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Reviewed: 07/14/08

Fear is Reinvented

Resident Evil 4 is not like your other Resident Evil games. It totally reinvents itself in a terrifying new way.

The Story

Six years have passed since the incident in Raccoon City. You are put in the shoes of Resident Evil 2's hero, Leon Kennedy, who is now an agent for the government. You are sent to Spain to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter, Ashley Graham. The two Spanish officers you are riding with stop in front of a broken down house. You enter, then ask a man who's burning something that resembles an arm if he's seen Ashley. After the man says something in Spanish, you turn to walk away, only to discover that the man is now brandishing an axe, and is clearly pissed at you about something. You tell him to freeze, before you lay waste to the Spaniard. You then look outside the barricaded window to see more villagers, and after hearing some awful sounds, you discover that the police car that had been driving you, along with the bridge had been destroyed, realize that your trapped.

The story is pretty amazing. Sometimes in a game, you often wonder: "Why the hell can't I just walk up and just run away instead of going through all this crap." Resident Evil 4

The Graphics

When you pop in the disk, your first thoughts will probably be "Meh, bet the graphics will only be as good as previous Gamecube games." And after the beginning cut scene, you'll realize you were dead wrong!

The days of pre-rendered bitmap backgrounds are over, and is now replaced by real-time backgrounds, thus getting rid of annoying camera angles, and actually add a new experience to the Resident Evil games. And the backgrounds themselves are breathtaking.

Also, character models are also greatly improved. All the characters almost look real. When you get a close up of a villager, you will defiantly notice all the wrinkles on his face.
All in all, the graphics are amazing.


Gone are the days of clunky walking, and bad aiming. No more dumb as bricks enemies. Resident Evil 4 gets rid of all of that. Walking is great, and your gun actually has a laser pointer! Enemies will not long just walk as slow as a turtle towards your gun, and will actually scheme. They will surround you, block off exits, surprise you, and a bunch of other nasty tricks. I can't remember how many times I've checked behind me to make sure no villagers are going to try to shove a sickle in my back. That's right. This game may make
you THAT paranoid. There are so many enemies, that you may eventually lose track of how many bullets you've fired into a poor fool's head, and will have to trust on your knife to get the job done.

The controller responds excellently, and makes the game even more fun, and are many moments where the game asks you to press A to do something, such as knocking down ladders, causing enemies to have to waste some time to prop it up again, and may allow you to make a hasty get away, or do a melee attack, and literally knock heads off with your foot.

The game eventually gets boring after you save Ashley. Not only do you have to watch your self, but you also have to watch out for a girl who can't even fire a gun. If you want her to be safe, you have to find somewhere to deposit her, and make sure no villagers can get her.
But enough ranting about that.

The game also no longer relies on light weaponry. You can get sub machine guns, tommy guns, grenades, and even a rocket launcher! You can also upgrade your instruments of death by visiting a merchant, who will tune up your gun...for a price.

The Music & Sound

Almost everyone knows if you want a scene to be creepy, you don't put in rock n' roll music, or if you want a scene to be serene and calm, you don't put in rap. The creators of this game really know where to put music. Safe areas have serene music, with almost a hollow sound to it, while pastures and fields have sound that almost sends tingles up your spine, and prepares you for anything.

The creators also put in a lot of music tracks for fighting villagers, each one corresponding
to each area. For example, when it's dark, and your fighting villagers, the music will be very creepy, and will probably make you fire at any living thing.

Speaking of firing, sound effects are very good. Almost everything makes a sound. Dynamite hissing, pitchforks stabbing, the Merchant opening up his coat to show you his various wares, and not to mention axes and scythes flying through the air. Villagers mingle and speak in Spanish, and will actually alert others of your presence by shouting.


This game is amazing, minus a few bad things, but if your a fan of horror games, this game is a must buy!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resident Evil 4 (US, 01/11/05)

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