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Guide and Walkthrough by A I e x

Version: Final | Updated: 07/15/2007

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 fbvnfkj          ydf    |                                                    
jsdfhjg    vfv shg gf         _______________________________________________
lsfdghjc    yhgfrbchhvn      |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
ydfvp  vfy    vfdadfxbnt h   |                                               |
yxy             gcxuy hgfg   |       Author: A I e x                         |
lv              bvtgh  yhd   |       Began: January 11th, 2005               |
y               sfgfc   df   |       Completed: January 16th, 2005           |
                cxbvr   g    |       Email: Legal & Copyright Section        |
                v sfd   l    |                                               |
                f  hg   z    |                                               |
               y   t   d     |                                               |
                     df      |_______________________________________________|
                   zcv        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

|                              Table of Contents                             |

** In order to navigate this guide I have implemented a Ctrl+f system, which 
means you press ctrl+f in your browser or word processer to bring up the 
search menu, then enter the letters in brackets on the right of the section 
that you're looking for.

1. Before You Start....................................................(10000)
     i - Characters....................................................(10001)
     ii - Controls.....................................................(10002)
     iii - Playing the Game............................................(10003)
     iv - Special Techniques...........................................(10004)
2. Full Walkthrough....................................................(00000)
     i - Chapter 1 - 1.................................................(00001)
     ii - Chapter 1 - 2................................................(00002)
     iii - Chapter 1 - 3...............................................(00003)
     iv - Chapter 2 - 1................................................(00004)
     v - Chapter 2 - 2.................................................(00005)
     vi - Chapter 2 - 3................................................(00006)
     vii - Chapter 3 - 1...............................................(00007)
     viii - Chapter 3 - 2..............................................(00008)
     ix - Chapter 3 - 3................................................(00009)
     x - Chapter 3 - 4.................................................(0000A)
     xi - Chapter 4 - 1................................................(0000B)
     xii - Chapter 4 - 2...............................................(0000C)
     xiii - Chapter 4 - 3..............................................(0000D)
     xiv - Chapter 4 - 4...............................................(0000E)
     xv - Chapter 5 - 1................................................(0000F)
     xvi - Chapter 5 - 2...............................................(0000G)
     xvii - Chapter 5 - 3..............................................(0000H)
     xviii - Chapter 5 - 4.............................................(0000I)
     xix - Final Chapter...............................................(0000J)
3. Extra Material......................................................(00010)
     i - Assignment Ada................................................(00011)
     ii - The Mercenaries..............................................(00012)
     iii - Shooting Range..............................................(00013)
4. Items & Equipment...................................................(00100)
     i - Handguns......................................................(00101)
     ii - Shotguns.....................................................(00102)
     iii - Magnums.....................................................(00103)
     iv - Rifles.......................................................(00104)
     v - Miscellaneous.................................................(00105)
     vi - Items........................................................(00106)
     vii - Treasure....................................................(00107)
     viii - All Weapons................................................(00108)
     ix - Merchant Inventory...........................................(00109)
5. Document Library....................................................(01000)
     i - Playing Manual 1..............................................(01001)
     ii - Info on Ashley...............................................(01002)
     iii - Playing Manual 2............................................(01003)
     iv - Alert Order..................................................(01004)
     v - About the Blue Medallions.....................................(01005)
     vi - Chief's Note.................................................(01006)
     vii - Closure of the Church.......................................(01007)
     viii - Anonymous Letter...........................................(01008)
     ix - Playing Manual 3.............................................(01009)
     x - Sera and the 3rd Party........................................(0100A)
     xi - Two Routes...................................................(0100B)
     xii - Village's Last Defense......................................(0100C)
     xiii - Capture Luis Sera..........................................(0100D)
     xiv - Target Practice.............................................(0100E)
     xv - Luis' Memo...................................................(0100F)
     xvi - Castellan Memo..............................................(0100G)
     xvii - Female Intruder............................................(0100H)
     xviii - Butler's Memo.............................................(0100I)
     xix - Sample Retrieved............................................(0100J)
     xx - Ritual Preparation...........................................(0100K)
     xxi - Luis' Memo 2................................................(0100L)
     xxii - Letter from Ada............................................(0100M)
     xxiii - Luis' Memo 3..............................................(0100N)
     xxiv - Paper Airplane.............................................(0100O)
     xxv - Our Plan....................................................(0100P)
     xxvi - Luis' Memo 4...............................................(0100Q)
     xxvii - Krauser's Note............................................(0100R)
     xxviii - Luis' Memo 5.............................................(0100S)
     xxix - Our Mission................................................(0100T)
6. Version History.....................................................(11110)
7. Legal...............................................................(11111)
8. Credits.............................................................(11112)

|                              Before You Start                      (10000) |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                        Characters                       |
       (10001)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Leon Kennedy - The hero of the tale, this is Leon's second tale in the 
 Resident Evil series, as he was one of the two main characters from Resident 
 Evil 2.  Seperate from R.P.D. now Leon works for the government and he's be 
 assigned to a special mission.  The president's daughter has been kidnapped 
 and the perpetrator has eluded everyone.  Intellegence has tracked her mostly  
 likely location to a small village in Europe where Leon is sent.  Everything 
 seems rather routine at the beginning, however things quickly escalate into 
 an encounter so intense, it rivals the one from six years ago...

Luis Sera - Luis Sera is a mysterious person who Leon first meets unexpectedly 
 when searching for the president's daughter.  The man seems unwilling to 
 reveal much about himself or what he's doing there, however the circumstances 
 they find themselves in give the impression this man knows far more than he's 
 willing to let on.

Ashley Graham - Ashley is the daughter of the president of the United States 
 of America.  She is the reason Leon has been assigned to this mission in a 
 far off town in the middle of Europe.  Finding Ashley will be an ordeal to 
 say the least.  Even more elusive than who kidnapped her is why they 
 kidnapped her, the signs point to much more than a simple ransom.

Bitores Mendez - Mendez is responsible to the majority of the written memos 
 Leon finds throughout his mission.  Mendez himself is as mysterious as the 
 circumstances however, it seems as though he is working for someone known as 
 Lord Saddler, but how or why he got into this situation and what his true 
 motives are cannot be obtained by any reasonable means.

Ramon Salazar - Ramon Salazar is the descendant of the Salazar family which 
 has occupied the castle for many generations.  His immature behavior and 
 small stature are not good indicators of his vile nature.  Salazar seems to 
 have fallen victim to some outside influence, however who or what this 
 influence is undetermined.  Leon can however expect to encounter him more 
 than a few times.

The Rest - A woman in red, a violent knife fighter, a cloaked individual... 
 they all play important roles in Leon's mission and his very survival (or 
 death) through the story.  To avoid spoilers these people will have to remain 
 as nameless as they are from the very start...

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                         Controls                        |
       (10002)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Analog. - Move character/navigate menu  D-Pad.. - Move character/navigate menu
C-Stick - Camera control                A...... - Perform action/fire weapon
X...... - Interact with partner         B...... - Cancel/run
Y...... - Menu                          L...... - Aim knife
Z...... - Map                           R...... - Aim weapon
Start.. - Pause

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                     Playing the Game                    |
       (10003)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

It's important to have the basic idea of how the gameplays down before 
actually getting in to it.  It's not too hard so just read closely.  There are 
a number of new game mechanics introduced in Resident Evil 4 from the camera 
angle, to the shops to the chapter system.  I'll try to outline everything as 
best I can and avoid spoilers doing it.

You've probably got the basic idea of moving around pretty well.  You can go 
up to things and interact with them by pressing the A button.  Some things can 
be interacted with in different ways like ladders, which you can push over and 
pick back up at will.  You've got control of your basic camera with the C-
stick, this will come in handy when trying to view an entire area.  You've 
also got a menu accessable by pressing Y, here you can equip different weapons 
and use healing items.  Each item you pick up takes up some space in your 
inventory.  As you go through the game it is possible to get bigger cases 
however it is quite small to start.  Use the X button to pick items up and R 
to rotate them, this way you can arrange your inventory to pick up everything 
you get.  If you happen to overflow put an item in the area on the right side 
and you can discard it.

Open your map by pressing the Z button, many things are displayed here and it 
will be essential when using the walkthrough to know the different between 
East and West when your camera is comstantly moving around.  You have two 
different kinds of weapons, short range and long range.  Short range is 
limited to the knife in your inventory, equip it by holding L and you can 
slash things like the many crates and barrels you will find.  Long range 
pretty much applies to every other weapon in the game.  Hold R to bring up 
your gun, each gun is equipped with a laser sight which acts as your 
crosshairs.  Point at at something and press A to fire.  

Lets examine some of the more advanced item use in this game.  You've got four 
type of healing items, red, green and yellow herbs, as well as FIrst Aid 
Spray.  The green ones heal you, the red ones can be combined with the green 
ones to heal you fully and the yellow ones can be combined with the green ones 
to increase your maximum health.  First Aid Spray always heals you fully.  
COmbining items is simple, if it can be done then you just select an item, 
choose combine and then put it on top of another.  They will be combined if it 
is a possible combinatin.  Here are all the possible combinationsfor herbs:

Green + Green = Heals twice as much as Green
Green + Green + Green = Heals fully
Green + Red = Heals to full health
Green + Yellow = Heals Green amount and increases max health
Green + Red + Yellow = Heals fully and increases max health

A new mechanic introduced in this game not seen in previous ones is the 
currency system.  As you go you'll find many Pesetas (Ptas) which is the money 
you will be using.  There are various merchants which can be found throughout 
the game and they are always willing to sell you new weapons and tune up your 
old ones.  Weapons can be tuned up as well as purchased, each of the four main 
categories.  You can also sell you weapons, items and such.  One thing you can 
sell is the treasure you find.  Treasure are special items that do not take up 
space in your menu.  To view them along with your key items press the L button 
when in your menu.  Treasure looks nice bu serves no purpose but to be sold, 
the money you can make from these is quite good especially if you complete 
them before selling.  What this means is that often you will find treasure 
that was slots in it, try combining some of the jewels that you pick up to 
make the treasure more valuable.  Remember that treasure serves no purpose but 
to be sold so don't hang onto it longer than you need to.

In case you were wondering, the merchants that you visit can be shot... and 
killed.  They won't ever appear again where you killed them, but if you go 
visit another he is perfectly good and healthy.  Try to avoid it!

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                    Special Techniques                   |
       (10004)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

There are a number of special actions you can perform through the game.  Many 
of them involve pressing A, the action button at appropriate times however 
there are some more advanced (and not so advanced) techniques to learn.

Reloading - This would fall under the less advanced category, to reload your 
            weapon hold the R trigger to bring it up then press the B button 
            to reload the gun.  You can also reload by firing an empty gun.
Quick Turn - The quick turn is one of the most important techniques to master 
             in this game, it will save your life more than a few times.  TO 
             perform the quick turn simply press Down + B and you will do a 
             quick 180 degree turn.  Useful for running away then flipping 
             around to shoot.
Kick - The kick is a powerful melee attack which is good for both conserving 
       ammunition and hitting multiple enemies at a time.  To kick enemies 
       first you must stun them by shooting them in the head, or in the leg so 
       that they are either staggering or on their knees.  You can also stun 
       them with a Flash Grenade.  In this stunned position run up to them and 
       press A to perform a kick.  Try shooting the enemies in the castle 
       portion of the game in the leg, and then try the Suplex!

|                              Full Walkthrough                      (00000) |

o------------- Don't just wait until you have a question, if you ------------o
               enjoy the guide send me an email and let me know!

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 1 - 1                     |
       (00001)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  When you first get control of your 
|                              |  character, start walking down the path.  If 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  you try to turn around and leave across the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  bridge, the game won't let you.  Approach 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the cabin for a quick little scene.  Before 
| Green Herb............._____ |  entering the cabin, go around the left side 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  and you'll find a crate sitting on a wagon.  
| Red Herb..............._____ |  Shoot the crate and pick up the contents 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  using the A button when standing 
| Shotgun................_____ |  close.  Go back to the entrance and enter 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  the cabin.  When you walk toward the main 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  room a scene will occur.  Once the scene 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  is over you have no choice but to fight.  
| Spinel................._____ |  Press the R2 button to bring up your 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  gun, and hit A to fire.  Aim with the left 
| Pearl Pendant.........._____ |  analog stick, try for head shots by 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  positioning your laser scope on his face.  
| Spinel................._____ |  Another scene occurs after the 
| Spinel................._____ |  fight.  Examine the man's body.  Head up the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  stairs to find some more 'Handgun 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  Ammo (10)' on the table.  When you're ready 
| Beerstein.............._____ |  examine the window and jump through it, be
|                              |  prepared to act quickly, have your weapon
o------------------------------o  at the ready before jumping out the window.

When you land you'll be ambushed by three villagers, before you begin firing, 
navigate to a safe place with your back to a wall so that none of them are 
able to come up behind you.  As previously suggested, aim for the face and if 
they get too close, try the "Kick" attack by pressing A when prompted.  You 
should be able to find more ammo and money if you examine the bodies.  If 
you're inexperienced with the controls, you likely took some damage in these 
fights.  If your character is injured, which is easy to tell by the way he 
limps, go to your menu with the Y button and use your First Aid Spray to heal 
yourself.  You don't have an unlimited number of these however, so avoiding 
damage is always the best practice.  Run back to the bridge and stand by the 
cliff, use the "Look Down" option when you get it.  You are now left with no 
choice, but to turn around and make your way toward the village.  

As you pass through the gate there's a small shack on your left.  Inside 
you'll find a number of crates, rather than shooting them save ammo by holding 
the L button to bring out your knife and slashing them.  Take the 'Handgun 
Ammo (10),' and break open the crates to get whatever is inside.  Examine the 
typewriter, you may find yourself thinking that you will be unable to use it 
due to your lack of an ink ribbon, however those days are gone and you may 
save here as much as you like.  Further down the path, just beyond the warning 
sign on your right, is a wolf caught in a bear trap.  Examine it and free the 
animal.  A dozen metres or so down the path there are a number of panels 
attached to the trees, these are explosives and if you look closely there is a 
wire running between them.  It's quite easy to see the safe path between the 
two middle trees, however if you prefer to be extra cautious, you can shoot 
and detonate the explosives from a safe distance.  Continue forward until you 
hear someone yelling, stop moving and pull out your gun as a man is about to 
ambush you.  From this distance you should be able to dispatch him with ease.

The path reamins linear to another shack on your left.  There are crates to 
break in here too.  You'll find 'Green Herb' on the table  When you leave the 
shack you'll be attacked by another two villagers, find a safe place to attack 
from a distance.  Cross the bridge and you'll see some more villagers, however 
you are lucky and they don't attack you.  There a cabin around the corner with 
someone waiting inside, if you're careful you can actually approach the door 
and get a shot in before he sees you standing there.  Inside the cabin is 
'Handgun Ammo (10)' and two crates to break open with you knife.  Leave the 
cabin and open the gate to the village for a scene.

As you walk down the path, the option to "Look" will appear.  Zoon in using 
the C stick with your Binoculars.  Now approach the village, slowly to avoid 
being seen.  You will be able to walk in and take the path on your right 
without alerting them.  Along this path on your right is a small stone 
structure with two crates.  Now try to get back to the entrance without beind 
seen.  Just before you come into the village there is a fork.  Take the left 
path, examine the logs on your left beside the cabin to find a 'Green Herb.'  
Walk forward a bit, you still shouldn't have alerted them at this point.  
Enter through the door of the next cabin you see, the door should be facing in 
your direction.  Inside the house, smash the barrel.  Break the crates on the 
table as well.  To get the rest of the stuff you'll inevitably be seen.

Leave the house and go Northwest to near where the woman is forking some hay.  
Smash the neary crate.  Continue North and follow the path to the central area 
of town.  At the North, where you should be, on the left is a large tower with 
a ladder inside.  Climb up it and pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10).'  Now run 
around to the East side, on a cart behind one of the houses you'll find a 'Red 
Herb,' and to the South you'll find a crate.  Now enter the house South of the 
bell tower and watch the scene.  Run to the right and push the shelf in front 
of the window.  Behind the stairs are two barrels you can break open, also 
pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the shelf behind them.  By now they have 
probably broken through the door.  Climb the stairs and pull the 'Shotgun' off 
the wall.  There's '1000 Ptas' on the shelf upstairs, also break the cabinet 
glass and pick up the 'Hand Grenade.'  On the bed at the other end are 
'Shotgun Shells (5).'  Examine the window and choose "Knock Down" to keep 
villagers from climbing into the window.  Jump out the side window, beside the 
table onto the roof.  Follow the outer walkway around to the other side of the 
house you were just in to find a 'Spinel' on the roof.  Now your only task is 
to continue killing villagers until you've killed enough, and enough time 
passes.  Try and kill the chainsaw man, he'll drop something nice.  Watch the 
scene afterward.

Now that everything's quiet again, approach follow the past leading Northeast 
away from the village.  You can confirm these directions on your map by 
pressing the Z button.  Be sure to check the house on your right along the way 
to find 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the table.  Proceed through the gate.

Walk toward the central area, the shed on your left has a save point in it, as 
well as a barrel you can break open.  Update:  Thanks to the contributions of 
numerous people, note that you can in fact shoot down part of the well and 
knock the object down without actually dirtying it, causing the price to go 
up.  Thanks to all who helped out.  Beside this shed is a well with a shiny 
object hanging down, shoot the object with your handgun and pick up the 
'Pearl Pendant.'  Shooting your gun will alert a couple of people to your 
presance, but they won't be much trouble to take out.  Head to the left 
(North) area over the fence.  Look behind the shed here to find a barrel.  
You'll find another barrel in the small two-doored barn.  Down at the Southern 
area just above where you came in you'll find a note on the tree.  Read the 
note to learn about Blue Medallions.  The first of these medallions is hanging 
from the tree to which the note is pinned.  Shoot it, that's 01/15.  In the 
barn North of here there's a number of barrels and a crate on the shelf.  
Climb the ladder and open the blue cupboard to find 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  Jump 
out the upper window.  Directly opposite the window is an area you can jump 
down.  Break the crate to find the rare 'Beerstein' item.  Go back up the 
ladder in that barn to reach the walkway outside the window aagin, run to the 
North end of this walkway and jump down.  Break the crate directly in front of 
you.  There's a small hut under the walkway you were just on that you can 
access from this area, go inside to find a crate.

Now for the Blue Medallions.  Look at your map and you'll see a number of blue 
dots.  These are the locations of the medallions.  Go back to the central area 
of this map and lets start.  First head to the North end, hanging from the 
tree on the right of the small shack is medallion 02/15.  Go to the South end 
and turn around to face the barn in the middle.  Hanging from the upper window 
is medallion 03/15.  From the Southern area head East and stand on the pile of 
hay in the corner.  Look up to the top of the barn to see medallion 04/15 
hanging from the roof.  Enter the barn and climb the ladder, turn around and 
face North to see 05/15 in the window.  Jump out the window and run to the 
North end of the walkway, but don't jump down.  You should be able to see the 
last two from here, the first is right beside you on the right, hanging from 
the windmill.  Be careful because it's moving, this is 06/15.  The next one 
can be seen above the Northeast gate from here, but it's hard to shoot at this 
distance so you may want to drop down and shoot it from just in front of the 
gate, that's 07/15 and the last one in this area.  

Since the Northeast gate is locked, leave through the Southeast gate.  Begin 
down the path and get ready, the instant a scene occurs position your finger 
above the A button.  When you see the icon on the screen, start pressing it as 
fast as you can.  After about fifteen seconds or so a button combination will 
appear for you to dodge, you really don't have a lot of time to push it, and 
unfortunately it's random so you just have to have a sharp eye.  Two of the 
most common ones are L+R and A+B.  When you've avoided the rock, you can 
backtrack and get revenge on the two villagers standing on the bridge if you 
wish.  You destination lies beyond the tunnel.  As you go through it, shoot 
down the gems from the roof to get two 'Spinel.'  Continue to the other end.

This area is certainly the most dangerous you've encountered so far.  Make 
note of a couple of things before going in, the cabin directly in front of you 
is home to two dynamite-throwing vilagers, this as you can imagine is very 
dangerous.  When you run forward do not stop or you will be blown to bits!  
This in itself creates a problem because there are bear traps all over the 
ground, but they're mostly situated on the right side so stay left when you 
run.  You can't open the door to the cabin, but is has a large hole in it so 
you can safely eliminate the villagers in there without fear of being 
exploded.  There's another person running around free with dynamite in his 
hand, this guy's dangerous so kill him from a distance.  Watch out because if 
he dies while holding an explosive, his corpse will also explode!  When the 
area is free of enemies, make your way into the small shack to the Northwest.  
Trip the bear traps by shooting the centre of them with your Handgun.  Be 
careful not to walk across the explosive trap in this shack, break open the 
crates to get the items inside.  Head West and go around to the right side of 
the house, break open the crate at the base of the tree.  Once you've done 
this it's time to enter the house itself.  Kick it three times to open.

There's 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the table here and '1000 Ptas' in the cabinet.  
Be sure to save your game using the typewriter.  In the next hall, stand back 
as far as you can and shoot the explosives from a distance.  The same applies 
for the next room.  Pick up the '1000 Ptas' from the table and get the 'Green 
Herb' from the cabinet.  The shelf on the North wall can be pushed out of the 
way to reveal a door to another room.  Approach the large cabinet, which is 
the source of all this pounding, and examine it for a scene.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 1 - 2                     |
       (00002)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  The second chapter beings with a cutscene, 
|                              |  the only thing you need to know is to keep 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  your hand on the controller, because you'll 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  be prompted to dodge.  Start by picking up 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' from the shelf.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Before leaving the house there's a shelf 
| Emblem (Right Half)...._____ |  with 'Rifle Ammo (5)' and a save point on 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  it.  Leave and head around behind the house 
| Emblem (Left Half)....._____ |  for a quick scene.  This is your first shop, 
| Elegant Mask..........._____ |  you can purchase new weapons/items, as well 
| Brass Watch............_____ |  as improve old ones.  At this point there's 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  lots of good stuff, and it's very doubtful 
| Insignia Key..........._____ |  you can afford it all.  Personally I enjoy 
|                              |  using sniper rifles, so I picked up the 
o------------------------------o  Rifle along with the scope.  Make your 
                                  descision, choose something you like.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Village)......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   TMP.........................15,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Scope (Rifle).................7000   |
|  First Aid Spray.............10,000                                        |
|                                                                            |

Just beyond the merchant around the corner you'll find some barrels to smash.  
Now leave through the main gate.  There are quite a few enemies in this area, 
I recommend sniping them if you bought the rifle, until you run out of ammo 
and then switching to the Shotgun, you should be able to do this and keep your 
damage to a bare minumum.  You'll make lots of money here as well, so a return 
trip to the merchant may also be a good idea.  When you're in the clear, take 
the path down the stairs.  Take the left path and enter the house, pick up the 
'Shotgun Shells (5)' from the shelf.  In the next room you'll find 'Handgun 
Ammo (10)' on one of the boxes.  Ascend the ladder to the roof, there's a very 
nice treasure chest here containing 'Emblem (Right Half).'  Follow the walkway 
to a barrel you can smash, then jump down.  There's red drums will explode if 
you shoot them, so stand back if you do.  Follow the path North (according to 
your map remember) and go behind the house to find a barrel.  Proceed up the 
hill, there are another couple barrels at the top, but watch out for the 
villagers above because some of them are wielding dynamite.  Go into the shack  
in front of you and open the locker to find '1000 Ptas' then climb the ladder 
outside to reach the top of it.  Another ladder here will take you to the top, 
but you'll only find a barrel.  Return to the ground again.

Cross over the bridge to the South.  Follow the path to higher ground where 
you'll find two barrels and another chest containing 'Emblem (Left Half).'  
Jump off the platform on the opposite side of the treasure box and examine the 
gate.  It will bring you to a key items menu, select one of the two emblem 
halves and choose combine.  Combine it with the other half then use the full 
emblem to unlock the door.  Follow the linear path, just before you reach the 
metal door check out the enclosed area on your left to find a couple of 
barrels you can break.  Head through the large door, break the barrel in the 
upper left door and continue.  In the next hallway there are a number of 
enemies so be careful.  You may notice they're getting smarter, if they've got 
a laser sight on their face for more than a couple of second they'll try to 
move out of the way.  Keep this is mind and shoot the instant you get the 
chance.  Kill the enemies and run to the end of the hall, break the barrel and 
jump through the window.  Now this part is dangerous, I recommend jumping 
right back through the window again.  Pull out your Handgun and eliminate the 
villagers through the window.  You won't be able to get the dynamite throwing 
ones however, so jump back and pull out your Rifle to snipe them.  If you 
approach the large container you have the option of crouching and using it for 
cover.  Take cover and then pop up when you get the chance.  You may want to 
try grenades or some alternate weapons here.  When you continue forward do NOT 
jump over the potato sacks, shoot the traps and go around because there are 
traps waiting to clamp you on the other side.  Now head through the door.

In this room you'll want to equip your Shotgun.  To get that shiny object 
you've probably had your eye on, use your Shotgun to blast those wooden boards 
out of the window.  Examine the object to receive 'Elegant Mask.'  There's a 
couple of barrels in the water room of course.  Take the only door you haven't 
been through yet.  Navigate the hallway until you reach a couple of ladders.  
If you're low on health, or just want some backup healing, you can jump down 
below and shoot some fish.  They're not dangerous, however the underwater bear 
traps are.  Go back up and climb the second ladder.

Update:  Thanks to the contributions of numerous people, note that you can in 
fact shoot down part of the well and knock the object down without actually 
dirtying it, causing the price to go up.  Thanks to all who helped out.  

To the left of the well you just jumped out of, is a shiny hanging object.  
Shoot it and pick it up to receive the 'Brass Pocket Watch.'  There's a 
barrel and a crate in the cabin just beside this as well.  Take aim and fire 
at the dynamite trap on the tree, before following the path any further, and 
just to when you thought you were clever, a bear trap is waiting as well right 
below the explosive trap.  Head up into the building and examine the door.
__   __
\ \_/ /  You'll need to rotate the object to unlock this door.  It's not too
   |     hard to do, on the left is the approximate shape you need to make in
  / \    order to get it.  Once you're inside check the cabinet for '1000
 |   |   Ptas' and open the box on the shelf which holds the 'Insignia Key.'
         Don't miss the article found on the bed either.  When you're ready, 
and everything is out of the way then proceed through the door and watch the 
scene.  This marks the end of Chapter 1 - 2.  Be sure to save your game.

Update: Supposedly if you retrace your steps back through the house some time 
during Chapter 1 - 3, a bonus scene can be viewed.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 1 - 3                     |
       (00003)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Examine the cabinet at the end of the hall 
|                              |  to find a 'Green Herb.'  Down the stairs 
| Green Herb............._____ |  you'll find a save point on the table, if 
| Brown Chicken Egg......_____ |  you wish to save your game again so soon.  
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  If you open the oven in the kitchen there's 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  a 'Brown Chicken Egg' inside.  On the 
| Red Catseye............_____ |  opposite end of the house, break the glass 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  on the shelf and pick up the 'Incendiary 
| Spinel................._____ |  Grenade.'  There's '1000 Ptas' in the 
| Spinel................._____ |  cabinet behind you here as well.  You can 
| Elegant Headdress......_____ |  check out the washroom as well, beside the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  stairs but all you'll find is a crazy 
| Green Catseye.........._____ |  villager in there.  Leave the house and 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  be very careful as there is another crazy 
| Spinel................._____ |  chainsaw man here.  Be sure to kill 
| Spinel................._____ |  him though since he usually drops something 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  nice.  Take care of all the enemies in this 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  area and head down the path.  There's a 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  crate you can break in the first shack on 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  your left.  There's even more enemies 
| Antique Pipe..........._____ |  guarding the gate at the end of the path, 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  fight your way through them and continue. 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  
| Gold Bangle w/ Pearls.._____ |  There's quite a few more villagers to fight 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  in this area.  Once they're eliminated and 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  the town quits down a bit there's something 
|                              |  you can do.  To get the rare treasure 'Red 
o------------------------------o  Catseye' take the Northeast path back to the 
                                  area where the dynamite villagers were.  Up 
in the tree near the house you'll see a large white object, shoot it down to 
obtain the Red Catseye.  Back in the main village examine the door with the 
large symbol on it, where all the villagers went originally and use the 
Insignia Key when it brings up your inventory to gain access to the building.

