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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Mr Xenomorph

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/13/05

Yeah I suck at ASCII art oh well.


  |\   ___   /\          ___          _______
  | \ |     |  | | |\   |     |\    |    |
  | / |     |    | | \  |     | \   |    |
  |/  |===   \   | |  | |===  |  \  |    |
  |\  |     \ |  | | /  |     |   \ |    |
  | \ |___   \|  | |/   |___  |    \|    |

  |     \        / | |          /  |
  |      \      /  | |         /   |
  |===    \    /   | |        /____|
  |        \  /    | |             |
  |___      \/     | |___          |

     Resident Evil 4 Spoiler Free Walkthrough
         By Roy Allen (Mr Bigglesworth 2)

Small Update!

On recommendation from an e-mail I have decided to make chapter 3.1
a little more clearer. That is all.

Table of contents
I) Introduction
II) Chapter 1.1
III) Chapter 1.2
IV) Chapter 1.3
V) Chapter 2.1
VI) Chpater 2.2
VII) Chapter 2.3
VIII) Chapter 3.1
IX) Chapter 3.2
X) Chapter 3.3
XI) Chapter 3.4
XII) Chapter 4.1
XIII) Chapter 4.2
XIV) Chapter 4.3
XV) Chapter 4.4
XVI) Chapter 5.1
XVII) Chapter 5.2
XVIII) Chapter 5.3
XIX) Chapter 5.4
XX) Final Chapter
XXI) Contact

I) Introduction
Hello! I have taken it upon myself to compose a spoiler free guide for
those who would like to trek through Resident Evil 4 while not
having the plot or interesting gameplay details spoiled for them as 
they read through a guide. This guide is designed to give the player a 
brief walkthrough for the game while not revealing anything like 
critical plot moments or files that the player would like to discover 
on his/her own. The strategies and descriptions should be brief enough 
to help the player through any tough spots while being light enough to 
not spoil anything. 

After 5 years or so of being at GameFAQs, this is my first ever guide!
So lets hope I do this right...

This is one of the greatest games I've ever played in recent times, and
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

On to the walkthrough!

**The Village**

II) Chapter 1.1

01) Run down the path in front of you and enter the house.
02) Kill the ganado.
03) Make your way up the stairs and jump out the window.
04) Kill the 3 ganados and take the items they drop.
05) Head down the newly opened path.
06) Help the dog in the bear trap.
07) Walk between the trees rigged with Dynamite while avoiding the bear trap.
08) Continue down this path and across the bridge.
09) Go down the path towards the double doors.
10) Head down the path and look through the binoculars if you want.
11) Run down the path directly to your left.
12) Enter the door of the second house you run into.
*NOTE* If you do this fast enough you can enter the house before the ganados
are alerted to your presence.

13) Break the boxes with your knife and grab the handgun ammo.
14) Jump through the window and kill the female ganado.
15) Run along past the small alley and around the next house.
16) A 3 story tower should be to your left, grab the shotgun shells up here.
then run fowards to the next house.
17) Use the cabinet dresser to block the door.
18) Shoot the lock off the next door.
19) Grab any ammo and pesetas in here.
20) Go back to the blocked door and start shooting through it getting easy
head shots.
21) After a cutscene,let the ganados break through.
22) Down the ganados blocking your way and head for the fenced house
across from you.
23) Grab the ammo under the stairs.
24) Head up the stairs and grab the shotgun.
25) Knock down the ladder and hold up in here until the next cutscene.

26) Go down the path next to the 3-story tower.
27) Enter the double doors.
28) Head past the barn and house and through the doors.
29) Head onward down the path.
30) Avoid the boulder.
31) Go through the tunnel.
32) Avoid the booby traps and dynamite.
33) Enter the large house at the back.
34) Make your way through the house and disable the dynamite traps.
35) Push aside the cabinet, run down the hall and open the closet.

