much away, here's the 101 on the RE4 story. Leon is sent to a small village in Spain to try and find the President's missing daughter. When he arrives, he realizes that the villagers aren't quite right...Even more intriguing though, is that the villagers aren't zombies like he encountered in Raccoon City - these are something different. Leon sets off on a mission to find Ashley and discover what the villagers are...


Amazing...just amazing. This is the best looking game on any console, even better than most if not all Xbox games. The fluid animation, incredibly detailed characters and environments (look at Leon's has a Tommy Hilfigger-type logo on it - no joke) are the most beautiful you'll find anywhere this side of Half Life 2. Heck man, even the cows you see have DROOL coming from their mouths! The setting is also incredible...Turn off the lights, turn up the music, and be scared ****less as the incredibly realistic thunder and lightning send shivers up your spine.

The sound is so incredibly good, that it is sometimes over looked because of its physical beauty as well. You can hear the villagers breath, the cows moo, fire crackle...if you could hear it in real life, you can hear it here. The sound is so incredible in fact, its almost invaluable to the gameplay - sometimes you'll only hear a "zombie" and not even see it until it gets you. The music is tense when fighting and spooky when wandering, but in a save room it often plays a dramatic song which I find quite relaxing. The sound is so amazing that I can't give it justice...go play it.


BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY *pant* BUY BUY BUY.....did i mention buy? Look, it's not even up for debate. This is in the top 5 games EVER made EVER....easily....there are hardly any drawbacks if any....BUY IT, FRIEND!

11/10 baby....11/10....

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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