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Reviewed: 10/07/04

REturn to where it ALL began...

This is a review for Resident Evil for the Gamecube. The original Resident Evil was a CLASSIC in all rights for the Playstation. However people think the Resident Evil series should have stayed on Sony platforms. The original Resident Evil was also released on the PC and Saturn, it never stayed exclusive. Resident Evil 2 never stayed exclusive. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis never stayed exclusive. Resident Evil: CVX never stayed exclusive. Though Nintendo stopped that by buying an exclusivity deal with Capcom to keep all the storyline games on Gamecube. To this day it has stayed true. With Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil: CVX all being ported to the Gamecube. An exclusive Resident Evil 0, and now the REmake of one of the best survival horror games ever made EXCLUSIVE to the Gamecube. Resident Evil Remake will never see the light of day on the PS2. When I picked up this title along with Resident Evil 0, these two are the BEST survival horror games I have EVER played.

Graphics: (10) I have two words to stay about the Graphics before I go into detail, and they are "JUST STUNNING!" SO much detail is put into the game, I just can't believe it. The opening cut-scene says it all, much improved over the real actors that were used in the classic Playstation version. Take for example when you enter the mansion for the first time. Such a gloomy and horrific look Capcom has given to it. For the first time you can see Jill or Chris, Barry, and Wesker up close with amazing detail. Wesker sports his stylish shades, Jill with her classic outfit, while Chris going for the more combat type. Upon entering the dining room, this is an example on how much they improved this game. If you look up you see the chandelier swaying back and forth while up ahead you see a blazing fire that is so dam realistic. The paintings on the wall add more to the deadly realistic graphics. Gone are the blocks of blood you see in the original, the blood that is on the floor looks super realistic. Enemies in the game look just as good. Tattered clothes the zombies sport along with a horrific face. Hunters, Sharks, and Plant 42, OH MY! I got to thank Capcom for what they did with the shark area, gone is the small tank area with a couple polygonal sharks. Now the sharks are in a LARGER area and look more terrifying than JAWS.

Sound: (10) Even more amazing is the sound of Resident Evil. Gone again is the craptacular voice-acting and now with GOOD voice actors. Cheesy lines that plagued the playstation version are almost non-existent like the line Barry says, "You were almost a Jibble Sandwich." I have seen a BIG improvement with Barry's voice acting. Most of his cheesy lines are gone, which are a good thing, but though some still remain. Wesker's voice actor is just breath taking, back is the SAME one who did the classic Resident Evil: Code Veronica X and Resident Evil 0. The in-game music of Resident Evil can't get ANY better. Creepiness is a ALL time high when you have the speakers turned UP and the lights turned OFF. As for the weapons of Resident Evil, superb! The guns actual sound like their real life counterparts. Not those weak shots like in the original. The enemies of the game at times scared the pants off me. Zombie groans can't get any better than this. Hearing the Hunter about to lunge at you is just so cool.

Game Play: (10) What can I say about the awesome game play that Resident Evil have? Breath-taking, YES! A third person action survival horror game like this deserves good game play, and that is what Capcom delivers here. Weapons galore! So many weapons to choose from, a lot more than the original Resident Evil had. Starting out with only a Beretta, you manage to pick up such classic Resident Weapons like the shotgun, magnum, flamethrower, rocket launcher, and YES even the good ole knife. Using these weapons however is your choice. This is a survival horror game, and most of the time, ammo is SCARCE. Sometimes I ended up just having a knife to fight off the hordes of zombies and other nasty creatures that Resident Evil featured. That is what makes this game so FUN! The biggest addition to ANY Resident Evil game is the defense weapons. The defense weapons for Chris are the knife and hand grenade while Jill has the knife and stun gun. How defense weapons work is this, when some kind of monster has you in it's grips, press the good ole Z button and the player will puncture the creature with one of the defense weapons that you equipped them with. If you want the ultimate challenge then try the invisible enemies mode, in this mode all your enemies are INVISIBLE. The only thing you can do is LISTEN for them, that LISTEN. This puts your ears to the test because if you don't use them, you will certainly DIE>

Storyline (If any): (10) Story has always been a BIG part of Resident Evil games. This is the original Resident Evil and the story is INTACT from the original Resident Evil that was released for the playstation. Bizarre incidents have been occurring in Raccoon Forests and the Bravo Team was sent out to investigate. They some how have to make an emergency landing and land in Raccoon Forests. With no word from them, Alpha Team is now sent out to find them. When they reach their, they find the helicopter abandoned and the pilot dead. Upon more investigating, one of your teammates finds a hand laying on the grass, and is attacked by a demonic looking dog. A pack emerges and chases after you and your team. You rush to find this mansion and go in their only to find even more horrors awaiting whoever you picked, Jill or Chris. If you choose Claire be prepared with two extra slots and easier game play. Though she does have a tendency to take less damage. But if you want a challenge then pick Chris, with only 6 slots, and a KNIFE to start with, this will give ANYONE a good challenge. Plus he is able to take a LOT more damage then Jill can.

Summary: (10) As a avid Resident Evil fan, I HIGHLY recommend this game to you. Even if you NEVER played Resident Evil before, if you want to be scared ********, this is the game for you. The only game that could ever measure up to this is going to be Resident Evil 4 which will come out January of 2005. Once you pick up this game, be prepared to laugh, cry, breath HEAVILY and be scared like nothing else. At a steal of a price of $20.00 (Player's Choice), you can play this REmake for your Nintendo Gamecube. Be warned, this game will scare you at some point during this game, so make sure you have the lights off, dead at night when you play this terrific game.

+ SUPER realistic graphics
+ Sound that will scare the crap out of you
+ Added feature of defense weapons
+ Engrossing story

- Teh monkeys

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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