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Reviewed: 08/08/03

Not as good as the original RE, but still awesome to play through.

When Capcom decided to start releasing their Resident Evil games for Nintendo\'s GameCube, they realized that they wanted to do something special with the original. At first, they planned on releasing RE1 with the brand new graphics that you see in the released version..but the actual game was going to remain the same. No new areas, new enemies, new bosses, etc. Just the same old RE that most of us have played a million times, but with way better graphics. Should they have left well enough alone? Maybe, maybe not. Read on to find out why.

One thing\'s for certain; the graphics in the RER are outstanding. Only Resident Evil Zero can best RER in the graphics department, and that\'s only by a thin margin. The water effects are amazing, the FMV\'s are perfect, and the overall look of the game is fantastic. Also, the random flash of lightning inside of the mansion is truly beautiful. I remember a time before I had the internet, and I recieved a new EGM that said something about a GameCube RE. Hurredly, I flipped through the pages, and as soon as I saw the first screens that were released I almost cried, that\'s how good they were. Well, seeing the game in motion is ten times better. You\'ll realize that the moment you see Chris Redfield stuff a grenade inside of a zombie\'s mouth. This RE also did not disappoint sound wise. The voices are more or less on the money, with only a few here and there giving you problems. The dreary music sets the tone for this dark game, and I absolutely loved the end credits theme.

The Resident Evil Remake\'s gameplay is what I have a few issues with. The controls are the same that have been around since March 1996, so nothing has changed there. What has changed is the addition/subtraction of a few things. One good addition to the game is the defense items. Using these items, the main character can save themselves from taking damage by using a special item. Chris can use a grenade to stuff into a zombie\'s mouth, hence blowing it to bits. Jill Valentine, the other main character, can use a stun gun to give the various creatures in the game a jolt. Both characters can also use a dagger to save themselves from the horrors of getting bitten or clawed by one of Umbrella\'s horrid creations. These items can be set to be used automatically or manually, so masochists can make even this simple task hard if they would like to. Another addition to the Remake of RE1 is the Crimson Head zombie. Usually in RE games, when you killed a zombie, that was it, you didn\'t have to worry about it anymore. But in RER, if you killed a zombie without decapitating it, it comes back as a faster and deadlier Crimson Head. The only way to stop it from becoming alive yet again is by taking a canister of gasoline and burning it, or the aforementioned head decap. Personally, I hated the Crimson Heads. Yes, the first time through I enjoyed them somewhat, but now when I replay RER they are just a pain in the ass. They make the game much too slow, even for us RE veterans. And seriously, though; if you knew that a zombie would come back to life (and yes, the character in the game knows, because there is a file about it) wouldn\'t you just take your big boot and stomp its head in? I mean, come on now. Crimson Heads were an unneccessary addition to the RER. Another thing I really didn\'t like about the RER is the fact that the zombies did not feel like RE zombies. They felt more..powerful, in a way, very unlike the disposable fiends that you can find in the other RE\'s. Zombies should be weak by themselves but strong in groups, something that the RER obviously ignored. Even with these problems, the RER could have scored a lot higher in my book if Capcom would have at least kept the automatic shotgun head decapitation intact, but they did not. Instead, whenever you are close to a zombie and you aim at its head, sometimes its head will exploded, and sometimes it won\'t. For someone like me, who\'s favorite thing in RE\'s to do is to decap zombies, this was very disappointing. Don\'t get me wrong, though, RER is still one of my favorite games ever, it\'s just that some of the changes they made were not good. Not all of the changes were bad, however. As I said before, the defense items added a nice twist to the battles. I also liked the outdoor areas that they added. The graveyard and the forest areas were not only cool, they were also visually stunning. So although I have to disagree on some of the things Capcom did to RE1, there are also some changes that I liked.

There isn\'t too much to comment on the RER story, since it is more or less the same as the story for RE1. There are some slight changes, however. There are a few scenes added here and there, a few new files that expand on the story more, and an ending that makes the events that take place in RECV more logical. There is also a new boss that in my opinion adds a lot to the story. Basically, though, if you loved the story for RE1, you\'ll love the story for RER, and vice versa.

While I\'d rather play the original RE1 anyday, this GameCube update was still good enough for me to play over and over. The extra modes such as \'\'Real Survival\'\', where there is no auto aim and the item boxes aren\'t linked, and \'\'Invisible Enemies\'\' add a whole new level of difficulty to even the most skilled RE players. In any light, don\'t expect this to be as good as RE1, but this RE is still no slouch.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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