Review by Albileo2187

Reviewed: 01/12/05

Easily the greatest Resident Evil to date.


Resident Evil. Everyone who owns a console knows this name. They've been the MAN in the Survival Horror genre, so how does their newest, and arguably the most anticipated game stack up? Lets find out.


Absolutely amazing. This is how Survival Horror is meant to be played. Forget pre rendered backgrounds, forget faulty aiming, this is the way of the future.
Utilizing an over the shoulder first person view, the game takes place through the Eyes of Leon Kennedy, hero of Resident Evil 2. Like previous Resident Evils you have access to a variety of weapons, Including Pistols, Shotguns, Grenades, and items for healing as well. You have limited space in your inventory so choose the items you want and the items you need wisely. There will be no time for searching for items when you're being swarmed by numerous crazed villagers.

The combat, oh the combat, tis a thing of Gods. Using R to target enemies, and A to shoot, it's surprisingly simple, yet so deep. The view when you target is confined, so you have a hard time seeing what's surrounding you. All you can hear are the moans and angry cursing of the villagers, and you have no idea what they're saying. While targeting, use B to reload. The B button is also run, which you'll be using often. When you run out of ammo, or are just too terrified to face the evils, turn tail and run! C Stick moves the camera, use it to see around passages to avoid being ambushed.


Are you a bad enough man to rescue the Presidents daughter? Leon is. Without giving away spoilers, she was kidnapped and according to intelligence being held in a small European village. That's where our adventure begins. Leon works directly under the President, and is on his way to find his missing Daughter.


Once again, my jaw drops in awe. This is the most beautiful game on the Gamecube, and quite possible on any system. From Leon to every enemy, from weapons to facial expressions, they are all animated vividly and gorgeously. The backgrounds look like they're ripped straight out of an actual European country side. Don't take my word for it however, get this game and experience it for yourself.

The sound, the music, what can I say about it? From the unintelligible moaning and voices of the villagers, to the lightning crackling in the night sky, and even a simple Cows moo, it's amazing. The music always fits the mood, the mood of horror and uncertainty. It makes you scared to turn the corner, it makes you yearn for a Typewriter, it makes you turn off the game and cry to your momma'. It's simple amazing how well done this game is.


For the love of all that is good and holy in the gaming industry, purchase this game and spare yourself the catcalls from your lucky peers who already do.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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