III) Chapter 1.2

01) Keep your fingers ready during the cutscenes.
02) Grab any ammo in here and exit the building.
03) Talk with the Merchant if you want then exit the gates.
04) Make your way to the first shack on the left.
05) Kill any ganados that get in your way while picking up ammo.
06) Go up the ladder (will be near a red barrel) and grab the item in the
07) Kick down the ladder and wait for a crowd of ganados to congregate near
the red barrel, then put a well placed shot into it.
08) Jump off the roof and make your way across the bridge and up the cliff
09) Get the 2nd item in the treasure chest here and jump back down.
10) Combine the 2 items and use it to unlock the exit, then leave.
11) Run forward and enter the double doors.
12) Go right and through the next door.
13) Kill some ganados and jump through the windows into the next room.
14) Kill al ganados and watch for booby traps.
15) Enter the next door and kill any ganados that are left.
16) Go through the next door and down the stairs and to the left.
17) Kill the last ganado here and go up the ladder.
18) Disable the traps and head into the house up the path.
19) Solve the simple puzzle to open the door.
20) Grab the key and pesetas and leave the room.

IV) Chapter 1.3

01) Head down the stairs and grab any items you find in the house.
02) Exit the house.
03) Kill all the ganados you run into down the path then exit.
04) Race down the path and take out any ganados that attack you.
05) Head for the structure in the back with the red cult symbol on the door.
06) Use the key and enter.
07) Grab any items and jump down the ladder.
08) Run through the cave and out the doors.
09) Kill any ganados you find in the graveyard.
10) Attempt to open the church door.
11) Go around the church to the right hand path and down the catwalks.
12) Kill any ganados in your way and enter the door.
13) Run past the crows and out the door.
14) Avoid the boulder.
15) Make your way through the swamp and boardwalk and avoid the traps.
16) Exit to the next area.
17) Go down the path and save at the hut if you want.
18) Get into the boat and kill your first boss.

V) Chapter 2.1

01) Grab all the items and exit the shack.
02) Enter the doors down the path.
03) Run forward towards the water and jump across the gaps.
04) Rope down the cliff.
05) Shoot down the boxes dangling above the water to get over.
06) Climb up a ladder and hit the switch.
07) Jump back down and head for the tunnel.
08) Kill any ganados in your way.
09) Head down the tunnel and get the item in the wall.
10) Continue forward and use the boat.
11) Save if you want and exit the room.
12) Kill Boss numero 2.
13) Head back to the church area.
14) Kill the wolves.
15) Use the item to enter the church.
16) Go left and up the ladder.
17) Jump across using the chandelier.
18) Solve the easy puzzle.
19) Enter the door.
20) Head back down the ladder and attempt to exit the church.

VI) Chapter 2.2

01) Grab any items in the room
02) Exit through the door.
03) Run forward and kill any ganados in your way.
04) Exit the graveyard.
05) Head back to the save room.
06) Save if you want then head back out into town.
07) Head right and up the path.
08) Avoid the beartraps and keep Ashley out of harm.
09) Continue past the barn like last time and kill any ganados.
10) Enter the house, disable the bear traps and go up the ladder.
11) Exit through the window.
12) Head down the walkway and jump down on the other side.
13) Kill the ganado and avoid the beartraps, then exit.
14) Run down the path and across the bridge.
15) Push the shelfs in front of the windows.
16) Fire away like a maniac until the cutscene.

VII) Chapter 2.3

01) Explore the house for leftover items.
02) Exit and save.
03) Choose a path and go through the door.
*NOTE* You must choose either the left or the right path to continue. It
doesn't matter which path you take as I'll cover both paths for 
whichever one you pick.

04) Use the boulder to slow down the fat ass.
05) Quickly shoot out the chains holding the door shut and continue.
06) Grab the key in the second shack.
07) Quickly shoot out the second door in chains.
08) Run like hell.
09) Use key to exit.

04) Shoot the wagon to take out some ganados.
05) Go up the ladder.
06) Hide Ashley in the dumpster.
07) Jump down into the pit with the door and kill the sisters+ganados.
08) Recover Ashley and use key to exit.
09) Go down the path, kill more ganados and leave through the double doors.

10) Head up the path near the locked doors.
11) Use the Gondola.
12) Watch for ganados while going down and take them out accordingly.
13) Head down the stairs and save.
14) Enter through the doors and run towards the large barn.
15) Kill the ugly boss.
16) Grab his eyeball and exit.
17) Go back the way you came and to the locked doors.
18) Use the eyeball to proceed.
19) Head forward and blast the oncoming truck.
20) Run towards the Castle.