Break the crate, and pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the desk.  There's a 
save point on the table here as well.  Go through the door and shoot the 
light, but stand back!  When the flames go out pick up the 'Spinel.'  There's 
a trap door in the floor, open it up and jump down.  When the tunnel opens up 
you'll find two shiny objects in the room, shoot them both down to get a 
'Spinel' and 'Elegant Headdress.'  Follow the path to the South and soon 
enough you'll reach another merchant.  Pick up some new items here.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Village)......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   TMP.........................15,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Stock (TMP)...................4000   |
|  Scope (Rifle).................7000   First Aid Spray.............10,000   |
|                                                                            |

The only thing new that he sells is the Stock (TMP) but there's lots of old 
stuff you may not have been able to afford the first time.  Proceed further 
and climb the ladder.  This is another Blue Medallion area.  Walk along the 
path for a quick scene.  Just to be safe, before hunting for all the 
medallions kill all the enemies in this area.  Medallion 08/15 is hanging from 
a tree at the Southwest corner.  Medallion 09/15 is right in the opposite 
direction hanging from the closest tree.  Go into the shack to the West and 
get the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the table, as well as breaking the crates.  
Medallion 10/15 is hanging from a tree in the Northern-central area.  You can 
find 11/15 dangling from a tree to the left of the large building.  Run around 
to the back of the building to find a pedestal.  Don't do anything with it 
yet, look up and shoot medallion 12/15 hanging from the roof.  Head back and 
take the Southeast path.  You'll get a call about how you shouldn't be 
deviating from your destination, but take the path anyway.

When you come to the wooden walkway the enemies are quite easy.  Just use your 
Handgun to shoot them once in the face, then kick them off the edge.  Stand 
where you can jump over and you'll clearly see number 13/15 in front of you.  
Step into the hut and get the article off the table, watch out for the crates 
though as they may contain snakes which attack you.  As you exit the  hut you 
can see 14/15 hanging from below the path you already crossed.  Continue 
forward but before jumping across the next gap, shoot medallion 15/15 on the 
underside of the walkway.  Now go all the way back to the merchant, you can 
obtain your special gun for free now that you've shot so many.  Return to the 
greveyard and examine the door to the large building.  Once you've established 
that it's locked, go around and examine the pedestal behind the building.

You need to highlight the three symbols on the twin gravestones out front.  In 
a clockwise direction from the very top, these symbols are the first, the 
third and the fourth.  There may be a really quick way of doing this, but 
here's the following method I used that works, spin it: 3 -> 4 -> 4 -> 4 -> 3 
-> 4 -> 4 -> 4 -> 3.  This should complete it correctly and allow you to pick 
up the 'Green Catseye' inside.  There's nothing you can do in the church right 
now so head down the scenic path on the wooden walkway that you took 
originally to get the Blue Medallions.  Head through the door at the end.

Break the barrel on the right side.  In the small shack ahead of you there's 
'Handgun Ammo (10)' and a 'Spinel' on the table.  You'll find another 
'Spinel' on the cart to the left of the shack.  Along the lower wall there's a 
bunch of tiny little huts, most are empty but the last one contains 'Handgun 
Ammo (10).'  Just before you leave the area there's a small staircase leading 
to a door.  Take that door.  Jump down and grab the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off 
the boxes.  You'll find a save point to the Southwest as well.  Beside this is 
the merchant again, but he doesn't have any new things to sell.  The only 
other thing you'll find here is a barrel.  Climb the ladder again and leave 
the area through the mteal doors, take the gate now which leads East.

In the shack on your right there's 'Handgun Ammo (10' and a barrel to break.  
Walk forward and get ready to tap the A button again, it's the same idea as 
the last sprinting scene.  As you proceed further you'll come to an above-
water area with some enemies occupying it.  For the first guy what I like to 
do is shoot him in the face with the Hangun, then run up and kick him.  If you 
aim it right he'll fly into the dynamite trap and explode.  Shoot any 
subsequent villagers that come, then drop down the left side and turn around 
to find a 'Hand Grenade' on the ground.  Climb back up and walk across the 
main walkway again.  There are quite a few dynamite traps in this area, 
however you will find that it's quite easy to lead villagers to run right into 
them if they're in the water.  Most of the routes leading to the ramps are 
trapped.  Enter the small hut on the left of the central platform and break 
the barrel.  From here just make your way across this swamp, be careful and 
watch your back.  A number of villagers will run in from the area you started 
from and you mind find yourself ambushed from behind.  Along the walkway near 
one of the Eastern corners there's a 'Incendiary Grenade.'  Look up into the 
nearest tree and shoot down the nest, it'll drop an item.  If you go around 
and pick it up you'll get the 'Antique Pipe.'

Continue Northeast and into the shack back on land to find 'Handgun Ammo 
(10)' and a crate which probably has a snake in it.  Follow the path up to the 
gate and head through.  When you come to a fork stick with the direction you 
were already going and watch the scene at the top.  Grab the 'Red Herb' 
growing at the bottom of the tree beside you, then go back down the path and 
make a left at the fork.  On your way along before you reach the first shack 
on the right, look up into the tree and shoot down the nest.  There's a 'Gold 
Bangle w/ Pearls' inside.  Enter the shack and pick up the 'Handgun Ammo 
(10),' then beak the crate.  This crate should contain a new 'Yellow Herb.'  
If you combine this with your Green Herb your maximum HP will go up.  Keep 
following the path to another cabin where you'll find a 'Green Herb,' a 
barrel, and a save point.  Be sure to save here.  Make your way up to thedock 
and get on the little motorboat.  It's quite easy to drive, just move your 
analog stick around.  You're trying to make your way to the Southeast corner, 
as you approach it you'll automatically trigger a scene.

o- Boss (Del Lago) ----------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| If you've been disappointed in the lack of boss fights thus far you're     |
| about to see this game redeem itself far beyond anything you could         |
| imagine.  The entire thing takes place with you being dragged about by     |
| this huge monster all over the lake.  While you don't have a lot of        |
| control over your forward momentum, you do have control of your direction  |
| and you'll need to use it.  As the boss drags you throughout the lake it   |
| will knock huge piles of debris in your path which you must manouvre       |
| around.  Use the analog stick to move left and right to avoid this huge    |
| piles.  Soon afer this it will descend into the water and stop pulling     |
| you.  This is your cue to drive your boat hard to the side, either left or |
| right because it is going to burst out of the water and if you haven't     |
| changed directions you'll be aimed directly into his mouth.  This brings   |
| up the other things, which is that in the event you are knocked off of     |
| your boat, you won't die but you'll take a hefty amount of damage and have |
| to pound the A button in order to swim back to your boat and avoid being   |
| swallowed by the huge creature.  This pattern will continue for basically  |
| the entire fight except for one contingency which I will get to in a       |
| moment.  Obviously the next most important thing after staying alive is    |
| defeating the boss.  Your normal weapons are useless however the boat is   |
| heavily loaded with an infinite number of harpoons.  You'll need to use    |
| these in order to kill the boss.  Hold the R trigger and similar to most   |
| weapons a crosshair will come up which you can aim and throw.  This        |
| is how you will damage the boss, you must aim and attack while also        |
| dodging of course.  The one contingency I mentioned is that at certain     |
| points you will come to a dead stop and be automatically put in the attack |
| position.  You must determine where the boss is coming from, and aim a     |
| harpoon down his throat and he accelerates toward you to stop him from     |
| ramming your boat.  The boss gives adequate preparation time and the game  |
| gives you a handy little red arrow telling you which direction to look     |
| so it shouldn't be too hard.  Continue this strategy until the boss is hit |
| by a fatal blow.  When this happens there's a quick scene and you must     |
| rapidly tap a button to untangle the rope, but nothing you can't handle.   |
|                                                                            |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 2 - 1                     |
       (00004)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Read the Anonymous Letter on the bed, then 
|                              |  pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  table.  Break the crate and get the 'Flash 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  Grenade' off the shelf.  If you didn't save 
| Green Gem.............._____ |  at the end of the chapter now would be a 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  good time, do so then leave the house.  Make 
| Spinel................._____ |  your way North and get back onto the boat.  
| Spinel................._____ |  Ride it into the cave located on the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Northeast edge.  When you're inside break 
| Amber Ring............._____ |  the barrel on the left and push the box.  
| Round Insignia........._____ |  This will give you access to two more 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  barrels and a ladder.  Climb the ladder and 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  push the two boxes here, it'll make a thin 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  path for you to reach another three barrels, 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  one of which holds the 'Green Gem.'  Jump 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  down the ladder in the middle and you'll 
| Spinel................._____ |  land inside the shop where you can get 
| Green Herb............._____ |  'Rifle Ammo (10).'  Talk to the merchant and 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  make some purchases even though he has 
| Spinel................._____ |  nothing new.  Return to the front of the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  shop and go around the right side to find 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  two barrels, then shoot the torch above them 
| 3000 Ptas.............._____ |  which drops a 'Spinel.'  Return now to the 
|                              |  cabin where the chapter began and walk in 
o------------------------------o  the opposite direction toward the gate.

Follow the path and go through the gate.  You'll encounter a new type of enemy 
here, make sure to keep your distance as most of your weaker weapons won't 
daunt him enough to prevent him from whipping you at close range.  Once 
they're dead go up the stairs and jump across the raging river, then down a 
little and back across again.  Use the rope to climb down into the town.  If 
you look up after you land you'll see a shiny object of the cliff, shoot it 
and pick it up to receive a 'Spinel.'  Go up the ladder beside the fire but 
watch out for the villager at the top.  Break the barrel and grab the 'Handgun 
Ammo (10)' off the railing.  Head to the bottom of town and look across the 
water.  You'll see a crate hanging and no way to get across.  Shoot the chain 
and the box will drop, giving you the ability to jump over.  Run West toward 
the waterfall and look up between the two torches to see a shiny object.  
Shoot it down and pick it up to receive the 'Amber Ring.'  If you look on your 
left you'll see a crate hanging from a chain on a moving crane, shoot this 
chain and go back down.  Jump onto the box and pull out your Rifle, if you 
don't have the Rifle you'll need to go back up and climb the ladder.  Use 
whatever means necessary to shoot the chain holding the higher crate to the 
Northwest.  This will give you two crates beside each other and enough room to 
jump across to the other side.  Ascend the ladder leading to the roof of the 
house and operate the large switch to stop the flow of the water.

Jump back across to the middle platform, but watch out because this will 
trigger an attack from a bunch of enemies.  Fend them off as best you can as 
you make your way toward the now-dry waterfall.  At the end of the cave 
examine the large emblem on the wall to receive the 'Round Insignia.'  Take 
the shortcut and break open the barrels before stepping onto the boat.  You 
should recognize this place.  Ahead of you on your left is the merchant and a 
save point.  Ascend the ladder and take a couple of steps West for a scene.

o- Boss (El Gigante) --------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| This giant hulking monster will be your opponent, he certainly lives up    |
| to his name.  There are quite a few attacks this boss has so it's hard to  |
| predict them, as he follows no particular pattern.  Basically he has two   |
| primary attacks which are grabbing you and kicking you.  Both are close    |
| range attacks so he won't do them if you're on the other side of the area. |
| For long range attacks he can interact with the environment, this involves |
| picking up large rocks or even trees.  The rocks can be avoided by running |
| in one direction, the tree can be avoided by a quick tap of L + R when     |
| prompted.  After not too much time has passed, the wolf that you saved at  |
| the beginning of the game will appear and start to run around the field,   |
| distracting the boss.  The wolf cannot die so this is your opportunity     |
| to attack while he isn't chasing you.  Pull out your most powerful weapon  |
| and begin shooting at him.  Don't put too much emphasis on shooting him in |
| the head since it really doesn't make much difference.  In fact this isn't |
| how you damage the boss at all.  After he has been shot enough times he'll |
| crouch down in pain and the true enemy will expose itself, the parasite in |
| his back.  Refrain from shooting this thing as well and approach the boss  |
| from behind, you'll get the option to climb up.  When you do you'll either |
| have to tap A or B as fast as possible to start cutting the monster.  Soon |
| he will stand up and you can repeat the process over again.  The tentacle  |
| takes about fifteen cuts to die, so it should take about two tries or      |
| maybe three if you're a bit slower.  One more thing to note about this     |
| battle is that the boss will only interact with the environment if you     |
| lead him to it.  If you're not good at dodging trees then don't ever run   |
| near one.  There are some exceptions of course but this is the general     |
| idea.  When he's bounding in your direction try to avoid running between   |
| his legs since it will usually just result in being kicked, go around to   |
| one side and you should be able to avoid both of his close range attacks.  |
| Also try to stay away from the huts at the lower part of the field,        |
| if they remain in tact you can find items in them after the fight.         |
| Also I figured it was a given but I've received a number of emails about   |
| so I guess people would like to know.  The Rocket Launcher which kills     |
| virtually every enemy in the game in a single hit makes quick work of the  |
| El Gigante as well, saves you a lot of parasite-chopping time.             |
|                                                                            |

Examine the boss' body to receive '15,000 Ptas.'  If you didn't already during 
the fight grab the 'Red Herb' and 'Yellow Herb' as well as the 'Handgun Ammo 
(10)' from near the cart.  In the first hut you can get 'TMP Ammo (50),' 
'Spinel,' and 'Green Herb.'  In the second there's '1000 Ptas' and 'Handgun 
Ammo (10).'  Finally in the last one you'll find 'Spinel,' 'Shotgun Shells 
(10),' and '1000 Ptas.'  A nice reward for keeping the huts up.  Continue your 
trek West and go through the door.  Run across the walkway, but stop in the 
shack because the crates have respawned.  Before going up the hill that leads 
to the church prepare yourself very carefully.  Awaiting you at the top are 
some extremely dangerous wolf enemies, and if you're caught off guard there's 
almost no way to escape.  The crates have respawned as well in the shack West 
of here.  When you're ready go up to the church and examine the door, you'll 
be brought to your inventory.  Select the Round Insignia and use it to enter.

Break the barrel on the right side of the church, then get the '3000 Ptas' 
from the cabinet behind the altar.  Follow the East hall to a ladder you can 
climb.  As you go along the path, check your right side for the option to 
jump.  When you do you'll land on the chandelier.  Keep tapping A as fast as 
possible so that when the option to jump again appears, you'll make it across.  
Head left and break open the two barrels, then examine the control panel.

This puzzle is actually quite easy.  All you have to do is rotate each colour 
so that they match the outline of the colour on the centre circle.  To do this 
is quite simple, you need to turn the red one two times, the green one three 
times and the blue one only once.  Then select the option "Combine" from the 
possible choices and the gates will unlock.  Follow the hall around and enter 
the door to trigger a scene.  After the scene break all the barrels in the 
room and exit.  Jump down the ladder and press A when you hit the ground to 
catch Ashley.  Head forward to trigger another scene.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 2 - 2                     |
       (00005)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Start by breaking open all the barrels in 
|                              |  this room.  Exit through the door and move 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  forward.  After the scene do as Ashley says 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  and lure as many villagers as possible 
| Green Herb............._____ |  toward you.  When you think you've got as 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  many as you can close to the large cart, 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  blast it with one of your weapons to blow it 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  up then take care of any remaining enemies 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  manually.  Head West and go down the hole 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  into the tunnel again.  Speak to the 
|                              |  merchant here, you can buy a new more 
o------------------------------o  powerful handgun called the Red9.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Village)......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Red9........................14,000   |
|  Shotgun.....................20,000   Rifle.......................12,000   |
|  TMP.........................15,000   Rocket Launcher.............30,000   |
|  Stock (Red9)..................4000   Stock (TMP)...................4000   |
|  Scope (Rifle).................7000   First Aid Spray.............10,000   |
|                                                                            |

Continue through the cave and climb up the ladder.  Save your game here and 
head into town.  There are quite a few enemies here.  Your destination is 
somewhere you've been before, the other section of the village to the 
Northeast.  Don't tell Ashley to wait, make sure she's with you at all times 
because the enemies will come from all directions and you won't be able to 
protect her from afar.  Another important thing to watch out for is bear 
traps.  If they catch her you have to help her yourself, she can't do it 
alone.  Head through the door to the next area.  Approach the bin and tell 
Ashley to hide inside.  Make your rounds of this place and wipe out all the 
bad guys, be careful of going for headshots here as it may cause the parasite 
to spring out from the villagers necks making them much more dangerous.  If 
this happens equip a high powered gun.  Grab the note inside the shack to the 
left of the entrance, and save here as well.  There are a number of items to 
pick up in this area, not just crates and barrels but also more items.  
They're in pretty much the same places they were before so I won't go into 
detail, but the non-random stuff pretty much includes 'Handgun Ammo (10),' 
'Handgun Ammo (10),' 'Green Herb,' and two boxes of '1000 Ptas.'  Go up the 
ladder in the barn, being careful of bear traps, and go along the walkway to 
the Northeast gate.  As you approach it you'll have the option of 
piggybacking.  Use this option to get through the gate.

Walk forward and you'll meet the merchant again.  Start crossing the bridge 
and there's a quick scene.  Across the bridge is another scene and something 
is coming which is harder than any boss fight you have faced so far.  This is 
a complete barrage of villagers attacking a little house which you are held up 
in.  Surviving will become very difficult here so listen closely.  Your weapon 
of choice is the Shotgun, with this you can take out both multiple enemies at 
a time as well as kill the parasite enemies fairly easy if you're close 
enough.  Hopefully you've got it upgraded a bit.  Your first priority should 
be to block the three windows using the three conveniently placed bookcases.  
After this make sure all your guns are fully reloaded, and pick up the 'Red 
Herb,' 'Yellow Herb,' and 'Shotgun Shells' from around the room.  Soon enough 
some enemies are going to break through one of the shelves, run up to them and 
fire you Shotgun around cranial height to knock most of them back.  If you 
ever get the chance to kick make sure you take advantage of it.  Luis will 
certainly holld his own weight, he's a great shot and he'll toss out items to 
you.  He's even next to invincible as well so you don't have to cover him too 
much but it's still a good idea.  Once enough villagers are dead he'll call 
for you to go upstairs.  This makes things easier temporarily until they start 
coming in through the windows.  Knock down the ladders and keep control of the 
stairs.  Tossing grenades is a great way to show them whose boss, especially 
when they're all congregated on the staircase.  Keep shooting and shooting and 
soon enough you'll be interrupted by a scene, and the end of the chapter.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 2 - 3                     |
       (00006)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Head upstairs to pick up any items you may 
|                              |  have left behind.  This includes not only 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  the enemy drop items, but also some others 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  sitting on shelves and desks which include 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  'Hand Grenade,' 'Flash Grenade,' 'Incendiary 
| Green Herb............._____ |  Grenade,' and 'Green Herb.'  You may have 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  got these items while shooting your way 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  through the villagers during the last 
|                              |  chapter which is fine.  Exit through the 
o------------------------------o  front door and go forward and left to find 
                                  'TMP Ammo (50)' on a pile of logs.  Behind 
                                   you is the merchant again whose inventory 
                                   has been updated to include the Punisher.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Village)......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Red9........................14,000   |
|  Punisher....................20,000   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   TMP.........................15,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Stock (Red9)..................4000   |
|  Stock (TMP)...................4000   Scope (Rifle)...............10,000   |
|  First Aid Spray..............10,000                                       |
|                                                                            |

Enter the shack beside the merchant to find a note and a save point.  There's 
'Handgun Ammo (10)' pretty much straight ahead of where the merchant is 
facing.  You now have a choice, you can either take the left or the right 
path.  The left path leads to a fight against chainsaw wielding maniacs, and 
the right path leads to a fight with El Gigante again.  Take whichever route 
your deem more appropriate, the walkthrough will cover both.

o----------------------------------------------------------\  The Right Path |

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Check the switch below the merchant and 
|                              |  press it to the right.  Now follow the 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  path on the right of this one to proceed.  
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  As you run down this path El Gigante will 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  appear again.  He's very similar to when you 
| Spinel................._____ |  fought him (or at least another of his 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  "species") recently.  The best tool for the 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  fight are all those grenades you've been 
| Old Key................_____ |  stocking up recently.  Flash Grenades make a 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  great tool to make him an easy target, and 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Hand Grenades should bring him down to 
| Spinel................._____ |  his knees in a single blow.  About fifteen 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  cuts still applies to defeating him.  Once 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  he dies get ready to press some buttons to 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  dodge as he lands, don't worry too much 
| Spinel................._____ |  about Ashley.  He drops 15,000 Ptas when he 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  dies, well worth the grenades you'll use up.  
|                              |  This pretty much eliminates any danger 
o------------------------------o  you'll be facing so you can safely proceed 
                                  forward.  Kick the door six times to break 
it and raid the cabins.  The first contains 'TMP Ammo (50),' 'Handgun Ammo 
(10),' 'Spinel,' '1000 Ptas,' and 'Incendiary Grenade.'  In the next cabin 
you'll find the important 'Old Key' as well as '1000 Ptas,' 'Handgun Ammo 
(10),' 'Spinel,' 'Handgun Ammo (10),' '1000 Ptas' and 'Spinel.'  As an added 
bonus you can find more 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the bench on your left before 
you leave.  This is the end of the branching area, skip ahead to the "End of 
Branch" label down below this if you're ready to continue, or if you want even 
more items you can go back to the merchant and take the other path.

o-----------------------------------------------------------\  The Left Path |

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Press the switch to the left and follow the 
|                              |  path just beside the merchant.  Rather than 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  fighting one large boss you will be battling 
| Ruby..................._____ |  quite a few villagers.  Start off by trying 
| Camp Key..............._____ |  to collect as many near the large wagon as 
| Hand Genade............_____ |  possible, then shoot it to blow it up.  
| Red Gem................_____ |  Eliminate any leftovers then proceed along 
|                              |  the path which is quite linear.  Before 
o------------------------------o  ascending the ladder checking the nearby 
                                  area for one barrel.  Climb up to the second 
level and clear the path.  The bin up here is a good place to hide Ashley, as 
you'll be doing some tight quartered fighting on the walkway.  When you've 
cleared the upper walkway, jump down off the edge near the ladder, which is 
directly across the East path from the bin Ashely should be hiding it.  Grab 
the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' which are sitting on a large mine cart.  Also break 
the two nearby barrels.  Climb back up and head right, now you'll come to a 
ladder on your left.  Make sure Ashley is safely in the box!  Do not kick down 
this ladder whatever you do.  You want to jump down, watch the scene and climb 
right back up.  Run back past the bin to the ladder where you first climbed up 
to the upper area, this will give you a vantage point without the risk of 
being attacked from behind.  Snipe all approaching enemies with your Rifle, 
and use Grenades and the Shotgun as backup support when they start getting 
close.  The two chainsaw wielding maniacs will drop a 'Ruby' and 'Camp Key.'

Get Ashley out of the bin and drop down to the centre where the scene 
triggering the two chainsaw people occurred.  Smash the barrels and go through 
the door to the South by using your Camp Key.  In this area start by going 
forward a few steps, then make a right turn into the open door.  Drop down and 
grab the 'Hand Grenade' off the box, and break open the barrel.  Before 
leaving this room notice there is a boarded up window, use your Shotgun to 
smash it open.  Jump over and run to the end where you'll find two barrels, 
one of which contains the rare item 'Red Gem.'  Now go back through the 
window.  Follow the path further and break the barrel at the end.  You'll be 
ambushed by a ton of villagers, send Ashley into the bin and whip out your 
Shotgun to try and waste as many as possible at one time.  When they're all 
out of the way proceed through the red double doors at the end, but quikcly 
before you do check the other side of the two watch-tower things to find a 
number of barrels you can smash.

o-----------------------------------------------------------\  End of Branch |

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Regardless of which path you come out of, 
|                              |  head to the cabin at the South end of the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  map.  You can find 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  top of some trash bins here.  Inside the 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  house you'll find a note on one of the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  horizontal lockers, and 'Rifle Ammo (10)' 
| Yellow Catseye........._____ |  inside another.  There's a save point on the 
| Spinel................._____ |  table near the front door as well.  Leave 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  and go up the stairs opposite the front door 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  to find a barrel and the merchant again, 
| Green Herb............._____ |  though he has not upgraded his wares.  Make 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  your way North and you'll come to a gondola.  
| Red Herb..............._____ |  Break the barrel on the right side, then 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  step on the platform to ride.  On your way 
| Green Herb............._____ |  down there will be enemies on the gondolas 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  moving in the opposite direction.  
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  Personally I prefer to take the rifle and 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  equip the scope, you should be able to 
| False Eye.............._____ |  easily snipe all of them before they even 
| 30,000 Ptas............_____ |  get near you, try to aim so you hit more 
| 5500 Ptas.............._____ |  than one with a single shot.  If this 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  doesn't work go with the TMP or Shotgun.  
|                              |  Keep an eye on the left side as there will 
o------------------------------o  be enemies who jump down onto you 
                                  from above.  When you reach the bottom check 
the room on the right, in the lockers you'll find 'Flash Grenade' and 'Handgun 
Ammo (10).'  There's a staircase outside the locker room, start going down and 
you'll reach a landing.  Ignore the other stairs for the moment and head West. 

