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Reviewed: 07/02/07

"An Awesome Addictive Animation -- Four A's For AAAA+"


Resident Evil 4 is a first-shooter game in which you have a mission to rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, after being abducted while walking to her university. Leon Scott Kennedy, familiar for those of you who have played or heard of Resident Evil 2. He comes again in this sequel after being taken off the force of a Raccoon City Police Officer and turned into the President's agent. The President has been informed that his missing daughter is caught in a clearing somewhere in a rural part of Europe, so he sends Leon there to go save his daughter. Will Leon be able to save Ashley and return her safely to the President before he goes nuts? There is only one way to find out -- Play the game!


The graphics of Resident Evil 4 has definitely been improved than the other Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 4 has one of the best graphics, consider it to be related to the future PS3 graphics. From Resident Evil 3 down, the graphics have looked too cartoon-like, but now, you can actually see the graphics you would like to see, in this excellent sequel. Every little detail is added.


The sound effects are perfect. The shots from the guns, the voices of the characters, there is nothing to describe them better than perfect. The gun sounds to sound realistic, not any of those crappy sounds some of the teen games have their guns to sound like, these gun sounds are indeed perfect. The voice acting is very well put, and the way the character's mouths move fit in with exactly all the words the voice actors say. I guarantee you, you cannot argue with the sounds.


The controls are another of those perfect things. The controls of Resident Evil 4 are surely easy to master, since they are the well-most used controls for the well-most used commands. In example, the A Button in Resident Evil 4 is to confirm as the B Button in Resident Evil 4 is to cancel. Just as in any game, it is the way it is.


The gameplay of Resident Evil 4 is the thing that makes Resident Evil 4 special, even though the other criterion are also incredibly outstanding, this for sure is what makes Resident Evil 4 unique. You remember in the previous Resident Evil games that you need "INK RIBBON" to save in typewriters, so you can only save temporarily? Well, you can cross that off the list in Resident Evil 4. You don't have to get mad anymore with that, because many times you have to go to bed and your mom is forcing you and waiting impatiently, you have gotten far, but need to get an "INK RIBBON", then need to go all the way back to a typewriter? Well, Capcom has finally understood your stress and just made it simpler. All you have to do is only find a typewriter, and can save as many times as you want.

Also, remember that little heart scale whenever you press pause or so, it tells you your current health status (Fine - Caution - Danger - Dead)? Well, you don't have to worry about that, whenever you need to see your health, you don't even have to press start anymore. In the bottom-right corner is your health bar, it starts 1/4 full. But during your adventure you'll find Yellow Herbs and will get to raise your health bar. There are also many different combinations to mix herbs. There are Green Herbs, your main health item, you'll need them to heal. Red Herbs, combine these with Green Herbs to take your health to the top. Yellow Herbs, as explained, you can raise your health bar, only if you mix in with a Green Herb at least. Then you can combine all three herbs together to heal yourself to the max and raise your health bar still. It's that simple!

And unlike the other Resident Evil games, there is a merchant. Merchants are the kind of people you can sell items and/or weapons to. You can also buy weapons, attache cases, tactical vests, and maps from him. Or, you can just tune-up a weapon to raise its capability on firepower, reload speed, firing speed, and capacity. Most of the times, the merchant stands right next to the typewriter. So you'll be able to sell items/weapons, buy items/weapons, or tune-up weapons, and then save to not lose them. The merchant always updates his catalog almost every time you meet him, so use him wisely. Then there are command buttons, these are buttons you use to do certain commands. Such as using the A Button to jump out a window, sprint away from a boulder, and also button sequences to dodge something, block something, or anything else it is used for.

One of my favorite things about this game is the weaponry. I like to tune-up the weapons I have and give them exclusives, which give them the power beyond the limit. You get to have free weapons at time, considering either you found them, or earned them. And also, sometimes you find things on your travels. Always examine any items you come across, you'll never know when there could be slots on them to insert other items. If there are, and you find all three and insert them, you could sell them for more money than they will be sold individually.


The story is about Leon Scott Kennedy, the President's new agent, who was sent to a rural part of Europe to go and rescue the President's abducted daughter, Ashley Graham, after being abducted by a merciless group while she was walking to her university. The reason why? Well, I'm not going to spoil the game for you, all I have said is just the main summary of the game.


Replaying the game is probably the first thing you'll think of after beating the game once. Trust me, I have beat the game, and then replayed it over five times already. I'm about to go to my sixth. The reason why is because of many reasons. First of all, after beating the game, there are special costumes unlocked. Leon will wear his RPD (Raccoon Police Department) uniform from Resident Evil 2. Ashley will wear white knick-knacks. Ada will wear her uniform from Assignment Ada, one of the mini-games unlocked also after beating the game once. Mercenaries is the other mini-game. Another reason why is because there are new guns unlocked. After beating the game, a Matilda and an Infinite Launcher is unlockable. After beating the mini-game, Assignment Ada, the Chicago Typewriter will be unlockable. After beating the mini-game, Mercenaries and getting a five-star ranking with each character on each stage, you will unlock the HandCannon.

Another reason why is because you would also like to tune-up all of your weapons, and would like to try your powered weapons after they have all their exclusives. Trust me, this game will probably make you never want to end it.

--Buy Or Rent--

I would prefer you to BUY it! Trust me, I highly guarantee and recommend you would definitely love this game! I know I did, and so did all the other millions of people that love Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 is in Gamecube and PS2. But now, Capcom has made another version of Resident Evil 4 in Wii. So whichever of these three systems you have (most-likely a Gamecube, since this is in the Gamecube section), I recommend you to buy it. If you just want to rent it, that is also fine, but make sure to buy it after! :D


Resident Evil 4 has been my most favorite game for the Gamecube for awhile, not too long ago. I have bought it somewhere in the ending year of 2006 and beat it a couple of times (5 times). I am probably going to my sixth time after being my fifth, then my seventh, and so on. My brother also liked it and beat it three times. Many people I know over the Internet beat it about seven, eight, or nine times. Another beat it about eleven or twelve. Trust me, this is a game that will keep your mind controlled and focused on this game until probably your around your twentieth or thirtieth try, I am probably going to beat it around those times! Anyways, this has been Rareware0192's review. I hope you do buy the game, because it sure is one kick-ass game, I tell you. :D

~ Rareware0192 ~

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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