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Reviewed: 10/10/05

Superb, probably the most realistic game you'll find on the GCN

Well, graphics wise I mean. I'll start off by saying that this is the first RE game I had played of the series (when I first picked it up in 2002) and I was in awe by the graphics. To this date on all three consoles, I see no other game that surpasses REmake (as we of the Resident Evil board call it, the alternate name is REbirth) with graphics...nope, not Halo, Doom 3, or whatever else you want to dish out.

Now since I'm still on the subject of graphics, I'll move onto character detail. There are very few, if any, jagged edges on the their almost perfect resemblance to real people a 95 out of a hundred. Now I admit, I haven't played as many games that a typical gamer would...but out of the oh...50-100 GCN/PS2/Xbox games I have played, no characters matched up to the realistic appearances of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers and the STARS members in this game. Face movements with the mouth are accurate when the characters speak, though a downside is that sometimes you can't tell if a character is feeling remorse/sadness for the death of a comrade...mainly because if a tear was generated in this game from their eyes, that would take off a few points in realism. There's more to say of course, but I'll cover that in RE Original/REmake comparisons.

Now the characters probably wouldn't be the exact highlight of the excellent graphics in this game, oh no, the scenery would probably be everyone's pick. This game makes up for the fixed camera angles by giving you a creepy yet marvelous atmosphere to a mysterious landscape. If you are a person who loves games for graphics, look no further for that perfect love companion...REmake is your number 1 choice. Some people I know just wander the mansion, having beaten it countless times...still in love with the graphics. You can't blame them, and don't feel embarrassed if you're sucked in by it's appeal as well. REmake is a sight to behold, with very few problems.

You're probably wondering..."What problems?". The graphics have no slow down time at all (Yep, no frame problems), which is like a miracle amongst really beautiful looking games...another reason it passes Halo, Doom 3, etc. But what are these problems Corey? Ah yes, well...they're minor, I mean it's hard to eliminate them otherwise you'd feel too constricted when running along walls. At certain angles, you can actually aim your gun into the wall and your hands/arms will be like a ghost's, moving inside of the wall itself. If you can overlook this tiny problem (which is probably unavoidable when making a game like this), plus the fact that sometimes (if you move at just the right angle when walking down steps) your foot isn't exactly on the step but somewhere in the middle...or floating in the air. Now if you really don't care about this (which I'm sure 99.9999% of people, including myself...I just noticed it that's all), then the game is perfect graphic wise aside from a few slight jagged edges on characters.

The Gameplay, ah yes, to gamers who aren't used to this gameplay it's not hard to get used to, and I believe the way the characters run in this game fixes the problem I've seen in the other games. I don't know if many people bring this up, but in the past games when a character ran, they appeared to be sprinting...well, they're not very great with quality when it comes to speed like that. Now I can understand all that equipment weighting them down, but honestly...they run like they're sprinting, they should be twice as fast. In this game, they run to match the speed, which is great. Now, moving away from the way they about combat. The self-defense items are a great improvement from the past games, allowing you to avoid damage from a BOW and thus knocking them back, allowing you to either escape or retaliate with firepower.

The firing system with weapons in this game plays pretty smoothly...but the focus is that you shouldn't shoot everything you see, more or less, you should run past enemies. By the way, movements of enemies walking or attacking have really taken a step up from previous installments. When a character is grabbed, it looks like a real struggle instead of what you could see in the older games...not to mention I love how the final boss just stalks around, then watches your character with a turned head, turning around quickly to rush at you with a readied claw. *coughs* ahem, moving on

As far as item boxes/item slots go, not too much of a hassle...though ammo is not as plentiful as in past games, there's still enough to get by with plenty of extras to spare. New modes such as Invisible Enemy and Real Survivor add a new feel to the game, especially with item boxes that aren't "magically connected".

Puzzles thankfully for those whom aren't that skilled with problem solving, aren't that difficult. They may require little elaboration with your mind, so no worries here. Though they aren't exactly Shivers (oh how I miss that computer game T_T I never played the sequel, I wonder how that is...) or Myst material, they still seem more than just a petty obstacle in your way. They are apart of the game, feeling right that they be there. But just as a notice to those whom have played RE3 or CVX, don't worry about anything like the Water Purifying Puzzle or that temperature thing (I forgot exactly what it was, it's for the bridge in the airport area) in CVX.

Proceeding to sound, amongst other games REmake has a enjoyable soundtrack...not just the eerie sounds given off by some of the monsters, but the music...well chosen to fit the atmosphere of the game. I'd say my personal favorite would either be the Mansion 1st Time theme you usually here when in hallways and such or the dining room music before you come across the first zombie. The music seems to fit too, some games you have music that just doesn't seem that it belongs there you know? Well, that's not the case here...well crafted, you'll feel like you're there. I suggest to get a great experience from this game, that you have a surround sound system, lights turned out...maybe the windows open if it's not a cold night and enjoy the game as if you were a STARS member wandering the mansion yourself.

Story? Ah yes, well to sum it up pretty easily...the story deals with your advanced police force squad going to check out a dangerous area and then all chance of escape is cut off. There are comrades dieing, suspicion amongst the teammates and even a traitor in the end. Though not the most original of storylines (face it, we're in the year 2005...though this game was made in 2002, the original being made in 1996, you won't find much originality anywhere anymore. Movies are overused with the same concepts, too many are based off of games and books...), it's still pretty solid.

Now, to compare this to the original game...a very modified haul to bring a very loved game to something so grand. Messing it up would of caused Capcom big time, but they succeeded...and fans got a game that many adore. Characters have become far more lively than they were in the original game...not just in a super improvement in graphics, but the movements, acting, and overall appearance physically and emotionally. Advanced lighting and correct use of shadows, not to mention a picture perfect landscape...make this game like a movie.

Moving from the original game to the REmake, the mansion went under other changes. Such as new rooms, new item locations, added scenery, new enemies showing up in different areas, the death masks, the coffin in the basement, Lisa Trevor and various other things. It's not just a game turned into a realistic movie, it's a game that was broken down and rebuilt...thus, REmake.

To close this out, I of course gave the game a 10. To buy or not to buy, though most surely a buy...even after beating the game, just going back through to kill enemies or admire the graphics is enough to keep replay in this game for a long time. If you are not sure that this is the type of game you'll love right off the bat, rent it...I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. But there is a downside, some that people just need to get over and understand. The camera and controls, that's how the RE series has been...yes, they're fixed...yes, you don't have Devil May Cry movements to your disposal, but if you can just look past those "common issues amongst the gaming community", you'll find a spectacular game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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