Inside the cave you'll quickly run into a couple dynamite wielding villagers.  
As soon as they see you turn around and run, they'll most likely end up 
blowing themselves up.  Continue through the cave and climb the ladder.  Open 
the treasure chest at the end of the path to receive the 'Yellow Catseye.'  
With this third and final gem you now have everything you need to combine and 
maximize the value of the Beerstein item for selling.  Navigate back through 
to reach the staircase landing again.  Now take the lower stairs down.  You'll 
find a save point and the merchant soon enough.  On his right are 'Shotgun 
Shells (10)' and 'TMP Ammo (50).'  Proceed through the large doors at the end 
of the path now.  As you approach the building, a scene occurs.  

o- Boss (Bitores Mendez) ----------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| This disgusting looking parasite will be your next opponent.  You're       |
| given quite a few chances to use the environment to your advantage so      |
| it's important to get to know it first.  There's two sides you can run     |
| back and forth between and a ladder leading to an upper catwalk.  Fighting |
| this boss is a matter of just blasting the crap out of him over and over   |
| again.  Two weapons that work well are the Rifle and grenades.  Go to one  |
| end of the room and pull out your Rifle, snipe his spinal column for       |
| some massive damage infliction.  When he gets close whip out a Hand        |
| and throw it as a distraction while you run by.  Repeat this process for   |
| awhile.  Also while standing at one side you'll notice there is another    |
| untouched red gas drum, wait for the boss to approach and shoot it for     |
| additional damage.  Your reward for finding this is a 'Spinel' located     |
| where the drum used to be.  After you've hurt him enough the boss will     |
| split in half and you will have to face his second form.  This form uses   |
| the beams on the ceiling to swing around and strike you.  For this form    |
| as well as the first form keep your hands ready to tap the dodge buttons   |
| whenever he preps an attack.  Forget the Rifle here, whip out that         |
| Shotgun.  One blast from the Shotgun should send him flying off the beam   |
| and onto the floor.  This gives you a good opportunity to grenade him,     |
| use your TMP or just Shotgun him again.  With the Shotgun you should be    |
| able to keep control of the battle and eventually take him out.  If you're |
| interested in collecting all the items that are scattered around the room  |
| as well as the upper floor, keep your eye out for: 'TMP Ammo (50),'        |
| 'Shotgun Shells (10),' 'Green Herb,' 'Handgun Ammo (10),' 'Red Herb,'      |
| 'Yellow Herb,' 'Green Herb,' 'Handgun Ammo (10),' 'Hand Grenade,' and      |
| finally 'Incendiary Grenade.'  Once the boss is defeated examine the       |
| objects that he drops to receive 'False Eye' and '30,000 Ptas.'            |
|                                                                            |

To get out of this area you need to jump over the brocken flaming pile to the 
East.  Leave this area entirely (don't forget to save on your way back) and 
return to the previous area on the gondola.  Examine the door down the South 
path from the gondola which was locked before, when your inventory comes up 
select the False Eye.  Pull out your Rifle in this next area but don't shoot 
yet.  Approach the villagers and a scene occurs.  There's a truck running 
toward you.  Aim your Rifle and get ready to snipe the driver of this truck as 
soon as he is within range, once he dies the truck flips over on its side, but 
this isn't the end.  Villagers will start pouring out in a big clump, this 
means either Grenade or Shotgun, or maybe even Rocket Launcher.  Just get them 
all.  The truck will automatically drop '5500 Ptas.'  Continue up the path and 
into the little open area on your left at the top.  There are two barrels here 
and the one on the right contains 'Velvet Blue.'  Head towards the large 
castle in the distance by following the road, a scene will trigger as you do.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 3 - 1                     |
       (00007)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  There's tons of barrels and such in this 
|                              |  area, be sure to break them all.  Go behind 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  the tree to the Northeast corner and you'll 
| Green Herb............._____ |  find some crates here, one of them has a 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  snake in it.  Turn around and go directly 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  South, open the large treasure chest to find 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  '5000 Ptas.'  In the small hut to the right 
| 2000 Ptas.............._____ |  of the entrance pick up the 'Green Herb' 
| 4500 Ptas.............._____ |  sitting on the table and use the typewriter 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  to save your game.  The merchant here is 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  very important, not only does he have a 
| Golden Sword..........._____ |  couple new guns but also upgraded version of 
| Platinum Sword........._____ |  most of the old weapons you're carrying now.  
| 2500 Ptas.............._____ |  This may be a good time to seel any of that 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  expensive jewelry you've been holding on to, 
| Green Herb............._____ |  because it will get very expensive.
| Castle Gate Key........_____ |  
| Green Gem.............._____ |  Ascend the stairs and go into the red door 
| Prison Key............._____ |  at the top.  Run along the outer walkway and 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  grab the 'Rifle Ammo (5)' from on top of the 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  crate.  Try to snipe the two enemies on the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  upper level, you should be able to see them 
| 4500 Ptas.............._____ |  from here.  Climb the stairs for a scene, 
| 2000 Ptas.............._____ |  now you're in trouble.  Wait until one of 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  the flaming catapult shots explodes then 
| Green Herb............._____ |  dash West, but don't go in the door instead 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  head South through the arch and in the room 
| Spinel................._____ |  with the cannon.  Break the three barrels 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  here.  Leave this area and go through the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  arch leading West.  Climb the stairs to the 
|                              |  top.  When you come out into the open, take 
o------------------------------o  no more than a couple steps and stand on the 

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case L..............40,000   Attache Case M..............30,000   |
|  Treasure Map (Castle).......10,000   Handgun.......................8000   |
|  Red9........................14,000   Punsiher....................20,000   |
|  Blacktail...................24,000   Broken Butterfly............38,000   |
|  Shotgun.....................20,000   Riot Gun....................32,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   Rifle (Semi-Auto)...........35,000   |
|  TMP.........................15,000   Mine Thrower................28,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Stock (Red9)..................4000   |
|  Stock (TMP)...................4000   Scope (Rifle).................7000   |
|  Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle).....10,000   Scope (Mine Thrower)..........8000   |
|  First Aid Spray.............10,000                                        |
|                                                                            |

right.  Aim your Rifle up and look directly South and maybe a bit to the left, 
you'll see a catapult with a red barrel beside it.  Shoot the barrel.  Now 
look down and bit and to the right, there's a small enclosed area with a 
window and an enemy inside.  Shoot the enemy through the window.  Finally 
while still in this position, look Southeast and then upward.  Almost in front 
of your face you will see the red robed person at the catapult, shoot him and 
the black robed person operating it. Cross the bridge and enter the enclosure.

Break the crates and open the chest on the shelf containing 'Yellow Herb.'  
Look out the North window, and a little up and to the right you should be able 
to barely make out a red barrel you can shoot.  That leaves only one catapult 
still in operation.  This one is dangerous.  Cross the bridge to the East, you 
will be shot at but as long as you're running it will miss.  Stand in the 
middle of the circular tower area and aim directly North, you'll be able to 
see the enemy operating the catapult.  Snipe him from here, if he manages to 
get off another shot then run far to the side and try again.  Once he is dead 
you're out of danger, except for the few possible enemies who may hobble up 
normally.  Examine the lever on the South side of the tower and tap A quickly 
to bring up the cannon.  Shoot it once and the large door has now been opened 
for you.  To reach it simply head to the North.  Stop and do someshopping if 
you want, as the merchant is standing right at the end of the path.

Get the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the table and the '2000 Ptas' from the 
cabinet.  As you go up the stairs you'll encounter quite a few of the cult 
enemies.  A scene will trigger and more will come in from the front door.  
Fight your way through all of them, the leader in the red cloak will 
automatically spawn a new type of parasitic head.  This one won't swing around 
at you but its close range attack is an instant kill decapitation.  When he's 
dead he drops '4500 Ptas.'  Go around this area and break the crates on the 
shelf, then open the cabinet and pick up the 'Red Herb' inside.  There's also 
1800 Ptas sitting on the table.  Examine the panel beside the table and take 
the 'Golden Sword.'  Head back downstairs.  On the wall here is another sword, 
pick it up to receive the 'Platinum Sword.'  Examine the panel and put the 
Golden Sword where the Platinum Sword previously was.  Back upstairs put the 
Platinum Sword in where the Golden Sword was, this reveals the exit door.

Walk forward and watch the scene.  Proceed through the door to the West.  Head 
down the path on your right and lure all the cultists out of the room, gather 
them near the red barrel and blow it up at the best time possible, then take 
out any that remain.  There's some barrels to break in the room, '2500 Ptas' 
in the cabinet and some 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the table.  Leave the room and 
head South, but watch out for the crossbow guy above the arch, shoot him 
before he can shoot you.  There's some enemies with shields here but they're 
not too hard to break with pretty much any gun.  In the door you'll find a 
'Green Herb' on the shelf, and a barrel to break.  Make sure your gun is fully 
loaded before opening the treasure chest which contains 'Castle Gate Key.'  
Getting this key triggers a barrage of enemies to come in the door of this 
room.  Defeating them is quite easy if you do it right.  Run for the door 
ignoring them and open it.  Stand just outside and wait for the first one to 
approach you.  When he leans back to attack, shoot at the red barrel to take 
out almost all of them.  Now head back Northeast to where you met Luis.

The North door can now be opened using the Castle Gate Key.  Make your way 
forward to trigger a scene.  After it's over keep going until a wall pops up 
in front of you.  Do a 180 degree turn and look upward.  On the wall above the 
arch is a shiny spot, shoot it down and pick up the 'Green Gem.'  You can 
smash the four pots in this area and use the typewriter to the Northeast.  Go 
through the door to the East of the typewriter.  Break the barrels, then go 
right and grab the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off one of the chairs.  You can smash 
the pot on top of the shelf here.  Beside this shelf, look through one of the 
windows and you can see an item on top of the ceiling beams.  Shoot the item 
down now, you can get it soon.  To the East you'll find a note on the wall to 
read, and North of that are two fire breathing horse statues.  Examine the 
painting on the wall beside them to get the 'Prison Key.'

Go back West almost as far as the central throne room but not quite, to the 
North there's a door which was locked before but you can now open with your 
Prison Key.  Descend the stairs and pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' that you 
knocked down, then the 'Green Herb' in the corner.  Open the cell door by 
kicking it down, when you walk in the prisoner will suddenly break free.  As 
you could see from the scene, he is blind.  As long as you move quietly you 
don't even have to fight him.  Press the switch in the prison cell to turn off 
the fiery horse statues upstairs.  If you do choose to kill him however, you 
need to fire at the parasite coming out of his back.  It shouldn't take too 
many hits to get him, and he drops '15,000 Ptas' automatically.

Make your way back to those statues and pass through.  Beyond them you'll find 
'Handgun Ammo (20)' on the ledge.  In the next room you'll have to fight an 
absurd amount of cultists.  Try to conserve ammo by using a weak gun and 
either shooting them in the head, then kicking or shooting them in the foot, 
then suplexing.  Run around the area breaking all the pots and getting all the 
items.  The red guy drops '4500 Ptas' and there's '2000 Ptas' on the East 
side.  Once you've taken out all the enemies that appear here, go down the 
North stairs and into the door.  Have you and Asley walk onto one of these big 
yellow buttons, then tell her to wait.  Now go to the other button and step on 
it yourself, this brings up a lever in the main room.  Before leaving check 
the chair for 'Shotgun Shells (10)' and the table for 'Green Herb.'

Return to the main hall and sure enough there's tons more enemies around.  
Shoot them all first if you want, the other option is to examine the lever and 
have Ashley start turning it while you take out whatever comes at you.  When 
finished a new staircase drops and you get access to the higher section.  When 
you get to the top you can go around to the left and right balconies and beak 
the pots, the pot on the right will contain the 'First Aid Spray' which you 
should definitely get.  As you go North Ashley will make mention of something, 
afterwards approach the painting on the right and select the piggyback option.  
You will now have to protect Ashley while at the same time protecting 
yourself.  The short-range long-range combo of the Rifle and the Shotgun work 
well here.  The nearby pots should have some helpful ammo.  Fire support shots 
at the cultists coming out of the upper doors from both sides, then stop to 
make sure you are okay as well.  Once she finishes with each lever a platform 
will rise from the water and she moves to the next one.  At the end approach 
the opposite painting she jumped up and catch her with the A button, then 
cross over the platforms to reach the North end, go through the doors.

Open the cabinet on the right side of this are to find a 'Spinel.'  Above it 
is a glass case with a treasure chest inside containing a 'Hand Grenade.'  On 
the other side there's 'Handgun Ammo (20)' and a bunch of pots to break, 
beside these pots is the merchant if there's anything you have to buy.  Now go 
into the door by the merchant.  This is the shooting range, you can practice 
your gun skills here if you wish.  I won't go into too much detail, check the 
separate section of this guide on the shooting range if you want to.  You can 
win up to six bottlecaps at this point in the game, so give it a try and see 
how good you are.  Use the typewriter just East of the merchant outside, then 
run up the North hall to trigger a scene and the end of the chapter.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 3 - 2                     |
       (00008)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Walk back a few steps, then enter the door 
|                              |  leading East.  Break the barrels and then 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  follow the path to a trap door that will 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  bring you down to the sewer.  Follow the 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  tuneel away from the stairs and make a 
| Butterfly Lamp........._____ |  right, then another right immediately which 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  will bring you to a crate.  Return to the 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  hall but before continuing look down to the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  end, you should see a distortion of the air 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  and some odd steam.  The huge bug monsters 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  in this area are invisible, so to be safe 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  you had better snipe it from a distance.  
| Illuminados Pendant...._____ |  Continue until you reach a pit, there are 
| Elegant Mask..........._____ |  two more monsters down in the pit.  Once 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  they're dead drop down, in this little are 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  you can find 'Handgun Ammo (20),' 'TMP Ammo 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  (50)' and 'Velvet Blue.'  Climb the ladder 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  here and go into the door.
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  There are three of those monsters in the 
| 1000 Ptas.............._____ |  immediate area.  Go down the East hall and 
| Gallery Key............_____ |  into the jail cell, it will lead you around 
| 1600 Ptas.............._____ |  to a door.  Inside of it, break the crates 
| Green Herb............._____ |  and open the chest to receive 'Butterfly 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Lamp.'  There's also a valve to turn here 
| Spinel................._____ |  which will drain the water.  Leave the room 
| Goat Ornament.........._____ |  and you'll encounter two more monsters, then 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  another two when you get back to the main 
| Spinel................._____ |  prison area.  Enter all the cells and you'll 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  find quite a few good items which include 
| Spinel................._____ |  'Shotgun Shells (10),' 'Incendiary 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  Grenade,' 'Handgun Ammo (20),' and 'Yellow 
| Spinel................._____ |  Herb.'  There's also a memo in one of the 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  cells for you to read.  Jump down into the 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  Southern area and head through the gate.  
| Red Gem................_____ |  Watch out for the monster in here.  Pick up 
| Moonstone (Right Half)._____ |  the 'Velvet Blue' sitting underwater at the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  upper left corner, then go up the stairs and 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  into the next room.
| Moonstone (Left Half).._____ |  
|                              |  Big swinging death blades, that's what 
o------------------------------o  you'll be thinking when you walk around 
                                  the corner.  Fortunately for you getting 
through here is pathetically easy.  The first one is swinging back and forth 
over the darker line in the ground, wait for it to pass and keep running.  
You've got to jump for the second one, same deal applies, just wait for it to 
pass and hit the A button.  As you go forward you'll come to two side by side, 
since they're moving at the same pace just in opposite direction, all you need 
to do is wait for them to pass and run.  It's that easy.  Up the small stairs 
just beyond the last blade, look on your right to find a 'Velvet Blue.'  
Continue onward and ascend the ladder.  There's a couple of barrels at the top 
for you to break open, head through the door and watch the scene.

Now this part is fun, you need to kill as many of those people as you can 
before they escape.  Your main target is the leader, but try to get most of 
them.  Your best bet is to toss a Hand Grenade down there is you still have 
on, or a Rocket Launcher should do the trick easily.  Try and snipe down and 
get anyone remaining after it goes off, if a few people escape it doesn't 
matter.  All the cultists drop Sipinels which is nice, but the leader drops 
the 'Illuminados Pendant' which is ever nicer!  Go and save your game at the 
North end, then climb the stairs.  If you wish you can use the chandelier to 
swing over to the upper East walkway and find an 'Elegant Mask' up there.  
Ascend the central stairs and the merchant is waiting for you at the top.  
Head through the nice red door beside him.

Walk forward and get the 'Red Herb' off the table.  In the next room on the 
central table you can find a memo to read, and 'Handgun Ammo (20)' on a nearby 
chair.  Head through the green door.  Quickly run to the North side of this 
room and eliminate the two enemies here.  The ones above you are equipped with 
crossbows so you'll need to snipe them down with your Rifle or equivalent 
weapon.  There are a lot of pots lining the outer railing of this room with 
nice things, but it'll be hard to get everything unless the crossbow enemies 
are dead.  Once you're satisfied enter the door to the upper left.  Break the 
barrels and climb the stairs to reach one of the armoured skull enemies, 
obviously this means no head shots!  Now that you're on the upper catwalk, try 
to snipe the red leader and his lackeys before they run, but if they do that's 
fine.  Run to the end of the walkway and jump down.

After a quick scene, get the items in the right room which include 'Shotgun 
Shells (10)' and four boxes of '1000 Ptas.'  If you didn't kill the red leader 
you need to chase him down now.  Try using the Shotgun from a distance since 
some of the spread is bound to hit him and stun him enough to let you get 
close.  When you manage to kill him he drops the 'Gallery Key.'  Go back to 
the North area of the large room where the leader stood originally and use the 
Gallery Key to open the locked door. Break the pots then examine the pedestal.

This puzzle is quite simple, your goal is to set it up so that a total of six 
people are shown being killed in the portraits.  If you can't figure it out 
yourself, the silution is as follows:  Switch 4, switch 3, switch 1, switch 2.  
Select the "Ok" option now and the wall will open up revealing your next path.  
Take it and go into the door.  Watch the scene here.  There's an ambush of 
enemies so watch out, your Shotgun is the perfect weapon for this battle.  
Don't stay where you are, find safety in a corner then begin shooting.  You 
probably won't be able to stand still for long because the cultists can use 
their scythes from long range.  Soon enough some new enemies will appear, 
mostly crossbow wielding but two enemies with one-shot rocket launchers also 
pop up.  Just run!  They'll almost certainly miss and end up hitting a few of 
their allies.  Climb the stairs to the second floor regardless of whether you 
wiped up downstairs or not, you need to eliminate the crossbow cultists so 
just chase them around the walkway gunning them as you go.  Any stragglers 
remaining on the other side can be easily sniped.

Now you can pick up the treasure around the room.  There are a number of pots 
to smash as well as some items to find including '1600 Ptas' at the bottom of 
the stairs, a 'Green Herb,' 'Handgun Ammo (20),' and 'Spinel.'  Head to the 
West side and press the button, once you do two more enemies with rocket 
launchers pop out and try to hit you, just run around one of the corners to be 
safe.  Now go South and into the door, break the pot to reveal a switch which 
makes a walkway to the treasure chest.  Now be careful, open the door and then 
turn around and run right back into the room!  The reason for this is that two 
enemies with rocket launchers wait outside and this will allow them to see 
you, but running back into the room causes the door to shut and they'll waste 
their rockets firing at a wall.  Go out and waste the two of them, then open 
the chest to receive the 'Goat Ornament.'

Head through the Northeast door leading to a stairwell and pick up the 'Yellow 
Herb,' then go back out and proceed through the Northwest door beside the 
alarm switch.  Be sure to save your game here, then make your way down the 
hall.  Break the pot on the end table, then go West since the North door won't 
budge no matter how many times you kick it.  Before going into the second West 
door, aim up above it and shoot the shiny object to drop a 'Spinel.'  Head 
through the door and go North, examine the fountain three times to get two 
'Velvet Blue' and a 'Spinel.'  You can't get through the door above you so 
take the other North path past the barrels.  Exit through the double doors.

Run down to the end of the path and watch the scene.  Now enter the garden.  
Through the gate you'll find two barrels on the left side.  Before going any 
firther equip a Shotgun or equally powerful weapon, because you're going to be 
attacked by an evil tentacle dog.  Blast it to bits, then move South, and 
West.  You'll come to a gate where you can see three dogs locked up just past 
it.  Don't open the gate, use your Rifle to shoot them from here because a 
single shot will cause them to break down the door.  When they're eliminated 
go back near the first get, and head around behind the bridge to find a 
barrel.  Two dogs might come to break down the gate just to the North, but if 
not go in and carefully tread until you find them.  There's another in a cage 
but if you get anywhere near him then he'll break out so shoot him from a 
distance.  From the North end, head East and navigate along the path to reach 
a 'Spinel' on the ground.  Return to the Northern area and go West past the 
dog cage.  Break the barrel, then head South until you reach the hedge, then 
make a left.  You should see a treasure box in front of you here, it contains 
'First Aid Spray.'  Backtrack to the centre of the garden

Make your way to the Southern cage that held the three dogs and go West.  Up 
the second path on your right is a 'Yellow Herb.'  Up the first path are two 
dogs to watch out for.  At the upper left area is a staircase, ignore it for 
now and head a little bit East below it.  You'll notice two paths leading 
South, one is the one you took to get here, the other leads to a chest 
containing 'Red Gem.'  Go back to the stairs and ascend, examine the fountain 
to receive 'Moonstone (Right Half).'  Backtrack again to the South-central 
area with the dog cage.  Make your way East this time all the way to the end 
where it leads you around to a chest containing 'Shotgun Shells (10).'  
Opening this will trigger a back attack from two dogs.  Follow the path back 
and make the first right turn to the North that you can make, you should find 
yourself at a staircase.  Run up the first side and down the other, then make 
a left the instant your reach ground again to find a chest containing 'TMP 
Ammo (50).'  The path North of the stairs leads to a fountain with the 
'Moonstone (Left Half)' on it.  On your way back you'll be ambushed by three 
dogs from the bushes, don't stop just keep running!  At the top of the stairs 
turn around and let them have it with your Shotgun.  This is the best way to 
remain unhurt.  Now head back to the entrance, use your map if you must.

On the outer stone walkway you came across to reach the garden, there is a 
door with an indentation.  Examine it and when you're brought to your 
inventory combine the two halves of the Blue Moonstone to unlock the door.
Watch the scene to trigger the end of this lengthy chapter.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 3 - 3                     |
       (00009)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Break the urns situated around this room, 
|                              |  and pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (20).'  In the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  room beside the bed you'll file a file on 
| Mirror w/ Pearls & Rby._____ |  the table to read.  Examine one the armoire 
| Green Herb............._____ |  to find 'Mirror w/ Pearls & Rubies' inside.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  The merchant doesn't have any new weapons, 
| Green Herb............._____ |  but he does have new upgrades to old ones so 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  it's worth a look.  Leave this small room 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  and exit through the door to the South, you 
| Hourglass w/ Gold Dcor._____ |  can save just before leaving too if you 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  like.  Break the pot at the end of this 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  hall, and get the 'Green Herb' from the 
| Rocket Launcher........_____ |  first table and 'Handgun Ammo (20)' from the 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  second.  Run down the thin hall to the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  South, break the pot and enter the door.  
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  There's all sorts of urns and crates in 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  here, break them all.  Don't forget the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  'Green Herb' on the table and the '5000 
|                              |  Ptas' in the cabinet beside the door.  You 
o------------------------------o  can kick open the lock to the South door but 
                                  you've been there before so head back North.

Ring the bell on the East side of the room and a painting will flip over, 
shoot the wine bottle and then you can go into the door.  When you do the cage 
drops and you are ambushed.  Equip the most powerful gun you have, or even 
better an explosive.  Throw the explosive or shoot the lock on the metal cage 
door to break it and get out.  Get in a corner and use your Shotgun to keep 
the enemies back.  The blind prisoner is back again, and the parasite on his 
back is still the way to defeat him.  He drops '15,000 Ptas.'  The final enemy 
that drops will spawn a new type of parasitic face which actually detaches 
from the body, but it is weak and can even be subdued easily with the knife.  
Once you're in the clear open the chest to received 'Hourglass w/ Gold 
Decor.'  Through the South door near the bell you'll find 'Magnum Ammo (3)' on 
the ground.  Proceed through the door to the East to reach the next area.

Head forward and snipe all the enemies from this upper area.  On your left is 
an urn to smash.  Jump down to the lower level and fire at any enemies you can 
see through the gate.  Now press the lever over to the side and you'll raise a 
walkway up.  Climb the ladder and start to cross the walkway but watch out for 
enemies coming from both directions here.  At the end of the path go down the 
stairs and pick up the '1800 Ptas' from the table.  Jump down and you've hit 
the mother load, there's a 'Rocket Launcher,' 'Flash Grenade,' 'Shotgun Shells 
(5),' 'Rifle Ammo (5),' 'Incendiary Grenade,' and 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  You 
can reach the upper catwalk again by going up the stairs and breaking the 
padlock with your kick.  Enter the room across the walkway to the East.

Break all the urns in this area and save your game at the bottom.  The 
merchant here has a brand new Attache Case for you to pick up, but it's quite 
pricey.  Nothing else to do here but continue onward.  

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case XL.............73,000   Attache Case L..............40,000   |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Castle).......30,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Red9........................14,000   |
|  Punsiher....................20,000   Blacktail...................24,000   |
|  Broken Butterfly............38,000   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Riot Gun....................32,000   Rifle.......................12,000   |
|  Rifle (Semi-Auto)...........35,000   TMP.........................15,000   |
|  Mine Thrower................28,000   Rocket Launcher.............30,000   |
|  Stock (Red9)..................4000   Stock (TMP)...................4000   |
|  Scope (Rifle).................7000   Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle).....10,000   |
|  Scope (Mine Thrower)..........8000   First Aid Spray.............10,000   |
|                                                                            |

Inside the next room a scene occurs, just watch it to end the chapter.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 3 - 4                     |
       (0000A)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Check behind just where you start to see 
|                              |  some 'Handgun Ammo (20)' on the shelf.  
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  Circle the area and break all the pots to 
| Spinel................._____ |  get some nice items.  On the South wall 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  examine the painting to reveal a hidden 
| Green Herb............._____ |  stash of '5000 Ptas.'  Walk onto the raised 
| Spinel................._____ |  platform in the middle and you should see 
| 2500 Ptas.............._____ |  Ashley bolted to the wall in front of you.  
| Red Herb..............._____ |  Use you Rifle to snipe the bolts off her, 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  after you do this the area will be invaded 
| Spinel................._____ |  by cultists.  Protect Ashley at all costs, 
| Blue Velvet............_____ |  snipe any incoming enemies in the head when 
| Green Herb............._____ |  you see them.  If she does get picked up 
| Stone Tablet..........._____ |  be very careful not to hit her, aim for the 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  cultist's feet.  Once the first wave is dead 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  there's a second wave led by an armored 
| Spinel................._____ |  skull red cloak.  Shoot him in the torso 
| Gold Bangle............_____ |  area and all his lackeys in the head, you're 
| Salazar Family Insgnia._____ |  in danger here too because many of them have 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  crossbows.  Once everything is taken care of 
| 1500 Ptas.............._____ |  Ashley will pick up the key and open up the 
|                              |  door, now you have control of Ashley for 
o------------------------------o  the remainder of the chapter.

Start by saving your game using the typewriter on your right.  You can find a 
'Spinel' on the ground to the upper left and a 'Yellow Herb' to the upper 
right.  In the next room there is an enemy, he can be killed if you go around 
the room and throw all of the lanterns at him, but this is dangerous and 
you'll probably just end up burning yourself.  Grab the 'Green Herb' off of 
the table.  On the other side of the table you'll find a large crank which 
opens the gate.  Turn it and then crawl back and go through.  There's a 
'Spinel' in the drawer on the right, and '2500 Ptas' in the cabinet beside the 
fireplace.  Use the two lanterns in this room to kill the cultist, and then 
you'll have to open two metal gates with both cranks on either side of the 
arch.  You will find a 'Red Herb' on the table just past the gates.

Enter the room through the blue door on the left.  Read the memo on the desk 
near the device, then pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (15)' from the North drawer, 
the 'Spinel' off the Northeast desk and the 'Blue Velvet' from the Southeast 
drawer.  Leave the room and go through the South door.  Take the 'Green Herb' 
off the table on the desk in the corner.  Approach the table to the left of 
the door and crawl underneath.  There's a switch on this wall as well.  Go 
through this gate and examine the object on the fireplace to receive the 
'Stone Tablet.'  Now push the switch on your left.  On the right of the door 
you entered the room from there's a bookshelf.  Push it to the side and press 
the switch behind it.  Approach the exit door but first grab the nearby '1800 
Ptas' in the cabinet and the 'Velvet Blue' off the desk.

Down at the end of this hall you'll find 'Spinel' sitting on the chair.  
Follow the path around the corner and down some stairs.  You'll reach a 
pedestal with a mismatched puzzle.  The solution to the puzzle is as follows:  
Place your cursor on each of these exact positions in order and press A, 
remember the locations described aplly to where the white cursor box should be 
when you press A:  Right, Upper Right, Upper Middle, Middle, Left, Lower Left, 
Lower Middle, Lower Right, Right, Middle, Upper Middle, Upper Left, Left, 
Lower Left, Lower Middle, Middle, Right, Lower Right.  Now examine it again 
and select the Stone Tablet from your inventory.  This opens the door.