**The Castle**

VIII) Chapter 3.1

01) Run up the stairs and to the door.
02) Go forward up the next set of stairs.
03) Snipe the catapult dudes.
04) Go up more stairs.
05) Snipe more catapult dudes.
06) Make your way to the crank.
07) Use the cannon to destroy the doors.
08) Enter through the door by the merchant.
09) Grab the sword in the wall.
10) Run upstairs and exchange swords.
11) Go back downstairs to exchange swords again.
12) Go through the new door.
13) Go straight and through the small door.
14) Enter the room down the left passageway.
15) Grab the key in the chest.
16) Exit and unlock the large doors.
17) Go straight and into the only unlocked door.
18) Head forward down the hall and to the left.
19) Grab the key in the paintings near the flaming horse heads.
20) Go back and unlock the prison door.
21) Kill the monster and flip the switch.
22) Go back to the horse room and exit through the next door.
23) Make your way down the large hall and down the steps.
24) Enter the only door down here.
25) Step on the floor switches and leave.
26) Operate the crank and go up the stairs.
27) Piggyback Ashley onto the ledge.
28) Protect her until shes finished.
29) Grab her and exit across the platforms and through the next door.
30) Keep going straight into the long hallway on the far side of the room.

IX) Chapter 3.2

01) Turn and enter the door next to you.
02) Head down the ladder.
03) Run down the hall and blast the bug thats in your way.
04) Continue on to the pit and climb out into the next room. Beware more bugs.
05) Go left down the hallway into the open rooms.
06) Open the door and activate the valve.
07) Head back to the jail area and jump down into the pit.
08) Knock down the door and run up the stairway and out the door.
09) Avoid the swinging blades of doom and exit the area.
10) Climb the stairs and leave.
11) Jump the gaps using the chandeliers.
12) Flip the switch.
13) Jump down, go up the stairs and enter the door.
14) Head up the stairs and enter the next room.
15) Kill the bastard in red to get the key
16) Unlock the door and solve the next puzzle.
17) Go through the door and push the red switches while killing cultists.
18) Grab the item in the chest and leave through the white door.
19) Run all the way down here until you reach the double doors then enter.
20) Run through the garden and collect the items at the 2 fountains.
21) Combine the 2 and use it to open the next door.

X) Chapter 3.3

01) Do a 180 and enter the door.
02) Head down the dining hall and ring the bell at the counter.
03) Shoot the wine bottle.
04) Enter the room.
05) Shoot the lock off the cage and escape through the next door.
06) Kill the cultists and drop down to activate a switch.
07) Climb back up and progress across the raised walkway.
08) Enter the next room.

XI) Chapter 3.4

01) Collect any items.
02) Shoot the bars that surround Ashley off.
03) Kill all cultists.
04) As Ashley, run forward and kill the first cultist using the oil lamps.
05) Raise the gate.
06) Repeat the above in next room.
07) Run to the hall on the right and enter the door.
08) Crawl under the table and push the button.
09) Push the button near the fireplace and grab the item.
10) Push back the shelf and push the button.
11) Enter the next door.
12) Go all the way to the end of the hallway and solve the puzzle at the end.
13) Enter the room and grab both items.
14) Avoid the knights and get out of there.
15) Back to the original hallway, head through the blue door and use the
item to open the wall up.
16) Climb up the latter, run through the hall and exit.

