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When evaluating a game that is part of the series, it is important to not view it as an extension of the games before it. 07/31/06 Combat Crustacean
Garish and overworked, Resident Evil 4 is perhaps the most overrated game of this generation 02/14/05 viewtifuljill
The living dead will take a breather, but no one else will. 11/02/05 MSuskie
I've been hooked ever since the demo. 06/02/06 __EmuzMan__
An arm reaches into a lake....and pulls out a series in stagnancy... 08/30/05 Adori
More Like Resident Evil Bore 12/09/13 Allidoisreview
Resident Evil 4 blazes new trails in the name of survival horror gaming, leaps and bounds ahead of the pack 01/29/05 amekage19
The best Gamecube game. 03/14/05 amlabella
One of the best games that I've ever played 08/04/06 andymancan1
Not only is it great, but it's hard to argue against. 04/04/05 askthemaster
Capcom's Love Letter to Demented Spaniards Everywhere 03/03/05 Blactor
So much hype, before and after release. Does RE4 live up to it all? 04/14/06 BlueYoshi579
Ups the ante on intensity in video games 01/04/06 brutusmuktuk
The best horror game made so far. 03/20/05 C0mplet0
If this game was any awsomer, it would have a new rank of it's own! Oh wait, it does! 11/27/06 cheese785
I've never played any in the series... 05/10/06 chunkyliver1204
I'm afraid to play this game... because I know I won't stop for hours. 04/09/12 DarkChocobo47
The Tao of Gaming 02/18/05 DarthVegita
Game of the Year 2005 for a damn good reason. 12/27/05 Dbzmaniax
This game will make the Gamecube famous!!!! 02/06/05 Def Freak7
This time you really do have to "survive" the horror! Resident Evil, the way it should have been all along. 01/18/05 deftoned
Hey now, all you sinners... 02/27/06 discoinferno84
Resident Awesome 01/23/06 donniedew
Perhaps the best Resident Evil yet. 09/01/05 Duke_Plisskin
A true masterpiece that reinvents survival horror 06/28/05 Dunkeroo23
wow super uber 09/02/08 elijah5665
One of the best action games of all time, for any platform. 01/27/05 Evil Dave
Don't CLICK HERE 01/25/05 FFM
A game that vindicates the series massive worldwide popularity. 07/22/05 foreed
The Resident Evil franchise took a turn towards greatness with the 4th additions new features. 08/28/08 Fossil
A Noteworthy Addition to the Resident Evil Franchise 12/04/06 Freakstylez
*Insert catchy tagline here* 10/25/06 funderbunkle
Well, it's gonna be hard to top this one, folks... 03/25/05 funky1
All I can say is WOW... 11/28/05 Galactus21
Has the Resident Evil series jumped the zombie shark? I don't think so... 06/06/05 GavLuvsGA
Once upon a time there were zombies... and then they went poof, and a better game came out of it! 02/22/05 grasu
Survival horror makes way for survival action 01/05/06 Halron2
Bang Bang! You're Dead. 04/17/06 HeavensSecret
An edge of your seat gaming experience 04/04/07 HighOnPhazon
The only Resident Evil 4 review you should ever bother to read. 01/18/05 honestgamer
Yeah, it's still awesome 08/25/08 horror_spooky
Resident Evolution. 01/21/05 InfernalLurker
My honest opinion 01/21/05 InuYashaYoukai
The greatest game ever... 08/22/05 isiahzombie
I still don't see why people think this game was so revolutionary. 04/16/13 jesternario
Halloween Special Review: Resident Evil 4.... 03/09/09 JoeB_91
One of the greatest achievements of its time... 01/26/05 Jon Talbain
'Leon! Help! Leon! Heeeeelp! Leon! Help! Leon! Heeeeelp!" 06/22/06 KitaKitKeru
Resident Evil 4...good but not THAT good. 06/19/05 lateralus12501
Easily One of the Best Gamecube Games 01/19/06 LedFanatic4
This game shows us what buying games is really for: Having fun like you never imagined. 07/06/05 libreg44
Forget everything you know about Resident Evil? Forget Survival Horror? Sadly, this turns out to be true. 03/06/06 Longsword24
Better than Anyone Could Have Hoped 02/05/05 MalachiX
Amazing game? Yes. Amazing Resident Evil game? Debatable 01/16/07 mikemihalow
This is the type of game that influences the industry! 03/17/08 Mikery15
Aside from the radically different plot (which really isn't), this is a very enjoyable title - worth looking at :) 08/24/07 Mister Sinister
Survival Horror At Its Best 04/06/05 MystSexton