Examine the chest on the opposite wall from the door to find 'Gold Bangle.'  
The statue above the fireplace has the 'Salazar Family Insignia' inside it.  
Once you remove it a chest flips around so you can get the 'Serpent 
Ornament.'  Now you need to run all the way back to the room with the blue 
door that had the odd crank in the middle, beside the note.  On your way back 
you'll notice the armour has come alive, stand behind the table and wait for 
them to go around one way and then run the other.  In the hall as you go there 
will be three times you have to hit either the L+R dodge buttons or the A+B 
dodge buttons.  When you get back to the pedestal crank thing put the Salazar 
Family Insignia in it.  Turn it to reveal a ladder, then ascend.  Grab the 
money on your right to get '1800 Ptas' and '1500 Ptas' then go in the opposite 
direction and through a door to trigger a scene and the chapter end.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 4 - 1                     |
       (0000B)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  After the scene leave the area to the West.  
|                              |  Follow the hallway all the way back until 
| Elegant Perfume Bottle._____ |  you reach the room with the cage, just 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  beyond it go South down the thin hallway 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  into the next area.  In here you'll have to 
| Broken Butterfly......._____ |  fight one of those invisible bugs again.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Exit through the South door then go West.  
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  Now when you approach the door near the 
| Illuminados Pendant...._____ |  fountain you can use the piggyback option 
| Lion Ornament.........._____ |  near the window to unlock it.  Grab all the 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  treasure boxes in here to receive 'Elegant 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Perfume Bottle,' '5000 Ptas,' 'Red Herb,' 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  and 'Broken Butterfly.'  Now go back to the 
| Spinel................._____ |  large hall where you saved Ashley and 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  started the chapter.  Enter the room to the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  North and cave you game.  Break the pots and 
| Green Herb............._____ |  get the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the shelf to 
| King's Grail..........._____ |  your right.  Cross over on the odd platform 
| 6500 Ptas.............._____ |  to the North.  Now you have to take on the 
| 6500 Ptas.............._____ |  Dragon Room by yourself.
| 6500 Ptas.............._____ |  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  The Dragon Room is a large area of fire that 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  looks quite spectacular.  As you cross the 
| Elegant Chessboard....._____ |  path large fire breathing dragon statues 
| Queen's Grail.........._____ |  will come down piloted by cult members.  The 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  only way to destroy these is to take out the 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  pilot.  The first one is easy, equip your 
| 2800 Ptas.............._____ |  Rifle and aim at him while the large statue 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  on the right side of the room slowly moves 
| Butterfly Lamp........._____ |  toward you.  A treasure box will come up 
| Green Eye.............._____ |  when this occurs, follow the path down to 
| Green Eye.............._____ |  the bottom and open the chest to find '5000 
| Green Eye.............._____ |  Ptas.'  To get across to the next area you 
| Green Eye.............._____ |  must wait for the spinning gate to reveal an 
| Red Eye................_____ |  opening then jump through.  Do the same on 
| Red Eye................_____ |  the other side.  When you approach the end 
| Red Eye................_____ |  two dragon statues will appear, one in the 
| Blue Eye..............._____ |  middle and one on your left.  Run back to 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  the spinning platform but don't jump on it, 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  instead turn around and aim your rifle at 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  the pilot of the left dragon who should be 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  slowly moving towards you.  With that one 
| Green Herb............._____ |  down run to the end of the path.  There's a 
| Gold Bangle............_____ |  fire breathing dragon statue in the centre 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  and two large walls on the left and right to 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  protect you.  Move to the left side and wait 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  for the dragon to start shooting fire.  The 
| Green Herb............._____ |  fire should be blocked by the wall so use 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  this opportunity to quickly run to the right 
| Spinel................._____ |  side and shoot the pilot from the far right 
| Spinel................._____ |  fence.  With both dead two treasure chests 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  have appeared, the one just behind you 
| Crown.................._____ |  contains 'Illuminados Pendant' and the blue 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  on in the middle has the 'Lion Ornament.'  
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  Return to where Ashley is waiting.
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  Make sure you save your game here after that 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  ordeal.  Head West and get onto the little 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  cart device.  Proceed through the door at 
| Spinel................._____ |  the other end.  This place should look 
| Green Herb............._____ |  familiar, you've probably forgotten about 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  this puzzle by now.  Examine the panel on 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  the North wall and use all three items, the 
| Crown Jewel............_____ |  Lion Ornament, the Goat Ornament, and the 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  Serpent Ornament.  Now you can get through 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  finally, ignore the central stairs for the 
|                              |  moment and ascend the smaller set to the 
o------------------------------o  right.  At the top, break the urn and 
                                  examine the painting to find a hidden stash 
of '5000 Ptas.'  Now take the middle stairs on the lower floor.  Another cart 
waits here, step onto it and ride in through the tunnel to the next area.

Before going any further break the two pots in this area.  In the area check 
to room parallel to the last on but on your right, inside you'll find 'Handgun 
Ammo (20)' in the cabinet as well as a merchant and save point.  Through the 
door with the gun emblem on it is the second target practice area where type B 
is now available.  Outside this room again down at the end of the East hall is 
a table with 'Yellow Herb' and a notice on it.  In the small cabinet is a 
'Spinel' as well.  Head through the double doors here.  Examine the lion 
statue to receive 'Handgun Ammo (20).'  As you go through the next hall you 
need to be ready to dodge similar to the armour that Ashley had to face.  
There's two of them here.  In the circular room pick up the 'Shotgun Shells 
(10)' and 'Green Herb' from the sides of the room then examine the thing in 
the middle to get 'King's Grail.'  Now you will have to fight three suits of 
armour, their defense is incredibly strong so explosives are your best bet, 
however the Broken Butterfly and Shotgun both work acceptably well.  If you 
tell Ashley to wait outside the gate before you enter this room this battle 
will be somewhat easier, just keep shooting the armour until the nasty 
parasites show themselves.  Once the armour is dead some new stronger ones 
will sppear, but the same tactics apply.  It's a test of your ability to run 
to a corner and shoot quickly, pressing down and B to do the quick turn will 
come in handy.  When they're dead each one of them drops '6500 Ptas' and the 
gate opens.  Return to the main hallway.

Enter the room to the West this time and you'll find four panels which can be 
pressed.  Consider there is Leaon, Ashley and two statues you can push the 
answer should be obvious.  Have Ashley wait on one of the pads while you push 
the knight statues onto two of the others.  Step onto the leftover and the 
door opens.  Go into the room and watch the scene.  Now this predicament is 
fairly easy as well.  Equip the Shotgun and aim upward.  Among the spikes 
there are four red panels to shoot.  Once all four of them are broken the roof 
stops descending.  Grab the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' from the upper right corner 
and head through the door.  At the end of the hall another predicament.  This 
one is just as easy.  Equip the Rifle and snipe the two cultists driving the 
death machine to open the gate.  Now once you're both out of the hall the 
machine can reach the end and stop safely.  Get the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' from 
the boxes on the right and break all the crates and barrels.  Inside the desk 
at the corner of the room you'll find an 'Elegant Chessboard' and in the 
treasure chest below is the 'Queen's Grail.'  Kick open the locked door and 
head back to the first hallway, take the time to save your game as well.

Follow the North hall and pick up the 'Flash Grenade' off the chair.  Through 
the door of the next room there are a number of enemies, use the distance to 
your advantage and snipe as many as you can before they see you.  At the North 
end of the room are two statues.  Examine the one of the left and put in the 
Queen's Grail, then examine the one on the right and put in the King's Grail.  
Now you can get through the door.  Break the pots on the left and the right, 
but be careful as one of the ones on the right has a snake in it.  On your way 
down the hall check both desks on your left to find '1800 Ptas' and '2800 
Ptas.'  Before going through the next door jump out the window on your right.  
There's a 'Red Herb' on the ground and a ladder to climb.  At the end of the 
walkway at the top you'll find a chest containing 'Butterfly Lamp.'  GO back 
through the window and preceed through the North door.

Step forward and watch the scene.  Now turn around and run to the door so you 
can get your back to it.  Start blasting with your Shotgun, almost in any 
direction since some of the spread is bound to hit the enemies.  It's more a 
matter of protection than getting in a decent shot.  As long as you have ammo 
to spare this shouldn't be too hard.  Kill all the bug monsters that attack 
you here.  Once they're dead you can run to the Northwest end and pull the 
lever.  The bridge will get stuck on the way down but I'm sure you know what 
to do.  Aim your shotgun up at the chain connections and one shot should do 
the trick.  Now before you exit the area aim your gun up toward the large hive 
and begin blasting, it takes a lot of punnishment but eventually it will fall.  
When the scene ends on the ground it its place are four 'Green Eye,' three 
'Red Eye,' and a rare 'Blue Eye.'  Combine them with the Butterfly Lamp you 
just found to turn it into a very valuable item. Now go through the West door.

Take advantage of the merchant's tune up services and save your game here.  
Pick up the 'Handgun AmMmo (10)' off the chair and follow the corridor North.  
You'll reach a large outdoor area where a scene occurs.  Begin crossing the 
bridge and you'll be seen by the enemies, this triggers the catapult operators 
to start firing at you.  Forget about crossing the bridge for a moment.  If 
you stand by the torch on the right and equip your Rifle, zooming in as much 
as possible you should be able to snipe the head of the middle catapult 
operator.  It's not too much but it will help.  Make a mad dash across the 
bridge and go up the stairs on the left side.  Kill all the cultists you 
encounter here and run around to the South side of the walkway where you'll 
find 'Rifle Ammo (5)' and 'Handgun Ammo (15)' on the ground.  The entrance to 
the inner section of this tower is on the East side of the walkway.

Now that you're safe from the catapults, climb the ladder to a higher level.  
On this floor you can find 'Handgun Ammo (20)' and a crate to break.  Climb 
another ladder to reach the next floor where you'll find a 'Green Herb' and an 
notice on the table in a corner.  The notice gives you a clue about how to get 
everything working again, but it's a pretty simple process.  Equip the SHotgun 
and stand directly beside the lever looking over the railing.  Just on your 
left is a board of wood in the gears, shoot it to break it apart.  Now turn 
about 45 degrees to the right and look down to see the second board quite 
obviously sitting there.  Blast it.  The third one isn't so obvious, point 
your character looking as far down as he possibly will.  When you're standing 
against the railing you should just be able to see it at about the same heigh 
as the floor below you in the centre area.  Even even you can't really see it, 
or only barely see it if you shoot the Shotgun aiming as low as you can at 
around the middle section you'll probably end up hitting it anyway.  If all 
this fails it's probably quite easy to see if you just drop back down to the 
lower floor.  When all three boards are disposed of then operate the lever and 
you're almost home free from this area.  The enemies however think otherwise.

When you operate the lever it causes a swarm of enemies on the lower levels.  
Keep an eye out for crossbow bolts flying at you as you descend the floors.  
Blast anyone in your path and make your way down to the lowest floor, which is 
one below the floor you entered on.  There's a large door on the bottom floor 
which is now unlocked, but be sure to break open all the creates before going 
through it.  You're no safer however on the outside, you've got a serious 
Shotgun job waiting for you.  It starts with three shielded cultists but 
quickly escalates into a full blown ambush from both sides of the bridge.  
Slowly make your way forward, shooting you Shotgun as you go and then navigate 
to a corner.  Your primary target should be the horned leader at the gate who 
is packing a rocket launcher.  Blast your way through about twenty enemies 
before they finally give up on you.  It'll be a big ammo loss but the drop 
items should more than make up for it, including a 'Gold Bangle' from the 
leader.  Continue through the door but don't think you're done yet...

If you thought either of the last battles were hard you may run into trouble 
here.  There's two of the blind prisoners, including a more challenging 
version waiting for you here.  Start by sniping those two cultists standing in 
front of them, if you're lucky only one of the two armored prisoners will 
attack.  When he does wait until the last second and run out of the way, 
there's a chance he'll get his claws stuck in the wall which will mean the 
parasite on his back is exposed.  Use the Broken Butterfly here if you have 
it, with fully upgraded power of 20.0 there's just nothing else that compares, 
maybe the Rifle or an explosive if that's all you have.  Once you manage to 
kill the first, whether or not you've alerted the second, use your Handgun or 
Shotgun if you don't have one and fire at one of the two bells located up the 
stairs.  The bells are there to confuse the blind prisoners who navigate by 
ear.  Ringing one of them should cause the prisoner to go and smash the bell 
giving you a great opportunity to attack.  Walking up these steps however 
initiates a wave of armour plated skull cultists.  Kill the four or five of 
them that appear, the one that comes down from the top always drops 'First Aid 
Spray' and the two prisoners drop '15,000 Ptas' each.  Grab the 'Green Herb' 
at the lower right corner, on the right side of the stairs is a pot, on the 
left side is an 'Incendiary Grenade.'  Now go through the North door.  On the 
left and right of the stairs each statue contains a 'Spinel.'  Through the 
door at the top of the stairs a scene automatically occurs.

As you're falling be ready to press the dodge buttons quickly.  Beside one of 
the corpses on the spikes is a 'Velvet Blue.'  On the opposite side you'll 
receive 'Crown' if you examine one of the bodies against the wall.  Beside the 
merchant and the save point are 'TMP Ammo (50),' 'Magnum Ammo (5)' and 'Yellow 
Herb.'  You'll find an 'Incendiary Grenade' on the table beside the 
typewriter.  The merchant has updated his stock to include a brand new 
Shotgun, although it may not look the part it is quite powerful.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case XL.............73,000   Attache Case L..............40,000   |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Castle).......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Red9........................14,000   |
|  Punsiher....................20,000   Blacktail...................24,000   |
|  Broken Butterfly............38,000   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Riot Gun....................32,000   Striker.....................43,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   Rifle (Semi-Auto)...........35,000   |
|  TMP.........................15,000   Mine Thrower................28,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Stock (Red9)..................4000   |
|  Stock (TMP)...................4000   Scope (Rifle).................7000   |
|  Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle).....10,000   Scope (Mine Thrower)..........8000   |
|  First Aid Spray.............10,000                                        |
|                                                                            |

Save your game here after all that fighting it's certainly worth your time.  
Climb up the ladder beside the merchant and begin down the tunnel.  There's a 
'Velvet Blue' inside the first pipe you pass on your left.  Continuing along 
you'll find a 'Red Herb' beside the metal gate on your right.  The drain on 
your left, not the next one but the one after that contains a 'Spinel.'  When 
you come to a door at the end head through it.

When you run down this hall you'll be interrupted by a scene.  From now on you 
have to keep an eye on the bottom of the screen for the dodge buttons to pop 
up, because the monster in here can literally attack you from anywhere.  Run 
all the way to the end of the corridor and into the room.  At the upper right 
corner of this area there's a switch.  Pull it and the elevator will begin 
moving however it takes time to come up.  Run back to the door and try to 
exit, this too will take time to open.  When you try to open it the boss 
finally shows himself.  Don't try and kill him at this point, instead run up 
to the corner of the room by the fence just South of the switch and you should 
find a canister of liquid nitrogen.  Press A and Leon will knock it over, 
freezing the boss in his tracks.  Now if your chance to attack, blast him with 
your most powerful weapons.  If you don't have any of the following:  Rocket 
Launcher, Mine Thrower or lots of Hand Grenades, I wouldn't even recommend 
trying to kill him.  His health is so high and defense so strong that killing 
him with a non-explosive weapon is almost out of the question.  At this point 
30,000 Ptas isn't too hard to make so if you don't have one, run back to the 
merchant and pick up a Rocket Launcher.  When the boss is frozen one single 
rocket will blow him away.  If you can't kill him during the first freeze 
there are also nitrogen cansiters located in the hall, and in both the rooms 
to the East and West on your map.  This boss is optional and you don't have to 
kill it.    If you do hwoever your reward is the 'Crown Jewel.'  Now just wait 
until the door opens (or is already open if the boss is dead) and you can 
leave, but before you do get the 'Green Herb' in the upper left corner and the 
'Shotgun Shells (5)' sitting on top of the computer terminal.

Down the hall to the South, and then West you'll find 'TMP Ammo (50)' sitting 
on the floor in the room.  In the East room you'll find 'First Aid Spray' and 
'Handgun Ammo (25)' on the table.  If you killed the boss then the elevator 
came instantly, but if not you'll have to fight or dodge your way around while 
waiting for about four minutes total since you hit the first switch.  Run into 
the elevator when it comes and ride the elevator down.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 4 - 2                     |
       (0000C)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Right when you start off you'll see a 'Green 
|                              |  Herb' in front of you.  Down the stairs the 
| Green Herb............._____ |  merchant has set up shop, no new weapons to 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  sell but some new tune ups as usual.  On the 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  desk with the typewriter grab the 'Handgun 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  Ammo (20)' then save your game.  To the East 
| 2800 Ptas.............._____ |  is a shooting range where type C can now be 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  played.  On the left of the typewriter is a 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  memo to read before proceeding through the 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  West door.  In this tunnel you'll see 
| Dynamite..............._____ |  something you haven't seen in awhile, 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  villagers!  Greet them with your Shotgun.  
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  Smash the barrels and check the lower mine 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  cart to find a hidden 'Velvet Blue.'  Follow 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  the path to the end and jump down when you 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  reach the ladder at the end.
| Green Herb............._____ |  
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  In this area you'll be surrounded by 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  villagers working in the area and may 
| Green Herb............._____ |  find yourself at a loss for somewhere to go.  
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  Directly ahead of the ladder is an enclosed 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  area use this area as protection so that you 
| Green Herb............._____ |  only have to deal with enemies coming at you 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  from the front.  When you've eliminated the 
| Royal Insignia........._____ |  wave of enemies go around the area and pick 
|                              |  off any that remain on ledges and such.  
o------------------------------o  Head South from the ladder you came down and 
                                  go up the little hill on your right to find 
'Shotgun Shells (10).'  Further South there's a box of '2800 Ptas' sitting on 
a crate.  Leaning against the little enclosure you hid in is a mine cart with 
'Velvet Blue' inside.  Just above this is a switch for the trolley.  Head 
South and climb the ramp to the upper level, behind the South circuit breaker 
switch is a pile of money totaling '5000 Ptas,' then pull circuit breaker.

As you go down who else but one of the crazy chainsaw maniacs should appear.  
This one is far stronger than any you have faced before however, and even 
about four more villagers will join the attack.  Waste the villagers first and 
then focus on the chainsaw man.  He will take about eight shots from the 
Broken Butterfly with the most possible tune ups at this point in the game, 
that means a power of 20.0 so you can get an idea what you're up against.  
Sniping him from a distance may be the safer bet and the Rifle is still very 
effective.  Once he is dead he'll drop '10,000 Ptas' and the can press the 
trolley switch to bring it down.  Run back to that enclosed area again and 
you'll find the 'Dynamite' sitting on top of the trolley.  Examine the large 
boulder to the right of the trolley switch and select the Dynamite from your 
inventory.  Turn around and run, there's plenty of time to get to a safe 
place.  Break the two barrels on your left before heading through the door.

On the rock to your left is a shiny object which is actually the 'Shotgun 
Shells (15).'  On the opposite side of the room you'll see two large 
cylindrical objects.  On the left of the first is the 'First Aid Spray' and on 
the right of the second is a 'Flash Grenade.'  Now approach the large doors.

o- Boss (El Gigante x2) -----------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| There's a decision you need to make before this battle, however it is a    |
| fairly easy one.  You have to fight two Gigantes however there is an       |
| easy instant kill against one of them the only drawback is the loss of     |
| 15,000 Ptas which really isn't a loss at all considering all the First     |
| Aid Spray you'd probably have to buy after trying to take on two at the    |
| same time.  If you decide to instant kill one of them turn around right    |
| at the start and climb the ladder.  At the top is a zip line, the instant  |
| the platform starts to shake grab he line by pressing A and swing down     |
| to the end right in front of a lever.  Press A to turn around and look     |
| behind you automatically.  Now wait until one of them is standing in the   |
| middle area and press A again to flip the switch, the pit will open and    |
| the monster will descend down into burning hot magma.  Soon enough the     |
| door will latch, the switch is ineffective and you're left fighting one    |
| monster.  To beat this monster use the same tactics you did before.  The   |
| best weapons for this fight are those grenades you've probably been up a   |
| lot of lately.  Incendiary Grenades are useless however Flash Grenades     |
| will render him completely blind and Hand Grenades inflict massive damage. |
| The number of cuts you must do to his parasite have no insreased so the    |
| battle isn't too much harder he just takes more hits to drop down.         |
| Remember to run behind him and jump on his back when he does.  For guns    |
| the Shotgun is pretty much useless here, as are any Handguns and TMP.      |
| Your weapon of choice besides grenades is the Broken Butterly followed     |
| by the Rifle.  If you're using the Rifle try using it with the Flash       |
| Grenades so that you have adequate time to shoot.  Once the boss is dead   |
| he will drop '15,000 Ptas' and another 15,000 if you killed both manually. |
|                                                                            |

Update: I have received info that if you killed the second automatically, you 
can leave and return to the room to collect your reward.

When the battle is won exit through the East doors.  Follow the tunnel until 
it opens up into a large cave area.  At this point you will be seen by a 
number of giant bug monsters, approximately ten in total, likely more, which 
probably won't come all at once.  Back off into the cave to take on all the 
ones that attack you at once.  Examine the pedestal and then grab the 'Green 
Herb' sitting nearby on the ground.  Start up the West path and grab the 
'Flash Grenade' along the way.  At the top of this path watch out for another 
ambush of bug monsters.  Pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (15)' from the ground.  
There's a tunnel you need to go into here but it isn't exactly easy to see, it 
goes directly Northwest, try checking you map if you have to.  Inside there's 
a 'Green Herb' on the ground and a light switch to press.  Turn around 
immediately and prepare for an ambush.  Head back to the open area.

Follow the path leading directly North, but not the one you came up on, this 
one remains level.  Keep running and pick up the 'TMP Ammo (50)' on your left.  
At the top of the next hill you will probably find yourself face to face with 
another wave of those disgusting monsters.  Pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (20)' 
from the ground and go Northeast into the cave.  Similar to the last one 
another 'Green Herb' lies here and a light switch to press.  Another ambush of 
course, bigger than the last one.  Head Southwest to the gate but before you 
go through be sure to pick up the 'Red Herb' on the left.  Proceed onward.

There's some giant pounding stone cylinders here of course.  They're not too 
hard to pass under, when the first one stomps run up to it.  Keep holding up 
and the run button so that when it raises up just high enough to pass through, 
you'll run under as soon as possible.  The same applies to the second one 
except that when you run under get ready to press the A button and jump down 
immediately.  When you jump down there is a switch on your left.  Pull it to 
stop the second of the three stones from pounding down.  Now use the same idea 
but stop momentarily under the second one and wait for the third one to drop 
before continuing.  In the next room pick up the 'Royal Insignia' from the 
pedestal and examine it again to bring an end to this chapter.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 4 - 3                     |
       (0000D)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Head forward and break the two barrels on 
|                              |  the left.  Tune up your weapons and save 
| Spinel................._____ |  your game in the shack, then read the notice 
| 2200 Ptas.............._____ |  posted near the door.  Continue past the 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  shack, in the area of the ruins you first go 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  into there are two enemies with torches, 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  blast them.  Beyond this don't go too far 
| Velvet Blue............_____ |  otherwise you will alert the almost ten 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  villagers to your presence, instead climb 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  the ladder on the left and either send a 
| Key to the Mine........_____ |  rocket down into the fire pit or throw a 
| 1800 Ptas.............._____ |  couple of Hand Grenades, both methods should 
| 2000 Ptas.............._____ |  work.  Sniping is also effective if you lack 
| 1500 Ptas.............._____ |  the explosives.  Just down and collect all 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  the items they dropped.  On a table to 
| Green Herb............._____ |  inside the first ruins to the right is a 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  'Spinel.'  Over on the opposite side you'll 
| Handgun Bullets........_____ |  find a box of '2200 Ptas.'  In the Northeast 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  ruins you can find '1800 Ptas' and a 'Velvet 
| 10,000 Ptas............_____ |  Blue' in the well.  Make your way to the 
| Stone of Sacrifice....._____ |  well at the North end, behind the house.  
|                              |  There is a window in the back of the house 
o------------------------------o  you can jump through.  Break the crate and 
                                  examine the crank to reveal the ladder.

Follow the tunnel East, break the two crates on your left and right along the 
way.  Make a right at the fork and go down the stairs, follow the right path 
to the end and there's a shiny 'Velvet Blue' on the ground.  Watch out for all 
the enemies in this area, even a chainsaw man is running around but luckily 
he's on an upper level and you won't have to worry about him for now.  Now 
make your way West, in between the central staircase going down and the North 
staircase going up is a 'Velvet Blue.'  Make sure you've killed all the normal 
enemies in this place then find the North ladder but don't climb up, instead 
head East a bit and then left.  The should find a door facing West here, when 
you go inside you'll be face to face with a chainsaw man.  Use your best gun 
to take him out, he's not quite as strong as the one you faced in the mine.  
There is still however another one upstairs so deal with the both of them, 
each drops '10,000 Ptas.'  There's a plethora of barrels, crates and items 
around here so get them all.  Upstairs on the pedestal the 'Key to the Mine' 
is sitting.  Leave the room and go West to reach the centre stairs leading 
down.  At the bottom in the stone container is the 'Staff of Royalty.'

Make your way to the East door and use the 'Key to the Mine.'  In the next 
room you have to face a similar situation to the one in the castle.  The room 
is falling and you must shoot the four red panels to stop it however there are 
two parasites attacking while you do it.  To complete this easily equip the 
Shotgun and blast the parasites while shooting the ceiling, the Shotgun will 
ensure that you don't have to be too accurate when shooting the panels.  After 
you stop the roof check the container to the South to find three boxes of 
'1800 Ptas,' '2000 Ptas,' and '1500 Ptas.'  There's also 'Handgun Ammo (10)' 
on the floor left of the exit door.  Descend the stairs through the exit and 
break all the barrels, then proceed through the door.

Smash the barrels on your right and pick up the 'Green Herb' on your left.  
Jump into the mine cart and then hop to the front.  Equip your Rifle and look 
down the tunnel, you should be able to see three villagers standing on a 
platform, shoot them from here.  Now stand in the middle cart and fire at the 
base of the switch to start up.  Jump back to the front and equip your Rifle.  
As you go do your best to snipe people from the platform.  If they land in 
your cart just shoot them normally.  At one point you'll approach a low 
hanging area be ready to press the dodge buttons here.  Following this you get 
stopped at a small area where quite a few enemies jump onto the cart insluding 
a chainsaw man.  Use your Shotgun and annihilate them all as fast as possible.  
Grab the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' from the left of the first cart, 'Handgun Ammo 
(20)' from the right of the last cart and '10,000 ptas' for killing the 
chainsaw maniac and then shoot the switch ahead of your cart to get moving.

The next run is similar to the first, snipe the villagers as you roll down the 
mine rail.  At one point another chainsaw man jumps down, but you are given 
adequate free rolling time to eliminate him, which will net you another 
'10,000 Ptas.'  Keep a close eye on the screen and be ready to press L_R at 
any time, your life depends on it at the end when you perform an amazing feat 
of human physique.  Quickly tap A to climb up and you're set.  Proceed through 
the door and examine the pedestal to get the 'Stone of Sacrifice.'  Before 
leaving you can pick up a reward which is given to you in increased amount 
based on how many people you were able to snipe off the platform.  The money 
is located at the Southeast corner of this room and is invisible, just keep 
pressing A until the fountain of money goes dry.  Now climb the ladder to the 
West.  Examine the Northeast door and select the Stone of Sacrifice from your 
inventory.  Check the control panel and ride the elevator upward.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 4 - 4                     |
       (0000E)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Take a few steps forward and pick up the 
|                              |  'Handgun Ammo (15)' and 'Handgun Ammo Take a 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  few steps forward and pick up the 'Handgun 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Ammo (15)' and 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on your 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  right.  You can save your game here as well.  
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  Descend the stairs and try to head North but 
| Green Herb............._____ |  you are prevented from going any further.  
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  Head back up the stairs and smash the two 
| 1100 Ptas.............._____ |  urns, then climb the ladder.  Kill the 
| Gold Bangle............_____ |  enemies at the top and jump onto the giant 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  moving hand.  When it raises up jump off 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  back in the direction you jumped on.  
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  Examine the lever and operate it.  Now 
| Green Herb............._____ |  jump onto the hand again and go across.  On 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  the middle platform press the switch to get 
| 50,000 Ptas............_____ |  the other hand moving.  If you ride it up to 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  the top and go around behind the statue's 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  head you can press a switch to get both 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  hands moving.  Stand on the right hand an 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  jump off at the middle level then climb down 
|                              |  the ladder.  Press the other lever here and 
o------------------------------o  the path will once again be complete.  Jump 
                                  down to the first floor and head North.

You've got a problem here, who would have ever assumed this would happen?  
Start pounding the A button, as you run you'll need to first press L when 
prompted, then R then L+R.  When you reach the door forget the kicking method 
and take the Shotgun to the lock.  In the next area keep tapping A to run and 
get ready to press L+R in an instant.  When you do pound the A button as fast 
as you can to climb to safety.  Now enter the door and watch the scene.

