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Reviewed: 06/24/03 | Updated: 06/24/03

The future of Survival Horror

When I first heard about the Resident Evil Remake about a year before it came out, my jaw was literally on the floor looking at those graphics the gaming industry has never seen before! I could not help but be ashamed that I did not own a GameCube. I am a die-hard Metal Gear Solid fan and a die-hard Resident Evil fan. I intend to play every game and follow the series no matter where it goes. So of course, soon after the Remake was released, I accumulated enough money, with the support of my parents to get a Nintendo GameCube in addition to my PlayStation 2. When I first had this game in my hands, I could not help but stare at the back of the box and look at the visuals. Did the Gameplay stack up to the visuals or was it all eye-candy? Let’s find out.

Story 10/10
Ahh, the story that started it all. The have definitely gone into detail with the story from the first Resident Evil for the PSX, which was a bit confusing and let a few plot holes. With this remake the story is built upon and many lost plot holes finally filled. Now for the story: There have been gruesome murders around the Raccoon Forest; it seems that the victims were devoured. Bravo team was sent in to investigate the recently occurring murders, but suddenly disappeared during their mission. Now the Alpha Team, S.T.A.R.S, an elite group of the Raccoon Police Department is sent in to investigate the missing occurrences of the Bravo Team and investigate the situation of the murders...

Graphics 10/10 ++
The Graphics in this game are so great, they deserve higher than 10. The graphics are absolutely stunning and have probably shocked the video gaming world to see such graphics that this game has packed. Capcom has rendered the characters and environments so detailed that even if you were to stand so close to the character, you probably couldn't notice any polygons that make up the character! There is absolutely no jaggies, cut scenes look like watching an FMV right in Real-Time gaming! Characters show stunning facial expression and their faces never degrade in polygons after a cutscene.

Environments 10/10
The Environments that make up this game greatly add to the fear effect and overall amazing detail in this game. Just standing in the main hallway makes you go ''wow'' from all the detail that is clearly noticed. The thunder effects are absolutely gorgeous and with good speakers, it's almost like it's happening right in your house! The entire mansion atmosphere has just improved tremendously since the PSX version with a darker, scarier and evil feeling. It's sometimes hard to believe that this game was once the dinky PlayStation version of Resident Evil. Even if the backgrounds are pre-rendered, Capcom made every effort to make them as detailed as possible. Such as swaying grasses outside, to even just a candlelight burning softly in the main hall.

Sounds 10/10
The sounds in this game are also so high-quality and are probably the most realistic sounds in a video game yet. As mentioned above the lighting effects are beautiful, and the sound it makes is so realistic, try turning the bass on your TV loud or add in a subwoofer and then really hear the thunder in this game! Whoa! Gunshots are also very realistic and are nearly an exact replica of firing a gun in real life. Simple walking sounds also remain very intact such walking on carpet makes that muffled foot sound, while walking on metal or wood makes that loud clunky sound. Also another realistic sound factor is the sound is either deducted or increased depending on how far the camera is away from the character, or what type of hallway it is. A small metal corridor would make loud echoing footsteps, making the experience even better. The sounds of monsters creep you out, the moaning of a zombie and you cannot see him from the camera angle makes you wonder where it could be. The sounds of a zombie taking a chunk out of you and your character yelling in pain, very realistic.

Voice Acting 10/10
If you remember correctly, the voices in the first Resident Evil game for the PSX were absolutely HORRIBLE, actors who probably had no voice acting or acting in general experience before coming in to do Resident Evil. However in the Remake that’s a completely different story. All the voice actors in this game easily seem very experienced and show a lot of emotion and feeling in their voices unlike that of the PSX Version.

Controls 9/10 (Could be varied depending on person)
Again the Controls to me seem a lot like realism again. Your character moves a lot like a real human would move with a gun or no gun. With no gun you would obviously run a bit faster, yet with a gun you would probably move a bit more sluggish, noticeable going down a staircase. The controls aren't as smooth as freely moving games such as the Metal Gear and Final Fantasy series, so they get the point there. However based on the actual style of the game, the controls fit in perfectly for me. It's really a give or take relationship with the controls, you will either love it or hate it. If you played other Resident Evils, you should get used to the controls pretty fast.

