How do you defeat El Gigante when Ashley is with Leon?

  1. After fighting off enemies in the cabin with Luis Sera, you'll have the option to go left or right. Left leads to a horde of enemies while the right leads to another El Gigante boss fight

    However Ashley is with you this time, if she is killed by El Gigante the mission ends. She points out a rock you can bring down on the giant's head but it isn't very effective.

    What tends to happen is that Ashley gets grabbed by El Gigante and dies before I can put enough rounds into the boss. Is there a place where Ashley can hide or a better way to avoid her being grabbed by the boss in the first place?

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    robertcain - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are two ways to get past the second El Gigante fight.

    The "wimpy" way - Shoot the boulder near the middle of the area, blocking his way for a short time. Quickly knife or shoot the chains on the door, and kick it down using the A button. Dash through, ignoring all of the huts, and do the same for the second door you see.

    Once you get to the exit, El Gigante should have caught up with you, and you should make it out just in time.

    The "warrior's" way - For this fight I recommend either the Red9 or Punisher handgun. Make sure either weapon's power are maxed as far as you can get them, and also make sure your reload speed and capacity is up to snuff.

    What you do, as soon as you enter, run to the other end and shoot the boulder down. This will slow him down enough to buy you some shots.

    Shoot him in the head until he removes the boulder, and then just play keep away with him, popping shots off when you can, and slashing his back when you can. (Note: Do NOT leave Ashley alone with the 'Wait' command. El Gigante WILL go after her.).

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Other Answers

  1. When you get to this area, before you fight El Gigante, use a Handgun bullet to bring the Boulder
    down, then run past it and use the shotgun to open the gate, run into one of the huts and grab the KEY.
    Run all the way to the end, use the KEY and EXIT the area. Return to the area, leave Ashley
    behind, then go pick a fight with El Gigante. 2 Hand Grenades will make him bow down to you,
    then you can climb onto his back, and if you are fast enough, Slice his Plaga 8 times.
    Then after you land, throw 2 more Hand Grenades, climb on his back again, and slash 8 more
    times and he will die.

    The Rock does nothing except block the path.

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  2. Or better yet just buy the rocket launcher. One hit Kill

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  3. Also, sorry I forgot to add this!!

    You can make his Plagas appear quite easily using Grenades. Incendiaries do damage, but not enough to make it appear any quicker. Also, Flash Grenades stun him, allowing you to get more shots in.

    Also, you CAN use the shotgun if you want to...if you have any shells left from the house segment. The TMP is NOT recommended, and the rifle is too slow to reload.

    If you still can't handle him, then purchase a rocket launcher and kill it with fire...and explosions.

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  4. Keep her with you and have a steady supply of ammo. It is not the path for the wary.

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  5. Easy! You don't even have to! Take out your ShotGun and shoot down the boulder, then get past all of the chain doors quickly (I use TMP for it. You can also use a HandGun), go in the 2nd house and get the old key, and then get out of there.

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  6. The way that I did it was by buying a rocket launcher. I had gone the other way first to save up enough cash for the rocket though of course. But one rocket and he's gone.

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  7. If you want money kill both buy rocket launcher kill one second one when he's right under the bolder shoot it then it hits him in the back then he might go down in not do the other one the shoot the thing in his back now in load all your ammo to bring him down and kill him

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  8. The easiest way is to shoot at his head with shotgun and don't climb and hit it with that useless knife when hi is dizzy just shoot at the thing on his back when he is down(specially with broken butterfly if you have)

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