On the boxes to your left is 'Handgun Ammo (20)' and hidden in a chest behind 
the junk Northwest of here is a chest containing 'Yellow Herb.'  Start 
climbing the stairs and suddenly barrels will be coming down after you.  
You'll need to shoot the first one as it descends, then make a left and walk 
out on to the wooden walkway.  Defeat the enemies and climb the ladder.  At 
the top of the ladder climb the stairs and make a left to find 'Green Herb.'  
Go back down and walk onto the central area near the ladder.  There's an 
'Incendiary Grenade' and '1100 Ptas' laying on the floor near here.  Examine 
the control panel but it won't let you go up because the lift is too heavy.  
Solve this by pushing those giant crates over the edge.

On your way up you'll be ambushed by tons and tons of red cultists.  Blast 
them using whatever means you have at your disposal.  I found that a good way 
to get rid of them to minimal ammo loss is  to use up some of the extra Flash 
Grenades.  Wait until a whole bunch of them are on the elevator then drop a 
Flash Grenade.  Now you can freely kick them over the edge of the elevator.  
They won't drop any items but it's certainly entertaining.  At the top 
navigate the path around the outside of the tower, breaking any barrels as you 
come to them.  Before going into the elevator at the end jump off the West 
side of the final circular platform to reach a chest containing 'Gold 
Bangle.'  Climb back up and quickly grab the 'Red Herb' down the path to the 
Northeast, then you can head South and ascend in the elevator.  At the end of 
the path you will find 'First Aid Spray,' 'Rifle Ammo (5),' 'Magnum Ammo 
(5),' 'TMP Ammo (50),' and a merchant as well as a save point.  If you're 
running low on ammo for any of your weapons, a good trick is to upgrade the 
ammo capacity which will give the gun a full clip.  Make any other upgrades 
you feel you need then save your game.  Proceed through the door for a scene.

o- Boss (Salazar) -----------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| The form you once knew Salazar in has taken a whole new shape.  Try not    |
| the be overwhelmed by this boss, it actually has a fairly simple and       |
| easy pattern to follow.  Basically here's how it works, the boss has two   |
| tentacles that will be constantly attacking you during the battle.  Ignore |
| the tentacles and focus on the central head.  The central head has a large |
| eye that you need to target, however it is constantly moving around so     |
| makes it a good target for the Shotgun which does not need to be too       |
| accurate.  Each of the tentacle's attacks can be dodged using the dodge    |
| buttons when prompted on the screen.  The head has one instant kill attack |
| which is rare, just be sure to run when it opens its large mouth and you   |
| can avoid it just fine.  As you shoot the eye you aren't actually hurting  |
| the boss, just trying to hit it enough to expose Salazar the real boss.    |
| Salazar is the small little grey man who appears on the central head when  |
| you damage the eye enough and it buries into the ground.  In this case     |
| pull out your most powerful gun and start attacking.  One Rocket Launcher  |
| blast will kill him instantly, but that's no fun so I recommend the        |
| power of the Broken Butterfly, followed by the Rifle as a backup.  After   |
| a couple of hits the boss will be covered again and you can restart the    |
| process.  If you happen to get caught by one of the tentacles you will be  |
| slammed down on the lower floor.  Down here there are a bunch of parasites |
| running around, who knows how many.  If you have any flash grenades left   |
| over throw them for an instant kill.  Now climb back up the ladders and    |
| continue the fight.  When it's over head to the left side of the upper     |
| area to find a 'Green Herb' and 'Handgun Ammo (20).'  Jump down to the     |
| lower level where you can find a total of eight barrels each containing    |
| great amount of ammo and healing items.  Go up the ladder where the boss   |
| once stood and grab the money to receive '50,000 Ptas.'                    |
|                                                                            |

With that boss out of the way proceed through the East door behind the money 
where Salazar used to be.  There's a couple of barrels to break on your left 
and a rope to climb down.  Watch out for the barrels at the bottom because on 
contains a snake.  Take the elevator down and follow the corridor to reach two 
barrels, a crate, a 'Flash Grenade,' 'Shotgun Shells (10),' 'Rifle Ammo (5)' 
and 'Handgun Ammo (15).'  Also a merchant and a save point reside in this 
area.  Upgrade your weapons and save at the typewriter.  Head through the 
South door and watch the scene for the end of the chapter, and the first disc.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 5 - 1                     |
       (0000F)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Follow the walkway along, jumping down as 
|                              |  necessary until you reach a fork in the 
| Emerald................_____ |  path.  For the moment ignore the wooden 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  bridge on your right and head left.  Climb 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  up onto the ledge and break the crates, one 
| Green Herb............._____ |  of them contains the 'Emerald.'  Return to 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  the fork and head West.  After the scene 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  jump across and you will be spotted.  
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  Quickly jump back and fight off the enemies 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  from here, there aren't too many at this 
| Emerald................_____ |  point.  Again jump over the crack and pick 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the boxes in 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  front of you.  Take a couple steps to your 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  left where there is a dip in the wall, a 
| Golden Lynx............_____ |  large enemy with a huge minigun will jump 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  down and start firing.  Shoot through this U 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  shaped dip in the wall with either your 
| Green Herb............._____ |  Rifle or the Broken Butterfly until the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  enemy is dead.  He drops '15,000 Ptas' when 
| 2000 Ptas.............._____ |  he dies.  Now if you go forward to where he 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  appeared you'll be attacked by a horde of 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  enemies, use your Shotgun to keep them at 
| Green Herb............._____ |  bay.  There's a couple new things you need 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  to watch out for, some enemies have an 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  electric baton that deals copious amounts of 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  damage when it strikes you, others have a 
| Red Stone of Faith....._____ |  special helmet similar to the skulls on the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  cultists that makes them immune to head
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  shots.  Use the Shotgun and aim for the 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  body.  up the 'Green Herb.'  Enter the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  Northwest enclosure to find 'TMP Ammo (50).'
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  
| Emerald................_____ |  Now approach the upper right door where you 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  saw Ashley being carried, when you examine 
| Green Herb............._____ |  it a laser beam will start being emitted.  
| Brass Pocket Watch....._____ |  You have to redirect this laser to unlock 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  the door.  Climb the ladder beside the 
| Freezer Card Key......._____ |  Northwest mirror and rotate it until it is 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  redirecting the beam to the Southeast 
| Emerald................_____ |  mirror.  Climb up the ladder leading to the 
| Emerald................_____ |  Southeast mirror, pick up the 'Magnum Ammo 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  (3)' and rotate the mirror to the right so 
| Waste Dispsal Card Key._____ |  that it hits the small coloured panel beside 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  the door.  Now you are free to proceed.
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  Get the 'Shotgun Shells (5)' just beyond the 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  doorway.  The path is pretty linear here, 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  just be ready to hit the dodge buttons at 
| Green Herb............._____ |  all times.  When you encounter some enemies 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  you will see a ladder beside you, go South 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  and pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (5)' then 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  climb that ladder.  Examine the crates just 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  above the stairs to find 'Emerald.'  On the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  rocks to the South just past the enemy you 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  can get 'TMP Ammo (25).'  Jump across the 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  gap to the North and head up a bit, but 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  instead of following the path make a right 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  to go into the cave to the South.  Grab the 
| Green Herb............._____ |  'Rifle Ammo (5)' from the table and 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  eliminate all the electric baton wielding 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  enemies.  Make a left at the fork, then 
| Storage Room Card Key.._____ |  another left to reach a 'Red Herb' on the 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  ground.  To the South you'll see an 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  explosive barrel beside some precariously 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  unbalanced rocks.  Blast the barrel to 
| Green Herb............._____ |  reveal a path leading to a chest which 
| Emerald................_____ |  contains the 'Golden Lynx.'  Exit the cave 
| Green Herb............._____ |  section and follow the main path Northeast. 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  
|                              |  There's a number of boxes you can use for 
o------------------------------o  cover around the corner and you'll need 
                                  them.  This area is swarming with crossbow 
users and an enemy equipped with dynamite.  The first thing you should do is 
snipe that red barrel up on the ledge ahead of you, then all the rest of the 
survivors.  Turn around and pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' then continue 
forward.  There's a fork in the path, the left fork leads into a cave.  At the 
end of the path you will find 'Shotgun Shells (5)' and a 'Green Herb.'  Return 
to the fork and take the right path, but watch out as you will likely 
encounter a number of enemies back here again.  Just as the right path starts 
you can find 'Shotgun Shells (5)' sitting on a crate.  At the end of this path 
there is a large door, opening it entails pressing a switch on the right side 
of the door.  Pretty easy.  Make your way down the path to find the merchant.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case XL.............73,000   Attache Case L..............40,000   |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Treasure Map (Island).......10,000   |
|  Handgun.......................8000   Red9........................14,000   |
|  Punsiher....................20,000   Blacktail...................24,000   |
|  Broken Butterfly............38,000   Killer7.....................77,700   |
|  Shotgun.....................20,000   Riot Gun....................32,000   |
|  Striker.....................43,000   Rifle.......................12,000   |
|  Rifle (Semi-Auto)...........35,000   TMP.........................15,000   |
|  Mine Thrower................28,000   Rocket Launcher.............30,000   |
|  Stock (Red9)..................4000   Stock (TMP)...................4000   |
|  Scope (Rifle).................7000   Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle).....10,000   |
|  Scope (Mine Thrower)..........8000   First Aid Spray.............10,000   |
|                                                                            |

The merchant has two new things to seel, one obviously being the treasure map 
for the island, and the other is the Killer7 magnum.  If you're already using 
the Broken Butterfly, it is not worth the upgrade at all however if you have 
no magnum then buy the Broken Butterfly.  It has better upgrades.  Use the 
typewriter and then head South, a number of enemies will start attacking.  
It's extremely close quarters so break out the grenades and Shotgun then enter 
the metal door on your left side.

Open the locker and pick up the '2000 Ptas.'  Make your way South and check 
the large recycling bin when the path turns to receive 'Incendiary Grenade.'  
In the kitchen you will find (besides an enemy) 'Shotgun Shells (10)' in the 
suitcase and 'Green Herb' on the counter.  As you go South be prepared to turn 
around and run at any moment.  Just wait a few seconds and you can go back 
safely, there's a 'Hand Grenade' to find by the sink.  Continue along the path 
through the door leading South.  When you come to a window on the left aim 
down and snipe the two enemies down there, but watch out because one of them 
has a crossbow and can still hit you.  Also watch out because one of those 
heavily armoured enemies is in the hall with you.  Go around the corner and 
into the door on the right to find 'Handgun Ammo (10)' in the shelf.  Around 
the corner watch the scene then open the locker to find '5000 Ptas.'  Leave 
the camera room and go down the stairs to the Northwest.

Open the shiny grey suitcase and get the 'Red Stone of Faith' inside.  Break 
the barrels in the small room underneath the stairs, then return to the camera 
room and go out the North door.  One of the filing cabinets on the left side 
of this hallway is slightly ajar, inside you will find 'Shotgun Shells (5).'  
In the room on the right grab the 'Shotgun Shells (5)' and break the glass 
containing 'Rifle Ammo (5).'  The merchant also resides in this room.

o- Merchant -----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
|  Attache Case XL.............73,000   Attache Case L..............40,000   |
|  Attache Case M..............30,000   Tactical Vest...............60,000   |
|  Treasure Map (Island).......10,000   Handgun.......................8000   |
|  Red9........................14,000   Punisher....................20,000   |
|  Blacktail...................24,000   Broken Butterfly............38,000   |
|  Killer7.....................77,700   Shotgun.....................20,000   |
|  Riot Gun....................32,000   Striker.....................43,000   |
|  Rifle.......................12,000   Rifle (Semi-Auto)...........35,000   |
|  TMP.........................15,000   Mine Thrower................28,000   |
|  Rocket Launcher.............30,000   Stock (Red9)..................4000   |
|  Stock (TMP)...................4000   Scope (Rifle).................7000   |
|  Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle).....10,000   Scope (Mine Thrower)..........8000   |
|  First Aid Spray.............10,000                                        |
|                                                                            |

Another brand new piece of equipment is available to buy, the extremely useful 
Tactical Vest which reduces damage taken by 30%.  To the left of the merchant 
is the fourth shooting range where type D is now available.  Back in the hall 
again when you go to the West side the garage door opens up and dynamite is 
hurled at you.  For this door it will keep opening and closing with enemies 
attacking you.  It will only open if you are at the opposite side of the room, 
if you approach it the door will stay closed.  The solution is to stand at the 
back of the room with a Shotgun and wait for the door to open, blast them just 
as they throw the dynamite to take them all out at once.  The door will close 
and three enemies with crossbows appear.  If you still have that Hand Grenade 
from the sink then use it here, otherwise just stand at the back of the room 
and snipe one of them when the door opens and run out of the way.  Continue 
this two more times to finally have all the enemies dead and the door remains 
open.  Before going in grab the 'Emerald' from the filing cabinet on your 
left.  There's 'TMP Ammo (50)' in the red cupboard just beyond the door.  Walk 
East and proceed through the door to leading North to the next section.

There's a 'Green Herb' on you left and a typewriter in the small room beside 
in.  Next to the typewriter is a crate which holds the 'Brass Pocket Watch.'  
Leave the room and climb the stairs, when you reach a fork go left and open 
the red cupboard to find 'Incendiary Grenade.'  As you run down the South hall 
smash the crate on one of the shelves, then enter the double doors at the end.
Check the Northeast door in this room to find it locked, then examine the 
panel on your right.  You will see a number of coloured arrows here.  In order 
to unlock the door you need to form a path between the two arrows on the 
corners, to do this operate the one blue, two green and three red.  This will 
unlock the door and give you access to the room with a memo on the left table, 
and the 'Freezer Card Key' in the corpse's hand.  Before leaving grab the 'TMP 
Ammo (50)' off the ground.  Now the monster in the other room is up and 
walking around, they are called Regenerators because they will regenerate 
parts of their body that you shoot off.  Don't even try to kill it, run into 
the room it was lying in and pick up the 'Emerald' then leave.

Run down the hall and head through the gate to the West.  Make a left at the 
fork and open the suitcase to find 'Emerald.'  Examine the large double doors 
just a few steps North of the fork and use your Freezer Card Key.  Pick up the 
'Rifle Ammo (5)' on your left just inside.  Break the glass of the Northwest 
shelf to reveal a 'Green Herb.'  Enter the Southeast room and examine both 
devices to turn off the freezer and transform your Freezer Card Key into a 
'Waste Disposal Card Key.'  You can now open the freezer to the Northeast and 
get the 'Infrared Scope.'  Now the door locks and you must do battle with one 
of the Regenerators.  Fortunately you now have a tool to defeat them, the 
Infrared Scope you just got can be combined with your Rifle to detect the 
parasites on the Regenerator, basically they are much hotter than the rest of 
the body so when you aim your Rifle you will be able to see about two bright 
red dots.  Hit both of them to defeat the Regenerator and collect your '5000 
Ptas.'  Now the door is unlocked and you can leave the room.

There are two Regenerators roaming the halls out here, use the same tactics to 
defeat them both and collect another couple stashes of '5000 Ptas.'  In the 
red cupboard on the West end of the hall is 'Rifle Ammo (5),' pick it up and 
run North.  Use your Waste Disposal Card Key to unlock the door.  Sitting on 
the boxes at the upper end of the hall is 'TMP Ammo (25).'  Go into the door 
and grab the 'Hand Grenade' then operate the control panel.  You can use this 
crane to lift up enemies and drop them into a dark oblivion, simply align the 
crane's shadow and press A.  After a couple runs they catch on to your and 
activate the shutdown switch.  Leave through the East door and drop down.  
There's a 'Green Herb' on the opposite side of the dumpster, pick it up and 
enter the hallway to find another box of 'TMP Ammo (25).'  The hall leads to 
an office area where you can find 'Shotgun Shells (10)' and 'Yellow Herb.'  
Open one of the lockers to find a 'Flash Grenade' and head through the door.

There's a package of 'Handgun Ammo (10)' in the red cupboard here.  As you go 
up a quick scene occurs and you're faced with two large armoured guards.  
Equip either the Rifle or Broken Butterfly and aim for head shots.  There's 
nothing you can do about Ashley right now so proceed through the North door.  
Grab the 'Shotgun Shells (5)' sitting on the ground.  More electric baton 
wielding enemies await you in the next room.  Whip out your Shotgun and find a 
safe place somewhere close to the door, do not try just running in or you'll 
be surrounded.  The safest thing to do actually is to turn around and go right 
back into the hallway.  The tight quarters will give you a large tactical 
advantage.  Grab the 'Rifle Ammo (5)' from the shelf opposite the door.  
There's a 'Flash Grenade' sitting atop the desk on the opposite wall.  Descend 
the stairs and turn around, on the shelf below the stairs you can find 'Magnum 
Ammo (5).'  Head through the door and follow the hallway as far South as you 
can to reach a 'Green Herb' and a typewriter.

Make your way to the East side of the lab and watch the scene.  This means 
you'll need your Rifle with the Infrared Scope equipped.  Pick up the 'Rifle 
Ammo (5)' off the table and the 'TMP Ammo (25)' by shooting the glass in the 
corner.  This monster called the Iron Maiden is unlike any you have fought 
before, it can attack from quite a long distance and its body is able to shoot 
spikes out in every direction.  Aim your Rifle at all the weak parasitic 
points but it remains alive even after this.  There is another hidden parasite
on its back, shoot the legs to make it fall down and you can probably hit it
from there. When you kill it, the Iron Maiden drops 'Storage Room Card Key.'

Stay in the lab and head to the Southern corner.  Walk though the West doorway 
and examine all the nooks and crannies of this room to find 'Rifle Ammo (5),' 
'Shotgun Shells (5),' 'Red Herb,' and 'Green Herb.'  To get the 'Emerald' you 
need to smash the glass of the upper four cylindrical tubes in the middle.  
Now exit the laboratory through the Southeast door.  Run along the walkway and 
you will find a number of barrels to smash.  The merchant has also set up shop 
in this area.  Ride the elevator up and look to your left to see a 'Green 
Herb' on the ground.  Make your way around the walk and into the door to 
trigger a scene.  Now grab the 'Shotgun Shells (5)' from the table and return 
all the way back to where Ashley was trapped in the holding cell and select 
the Storage Room Card Key from your inventory to end the chapter.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 5 - 2                     |
       (0000G)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' on your 
|                              |  left.  As you go further a paper airplane 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  floats in the window.  Read the note and 
| 20,000 Ptas............_____ |  leave the cell.  There are a number of 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  enemies here and watch out because most of 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  them spawn the parasite.  Leave this room to 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the South and you'll encounter another swarm 
| 20,000 Ptas............_____ |  of enemies, when you kill them press the 
| Green Herb............._____ |  switch on the computer panel to trigger even 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  more of them!  When you're finally clear of 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  them, make your way West down the hall.  
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  Watch the scene when you arrive at the 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  garbage disposal area.  Walk down and 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  flip the lever to open up the next area, 
| Green Herb............._____ |  this causes the Iron Maiden to come alive 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  and go after you.  Defeating it however is 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  easy, on the other side of the lever is 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  another lever for the same gate so pass 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  through and lower the gate.  Now you can 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  safely use your Infrared Scope to snipe the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  key points on the monster's body.  It drops 
| Green Herb............._____ |  '20,000 Ptas' when it dies.  Grab the 'Rifle 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Ammo (5)' from the floor and open the gate.
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  With Ashley's help push the large red crate 
| Green Stone of Judgmnt._____ |  into the water to make a bridge.  Another 
| 1500 Ptas.............._____ |  pack of 'Rifle Ammo (5)' sits on the ground 
|                              |  on the other side.  Head South and pick up 
o------------------------------o  the 'Green Herb.'  Another Iron Maiden will 
                                  now be intent on hunting you.  To be safe 
return to one of the gates and use it as protection while you snipe from afar.  
This guy will net you another '20,000 Ptas' as well.  Go East of where you 
picked up the Green Herb and push the block out of your way to reveal the path 
to the exit door.  Blast all the enemies you encounter in this area and smash 
the barrels.  Pick up the 'Green Herb' sitting near the wall and proceed into 
the next room.  There's an ambush here, get ready to find a good vantage point 
fast.  You'll notice the large pool of liquid burning magma in the centre of 
the room, this makes the kick attack very effective when facing toward it.  
Eliminate all the enemies, including the ones that drop down from above, then 
check the corner room for  'Red Herb' and 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  Use the 
controls in this room to activate the wrecking ball.  You can have Ashley do 
this if you wish to go back out and fight.  Each time it strikes wait for the 
handle to return to its position and strike again, soon the wall crumbles and 
the door is revealed.  Make sure Ashley is with you and head through the door.

Take a few steps down and make a right, in this room you can find 'Rifle Ammo 
(10)' and 'Incendiary Grenade.'  Return to the main hall and go South, open 
the large door by pulling the lever on the left.  This reveals one of the 
original Regenerators, you should be able to kill them just fine by now.  
Collect the '5000 Ptas' when you do.  At the next fork make a left and enter 
the room.  Press the button then pick up the 'Green Herb' and 'Shotgun Shells 
(10)' from the locker.  Open the door and you'll be face to face with another 
Regenerator, kill it and collect your '5000 Ptas.'  Examine the door in the 
hall and send Ashley under to get it open all the way.  Grab the 'Yellow 
Herb' at the South end and make a right.  A 'Red Herb' sits in the locker, and 
a typewriter and merchant also occupy this room.Nothing new to buy but lots of 
good stuff you've seen before.  Head East and you will reach a locked door.  
Examine on of the levers and tell Ashley to "wait" beside it.  Examine the 
other and you'll have to pull them at exactly the right time.  Wait as the 
first three notches light up then press A on the red light in the centre.  If 
all goes well the door will be unlocked and you can go through.

Pick up the 'Rifle Ammo (5)' and 'Shotgun Shells (5)' on the left side of the 
room, then break all the crates on the right side.  Now climb onto the back of 
the bulldozer.  As it starts going the ride is quite enjoyable, but it 
obviously doesn't remain that way for long.  Enemies beginning sprinting 
toward you from behind.  If you're interested in getting all the items they 
drop, stand close to the front of the truck beside Ashley and kill the enemies 
as they jump on.  If not a better idea would be to stand as close to the back 
end as possible and keep them at bay with your Shotgun.  Soon enough a large 
truck will begin barreling toward you.  Blast it with your Shotgun when it 
nears to set it ablaze.  Keep firing at enemies after that only to be subject 
to a return visit from the truck.  Blast away at it as much as possible and it 
will flip over on its side.  This is enough to stop it now.  You'll reach a 
dead end and come to a stop.  Jump off and climb up the North ladder, grab the 
'Green Herb' at the top.  It is very important to protect Ashley here, some 
enemies will jump down onto the truck and try to kill her, do not let this 
happen!  Make your way to the middle area where the lever is, break the crates 
around here the pull the central lever with the light.  Now take the opposite 
path to the one you climbed up, grab the 'TMP Ammo (25)' and jump back on.

Another bulldozer sequence here.  This time some enemies drop down on you from 
above so scratch the idea of standing at the back and stay close to Ashley.  
Use your Shotgun to take out clumps of enemies at once and you should be fine.  
When you break through the wall another (assumingly different) truck heads 
straight for you, pull out the Rifle and land a single shot to the front panel 
of the truck and it should light up.  Crash through the building to safety.  
Pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' and enter the next room.  In the cabinet on 
your left you will find '5000 Ptas.'  In the cabinet on your right is a 'Hand 
Grenade.'  Pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' off the chair and the 'Green 
Stone of Judgment' from the suitcase against the North wall.  '1500 Ptas' 
rests on the upper left shelf beside the save point, and the merchant as well.  
Still no upgrades but that's okay.  Save and head South for a scene.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 5 - 3                     |
       (0000H)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  At the start of the chapter grab the '5000 
|                              |  Ptas' hidden on the left side of the stairs.  
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  Examine the article sitting on the table at 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  the top of the room.  Proceed through the 
| Emerald................_____ |  door to the East and watch the scene.  At 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the end of the East path grab the 'Shotgun 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  Shells (5)' sitting on the ground.  Before 
| 3000 Ptas.............._____ |  going down the stairs aim your gun up and 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  shoot the glass of the skylight.  An object 
| 1100 Ptas.............._____ |  will drop, pick it up to receive 'Emerald.'  
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  Get the 'Green Herb' at the bottom of the 
| Elegant Headdress......_____ |  stairs and go through the door, but watch 
| Green Herb............._____ |  out for enemies waiting on the other side to 
| Emerald................_____ |  attack you.  Blast all the enemies in this 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  area and go through the Southwest door to 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  find 'Flash Grenade' and '3000 Ptas.'  Climb 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  the stairs and get the 'Shotgun Shells (5)' 
| Green Herb............._____ |  off the table in the office and '1100 Ptas' 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  from the locker.  Enter the room at the 
| Incendiary Grenade....._____ |  bottom of the stairs.
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  
| Green Herb............._____ |  Continue onward and you will soon find 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  'Shotgun Shells (10)' on the ground right in 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  front of you.  Examine the elevator terminal 
| Green Herb............._____ |  and ride it up.  Run forward and watch the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  scene, be sure not to put down the 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  controller.  When it's over jump down the 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  East ladder and go through the East door.  
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  This room is trapped with laser beams which 
| Blue Stone of Treason.._____ |  will murder you if you touch them.  For the 
| Emerald................_____ |  first ones simply wait for the lower beam to 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  raise up.  For the second ones it's the same 
| Green Herb............._____ |  idea, the beam on the bottom will rise and 
| Green Herb............._____ |  you can move between the others.  For the 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  third ones you need to tap the dodge buttons 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  when prompted and for the fourth, there are 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  two dodge prompts resulting in the most 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  impossible thing on the planet.  Press the 
| Green Herb............._____ |  switch and get ready.  Some lasers will 
| Holy Beast, Panther...._____ |  approach at a very high velocity, press the 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  dodge buttons right before they hit you.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Now you can go through the door.  Walk 
| Green Herb............._____ |  toward the throne but turn around before you 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  reach it.  Aim upward and shoot the shiny 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  object attached to the arch.  An 'Elegant 
| Holy Beast, Eagle......_____ |  Headdress' drops.  Now examine the throne 
| Green Herb............._____ |  once for an 'Emerald' and another time for a 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  mini-scene.  Enter the door behind the 
| Holy Beast, Serpent...._____ |  throne and ride the elevator to down. 
|                              |  
o------------------------------o  Descend the stairs and check underneath them 
                                  to find a 'Green Herb' and an 'Emerald.'  Go 
down the hall to reach the merchant and a save point.  Through the gate beside 
the typewriter are 'Magnum Ammo (5)' and a 'Red Herb.'  Continue through the 
huge wooden doors to the East.  The metal net in front of you has a rip in it 
so you can access the 'Yellow Herb' inside.  Head South and grab the 'TMP Ammo 
(50)' beside the barrel of fire.  Follow the path up and watch the scene.  
Whip out your Shotgun and start blasting at the creature.  Eventually it will 
jump out of the cage and run off.  Head down the path in in one direction then 
the other to find 'Green Herb' and 'Shotgun Shells (10)' both in the corners.  
Follow the path North around until you reach a green door facing South.  Shoot 
the panel beside it to reveal a terminal.  Press it and then run around to the 
other door, be on guard and ready to hit the dodge buttons at any time.  Blast 
the panel on the other door and press the switch at the top to unlock the 
large red door.  Head through it before the thirty second timer runs out.