Atmospheric action horror with creamy chainsaw goodness. 07/25/05 NazgulCentral
Horror Like Never Before 01/25/05 NeoTS
An amazing achievement and a step forward for the horror genre 02/26/10 nintendosega
Resident Evil 4 is a must for any Gamecube owner. 03/03/05 nopticmarauder
The worst Resident Evil, the best game in the series... 06/23/05 OnceInALifeTime
Probably the game of it's generation. 10/20/06 Osafune2
This is NOT a product of the Umbrella Corporation. 03/19/05 ParasolRKO
Not Original but Intresting. 02/09/05 phatpat3352
You don't have to be a fan of the previous RE games to enjoy this one 01/18/05 Pinball
The 4th (And Final) Perfect Game 12/08/16 PlasmawarriorX
A must have game! 06/25/07 ProfSalvador
Resident Evil 4 Review [My 3rd Review ever] 08/25/05 psxcube
A game so good, not having it should be a crime. 04/30/06 Raistlyn
"An Awesome Addictive Animation -- Four A's For AAAA+" 07/02/07 Rareware0192
Easily the Greatest RE Ever; One of the Greatest Games of All Time 01/27/05 ryansebiz
It's Simply Survival Horror Perfection 01/18/05 Ryudo88
Wow, good job Capcom 01/28/05 SantaIsTheOne
Not perfect, but it was better than a nine. 03/20/06 seahawksdude37
I cannot thank Capcom enough. 10/24/05 ShadowGuardian9
And I quote, "What? What is this?!" 01/23/05 ShyningFade
Resident Evil 4 is a must have title! 12/29/07 sknmak
Possible one of the best games ever made....Stranga 07/16/06 Soldier_0_Cross
Currently the Best Game This Generation 08/09/05 Subcontinental
Evil has evolved. 04/22/05 Superfreak8
Creatures that defy the laws of nature 01/26/05 TalesofSymphonia
Here's what I think. 01/11/08 TearsofBlood179
Flawless? Almost, though I wished it was. 07/20/07 TheLastAvatar05
How can I describe this game? 02/07/05 TrstTheLord
The greatest adrenaline rush ever, packaged and released in video game form. 02/08/10 UltimaterializerX
A tired series gets a make-over, resulting in what can only be described as one of the best games ever made. Period. 02/14/05 velmarg
I see Capcom has equipped their game with some... ballistics. 01/25/05 VickersZombie
An in-depth review on a revolutionary title 01/24/05 windcoarse
As a Resident Evil fan, I'm disappointed 04/07/05 wolverinefan
The Star Attraction 04/16/07 XtremePlaga
Evil Evolved with no Darwin Theories Required 01/21/05 ZeonAce0079
This should've been the best game of the year, but no... 08/29/05 zombiesmusher01

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
RE4 not only lived up to its expectations... It far surpassed them. And I do mean FAR surpassed them... 01/12/05 FFDragon
Is PERFECTION achieved at last? 01/13/05 AJM Ruler
Easily the greatest Resident Evil to date. 01/12/05 Albileo2187
The best survival horror game ever 01/13/05 ANTIverson
A light in the dark 11/03/09 Arcreium
The race for game of the year... 01/14/05 benjabean
Play this game now. 12/06/10 buruburu1
Tense, stunningly beautiful, drenched in atmosphere; a superb gaming experience 01/12/05 Catch_42
This evil is very, uh, good... 01/18/05 CoolBeansAvi
Simply put, the Best Survival Horror game ever 01/12/05 Dkg
Cathartic Blasting, but slightly removes the horror aspect. 06/06/11 DrDude12472
A great installment in the series, and a must-have for any gamer. 01/13/05 GameFreak903
Resident Evil? Let's talk about the 2005 game of the year! 05/12/08 Goddard54
Redefining moment in R.E. history 02/24/10 Hierophant75
Leon S. Kennedy, reporting for duty, sir! 02/07/05 Megaman1981
Fun fun fun! it Resident Evil? 01/18/05 Narukami12
SHUT UP ASHLEY! 04/28/09 Raabdude526
A New Step For Resident Evil Fan 01/14/05 ResidentE1
You CAN teach old dogs new tricks! 01/13/05 sbn4
Resident Evil 4 Redefines The Survival-Horror Genre! 11/26/07 Sinister187
This game is crazy, crazy in a good way. 03/08/10 teh_dino_lord
Capcom has outdone themselves 01/23/05 the_mr_pants
A MUST buy for your Gamecube library! 05/04/10 tooboredtothink
Resident Evil 4 met and surpassed the all expectations I had. 01/12/05 Van Ruyn
"Turn down the lights...Start the adventure!" 05/19/08 YuukaAstrid
"Do you know that no one dies without a cause? You will satisfy the stomachs of my cute pets." 12/22/09 zack125

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