XII) Chapter 4.1

01) Go through the door in front of you.
02) Step on that platform and into the next door.
03) Shoot down all the dragon structures.
04) Collect the item at the end.
05) Exit this area.
06) Use the transport cart thing.
07) Exit the room and go into the next.
08) Use the three items you've been collecting on the wall.
09) Go forward up the stairs and into the next area.
10) Use the transport cart again.
11) Enter the next room.
12) Go left and enter the door.
13) Push the statues into the switches then step on them with Leon and Ashley.
14) Shoot out the red lights on the falling cieling.
15) Exit through the hallway.
16) Snipe the 2 cultists controlling the grinder.
17) Get the item in the chest.
18) Shoot the lock and exit the area.
19) Go straight and enter the room at the far end.
20) Have Ashley wait in here then dodge the knights.
21) Grab the second item in here.
22) Defeat the knights.
23) Exit with Ashley and go down the hall and to the right.
24) Kill all the cultists and use the items on the 2 statues.
25) Enter and go all the way down into the next room.
26) Activate the switch for the bridge.
27) Kill the bugs then shoot the chains to release the bridge.
28) Exit and go through the next door.
29) Head forward and up the tower, then enter.
30) Shoot the 3 pieces of wood jamming the gears then activate them.
31) Exit through the lowermost level.
33) Kill the large wave of cultists and enter the next area.
34) Kill the 2 blind guys and exit to the next area.
35) Save your game and talk to the merchant if you want to upgrade.
36) Climb the ladder and proceed down the tunnel.
37) Run to the last room down the long tunnel area.
38) Dodge attacks.
39) Turn on power for elevator.
40) Attempt to open the door.
41) Use liquid nitrogen to weaken the monster.
42) Progress to the elevator room.
43) Use the elevator when it's ready.

XIII) Chapter 4.2

01) Head down the stairs and through the double doors.
02) Run down the mine and eliminate any ganados.
03) Flip the switch near the tracks.
04) Head up the staircase and flip the circuit breaker.
05) Go back down and head for the track switch.
06) Flip it and grab the dynamite.
07) Use it on the large rock blocking the way then enter the doors.
08) Kill the S&M couple.
09) Exit through the doors.
10) Make your way up the bug ridden paths to hit the light switches.
11) Keep squashing bugs while you run to the newly melted exit.
12) Run past the Leon mashers and flip the switch.
13) Stand on the pedestal and go up.

XIV) Chapter 4.3

01) Head up the path and kill any ganados you come across.
02) Grenade the large group around the bonfire and go around the small shack.
03) Hop over and use the crank.
04) Jump down the ladder.
05) Work your way through the sand maze and into the tower.
06) Smoke the chainsaw bastards and grab the key.
07) Jump out and run for the door.
08) Head down and enter the next room.
09) Kill the parasites and shoot out the red lights.
10) Run into the next room and out the door.
11) Jump into the mine cart and shoot the switch to start moving.
12) Kill all ganados and dodge the low wooden beams.
13) Jump off and continue on down to get the sacrifice.
14) Climb out and use the sacrifice on the door. Use the elevator.

XV) Chapter 4.4

01) Save here and grab the ammo.
02) Run down the stairs and attempt to cross the narrow walkway.
03) Go up the ladder and jump the gaps into the room with the switch.
04) Hit the switch on the statue to switch hands and hop up to the higher
05) When the walkway is raised from the water run across it.
06) Shoot the lock off the door.
07) Run like hell.
08) Run up the stairs to your right.
09) Shoot the barrels that come your way.
10) Hop on the lift and push off the crates.
11) Blast the legions of red suits that jump down.
12) Exit the lift and head upstairs.
13) Kill the icky boss.
14) Leave the area and rope down.
15) Use the lift.
16) Exit the castle.

**The Island**

XVI) Chapter 5.1

01) Head down the path and cross the wooden bridge.
02) Destroy the search light.
03) Walk up against the left wall to make the gatling gunner appear.
04) Snipe him to hell and back.
05) Head up the steps to activate the laser.
06) Align all the lasers with the mirrors.
07) Proceed through the entry way.
08) Kill some ganados.
09) Climb the ladder.
10) Jump across the gap.
11) Make your way up through the pass while mowing down ganados.
12) Enter the next entry point.
13) Run down and enter the door to the left.
14) Run through the kitchen area and exit.
15) Kill the guy with large mallot and enter the room next to him.
16) Exit through the door nearest you.
17) Kill the dynamite guys behind the garage door and continue on.
18) Head down the hall and turn left.
19) Enter the operating room and solve the puzzle.
20) Enter the room and grab the key.
21) Run back out and head straight for the large double doors.
22) Enter the first door on your right and change the keys.
23) Grab the infrared scope if you want.
24) Exit, turn right, and head down the hall through the door.
25) Run down the hall and through the door.
26) Play with the crane then exit and jump down.
27) Continue through the next door.
28) Grab the items in this room then exit through the next.
29) Kill the 2 brutes in here and exit through the next door.
30) Run down the hall and through the door.
31) Kill all the ganados in here then descend the stairs through the next
32) Continue down and go through the door on your left.
33) Kill the Iron Maiden and get the key.
34) Run all the way back to Ashley's cell.
35) Reunite with Ashley.