Turn right and pick up the 'Incendiary Grenade'  Follow the centre path to be 
attacked by the monster again, fend it off with your Shotgun.  Look up and you 
should see a total of three green panels to shoot if you didn't already hit 
them accidentally with your Shotgun.  Go North and make a right to find 'Hand 
Grenade' then make a 180 degree turn and press the button behind you.  Head 
South and then East at the bottom to find the other terminal.  The red door is 
located near where you found the Hand Grenade, go North to the top and then 
East.  In the next area press the red button on your right and start blasting 
the boss.  Take the mini-hallway in the middle which takes you on a linear 
path to a dead end with a steel bar gate.  Aim through the gate and blast the 
green panel to open up the door near where you entered this section.  Return 
to the front door and head North to reach the other button.  Now run to the 
other side via the middle hall and go through the red door.  Approach the 
railing and press A to jump and trigger a scene, walk forward for another.

o- Boss (U3) ----------------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| Forget about fighting the boss to start, turn around and pick up the       |
| 'Green Herb' and 'Shotgun Shells (10).'  Lead the monster around the back  |
| past the red barrel and shoot the barrel as the boss passes by.  Pull the  |
| lever on the gate beside the barrel to open the gate, then close it using  |
| the one on the other side to protect yourself.  Pick up the 'Handgun Ammo  |
| (10)' and then whip out the Broken Butterfly or any other weapon of        |
| choice.  Once you've dealt enough damage the monster will bury underground |
| and start attacking from below, always be on your guard and prepared to    |
| dodge.  When the monster jumps back out of the ground it won't be up long  |
| enough for any decent implementation of the gate technique, so just fire   |
| wildly at it whenever it's above ground.  By this point he shouldn't       |
| take more than a couple of shots from your most powerful gun or grenade    |
| to go down anyway.  When the dies, pick up the resulting '50,000 Ptas.'    |
|                                                                            |

After the fight go back through the gate you came from originally and head 
into the room on your right.  Follow the tunnel to the end and step onto the 
moving platform.  Operate the panel and you will be brought back over to the 
other side where you can pick up the 'Green Herb' and little else.  Return to 
the other side and climb the large ladder.  Climb up again and grab the 
'Shotgun Shells (10)' from the table and then 'Hand Grenade' from the cabinet.  
Exit the room and break the barrel outside.  Before venturing down over the 
edge of the cliff, take the time to blast the red barrels and make short work 
of the enemies below.  Jump over the edge and smash all the barrels in the 
area.  Pick up the 'TMP Ammo (50)' off the crates and the 'Yellow Herb' from 
the Eastern are, the enter the main tent and jump down into the hole.

Walk forward and check the small area on your right to find the 'Blue Stone of 
Treason.'  Back at the ladder where you dropped down, if you look up at the 
ceiling you will see a shiny object which turns out to be an 'Emerald' when 
you shoot it.  Make a left just before the end of the path to find a couple of 
crates, one containing '5000 Ptas.'  Get some tune ups done to your weapon 
from the merchant and save your game.  Read the note on the side of the table 
and check out the firing range.  Climb the ladder and go thorugh the door.

Run along the path and break the barrel on your left.  Jump down into the 
urban area and head West for a scene.  Don't bother going for cover as the 
gunshots will penetrate the wall and hurt you anyway, just keep moving.  
Ascend the stairs to the West and go in the door, grab the 'Green Herb' off 
the ground and break the crate on the table.  Check the gate on your right to 
activate the timer lock, which means you'll just have to dodge his attacks and 
deal with him until it announces that the gate has opened.  Climb the ladder 
and pick up the 'Flash Genade' sitting on the ground at the top.  If Krauser 
attacks equip a fast firing weapon and start blasting to drive him away 
temporarily.  When the gate unlocks go through and grab the 'Shotgun Shells 
(10)' on the left side.  Run to the top and head East then North.  At the 
bottom of the stairs on one of the window ledges is 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  Turn 
around and go South, then East.  Jump through the window and break the 
barrels.  At the top of the ladder is a pack of 'TMP Ammo (50)' and little 
else.  Jump over the edge and make your way East, along the path there is a 
'Green Herb' sitting on the stones before you reach the spiral stairs.

Ascend the stairs and watch the scene to get the 'Piece of the Holy Beast, 
Panther.'  Pick up the 'Red Herb' behind Krauser and run South to find 
'Handgun Ammo (20)' in the corner.  You have to fight Krasuer now, you don't 
havea  choice.  Get him angry buy shooting him with a fast firing gun and then 
when he runs up to your start knifing him.  You have to knife him a few times 
before he'll eventually run off and a statue will come up.  Push the statue 
over to the side and then up into the middle where another gray panel sits in 
the ground.  With the statue on this the lever becomes available, pull it to 
open the gate and head down the stairs.  Northwest of the stone enclosure is 
the other gate, but watch out as Krasuer is in hiding waiting for you around 
the corner.  Push the lever up and jump down the ladder.  Blast those little 
robo-spiders before they see you then pick up the 'Green Herb' and 'TMP Ammo 
(50)' from the ground.  Make your way to the Northwest end of this, use your 
Shotgun to blast all those crazy machines before they are able to run up to 
your and explode.  Proceed through the arch and the gate will slam, pick up 
the 'Yellow Herb' and climb the stairs, then the ladder at the top.  Sitting 
atop walkway is the 'Piece of the Holy Beast, Eagle,' then watch the scene.

o- Boss (Krauser) -----------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| In this fight you are faced with a time limit, so everything you do is     |
| crucial.  Run to the other end of the tower and pick up the 'Green Herb'   |
| and 'Magnum Ammo (3).'  Stand in the middle of this area and whip out      |
| the Shotgun.  The Shotgun can be used for the whole fight however there    |
| is a different tactic I recommend.  The Broken Butterfly or Killer7        |
| work well, but they are very hard to aim at his legs while the Shotgun     |
| can aim however doesn't deal much damage.  The solution although it        |
| involves quite a fair bit of menu access is to blast Krauser's legs        |
| with the Shotgun until he drops down, then quickly equip one of the        |
| Magnums and get a shot off on his head.  This will save Magnum ammo and    |
| also ensure maximum damage with minimum difficulty.  The majority of       |
| Krauser's attacks revolve around the dodge commands so if you're           |
| proficient at dodging you should be able to handle his attacks pretty      |
| well.  When he gets really close he can use a normal knife attack or trip  |
| without prior indication of it, so in order to be safest just don't let    |
| him get to close.  Make sure you kill the boss with at least enough time   |
| to pick up the 'Piece of the Holy Beast, Serpent,' jump down the ladder,   |
| run out the door (do not descend the stairs) and jump down to put all      |
| three pieces in the panel to your right to reveal a door.  This entire     |
| process will take about thirty seconds, so if you're down to about ten     |
| seconds and just manage to kill him, you may as well load and try again.   |
|                                                                            |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Chapter 5 - 4                     |
       (0000I)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  When you start out you'll see a 'Green 
|                              |  Herb' right in front of you as well as a 
| Green Herb............._____ |  save point.  Begin walking along the path 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  until you are interrupted by the radio, then 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  another scene when you continue.  Proceed 
| 1900 Ptas.............._____ |  forward and watch out for the gatling gun 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  fire, hide in the tent and pickup the 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  'Shotgun Shells (10)' while the helicopter 
| Green Herb............._____ |  assists you.  When the tower blows up leave 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  the tent and break the two barrels on the 
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  left side.  There's another barrel down 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the stairs ahead of you, but you'll be 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  attacked by enemies and have to fend them 
| Emerald................_____ |  off yourself.  Climb the ladder on your left 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  and pick up the 'Hand Grenade.'  Jump back 
| Emerald................_____ |  down and use that Hand Grenade to blow off 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  the huge lock on the gate.  Grab the nearby 
| Pearl Pendant.........._____ |  'Yellow Herb' and head Northeast through the 
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  tunnel.  Watch out for enemies here.  Climb 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  up the first ladder but not the second, go 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  around the left side and pick up the 'Flash 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  Grenade' as well as the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  and 'Green Herb' inside the structure.  
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  Cross the bridge to the West and climb up 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the ladder to find 'Green Herb.'  
| 15,000 Ptas............_____ |  
| Flash Grenade.........._____ |  Return to the structure and open the door 
| Emergency Card Key....._____ |  leading North.  Pull out your Rifle or 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Broken Butterfly and take aim at the guy 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  with the gatling gun, while still watching 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  your own back.  Run down the ramp on your 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  left and pick up the box of '1900 Ptas' at 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  the end.  Jump down to the lower level and 
| Green Herb............._____ |  check the tents for '5000 Ptas' and a 'Red 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  Herb.'  In the small tunnel you will find a 
| 5000 Ptas.............._____ |  'Green Herb' and a barrel.  Climb back up 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  and take the stairs to the upper level.  
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  When you reach the top there's a zip line 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  which will take you right down to the 
|                              |  gatling gunner.  Pick up the 'Hand Grenade' 
o------------------------------o  and the '15,000 Ptas' reward from the 
                                  gunner's body if it hasn't disappeared.  
                                  Jump down and pull the large handle.  Jump 
                                  down and proceed though the gate.

Take cover in the tunnel on your left where you'll find a barrel.  Climb the 
ladder and hide behind the steel wall.  Snipe the enemy behind the gun turret 
on your left, it's just normal enemies occupying these so it shouldn't take 
more than a couple of shots.  Begin running around the walkway and approaching 
the gun turret operators rather than hitting them from afar.  Be very careful 
about going toward the building structures otherwise you're liable to get 
caught in one when the helicopter blows it up.  Take out the turret guy on the 
walkway and jump down to the lower level to get the other one.  You can find a 
'Green Herb' to the Southwest, and 'TMP Ammo (50)' around the central area.  
Once the area is secure climb up both the ladders to reach the two separate 
switches on either side.  When they're both pulled you can jump down and 
continue on through the Northwest door.  

Ascend the stairs and watch the scene at the top.  Turn and look at the top of 
the pillar on your left, shoot the shiny object to receive 'Emerald.'  Head to 
the East side of the debris and run up a little along the cliff.  Between the 
two torches on your left you'll find a barrel with a 'First Aid Spray' inside.
Stand just outside this thin path and look at the first of the two large 
pillars to the North.  Another shiny 'Emerald' is stuck to the top of it.  
Make your way Northwest and enter the next area.  Jump down into the hole to 
the South and watch the scene.  Pick up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' from the table 
and go back to the ladder where you jumped down.  On the stone table behind 
the ladder is the 'Pearl Pendant.'  Leave the area and enter the double doors.

Pick up the 'Flash Grenade' off the shelf on your left, and the 'Magnum Ammo 
(3)' from the drawer beside the typewriter.  Examine the green box on the wall 
beside the desk to find 'Shotgun Shells (10).'  Now save your game and go down 
the West hall, there's a 'Yellow Herb' on the shelf.  Walk down the North 
hall, first check the cell on your right for 'Rifle Ammo (5)' then run to the 
end and pick up the 'Red Herb.'  If you hear something moving behind you, it's 
an upgraded Regenerator!  Get to a safe distance and equip your Rifle with the 
Infrared Scope.  Even when you destroy all the parasites you still have to 
blast him to kill him.  Pick up the '5000 Ptas' it drops and climb up the side 
of the stairs to reach the South door.

Descend the stairs and grab the nearby 'Green Herb' and break the crate as 
well.  In the next area you will face quite a few enemies, luckily there are 
tons of red explosive barrels to use to your advantage.  Shoot the first one 
you see right off the bat to clear a path, then wait as more enemies gather.  
There's a couple of good ones underneath the platforms that can easily be put 
between you and a horde of enemies.  A gatling gun man will appear, just 
ignore him for now.  If you wait under the platform he's standing on he'll 
jump down.  This will make it easily to kill him at close range and pick up 
the '15,000 Ptas' he holds.  Run to the Southwest side and jump over the 
potato sacks to reach a ladder.  Smash the barrels and then climb it and kill 
any enemies you meet at the top.  Pick up the 'Flash Grenade' off the table 
and examine the terminal here.  This will trigger an attack from a ton of 
enemies, start picking them all off because eventually one of them will drop 
the 'Emergency Lock Card Key.'  Once the enemies are dead head into the 
Northeast room on the second level and open the locker to find 'Handgun Ammo 
(10).'  Climb up to the third level and open the locker inside the room in 
front of you to get 'TMP Ammo (50).'  Break the crate as well.

In the North room you'll find '5000 Ptas' in the suitcase and a couple of 
barrels nearby.  Pick up the 'Rifle Ammo (5)' off the shelf then examine the 
panel on the wall.  Select the Emergency Lock Card Key from your inventory.  
Jump down over the East edge and pick up the 'Red Herb.'  Return to both of 
the computer panels on the second floor and operate them to unlock the door.  
The door is located at the Northwest corner of the bottom level.  Head down 
the hall past the enemies and into the double doors for a scene.

Proceed through the doors on your left and pick up the two items, 'TMP Ammo 
(50)' and 'Green Herb.'  Read the memo beside you sitting on the rock.  
Opposite these is the merchant and down a thin path beside the door you came 
from are two barrels each with '5000 Ptas.'  Now head South through the door 
at the bottom.  When you come to a fork take the path Northwest and go into 
the door.  You will find yourself back in the large room where you rescued 
Ashley.  Pick up the 'Shotgun Shells (10)' by the computer and follow the 
North ramp all the way up into an office where you will find 'Magnum Ammo 
(5)' and a 'Red Herb.'  Now return down the Southern ramp to the previous 
room.  This time at the fork go right (South) and into the large arch shaped 
doors, watch the scene here and the end of the second last chapter.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Final Chapter                     |
       (0000J)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Leave this room via the South hallway.  At 
|                              |  the top of the stairs you will find a 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  'Yellow Herb,' 'Shotgun Shells (10)' and the 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  final memo.  Through the door is the final 
| Green Herb............._____ |  merchant, and you guessed it too, the final 
| Rocket Launcher........_____ |  save point.  Make any of the last minute 
| Jet-Ski Key............_____ |  purchases you may need, unload all your 
| Shotgun Shells........._____ |  money.  Grab the 'Green Herb' on the ground, 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  and break the nearby crates.  Descend the 
| Green Herb............._____ |  stairs and watch the scene, hopefully you 
| Magnum Ammo............_____ |  are prepared for...
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  
|                              |  
o- Boss (Saddler) -----------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| Damaging Saddler is an ordeal in itself.  He doesn't take damage normally  |
| from weapon attacks, but instead you use them to expose his weak point and |
| then go in from there.  There are four eyeballs on his four legs, each     |
| time you destroy one of them he drops down.  At this point run up to him   |
| and press the A button to do a big eye stab.  You'll have to do this eye   |
| stab about eight times, and since he only has four legs you will need to   |
| find other ways of crippling him.  The next way to do it is the large      |
| switch located at the South end of the platform.  Climb up and press A     |
| to put your hand on it, then A again to swing some steel beams toward the  |
| boss.  Make sure he is as close to you as possible before trying this and  |
| it gives you a great oppurtunity to go in for another eye stab.  The next  |
| way is of course using those conveniently placed red barrels to blow up    |
| when he goes by, this too will knock him down.  Basically any explosive    |
| can be used such as grenades, Rocket Launcher and such.  There's a whole   |
| other section of platform opposite this one connected by a removable       |
| bridge.  Check the light beside the bridges, when it's red you can't cross |
| but when it's green you only have a limited amount of time to cross before |
| you have to hit the dodge buttons and jump to the other side.  Now on to   |
| Saddler's attacks, each one is powerful but should be quite easy to endure |
| as long as you have the vest.  One of the most dangerous ones is just the  |
| fact that his tail is made of tons of spiky tentacles and he doesn't even  |
| have to be attacking to hurt you.  This means that under no circumstances  |
| should to try to run underneath him, always go around.  After about eight  |
| eye stabs Ada will throw you a 'Rocket Launcher (Special).'  Make room for |
| it in your inventory and use one of the conventional methods of knocking   |
| the boss down.  Instead of running up to him, equip the Rocket Launcher,   |
| take aim and fire and the centre.  Nothing left but a scene.               |
|                                                                            |

Once the scene is over you receive 'Jet-Ski Key.'  Hopefully you picked up 
most of the items during the boss fight because you have a strict time limit 
now and it isn't worth your trouble.  Just for the record though if you're a 
completionist, you can find 'Shotgun Shells (10),' 'Handgun Ammo (10),' 'Green 
Herb,' 'Magnum Ammo (3),' and a 'Hand Grenade' in this area.  Quickly run to 
the elevator and ride it back down again, there's a scene at the bottom.  Run 
through the tunnel and when you jump, be sure to wait and catch Ashley.  
There's a Jet-Ski at the end, I don't have to tell you which key to use to 
start it.  For the remainder of the game it's just a matter of do or die, you 
won't have time to look down and read this so just play it by ear, it's not 
hard and you'll likely be able to do it on your first try.  When you finally 
navigate through the long tunnel, it means the end of all your hard work.

Now sit back and enjoy the ending.

You beat the game.  Good job!                  


Remember to save your completion data on a separate file, and there's a bonus 
little scene after the credits roll so don't leave the room!  You've unlocked 
the ability to buy some new weapons from the merchant on a new file, and also 
a special mission involving Ada is available at the title screen, along with 
the special Mercenaries missions which pit you against hordes of enemies!

|                                Extra Material                      (00010) |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Assignment Ada                     |
       (00011)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

                                  To unlock this mission beat the game once.

o------- Item Checklist -------o  Your mission is to cellect five Plaga 
|                              |  samples and make it to the rendezvous point.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Follow the path down until you come to the 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  fork, then take the left branch.  Watch out 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  for enemies but be conservative with ammo, 
| Green Herb............._____ |  try to use kicks as often as possible.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Climb up to the second ledge and shoot the 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  crates to expose their contents, you don't 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  have a knife so there's no other 
| Green Herb............._____ |  alternative.  Head back to the fork and go 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  West, jump across the small crevasse.  Pick 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  up the 'Handgun Ammo (10)' from the crate.  
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  Jump through the window on your right and 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  climb the ladder, at the top there's a can 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  of 'First Aid Spray' which you will 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  definitely need.  Hop down and run West into 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the small enclosure to find 'TMP Ammo 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  (25).'  Right about now the gatling gun 
| Green Herb............._____ |  wielding enemy will pop out, run out of the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  room and turn left to find a 'Green Herb' 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  and a box to hide behind.  Turn around and 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  run into the Northwest room and get the 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  'Handgun Ammo (10),' then climb the ladder 
| Plaga Sample..........._____ |  on the back of this room to get 'Rifle Ammo 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  (5).'  From the roof start sniping enemies 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  as best you can, especially one of the many 
| Green Herb............._____ |  wielding a crossbow.  Blast the gatling 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  gunner as well from this perch.
| Plaga Sample..........._____ |  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Head toward the Northeast door now, just 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  before the stairs you can find 'TMP Ammo 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  (25),' and to the left of the stairs is 
| Green Herb............._____ |  'Green Herb.'  Just as you go through the 
| Hand Grenade..........._____ |  door jump over the small barrier and pick up 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  the 'Yellow Herb' on the other side.  Run 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  to the South end being watchful of crossbow 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  enemies, make sure to get the 'Red Herb' 
| Plaga Sample..........._____ |  from the Southern corner before climbing up 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  the ladder.  Make a left at the top and beak 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the two barrels.  Jump across the edge to 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  the North end, don't waste too much ammo 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  here.  Aim for the head and try to kick 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  enemies off the edge.  If you make a right 
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  and go into the cave area you can find 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the table and a 
| Green Herb............._____ |  'Yellow Herb' at the South end, and a 'Hand 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  Grenade' in the chest at the other end past 
| Green Herb............._____ |  the red barrel.  Return to the main path and 
| Red Herb..............._____ |  make your way Northeast.
| Yellow Herb............_____ |  
| Plaga Sample..........._____ |  Stand behind the boxes and pull out your 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  rifle, if you left anyone alive behind you 
| Rifle Ammo............._____ |  this may be a problem because you won't be 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  paying attention.  Aim up directly ahead of 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  you and blast the red barrel on the bridge.  
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  Take out the guy throwing dynamite and 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  anyone on ground level.  Point your 
| TMP Ammo..............._____ |  crosshairs up the main path and snipe 
| Handgun Ammo..........._____ |  anybody that you see up at the top.  When 
| First Aid Spray........_____ |  you think you're ready to go take a few 
| Plaga Sample..........._____ |  steps up the main path and get the 'TMP Ammo 
|                              |  (25)' off the crate, then turn around and 
o------------------------------o  take the left branch into the cave.  At the 
                                  end of this path you will find a 'Red 
Herb.'  As you go back across the bridge jump down and proceed North.  As you 
navigate the tunnel, pick up the 'Green Herb' off the table on your left.  
There's a package of 'Rifle Ammo (5)' on the crate just beyond this and a 
ladder to climb on your left.  Examine the open ventilation shaft to enter.

You start this area at a fork so run North and descend the stairs.  At the 
bottom check the small room on your right for 'TMP Ammo (25)' and break the 
crate.  Backtrack to the fork where you came in and run South, picking up the 
'Green Herb' against the wall beside the yellow barrels.  Make a left and open 
the red cupboard to receive 'Handgun Ammo (10).'  Continue to follow this 
path, break the crate on the left shelf when the hall turns South and enter 
the autopsy room at the end.  There are two enemies in the small autopsy area, 
equip your Rifle and snipe them through the glass.  Get the 'TMP Ammo (25)' 
off the desk in front of you.  Now go into that small room and break the glass 
to find 'Yellow Herb.'  The East door will open without any effort, snipe the 
guy at the other end before he sees you but don't aim for the head.  Grab the 
'Handgun Ammo (10)' off the bed on your left and the 'Plaga Sample' from the 
corpse on the ground.  Watch out for the three electric baton wielding enemies 
when you try to leave.  Return to the main hall once again.

Proceed through the gate to the West, open the red cupboard at the far West 
end to find 'Red Herb.'  Watch out for the guy with the crossbow to the South, 
get past him and open the suitcase to find 'TMP Ammo (25).'  Go into the 
freezer room to the North.  There's a 'Green Herb' sitting on the crates to 
your left, and a 'Hand Grenade' if you break the glass of the North shelf 
unit.  Pick up the 'Rifle Ammo (5)' in the Southeast room and then open the 
Northeast freezer to get your second 'Plaga Sample.'  Exit this room and make 
your way toward the Northwest door but watch out for all the new enemies.  
Equip your Rifle for a one shot kill against the large armored guys, and get 
to the door as fast as you can.  Proceed down the hall and grab the 'Handgun 
Ammo (10)' at the end.  In the next room eliminate the two enemies and pick up 
the 'Rifle Ammo (5)' from the desk.  Whipe out your Rifle and begin sniping 
the enemies down below.  To be safest stand at the opposite end of the room 
from the window and take out the crossbow enemies quickly before the gattling 
gunner, however if the gattling gunner is alerted then he takes top priority.  
He is fully capable of aiming up toward the room.  Now leave to the East.

When you get to the bottom you may encounter two dynamite enemies, once they 
see you turn around and run so that they'll probably kill themselves.  Pick up 
the 'Red Herb' behind one of the dumpsters and head through the Southeast 
door.  There's a 'Green Herb' directly in front of you here, and some 'TMP 
Ammo (25)' up on the table in the office.  They'll lock you in here so whip 
out the TMP and begin defending yourself.  Remember to aim for the legs and 
then kick them.  Press the button on the computer panel to unlock the door and 
trigger a whole bunch of new enemies.  Many of them will spawn parasitic faces 
so when this happens try to run over to the locker corner and quickly snipe 
their heads with your Rifle.  Proceed through the door you unlocked.

Head up and left.  In the red cupboard you will find the 'Hand Grenade,' and a 
'Yellow Herb' on the ground just to the right.  Approach the cell where Ashley 
was being held but don't open the door, instead fire through the viewing 
window.  If quite a few enemies congregate around the door you may want to try 
a Hand Grenade here.  In the room there is 'Handgun Ammo (10)' on the table 
and 'TMP Ammo (25)' below that.  Check the suitcase in the corner for the 
third 'Plaga Sample.'  Leave the room and head North.  In the next area you 
will be attacked by about five enemies or so, but they're spread out so the 
Handgun works fine.  Get the 'TMP Ammo (25)' off the desk beside the door and 
the 'Green Herb' on the left desk just before the stairs.  At the bottom you 
will see a conspicuous 'Red Herb' on your left, and a box of 'Handgun Ammo 
(10)' sits on the windowsill right behind it.  Try to go through the door and 
suddenly you'll be ambushed by a number of enemies including a gatling gunner.  
He is most likely going to end up wasting all his own men anyway, but a single 
Hand Grenade would be a good idea.  Try throwing one so that he is affected by 
it, then run up the stairs and pull out your Rifle.  Aim for his head and you 
should be able to kill him by sniping him in the face each time he stands up 
again.  When he dies pick up the 'First Aid Spray' that he drops and then the 
door that was locked before becomes accessable.  Head through it.

Equip the TMP and defend yourself from the onslaught.  As you approach the 
lower doors two dynamite wielding enemies appear, kill one of them with the 
TMP and he explodes killing the other.  Enter Southern room that they came 
from and pick up the 'Yellow Herb' and a 'TMP Ammo (25)' off the table.Proceed 
East through the door.  In the next room you will find an enemy and a 'Green 
Herb' on the table.  Go South and fire at the electric baton guys thorugh the 
window.  Take the South hall and pick up the 'TMP Ammo (25)' off the boxes on 
your left.  Once you're inside the lab section, check the shelf on your left 
to find one of each 'Green Herb,' 'Red Herb,' and 'Yellow Herb.'  Break the 
upper of the two large cylinders to find 'Plaga Sample' inside.  Break the 
glass on your right to find two sets of 'Rifle Ammo (5),' two sets of 'TMP 
Ammo (25),' and two sets of 'Handgun Ammo (10).' At the upper left corner is 
another box of 'TMP Ammo (25).'  get ready for the oncoming enemy attack as 
they jump through the window.  Once you dealt with them, jump through the 
window yourself and check the suitcase on the West side for 'Handgun Ammo 
(10).'  To the right is a security control panel, operate it to unlock the 
doors.  Now make your way South and watch for the new set of oncoming enemies.  
The large armoured guy drops 'First Aid Spray.'  Make your way to the 
Southeast door and blast the enemies.  Leave the lab area now to the East.
Run down to the end of the walkway and break open the barrels.

o- Boss (Krauser) -----------------------------------------------------------o
|                                                                            |
| This version of Krauser is actually harder than the one you fought as      |
| Leon because of your limited equipment.  Fortunately this is balanced      |
| because he doesn't have nearly as much health either.  You need to be      |
| constantly running from one end to the other and holding down so that you  |
| are moving backward almost all the time.  When he's coming at you or       |
| stationary for a moment use this time to fill his kneecaps full of TMP     |
| ammunition.  It takes quite a bit to knock him down, but when you do, in   |
| order to deal as much damage as possible your best bet is to whip out the  |
| Rifle and try and see if you can connect a hit with his upper body, don't  |
| worry about trying to aim for the head.  Also for this fight if you have   |
| any Hand Grenades left over there could be no better time to use them.     |
| Dodge his attacks with the appropriate dodge buttons and avoid his close   |
| range attacks by backstepping or turning around and running.  When you     |
| eventually manage to win the fight he disappears and leave 'Plaga Sample.' |
|                                                                            |

With all five of them in your inventory ride the elevator up to the tower 
section and examine the panel to contact the chopper for a scene.  For 
completing the assignment you unlock the ability to buy the 'Chicago 
Typewriter' from the merchant in the main game.  This is an infinite ammo 
machine gun with some serious power, it costs 1,000,000 but worth every Ptas.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      The Mercenaries                    |
       (00012)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Once the game has been completed a new option appears on the title screen.  
"The Mercenaries" is a minigame which first appeared in Resident Evil 3 which 
pits you against a ton of enemies with a time limit and rewards you based on a 
point system.  Basically it's just a mode to see how proficient a killer you 
are.  There are a number of things to unlock from playing this mode, most of 
them only directly affect the Mercenaries game iteself, but you can also 
unlock the Handcannon in the main game, which is an infinite ammo super 
powerful magnum.

There are four levels, Village, Castle, Island and Waterworld.  In order to 
unlock the four characters you must perform well in all the maps, well enough 
to get a minimum four star rating out of five.  A four start rating is 
approximately a score higher than 30,000.  In each map you are started at a 
randomly generated start point.  The battles themselves are basically just big 
free-for-alls so a comcrete walkthrough is pointless, however I can do my best 
to outline the strategies to achieve the four star ranks on each map in the 
order that I personally unlocked each one.  Before that however I'll outline 
the most basic on concepts that apply to each level.

