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  • Barry: That was a close one... A second late, you woulda fit nicely into a sandwich.

    Contributed By: Donald Love 87.

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  • Wesker: Jill, no! You don't want to go back out there.

    Contributed By: Larcen Tyler.

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  • Jill Valentine: "There are only three S.T.A.R.S. members left now: Captain Wesker, Barry, and myself. We don't know where Chris is..."

    Contributed By: NoHopeLegend.

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  • Barry: I think you'd better take a look at this.

    Jill: What is it?

    Barry: Blood. Jill, see if you can find any other clues, I'll be examining this. Let's just hope it's not Chris's...

    Contributed By: HyperIria.

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  • Jill: Barry!

    Barry: What is it?

    Jill: Look out! It's a monster!

    Barry: Let me take care of it!

    Barry proceeds to shoot the zombie three times, the third one finally taking it down.

    Barry: What the hell is this thing?

    Jill: I found Kenneth, killed by this thing... Let's report this to Wesker.

    Contributed By: HyperIria.

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  • Jill: Wesker!

    Wesker: Thank you, Barry.

    Jill: Well, what do you know.

    Wesker: Oh, don't blame Barry for everything. I hear that his better half and two lovely daughters will be in danger if he doesn't do everything I tell him to.

    Jill: Wesker, you're pathetic.

    Wesker: Well, you shouldn't worry too much, dear. You'll be free of all this anyway.

    Jill: Why eliminate S.T.A.R.S.?

    Wesker: Believe it or not, that's Umbrella's intention.

    Jill: You're just a slave of Umbrella!

    Wesker: Smart girl, but I think you misunderstand me. The things you
    mention are nothing. I'll burn all of them along with this entire laboratory. Barry, go up on the ground and wait there.

    Jill: Barry!

    Wesker: You gotta love Barry! He must really be afraid of Umbrella.

    Jill: You and Umbrella took his family, you bastard!

    Wesker: Umbrella? Well, I used some carrots and sticks to cow him, but it had nothing to do with Umbrella. I just used Barry for my personal interests. Though both you and Barry seemed to think I was following Umbrella's orders.

    Jill: What? What are you planning?!

    Wesker: I guess it's time for show-and-tell.

    Contributed By: HyperIria.

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