XVII) Chapter 5.2

01) Exit her cell and defeat all the enemies.
02) Go through the next door and flip the switch to open the door.
03) Head for the garbage disposal.
04) When you land, run forward and hit the switch.
05) Hit the next switch to open the gate, then one next to it to lock the 
Iron Maiden in.
06) Push the crate in the water.
07) Kill the Iron Maiden.
08) Push the crate out of the way.
09) Go through the door.
10) Kill the enemies in here and exit out the other door.
11) Jump down into this area and activate the wrecking ball.
12) Run for the door when the wrecking ball completely destroys the wall.
13) Flip the switch and kill the Regen.
14) Go down the hall and to the left and flip the switch in the room.
15) Kill the next Regen and continue.
16) Save at the next room and go through the double lock door.
17) Get on the tractor and blast ganados for a while.
18) When the tractor stops, get off and go up the ladder.
19) Flip the switch and head back.
20) Make sure Ashley doesn't get hurt.
21) Blast more ganados until you crash.
22) Go through the doors until you reach a cutscene.

XVIII) Chapter 5.3

01) Save then go through the door on the left.
02) Head down the stairs and kill some ganados.
03) Go through 2 more doors then use the elevator.
04) Keep your fingers on the controller at all times.
05) Jump off the platform and into the next room.
06) Dodge the lasers and use the elevator.
07) Head down the caverns and save here.
08) Cross the bridge and go up the path.
09) Don't shoot the boss, instead, shoot the green lights.
10) Push all the terminals.
11) Dodge the monster's attacks.
12) Exit through the large red door.
13) Repeat until the last then jump when prompted.
14) Attempt to run forwards.
15) Kill the boss.
16) Head through the small door.
17) Go up the ladder.
18) Shoot the red barrels near the ganado camp then jump down.
19) Head into the tent and jump down the ladder.
20) Walk down the tunnel and exit out the other ladder.
21) Go through the doors.
22) Jump down and walk into the fortress.
23) Slash Krauser with the knife.
24) Grab the 2 insignias.
25) Kill Krauser for the last.
26) Use them all on the wall and exit.

XIX) Chapter 5.4

01) Save here and walk down the path.
02) Avoid the gatling gunner and jump down behind him.
03) Head for the wooden tunnel and climb the latter
04) Push the button to open the door.
05) Run up the staircase and use the zipline.
06) Push the button to open the door into the next area.
07) Quickly run towards one of the ladders.
08) Take out the gatling gunners from behind and knock down the doors to the 2
09) Head through the door.
10) Go up the path and watch the cutscene.
11) Go around the debri to the left and down the path and jump down.
12) Go through several rooms.
13) Save if you want and go down the dark hall and climb up the broken 
14) Go through the door and head down the long alley way.
15) Kill the ganados and go right through a door and up a ladder.
16) Drop down a catwalk to attempt to open the door.
17) Kill the ganado carrying the key.
18) Bring it back to the card reader.
19) Use the 2 consoles to unlock the door.
20) Run down through the next door and kill the 2 shield guys.
21) Go throught the double doors.
22) Watch the scene and run out the doors.
23) Go past the merchant and into the next room.
24) Kill all the enemies down here and go to the door on the left.
25) Exit the room up the stairs.

XX) Final Chapter

01) Save here.
02) Prepare your ammo and health.
03) Go up the lift.
04) Kill the final boss.
05) Run down the tunnels and escape via the Jet Ski.
06) Congratulations you have defeated Resident Evil 4! 

XXI) Contact

The e-mail is admiral_royseff@yahoo.com. If you think I wasn't specific 
enough on some of the steps then go ahead and e-mail me I'll clear it up 
for you. Obviously, the point of this guide is to help you out while 
revealing as little information as possible. So please don't e-mail me 
asking for boss strategies or puzzle solutions. There are other guides for
those if you can't figure them out on your own. Thanks for reading, and 
hopefully this was helpful to whoever uses it. Thats it for now. Until my 
next guide... Whenever that will be... Ha. Later.


                  Copyright (c) 2005 Roy Allen

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