The idea here is obviously to rack up as many points as possible within the 
time limit.  Points are accumulated by killing enemies, the more enemies you 
kill the more points you get.  Another system which is in place is the "in a 
row" system which means the faster you kill enemies the more points you'll get 
as well.  At the top right of your screen keep an eye on the amount of enemies 
you've killed in a row, when it starts to flash it means you've gone too long 
without killing an enemy and you are about to lose your bonus.  If you kill an 
enemy while it is still flashing it will increase and go back to solid colour, 
if you can't kill an enemy it will return to zero and give you a point bonus 
based on how long your streak was.  Each level is also occupied by a special 
super hard enemy, these enemies when killed give you much more points than the 
normal enemies and also usually drop helpful items.  The final thing to note 
is that your time limit is not a static unchanging value (besides going down 
that is.)  There are numerous time bonuses throughout each level that you can 
go and pick up.  Sometimes the time it takes to go find these bonuses is worth 
it since they give quite good bonuses of 30 seconds and up.  To locate these 
in each level take a look at your map, they are marked with a white star.  Be 
sure to go looking for them when you're about to run out of time, you can rack 
up a lot more points in thirty seconds.  One more thing to note is that the 
levels also contain special treasure boxes with bonuses inside that will 
increase the score you get for every enemy you kill in the next thirty 
seconds.  Seek them out!  Now for the individual levels, even if you didn't 
choose the same character, most tactics still apply:

| The Island |

For this I chose the only character I had available to me at the start, Leon 
Kennedy.  Start off by using the Handgun and aiming for headshots, then 
kicking the enemies as much as possible.  This tactic should be used to start 
but not very long.  By the time about four or so enemies have appeared you'll 
need to drop the Handgun and switch over to the Shotgun.  You should be able 
to use the Shotgun for the rest of the battle as long as you are willing to 
take the time to pick up all the ammunition from the enemy drops.  Do your 
best to get the enemies to gather together and then aim a head level shot into 
the crowd.  Continue to do this while staying around the beginning area, soon 
enough a gatling gunner will drop, he is the powerful enemy of this level so 
you are going to want to take him out for the point bonus.  Approach him close 
enough to get a decent shot in, but not so close that he starts to use his 
melee attack.  Blast him in the head and while he is staggering, use the time 
to make sure you aren't going to be attacked from behind.  If you have any 
grenades or access to red exploding barrels take advantage of it and use them 
for extra damage.  When you drop the gatling gunner now would be a good time 
to start hunting for time bonuses.  Drop down and follow the little tunnel 
which will lead you up past a good two or three of them and maybe some 
ammunition along the way.  For the remainder of the time blast normal enemies 
at a good contant pace.  Try to position yourself in the long dead end tunnel 
near the gate so that you'll have a big crowd of enemies which you can take 
out with a single grenade.  With this you should be able to get a four star 
ranking at least, which unlocks the special Umbrella agent HUNK for use in 
other Mercenaries levels.

| The Village |

I chose to take on the Village with HUNK, his plethora of grenades will be 
helpful and you'll know why in a bit.  HUNK is a great character because his 
melee attack that replaces Leon's kick is a neck snap which has a 100% kill 
rate.  Combined with his submachine gun which is able to quickly snipe across 
the villager's head level it makes the beginning of the fight rather easy.  
While you won't be killing mass amount of enemies at the start, shotting them 
in the head and breaking their neck will give you consistency which can easily 
maintain your number of kills in a row for quite some time.  Forget about the 
grenades that you have for now and use this tactic for awhile, however at some 
point you are just going to be too overwhelmed with enemies for this to remain 
practical.  At this point back yourself in a corner and just let loose 
everything you gun has into the crowd.  It may seem like a good time for a 
Hand Grenade, and in fact it probably is but it's preferable not to use any.  
If you have to just use one.  When you've thinned the crown a bit start 
running around the map and collecting the time bonuses, the one in the 
Northwest house in particular is great because it give syou 90 seconds, and 
the red barrel beside it gives you means to eliminate any followers.  About 
this point or maybe even before this you are bound to hear the roar of 
chainsaws.  This is why you've been saving grenades.  Not one, or two but 
three crazy chainsaw ladies are running around here.  You're not likely to 
find them all in the same place but be careful.  The best tactic is to run to 
the Southwest path which is quite tight even though it leaves you open in the 
back.  Lead the chainsaw ladies and any villagers who follow about halfway up 
this path and then let loose a grenade.  Check your back and if there's no one 
there wait until they get up to throw another.  This should leave you fairly 
safe.  With that much damage, unload about half a clip of your TMP into one of 
the chainsaw ladies on the ground, then try the same for the other but you may 
have to do it while she runs at you.  If you've maintained consistency you 
should have quite a big bonus by now and the four star ranking will be 
achieved.  Also note that HUNK is able to break the necks of the chainsaw 
women, very helpful indeed.  For this you unlock Ada Wong for Mercenaries.

| The Castle |

For this next assignment I chose Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2.  She comes 
equipped with a TMP just like HUNK, but unlike hunk she also has a Rifle 
(Semi-Auto) in her inventory at the expense of a crappy melee attack, which is 
okay because you won't be using it.  At the beginning of this battle to be 
honest I would recommend whipping out the Rifle.  Find yourself a corner where 
you are safe, assuming you're on the lower floor, to upper corner near the 
barrels works well, then just start sniping enemies as they come.  Try and hit 
rows of them since the Rifle bullets can penetrate more than one, but never 
aim for the head since many of the enemies who chase you will be the armoured 
skull cultists.  Like the other two levels it probably won't take long for 
them to come in either overwhelming numbers, or for your to run out of ammo.  
Or both.  Now take advantage of all those Incendiary Grenades you have in your 
inventory, they should serve as one hit kills for these enemies so don't throw 
more than one at a time.  After a couple of these you'll probably notice most 
of the enemies are gone and unlike other levels, you'll need to go looking 
youself.  CLimb the stairs to the upper level and position yourself against 
the castle wall in the far corner.  The reason you want to do this is that 
there is a crossbow wielding cultist above and unless you've killed him he's 
just going to keep hitting you.  From here pick up any available Rifle ammo 
and snipe the enemies as they keep coming up the stairs.  Soon the super enemy 
of this level will appear, one of the blind prisoners.  He will make a mad 
dash right for your position which is fine, run out of the way and start 
around the middle area, as long as the platform isn't overrun with enemies you 
should be safe.  With Ada's Rifle it only takes a single hit to the parasite 
on his back to kill him so as he is swinging his arms wildly, he is exposing 
his back with every torso twist.  Fire at the sides of him where the parasite 
will be visible and on at least one of your shots you should manage to hit it.  
This will rack up the big points, especially going along with all the combos 
you got from continuous sniping.  For the remainder of the fight, spend it 
searching for time bonuses and blasting enemies with the TMP or using 
Incendiary Grenades on groups, forget the Rifle at this point unless you want 
to snipe that crossbow guy.  For getting a four star ranking on this map you 
unlock Jack Krauser for use in the Mercenaries.

| The Waterworld |

This is the one original map that you didn't see anywhere in the main game, 
quite a nice place too.  I wouldn't select anyone other than Jack Krauser 
here, it's exponentially harder than all the other levels and is almost an 
entirely separate experience.  Jack Krauser is an incredible character, not 
only does he have an awesome bow which does not require long reload times, 
it's also an instant kill weapon 95% of the time.  Since it's his only weapon 
just about every item you pick up is ammo for it, so you'll rarely have to 
worry about ammo.  If this isn't enough for you his melee attack is virtually 
an instant kill as well, and since it's a kick it hits multiple enemies.  
Aside from this the best part still remains, he has another instant kill 
attack!  As time passes his arm will begin to charge into a red colour, when 
it does press the X button and it transforms into a giant blade.  Use the 
analog stick to aim him and press A to do a lunging death attack that smashes 
all in his path.  Now that you know how to use the character we need to get to 
the level itself.  It's huge compared to the other maps and full of time 
bonuses and other items on three different altitudes of play.  Ladders are 
everywhere and so are explosive red barrels.  With all these advantages 
there's some painful disadvantages too.  The enemies here wield shields, 
dynamite and even rocket launchers!  If you stand in one spot for too long you 
risk being rocketed from halfway across the map.  Secondly the super hard 
enemy of this area is one you never even saw in the main game, it's a 
gargantuan seven foot tall chainsaw maniac, with a dual bladed chainsaw.  
Unlike the other chainsaw enemies he doesn't even have any attacks, his 
running animations is an attack, he swings the thing so wildly and so fast 
that even standing in the same room as this guy could mean instant death at 
any point.  On top of this there are two of them, however I've never had to 
face both of them at the same time, they start on opposite ends of the map.  
Killing these enemies will take all the cunning you have, the instant kill bow 
is reduced to nothing when used on this guy, it usually takes two or more 
shots to even stun him.  If you knock him down fire arrows at him like there's 
no tomorrow, but these still remain poor ways to deal with him.  The best ways 
involve explosives, Hand Grenades can be found on this map, and so can red 
barrels all over.  Surprisingly one of the best ways to deal with him is to 
kill a nearby dynamite enemy so that he blows up in chainsaw mans face.  All 
the while you have to be concentrating on firing at the enemies surrounding 
you, don't expect to see an end to their attacks.  Fortunately this dynamite 
principle extends beyond the boss to another great way to rack up combos.  
Even if you are nowhere near the enemies if they blow themselves up you get 
the kills for it.  Use this to your advantage and try to kill them in large 
groups for big combos.  There are time bonuses all over the place and at least 
three chests with kill bonuses, use all of these to your advantage and 
remember to use your X attack almost immediately when it becomes available.  
If there's a large group of enemies it can boost your score by outrageous 
amounts, and if the chainsaw guy is running toward you, what better way to 
deal with him than a flaying blade lunge.  For managing to get a four star 
ranking (using Krauser I got 85,000 after only a couple tries) you get to 
unlock the infamours Albert Wesker for use in the Mercenaries.

The four characters that can be unlocked are Ada Wong for beating the village, 
Jack Krauser for beating the castle, HUNK for beating the island and Albert 
Wesker for beating the Waterworld.  To unlock the Handcannon in the main game 
you must successfully get a five star rating on every level, with every 
character!  For the mathematically challenged, that's a total of 20 five star 
ratings you have to get.  Good luck.

Each bonus character has their own unique melee attacks and some even have 
unique weapons like Krauser's bow or Wesker's silenced pistol.  The equipment 
you start with for each character is as follows:

Leon Kennedy                            Ada Wong
 - Blacktail                             - Punisher
 - Riot Gun                              - TMP
 - Handgun Ammo (30)                     - Rifle (Semi-Auto)
 - Shotgun Shells (10)                   - Scope (Rifle Semi-Auto)
 - First Aid Spray                       - Handgun Ammo (30)
                                         - TMP Ammo (100)
Jack Krauser                             - Rifle Ammo (5)
 - Bow                                   - Incendiary Grenade (3)
 - Arrows (30)                           - First Aid Spray
 - Flash Grenade (4)
 - First Aid Spray                      HUNK
                                         - TMP
Albert Wesker                            - TMP Ammo (75)
 - Handgun                               - Hand Grenade (3)
 - Handgun Silencer                      - First Aid Spray
 - Killer7
 - Rifle (Semi-Auto)
 - Hand Grenade (4)
 - Flash Grenade (3)
 - Incendiary Grenade (1)
 - First Aid Spray

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Shooting Range                     |
       (00013)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

You will notice in quite a few places in the game where you find the merchant, 
you will also find the shooting gallery.  There are five shooting galleries in 
the game and four different game types, type A, B, C and D.  The basic idea 
for this game is that if you score over 3000 points you will get a prize, and 
there are six prizes per game type.  Every time you score over 3000 the 
diffuculty increases just a little bit.  On each level of diffuculty there is 
one special prize to win for scoring over 4000 points or hitting every single 
target.  Note that every time you score above 3000 it gets more diffucult, so 
if you keep getting scoes in the 3000 range it's just going to get harder and 
harder so always aim to get the rare prize first and then go for all the rest.  

The game itself is pretty straightforward.  Shoot the targets to get points, 
there are men and women villagers targets.  Bodies on both are worth 50 
points.  Head shots on men are worth 100 points and head shots on women are 
worth 200 points.  When you hit five targets in a row without missing a little 
pod will appear in the background.  Shoot it before it goes away for 500 
points.  If you see an Ashley target appear, avoid shooting it otherwise 
accept the 1000 point deduction.  Your prizes come in the form of bottlecaps 
which can be viewed in the treasure menu.  Each time you collect all six 
bottlecaps on a row you get a special cash prize, they are as follows:

Type A: 15,000 ptas                     Type C: 35,000 Ptas
Type B: 25,000 Ptas                     Type D: 50,000 Ptas

|                              Items & Equipment                     (00100) |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                         Handguns                        |
       (00101)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
| Name: Handgun                      | | Name: Red9                          |
| Price: 8000                        | | Price: 14,000                       |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Firepower:      | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 1.0       |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 1.4       |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 1.2       |  Lv2: 7000       | |  Lv2: 1.7       |  Lv2: 15,000      |
|  Lv3: 1.4       |  Lv3: 10,000     | |  Lv3: 2.0       |  Lv3: 20,000      |
|  Lv4: 1.6       |  Lv4: 15,000     | |  Lv4: 2.4       |  Lv4: 24,000      |
|  Lv5: 1.8       |  Lv5: 18,000     | |  Lv5: 2.8       |  Lv5: 28,000      |
|  Lv6: 2.0       |  Lv6: 20,000     | |  Lv6: 3.5       |  Lv6: 45,000      |
|  Exc: 2.0       |  Exc: 57,000     | |  Exc: 5.0       |  Exc: 80,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Firing Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.47      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 0.53      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 0.40      |  Lv2: 5000       | |  Lv2: 0.47      |  Lv2: 10,000      |
|  Lv3: 0.33      |  Lv3: 12,000     | |  Lv3: 0.40      |  Lv3: 15,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Reload Speed:   | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 1.73      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 2.37      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 1.47      |  Lv2: 4000       | |  Lv2: 2.20      |  Lv2: 6000        |
|  Lv3: 0.87      |  Lv3: 10,000     | |  Lv3: 1.67      |  Lv3: 10,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Capacity:       | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 10        |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 8         |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 13        |  Lv2: 4000       | |  Lv2: 10        |  Lv2: 6000        |
|  Lv3: 16        |  Lv3: 6000       | |  Lv3: 12        |  Lv3: 8000        |
|  Lv4: 19        |  Lv4: 8000       | |  Lv4: 15        |  Lv4: 12,000      |
|  Lv5: 22        |  Lv5: 10,000     | |  Lv5: 18        |  Lv5: 16,000      |
|  Lv6: 25        |  Lv6: 12,000     | |  Lv6: 22        |  Lv6: 22,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o

o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
| Name: Punisher                     | | Name: Blacktail                     |
| Price: 20,000                      | | Price: 24,000                       |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Firepower:      | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.9       |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 1.6       |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 1.1       |  Lv2: 10,000     | |  Lv2: 1.8       |  Lv2: 15,000      |
|  Lv3: 1.3       |  Lv3: 15,000     | |  Lv3: 2.0       |  Lv3: 18,000      |
|  Lv4: 1.5       |  Lv4: 20,000     | |  Lv4: 2.3       |  Lv4: 24,000      |
|  Lv5: 1.7       |  Lv5: 25,000     | |  Lv5: 2.7       |  Lv5: 30,000      |
|  Lv6: 1.9       |  Lv6: 35,000     | |  Lv6: 3.0       |  Lv6: 40,000      |
|  Exc:  -        |  Exc: 40,000     | |  Exc: 3.4       |  Exc: 80,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Firing Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.47      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 0.47      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 0.40      |  Lv2: 10,000     | |  Lv2: 0.40      |  Lv2: 10,000      |
|  Lv3: 0.33      |  Lv3: 20,000     | |  Lv3: 0.27      |  Lv3: 20,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Reload Speed:   | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 1.70      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 1.70      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 1.47      |  Lv2: 8000       | |  Lv2: 1.47      |  Lv2: 8000        |
|  Lv3: 0.83      |  Lv3: 18,000     | |  Lv3: 0.83      |  Lv3: 15,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Capacity:       | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 10        |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 15        |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 13        |  Lv2: 8000       | |  Lv2: 18        |  Lv2: 8000        |
|  Lv3: 16        |  Lv3: 10,000     | |  Lv3: 21        |  Lv3: 10,000      |
|  Lv4: 20        |  Lv4: 15,000     | |  Lv4: 25        |  Lv4: 15,000      |
|  Lv5: 24        |  Lv5: 18,000     | |  Lv5: 30        |  Lv5: 20,000      |
|  Lv6: 28        |  Lv6: 24,000     | |  Lv6: 35        |  Lv6: 25,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o

| Name: Matilda                                                              |
| Price: 70,000                                                              |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|  Exc:  -        |  Exc:  -         | |                 |                   |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                         Shotguns                        |
       (00102)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
| Name: Shotgun                      | | Name: Riot Gun                      |
| Price: 20,000                      | | Price: 32,000                       |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Firepower:      | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 4.0       |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 5.0       |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 4.5       |  Lv2: 15,000     | |  Lv2: 5.5       |  Lv2: 20,000      |
|  Lv3: 5.0       |  Lv3: 20,000     | |  Lv3: 6.0       |  Lv3: 24,000      |
|  Lv4: 6.0       |  Lv4: 25,000     | |  Lv4: 6.5       |  Lv4: 28,000      |
|  Lv5: 7.0       |  Lv5: 30,000     | |  Lv5: 7.0       |  Lv5: 32,000      |
|  Lv6: 8.0       |  Lv6: 45,000     | |  Lv6: 8.0       |  Lv6: 50,000      |
|  Exc: 8.0       |  Exc: 90,000     | |  Exc: 10.0      |  Exc: 120,000     |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Firing Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 1.53      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 1.53      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Reload Speed:   | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 3.03      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 3.03      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 2.43      |  Lv2: 7000       | |  Lv2: 2.43      |  Lv2: 7000        |
|  Lv3: 1.50      |  Lv3: 15,000     | |  Lv3: 1.50      |  Lv3: 20,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Capacity:       | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 6         |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 7         |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 8         |  Lv2: 8000       | |  Lv2: 9         |  Lv2: 10,000      |
|  Lv3: 10        |  Lv3: 10,000     | |  Lv3: 11        |  Lv3: 12,000      |
|  Lv4: 12        |  Lv4: 12,000     | |  Lv4: 13        |  Lv4: 15,000      |
|  Lv5: 15        |  Lv5: 15,000     | |  Lv5: 15        |  Lv5: 20,000      |
|  Lv6: 18        |  Lv6: 20,000     | |  Lv6: 17        |  Lv6: 25,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o

| Name: Striker                                                              |
| Price: 43,000                                                              |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 6.0       |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 3.00      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 7.0       |  Lv2: 25,000     | |  Lv2: 2.40      |  Lv2: 8000        |
|  Lv3: 8.0       |  Lv3: 28,000     | |  Lv3: 1.50      |  Lv3: 15,000      |
|  Lv4: 9.0       |  Lv4: 32,000     | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5: 10.0      |  Lv5: 40,000     | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6: 12.0      |  Lv6: 60,000     | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.73      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 12        |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2: 14        |  Lv2: 10,000      |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3: 16        |  Lv3: 12,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4: 20        |  Lv4: 16,000      |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5: 24        |  Lv5: 18,000      |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6: 28        |  Lv6: 25,000      |
|                 |                  | |  Exc: 100       |  Exc: 60,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                         Magnums                         |
       (00103)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
| Name: Broken Butterfly             | | Name: Killer7                       |
| Price: 38,000                      | | Price: 77,700                       |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Firepower:      | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 13.0      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 25.0      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 15.0      |  Lv2: 25,000     | |  Lv2: 30.0      |  Lv2: 62,000      |
|  Lv3: 17.0      |  Lv3: 30,000     | |  Lv3: 35.0      |  Lv3: 78,000      |
|  Lv4: 20.0      |  Lv4: 35,000     | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5: 24.0      |  Lv5: 50,000     | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6: 28.0      |  Lv6: 70,000     | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|  Exc: 50.0      |  Exc: 150,000    | |  Exc:  -        |  Exc:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Firing Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.70      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 0.70      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Reload Speed:   | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 3.67      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 1.83      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 3.00      |  Lv2: 15,000     | |  Lv2: 1.53      |  Lv2: 20,000      |
|  Lv3: 2.33      |  Lv3: 20,000     | |  Lv3: 0.93      |  Lv3: 30,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Capacity:       | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 6         |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 7         |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 8         |  Lv2: 15,000     | |  Lv2: 10        |  Lv2: 30,000      |
|  Lv3: 10        |  Lv3: 20,000     | |  Lv3: 14        |  Lv3: 40,000      |
|  Lv4: 12        |  Lv4: 25,000     | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o

| Name: Handcannon                                                           |
| Price: 0                                                                   |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|  Exc:  -        |  Exc:  -         | |                 |                   |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1:  -        |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                          Rifles                         |
       (00104)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
| Name: Rifle                        | | Name: Rifle (Semi-Auto)             |
| Price: 12,000                      | | Price: 35,000                       |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Firepower:      | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 4.0       |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 7.0       |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 5.0       |  Lv2: 10,000     | |  Lv2: 8.0       |  Lv2: 15,000      |
|  Lv3: 6.0       |  Lv3: 12,000     | |  Lv3: 9.0       |  Lv3: 18,000      |
|  Lv4: 8.0       |  Lv4: 20,000     | |  Lv4: 11.0      |  Lv4: 24,000      |
|  Lv5: 10.0      |  Lv5: 25,000     | |  Lv5: 13.0      |  Lv5: 30,000      |
|  Lv6: 12.0      |  Lv6: 35,000     | |  Lv6: 15.0      |  Lv6: 40,000      |
|  Exc: 18.0      |  Exc: 80,000     | |                 |                   |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Firing Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.67      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 1.43      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |  Exc: 0.40      |  Exc: 80,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Reload Speed:   | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 4.00      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 2.33      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 3.23      |  Lv2: 8000       | |  Lv2: 1.90      |  Lv2: 9000        |
|  Lv3: 2.33      |  Lv3: 18,000     | |  Lv3: 1.33      |  Lv3: 18,000      |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Capacity:       | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 5         |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 10        |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 7         |  Lv2: 6000       | |  Lv2: 12        |  Lv2: 10,000      |
|  Lv3: 9         |  Lv3: 8000       | |  Lv3: 14        |  Lv3: 12,000      |
|  Lv4: 12        |  Lv4: 12,000     | |  Lv4: 17        |  Lv4: 15,000      |
|  Lv5: 15        |  Lv5: 18,000     | |  Lv5: 20        |  Lv5: 20,000      |
|  Lv6: 18        |  Lv6: 25,000     | |  Lv6: 24        |  Lv6: 25,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Miscellaneous                      |
       (00105)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
| Name: TMP                          | | Name: Mine Thrower                  |
| Price: 15,000                      | | Price: 28,000                       |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firepower:      | Cost:            | | Firepower:      | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.4       |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 2.0       |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 0.5       |  Lv2: 7000       | |  Lv2: 4.0       |  Lv2: 25,000      |
|  Lv3: 0.6       |  Lv3: 14,000     | |  Lv3: 6.0       |  Lv3: 45,000      |
|  Lv4: 0.8       |  Lv4: 18,000     | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5: 1.0       |  Lv5: 24,000     | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6: 1.2       |  Lv6: 35,000     | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|  Exc: 1.8       |  Exc: 100,000    | |  Exc: 6.0       |  Exc: 30,000      |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Firing Speed:   | Cost:            | | Firing Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 0.10      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 1.33      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -         | |  Lv2:  -        |  Lv2:  -          |
|  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -         | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Reload Speed:   | Cost:            | | Reload Speed:   | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 2.37      |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 3.43      |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 1.93      |  Lv2: 5000       | |  Lv2: 2.57      |  Lv2: 18,000      |
|  Lv3: 1.17      |  Lv3: 15,000     | |  Lv3:  -        |  Lv3:  -          |
|  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -         | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -         | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -         | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
|-----------------+------------------| |-----------------+-------------------|
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
| Capacity:       | Cost:            | | Capacity:       | Cost:             |
|  Lv1: 30        |  Lv1:  -         | |  Lv1: 5         |  Lv1:  -          |
|  Lv2: 50        |  Lv2: 7000       | |  Lv2: 7         |  Lv2: 25,000      |
|  Lv3: 100       |  Lv3: 15,000     | |  Lv3: 10        |  Lv3: 40,000      |
|  Lv4: 150       |  Lv4: 20,000     | |  Lv4:  -        |  Lv4:  -          |
|  Lv5: 200       |  Lv5: 25,000     | |  Lv5:  -        |  Lv5:  -          |
|  Lv6: 250       |  Lv6: 35,000     | |  Lv6:  -        |  Lv6:  -          |
|                 |                  | |                 |                   |
o------------------------------------o o-------------------------------------o

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                          Items                          |
       (00106)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

|              Name                |                Location                 |
| Black Bass                       | Shoot it in the water                   |
| Black Bass (L)                   | Shoot it in the water                   |
| Brown Chicken Egg                | Village chief's house oven              |
| Camp Key                         | Dropped by chainsaw lady                |
| Castle Gate Key                  | Castle gate area                        |
| Chicken Egg                      | Stand by a chicken and wait             |
| Dynamite                         | On the trolley in the mine              |
| Emblem (Right Half)              | Large village in the valley             |
| Emblem (Left Half)               | Large village in the valley             |
| Emergency Lock Card Key          | Dropped by enemy during island ambush   |
| False Eye                        | Dropped by boss in torture shed         |
| First Aid Spray                  | Various locations, 10,000 Ptas          |
| Flash Grenade                    | Various locations                       |
| Freezer Card Key                 | Autopsy room on the corpse              |
| Gallery Key                      | Dropped by red enemy in the caslte      |
| Goat Ornament                    | Castle gallery                          |
| Gold Chicken Egg                 | Wait by a chicken or shoot a snake      |
| Golden Sword                     | On the upstairs panel of barracks       |
| Green Herb                       | Various locations                       |
| Hand Grenade                     | Various locations                       |
| Handgun Ammo                     | Various locations                       |
| Incendiary Grenade               | Various locations                       |
| Infrared Scope                   | Island freezer room, 4000 Ptas          |
| Insignia Key                     | Small chest in village chief's house    |
| Jet-Ski Key                      | Defeat the boss of the game             |
| Key to the Mine                  | In the upstairs ruins on pedestal       |
| King's Grail                     | At the end of the castle armory         |
| Lion Ornament                    | The fiery dragon statue room chest      |
| Magnum Ammo                      | Various locations                       |
| Moonstone (Left Half)            | Castle hedge maze                       |
| Moonstone (Right Half)           | Castle hedge maze                       |
| Old Key                          | El Gigante alternate path hut           |
| Piece of the Holy Beast, Eagle   | Walkway before the fortress boss fight  |
| Piece of the Holy Beast, Panther | On top of Northwest fortress tower      |
| Piece of the Holy Beast, Serpent | Defeat the fortress boss                |
| Platinum Sword                   | On the downstairs panel of the barracks |
| Prison Key                       | Examine painting beside horse statues   |
| Queen's Grail                    | Past the hall in the weapon room        |
| Red Herb                         | Various locations                       |
| Round Insignia                   | Beyond the waterfall in the village     |
| Salazar Family Insignia          | As Ashley, statue above fireplace       |
| Scope (Mine Thrower)             | Bought 8000 Ptas                        |
| Scope (Rifle)                    | Bought 7000 Ptas                        |
| Scope (Rifle Semi-Auto)          | Bought 10,000 Ptas                      |
| Serpent Ornament                 | As Ashley, chest in furthest room       |
| Shotgun Shells                   | Various locations                       |
| Stock (Red9)                     | Bought 4000 Ptas                        |
| Stock (TMP)                      | Bought 4000 Ptas                        |
| Stone of Sacrifice               | Found after riding the mine cart        |
| Stone Tablet                     | As Ashley, object on fireplace          |
| Storage Room Card Key            | Island research laboratory              |
| TMP Ammo                         | Various locations                       |
| Waste Disposal Card Key          | Freezer key transformed in freezer room |
| Yellow Herb                      | Various Locations                       |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                         Treasure                        |
       (00107)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

| Name:                                      | Value  | Treasures to insert: |
| Location:                                  | Maximum|                      |
| Amber Ring                                 | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Near the waterfall in the village          | 10,000 |                      |
| Antique Pipe                               | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Swamp area of the village                  | 10,000 |                      |
| Beerstein                                  | 3000   | Green, Red, Yellow   |
| Farm area of the village                   | 20,000 | Catseye              |
| Butterfly Lamp                             | 4500   | Red, Green, Blue     |
| Ballroom and Prison area                   | 32,000 | Eye                  |
| Blue Eye                                   | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Defeat large bug enemies                   | 3000   |                      |
| Blue Stone of Treason                      | 3500   | N/A                  |
| Island campground                          | 3500   |                      |
| Brass Pocket Watch                         | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Village chief's house                      | 10,000 |                      |
| Crown Jewel                                | 11,000 | N/A                  |
| Castle station                             | 11,000 |                      |
| Crown                                      | 9000   | Crown Jewel          |
| One of the corpses after falling into pit  | 48,000 | Royal Insignia       |
| Brass Pocket Watch                         | 1000   | N/A                  |
| Village chief's house, out near the well   | 1000   |                      |
| Pearl Pendant                              | 1000   | N/A                  |
| Farm area of village                       | 1000   |                      |
| Elegant Chessboard                         | 13,000 | N/A                  |
| In cabinet of weapon room in castle        | 13,000 |                      |
| Elegant Headdress                          | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Village tunnel and castle throne room      | 10,000 |                      |
| Elegant Mask                               | 3000   | Red, Green, Purple   |
| Small room in village stronghold           | 20,000 | Gems                 |
| Elegant Perfume Bottle                     | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Castle area, outer wall                    | 10,000 |                      |
| Emerald                                    | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Various locations on island                | 3000   |                      |
| Gold Bangle                                | 8500   | N/A                  |
| Various locations in castle                | 8500   |                      |
| Gold Bangle w/ Pearls                      | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Village lake                               | 10,000 |                      |
| Golden Lynx                                | 15,000 | Red, Green, Blue     |
| Outer castle cliffs                        | 35,000 | Stone of F/J/T       |
| Green Catseye                              | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Village cemetery                           | 3000   |                      |
| Green Eye                                  | 1000   | N/A                  |
| Defeat large bug enemies                   | 1000   |                      |
| Green Gem                                  | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Village lake cave, upper area              | 3000   |                      |
| Green Stone of Judgment                    | 3500   | N/A                  |
| Castle mess hall                           | 3500   |                      |
| Hourglass w/ Gold Decor                    | 12,000 | N/A                  |
| Castle Last Supper painting hall           | 12,000 |                      |
| Illuminados Pendant                        | 12,000 | N/A                  |
| Dropped by red leader below chandelier     | 12,000 |                      |
| Mirror w/ Pearls & Rubies                  | 12,000 | N/A                  |
| Castle courtyard                           | 12,000 |                      |
| Pearl Pendant                              | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Annex                                      | 10,000 |                      |
| Purple Gem                                 | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Alternate village path                     | 3000   |                      |
| Red Catseye                                | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Village area in a tree                     | 3000   |                      |
| Red Eye                                    | 1500   | N/A                  |
| Defeat large bug enemies                   | 1500   |                      |
| Red Gem                                    | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Alternate village path                     | 3000   |                      |
| Red Stone of Faith                         | 3500   | N/A                  |
| Island monitor station                     | 3500   |                      |
| Royal Insignia                             | 13,000 | N/A                  |
| Just beyond castle stomping cylinders      | 13,000 |                      |
| Ruby                                       | 10,000 | N/A                  |
| Kill chainsaw wielding enemies             | 10,000 |                      |
| Spinel                                     | 2000   | N/A                  |
| Various locations in the village           | 2000   |                      |
| Staff of Royalty                           | 20,000 | N/A                  |
| Down the stairs in the castle ruins        | 20,000 |                      |
| Velvet Blue                                | 2500   | N/A                  |
| Various locaions in the castle             | 2500   |                      |
| Yellow Catseye                             | 3000   | N/A                  |
| Village gondola cave area                  | 3000   |                      |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       All Weapons                       |
       (00108)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

|              Name                |                Location                 |
| Blacktail                        | Available in castle 24,000              |
| Broken Butterly                  | Castle treasure room, 38,000            |
| Chicago Typewriter               | Finish alternate assignment, 1,000,000  |
| Handgun                          | Default weapon                          |
| Killer7                          | Available on Island, 77,700             |
| Handcannon                       | Available during second play, Free      |
| Matilda                          | Available during second play, 70,000    |
| Mine Thrower                     | Available in castle, 28,000             |
| Punisher                         | Free for shooting 10 Medallions, 20,000 |
| Red9                             | Avaialable village tunnel 14,000        |
| Rifle                            | Available in village valley, 12,000     |
| Rifle (Semi-Auto)                | Available in castle, 35,000             |
| Riot Gun                         | Available in castle, 32,000             |
| Rocket Laucher                   | Available in village valley, 30,000     |
| Rocket Launcher (Infinite)       | Available during second play, 1,000,000 |
| Shotgun                          | Upstairs village house, 20,000          |
| Striker                          | Avaialble in spike pit, 43,000          |
| TMP                              | Available in village valley, 15,000     |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                    Merchant Inventory                   |
       (00109)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

|              Name                |                 Price                   |
| Attache Case M                   | 30,000                                  |
| Attache Case L                   | 40,000                                  |
| Attache Case XL                  | 73,000                                  |
| Blacktail                        | 24,000 Ptas                             |
| Broken Butterfly                 | 38,000 Ptas                             |
| Chicago Typewriter               | 1,000,000 Ptas                          |
| First Aid Spray                  | 10,000 Ptas                             |
| Handcannon                       | 0 Ptas                                  |
| Handgun                          | 8000 Ptas                               |
| Killer7                          | 77,700 Ptas                             |
| Matilda                          | 70,000 Ptas                             |
| Mine Thrower                     | 28,000 Ptas                             |
| Punisher                         | 20,000 Ptas                             |
| Red9                             | 14,000 Ptas                             |
| Rifle                            | 12,000 Ptas                             |
| Rifle (Semi-Auto)                | 35,000 Ptas                             |
| Riot Gun                         | 32,000 Ptas                             |
| Rocket Launcher                  | 30,000 Ptas                             |
| Rocket Launcher (Infinite)       | 1,000,000 Ptas                          |
| Scope (Mine Thrower)             | 8000 Ptas                               |
| Scope (Rifle)                    | 7000 Ptas                               |
| Scope (Rifle Semi-Auto)          | 10,000 Ptas                             |
| Shotgun                          | 20,000 Ptas                             |
| Stock (Red9)                     | 4000 Ptas                               |
| Stock (TMP)                      | 4000 Ptas                               |
| Striker                          | 43,000 Ptas                             |
| Tactical Vest                    | 60,000 Ptas                             |
| TMP                              | 15,000 Ptas                             |
| Treasure Map (Castle)            | 10,000 Ptas                             |
| Treasure Map (Island)            | 10,000 Ptas                             |
| Treasure Map (Village)           | 10,000 Ptas                             |

|                              Document Library                      (01000) |

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                    Playing Manual 1                     |
       (01001)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

1. Shooting - Hold down the R Button then use the Control Stick to aim the 
              laser sight
2. Combat Knife - Press and hold the L Button to ready your knife then press 
                  the A Button to swing the weapons.
3. Action Button - You'll be able to perform various actions by pressing the 
                   appropriate buttons that appear on the screen.
4. Camera - You can change the camera angle by moving the C Stick

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                     Info on Ashley                      |
       (01002)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Name: Ashley Graham
Asg: 20
Daughter of the United States President

She was kidnapped by an unidentified group while on her way home from her 
university.  The kidnapper's motives are still unknown.  Although there's 
reliable information that the perpetrator is an insider.  Only a handful of 
people know about this kidnapping.  It's been kept under wraps mostly due to 
the fact that we can't determine who the traitor is.  The guys in intelligence 
say they have reliable information that Ashley's been sighted somewhere in 
Europe.  But until we find out who the insider is, I don't know what to 
believe.  It could be a ploy.  We have found very few leads as to the 
whereabouts of Ashley.  But members of the Secret Service and anyone else 
related to Ashley are being question by an investigation team.  Even active 
agents are being investigated for any information.  It's just a matter of time 
before the kidnapper is exposed.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                    Playing Manual 2                     |
       (01003)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

1. Reloading - Press te B Button while holding down the R Button to reload 
               your firearm.
2. Kicks - Approaching enemies that are either stunned of on their knees will 
           allow Leon to perform kicks as prompted by the action button.
3. Changing Inventory Screens - Use the L and R Buttons to switch back and 
                                forth between the Weapons/Recovery and the 
                                Keys/Treasure screens.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Alert Order                        |
       (01004)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Recently there has been information that a United States government agent is 
here investigating the village.  Do not let this American agent get in contact 
with the prisoner.  For those of you not yet informed, the prisoner is being 
held in an old house beyond the farm. We will transfer the prisoner to a more 
secure location in the valley when we are ready. The prisoner is to stay there 
until further notice. Meanwhile, do not let the American agent near the 
prisoner.  We do not know how the American government found out about our 
village. But we are investigating.  However, I feel that this intrusion at 
this particular time is not just a coincidence.  I sense a third party other 
than the United States government involved here.  My fellow men, stay alert!

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                About the Blue Medallions                |
       (01005)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

15 blue medallions
7 in the farm... 8 in the cemetery...
For those of you who destroy more then 10 medallion you will be rewarded...
(The rest is illegible.)

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Chief's Note                       |
       (01006)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As instructed by Lord Saddler, I have the agent in confinement, alive.  Why 
keep him alive?  I do not fully understand what the Lord's intentions are.  I 
would, however, think he'd keep them separate; not confine them together as 
has been ordered.  I don'texpect Luis would trust a stranger but if by chance 
they did cooperate, the situation could get a bit more complicated.  If for 
some reason, an unknown third party is involved, I don't think they'd let a 
chance like this slip by.  But maybe it's all Lord Saddler's ploy - leaving 
use vulnerable so that the third party will surface, if they even exist that 
is...  It's an unlikely possibility, but if a prowler is already amongst use, 
then our plans could be ruined.  I guess the Lord thinks it's worth the risk, 
if we're able to stop whatever conspiracy is at work.  At any rate, it's the 
Lord's call.  We will trust his judgment as always.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                 Closure of the Church                   |
       (01007)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Regarding the two fugitives, the apprehension of Luis is our top priority; the 
American agent a distant second.  What Luis stole from us is far more 
important than the girl.  Unless we get it back, the girl will become useless 
to us.  We must get it back to execute our plan to the end.  If it gets in the 
wrong hands, the world would become a totally different place from what Lord 
Saddler has envisioned.  At all costs, we musn't let that happen.  
Nevertheless, we're not letting go of the girl.  To ensure that the agent does 
not get to her, I have locked the church door where the girl is being held.  
Anyone who needs access to the church must first get approval by Lord Saddler.  
There is a key beyond the lake but it should be safe now that the "Del Lago" 
has been awakened by our Lord.  No one will get acros that lake alive.  Plus, 
our same blood courses through the agent's veins.  It'll be just a matter of 
time before he joins us.  Once he does, there will be nobody else left that 
will come looking for the girl.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                    Anonymous Letter                     |
       (01008)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

There's an important item hidden in the falls.  If you are able to get it, you 
might be able to get Ashley out of the church.  But I'll warn you, the route 
to the church isn't a walk in the park by any means.  They've deployed what's 
called an "El Gigante," so God bless.  About what's been going on in your 
body... If I could help you, I would.  But unfortunately it's beyond my power.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                    Playing Manual 3                     |
       (01009)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

1. Commands - Leon can give commands to Ashley to either "WAIT" or "FOLLOW" by
              pressing the X Button.
2. Ashley and the Action Button - Depending on the situation, Leon and Ashley 
                                  can cooperate to get past various obstacles.
3. Ashley's Health - You can use recovery items not only on Leon but on Ashley 
                     as well.
4. Ashley and Game Over - Leon has failed his mission if Ashley is either 
                          killed or carried away by the enemy.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                 Sera and the 3rd Party                  |
       (0100A)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The whereabouts of Sera are still unknown.  Most likely he's using an old 
secret passage taught to him by his grandfather who used to hunt in this 
region long ago.  I'm pretty certain that he's hiding our property somewhere 
in the forest.  If his grandfather was still alive, I would have used him to 
find Sera... But how did he find out about the egg injected into his body?
- And the fact that he was able to remove it before it hatched is concerning.  
Another factor that concerns me is that Sera escaped without property just 
before the American agent arrived.  I don't believe that was just a 
coincedence.  There has to be another player involved in this.  In order to 
settle this whole situation, we have to capture Sera and wait for the effects 
of the drug to wear off before we inject him with another egg.  Once this is 
done, whoever is behind all of this will surface.  Nobody shall interfere with 
our plans.  Those who do shall suffer severe consequences.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Two Routes                        |
       (0100B)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Just a while ago, I was informed by Lord Saddler that our men has shot down a 
United States military helicopter.  There shouldn't be any more outside 
interference for a while now.  Unless the United States government determines 
who the traitor is, they can only initiate very small covert operations.  We 
must use this time to our advantage and recapture the girl.  The two Americans 
can only get out of our territory by using one of two routes.  This is where 
we will stop them.  We shall make use of our forces to the greatest degree.  
We will deploy a large number of Ganados in one of the routes to ensure that 
they do not slip by us.  For the other route we shall leave the task to El 
Gigante.  Whichever route they take, the agent will never leave here alive.  
Not with the girl at least.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                  Village's Last Defense                 |
       (0100C)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

I clearly underestimated the American agent's capability.  He's still alive.  
I thought that we could wait until the egg hatched, but at this rate, he could 
destroy the whole village before it does.  We must take care of this nuisance.  
We shall change our priorities - for the time being, we will cease our hunt 
for Luis and ambush the two Americans.  There is a building used to enlighten 
betrayers just beyond the point where you get off the lift.  It's a perfect 
place for ambushing them.  If all else fails, they still would need to face me 
in order to get past the last gate that leads out of the village.  For only 
before my sight will the gate open.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                    Capture Luis Sera                    |
       (0100D)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

I have confirmation that Sera has entered the castle.  Why would he return 
during his escape leaves me to question his motives.  But we must seize this 
moment to capture him.  We will get the other two Americans after we apprehend 
Sera.  It appears he took some vaccines when he stole our "sample.'  The 
vaccines we can do without but we must retrieve the "sample" for it is our 
life blood.  I feel there is somebody else or some other group involved in 
this whole affair.  If the "sample" were to get into the hands of that other 
entity, the world which we seek to create will not come.  We must apprehend 
Sera as quickly as possible.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Target Practice                    |
       (0100E)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

-Game Rules-

1. Recieve prizes by scoring above 3000 points.
2. Bonus points will be awarded for headshots.
3. A high-scoring Salazar target will appear with 5 consecutive hits.
4. Shooting an Ashley target will deduct points.


1. Normally 1 bottle cap will be awarded as a prize.
2. Special bottle caps will be awarded by either shooting all the wooden 
   targets except Ashley or scoring above 4,000 points.
3. There are 24 bottle caps in all. Each time you enter a new Shooting Rangge, 
   6 new bottle caps will become available.

-Special Bonuses-

1. Each time you complete a row on the collector's base, you'll earn bonus 
2. There are a total of 4 rows.  You have 4 bonus chances!

Note: Bottle cap collections can be viewed in the Key/Treasures screen.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                        Luis' Memo                       |
       (0100F)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

There are some parasites that have the ability to control their hosts.  It's 
basic knowledge among biologists but not much is known as to how the parasites 
do it.  Studying these parasites specifically might reveal some clues to as to 
how the powers of the Las Plagas work.  And perhaps provide more insight on 
the victimes of the Las Plagas, the Los Ganados.  Here is a list of some of 
the parasites that have the ability to manipulate the behavioral patterns of 
their host:

Dicrocoelium - Once the larvae of this parasite migrates to the ant's 
esophagus, it alters the behavior of the ant.  When the temperature drops in 
the evening,  the infected any climbs to the top of a plant and clamps onto a 
leaf using its mandible.  It stays there immobile until the next morning, 
placing the ant where it's most vulnerable to be eaten by a browsing herbivore 
such as sheep.  One could conclude that the parasite is manipulating the 
host's behavior to its way into the body of its definitive host.

Galactosomum - The larvae of this parasite makes its home inside the brain of 
a fish such as the yellowtail and the parrot bass.  Once infected, the fish 
make their way up to the water's surface where they'll swim until eaten by 
seabirds.  Once again, the peculiar behavior can only be explained by the 
parasite's desire to get into the bodies of the seabirds.

Leucochlordium - This parasite's sporcysts develop in the snail's tentacles.  
The sporocysts are vivid in color and pulsate continually somewhat like a 
worm.  Surprisingly the infected snail makes its way to the top of a plant 
where it is most visible to the eyes of birds, therefore more likely to be 
eaten.  Once eaten by a bird, the parasite will complete its metamorphosis 
into an adult.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Castellan Memo                     |
       (0100G)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

For many years the Salazar family has served as the castellans of this castle.  
However, not everything is bright, for my ancestry has a dark past.  Long ago 
there once was a religious group that had deep roots in this region called the 
Los Illuminados.  Unjustly however, the first castellan of the castle took 
away their rights and powers.  As a follower of this religion and as the 8th 
Castellan, I felt that it was my duty as well as my responsibility to atone 
for that sin.  I knew the best way to atone for that sin was to give power 
back to those who we once took it away from, the Los Illunimados.  As expected 
it took a little time, but we were able to rejuvenate the once sealed Las 
Plagas.  With this success I was one step closer to the revival of the Los 
Illuminados.  The reason why I released the Las Plagas from deep under the 
castle and gave them to Lord Saddler was not only to repay for the sins of my 
ancestors but I felt certain that the Lord would make better use of this power 
to help save the world.  To save those that have sinned with the power of the 
Las Plagas and to cleanse their souls creating a world without sinners.  
The way it was meant to be.  Once cleansed, they would become one of the many 
Ganados where they will find their reason to live.  And after the Lord has 
succeeded in creating the world in which he has envisioned, then the sins of 
my Salazar family will be atoned for.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                     Female Intruder                     |
       (0100H)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

There seems to be a female intruder among us.  We believe she's connected with 
Sera.  We also believe that she was the one who removed the gg injected into 
Sera before it hatched. She may have had him retirve the "sample" before the 
American agent's arrival.  It's obvious that her objective is the "sample".  
We must get to her before she is able to reestablish contact with Sera.  
There's also reason to believe that she's working  for somebody. We need her 
alive for interrogation.  The female should be able to answer all our 
questions. After we have captured her, Sera will no longer be of any concern.  
As long as we retrieve the "sample", you may dispose of him as you see fit.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Butler's Memo                      |
       (0100I)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Knowing that Sr. Ramon Salazar has no family, Lord Saddler must have used his 
strong faith in the Los Illuminados to his advantage to talk Sr. Salazar into 
undoing the seal of the Las Plagas once done by his ancestor.  Sr. Salazar 
would never do such a thing unless he was in some way being used unknowingly.  
I should have sensed the Lord's dirty scheme sooner.  I feel I'm partly 
responsible for all of this.  I have no idea as to what the Lord is planning 
but Sr. Salazar was just being used.  It is too late now however, Sr. Salazar 
has already taken the Plaga into his body.  There is no turning back once the 
Plaga has turned into an adult in the body.  The Plaga parasite will not die 
unless the host dies.  There's no cure.  Perhaps, Sr. Salazar may have been 
vaguely aware of the Lord's plan all along.  But it's so hard to tell.  
Nevertheless, there's nothing I can do about it now.  I have served the 
Salazar family for generations.  I am prepared to continue my services until 
the very end.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                     Sample Retrieved                    |
       (0100J)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

As you may have heard, Luis Sera has been disposed of by Lord Saddler.  The 
"sample" is back where it belongs.  I had hoped that the whole matter could be 
resolved without troubling the Lord.  However, as long as the "sample" is safe 
we can all rejoice, for our time is nearly at hand.  Now that the "sample" is 
back in our safe hands, it'll be a bit more difficult for that troublesome 
woman to get it.  In light of all this, it's unfortunate that Sera had to go.  
Like us, he would have had a bright future if only he had shown more fiath in 
our beliefs.  As for the other two Americans, the Lord has left the matter in 
our hands.  We must not disappoint the Lord.  We shall capture Ashley and take 
her to the Lord and dispose of the American agent.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                     Ritual Preparation                  |
       (0100K)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Thanks to the efforts of the "Novistadors," we have been able to recapture 
Ashley.  We shall prepare for the sacred ritual as quickly as possible and 
make Ashley an official member of the Los Illuminados.  While we prepare for 
the ritual, those of you who feel inclined can attend to our American friend.  
We should be able to hold off our friend for at least a little while by 
jamming the gears in the clock tower with something.  I think if we jam the 
gears in 3 places, it should give us enough time to prepare everything for the 
ritual.  Now go and entertain our American tourist.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Luis' Memo 2                      |
       (0100L)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The first castellan buried the Las Plagas deep underground below the castle to 
hide their very existence.  But when Salazar released the Las Plagas, no one 
thought he could bring them back to life.  Because when Salazar found them 
they were all just fossilized remains.  Everyone knew that the parasitic 
organisms could not survive without their hosts.  That they couldn't sustain 
life on their own.  But when Salazar and his men excavated the remains, it 
almost appeared as if the Las Plagas were just waiting to be discovered so 
that they could resurrect.  Several years later, unexplainable convulsions 
started occurring among the villagers who helped with the excavation of the 
Las Plagas.  Then one day, all of a sudden, these villagers turned into 
violent savages. They later found out it was caused by the Las Plagas.  
Although they appeared fossilized, they were able to survive the long years by 
lying in a dormant state at the cellular level remaining in a spore-like form.
Apparently during the excavation, the villagers inhaled the spores and within 
their bodies the parasites became active again.  This is how the Las Plagas 
were resurrected.  Even as I;m writing, the excavation of the Las Plagas 
continues.  God only knows how many of these Plagas have been resurrected.  
Not to mention the countless number of Ganados that have been created.  Their 
inhumane activity must be put to an end.  If they are not stopped, people 
around the world could turn into victims of this crazy cult organization.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Letter from Ada                    |
       (0100M)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Once a Plaga egg hatches, it's nearly impossible to remove it from the body.  
But if it's before it hatches, then it can be nautralized by medication.  If 
it does hatch you might be able to get it out by surgery before it turns to an 
adult.  But it won't be easy.  There's a high chance you won't survive the 
operation.  As far as I know the girl was injected with the egg before you.  
Her time is ticking.  You should prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Luis' Memo 3                      |
       (0100N)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The hideous creates such as the El Gigante and the Novistadors are merely by-
products of the diabolical and inhumane experiments conducted on the specimens 
that were once human.  But there'son type of creature that clearly 
distinguishes itself from the rest.  These creatures are called Regenerators.  
Regeneratoes have a superior metabolism that allows them to regenerate their 
lost body parts at incredible speeds.  I've never seen anything like it... It 
is this characteristic that makes them almost invincible to conventional 
weapons.  But like any living creature, there's a way to kill it.  Apparently 
there are Plagas that live in its body somewhat like leeches.  To stop its 
regeneration process, these leech-like Plagas must be located and then 
destroyed.  But they can't be seen with the naked eye.  They can only be 
located through thermal imaging.  As far as I know, most of the Regererators 
most a number of these leech-like Plagas.  The kill the Regenerators, each one  
of these leech-like Plagas must be killed.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Paper Airplane                     |
       (0100O)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Perhaps you have figured it out already, but you might be able to get out of 
here by using the waste disposal vent.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                         Our Plan                        |
       (0100P)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

Because of that agent we lost Chief Mendez and Ramon.  Nevertheless, 
everything will proceed according to plan.  I must admit however, the loss of 
my loyal men is a bit disheartening.  But I will deal with it.  Replacing that 
loss will not come easy.  I must choose wisely; for the Plaga reflects the 
conscience of their hosts.  If chosen poorly, they could betray me.  I need 
men who wil; swear their allegiance to me.  I've learned my lesson when Sera 
betrayed me.  I will not make the same mistake again.  In this important hour, 
I cannot and will not have anyone stand in my way.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Luis' Memo 4                      |
       (0100Q)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

I'll report my findings about the Plagas here. The Plagas have 3 distinct 

1. As mentioned previously, the Plagas have the ability to manipulate the 
behavioral patterns of their hosts.

2.  The Plagas are social organisms. By this I mean that instead of living 
individually, they live in perfect social harmony. It is believed that they 
have a collective intelligence.  This type of behavior can be seen among 
insects such as bees and ants. However this kind of social behavior is rarely 
seen among parasitic organisms.  Perhaps it was a learned behavior by the 
Plagas.  I'm finding out if this has any relationship with their first 

3.  The Plagas have exceptional adaptation skills.  They are able to live off 
many kinds of organisms by creating a symbiotic environment quickly. This 
ability, when combined with their social behaviors, allows them to interact 
intelligently between hosts regardless of the host organism.  

I am ashamed to admit that my pure fascination with the Plagas, in hindsight, 
has blinded me to the true research objectives of the Los Illuminados.  Even 
with the knowledge that Saddler was going to abuse the results of these 
experiments, I could not pull myself away from my research. As a result, I am 
just as responsible for this whole mess as he is. I see now that I was wrong, 
but can I stop their evil plans alone...?

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                      Krauser's Note                     |
       (0100R)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

It turns out that old man Saddler wasn't buying me from the start.  Even 
though I succeeded in kidnapping Ashley, I sort of sensed this when Saddler 
didn't completely let me in the loop.  Under the circumstances, I had no other 
alternative bu to call for her assistance.  Perhaps she knew this was the way 
it was going to turn out all along... My guess is that her ultimate goal might 
be different from Wesker's and mine.  This is just the perfect opoporunity to 
find out.  And after I get rid of Leon and retrieve the sample, I'll put her 
in a bodybag along with Leon and send them both to Wesker.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                       Luis' Memo 5                      |
       (0100S)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

From the initial stages of the research, we have been searching for a safe and 
practical removal of the Plaga.  Ironically, it turns out that the real 
objective of this research was not to find a way to remove the Plagas from the 
infected persons but to find a way so that the Plaga could not be removed from 
the body easily.  In the end, we were able to find out that the Plagas could 
be removed only by exposing them to a special radiation.  THe only drawback 
with this method is that is is a very painful procedure.  Since the Plaga 
attaches itself to the nerves, there is a possibility that it may impair the 
consciousness of the host.  Another fact that must be mentioned is that once 
the Plaga grows into an adult, the removal procedure could kill the host.  But 
perhaps death isn't so bad when you think about the alternative.

|_) esident Evil 4 /---------------------------------------------------------o
| \-------o--------\                        Our Mission                      |
       (0100T)      \--------------------------------------------------------o

The real power of the United States lies in three areas.  The Justice 
Department, the Administrative bodies, and the Military.  In order to take 
control of these areas, we must influence the minds of the people who advise 
the President.  After this is done, the rest of the departments will quickly 
fall under our sway.  If by chance the United States were to figure out our 
plan, the damage caused should be minimal.  We will still be able to conquer 
the country as planned using our backup plan.  Once we control the country, we 
will use their international influence to our advantage.  The rest of the 
world will fall swiftly.  As already stated, if our first plan doesn't go as 
smoothly as expected, we'll proceed with out secondary plan.  By sending in 
our "special" forces we will infiltrate the country from within.  Fear and 
chaos will spread through the nation like a virus.  It'll only be a matter of 
time before the country loses its stability.  At that time, when they're most 
vulnerable, we will strike.  Rejoice my brethren; the world shall soon be 

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