Gameplay 10/10
The Gameplay I have decided to break into sections to avoid having really long paragraphs.

The weapons you BEGIN with are very basic and are common for a person to start out with. If you begin with Jill, you have a handgun and a combat knife, the combat knife is very weak and unless you are a true RE Master, you can use that to kill some weaker monsters, but the knife in the Remake is very difficult to use based from the previous games. Chris on the other hand only starts with the combat knife. Why he doesn't have a gun when he enters the mansion is beyond me, but he quickly gets one lucky. When you progress through the games you will get more heavy weaponry, and a lot more ways to decapitate zombies :). Every character has one unique weapon that only they can use. For Chris, this would be the Flame Thrower, which has the most realistic flames I have ever seen; too bad it runs out too fast. For Jill it is the Grenade Launcher, a very useful weapon that can be loaded with 3 types of ammo! Depending on your game time, you can get some secret weapons such as a custom handgun or even the well-known Rocket Launcher!

Defensive Weapons
What’s this you say? This is a 'Resident Evil Remake' exclusive per say, since no other Resident Evil as of now has contained these 'Defensive Weapons'. These weapons are special weapons that scattered all over the game that allow actual well...defense from monsters. Let’s say you get a defensive dagger. Now let’s say you get unlucky and a zombie bites you. The game will automatically (or manually) send the dagger into the zombies head to protect you from damage, and damaging the zombie instead! This is a very nifty edition to the game and is very much needed since this game is very difficult. Each character also gets one unique Defensive Weapon. Everyone can pick up the Dagger, however Chris gets a Flash Grenade, which he puts in the zombies mouth before he bites him, then just aim and fire and BOOM, off goes the zombies head. Jill has a Tazer which shocks the monster before they can hurt her, this just stuns them or knocks them over for a moment where you can kill the monster or quickly run away. This isn't as good as the Flash Grenade though.

Note right now, that monsters in this game are TOUGH. Maybe even tougher than monsters from the previous games. This is the first Resident Evil that killing zombies can actually mean future bad news. If you kill a zombie, leave the room, and come back, you will notice the zombie will be laying there. Do you think it's just the game is just being more realistic by leaving monster corpses instead of them suddenly 'disappearing' well...yes and no. If you kill a zombie without decapitating it or burning it with the newly added kerosene or the Grenade Launcher flame rounds. You will notice that after the zombie has been laying there for a long time, when you come back eventually, the zombie will suddenly raise again! These zombies are extremely fast and can easily rip through your life, and thus dubbed the dreaded 'Crimson Heads'. This introduces another brand new system that involves burning or decapitating the zombies before killing them to prevent this new zombie form. There is also many other monsters that will haunt your every step and some quite easily stronger then zombies and Crimson Heads. Bosses aren't TOO difficult in this game compared to other bosses from previous Resident Evil games, and quite a few bosses can be avoided or killed with a simple trick.

Playing the Game
Besides all the challenges from the monsters, the games overall enjoyment is of course high. The puzzles in this game aren't too difficult to master but then again a lot require you to look at files that you may find laying around the mansion. Most just require the proper placement of items or such, but they aren't brainless. There is backtracking in this game that can sometimes get frustrating, but luckily it isn't very high.

There are only so many Resident Evil games that are currently out on the market today. Capcom is importing many of the old Resident Evil games from the PSX to the GameCube, which sadly aren't very updated, they are more clean than the PSX version but do not contain any real updates from the PSX versions which is a bit of a let down. However Resident Evil 0 is currently on the US Shores and it features a brand new combat system which is absolutely awesome, and has the same awesome graphics and environments as the Remake does. So be sure to pick up Resident Evil 0 or the other imported Resident Evil games that are on GameCube if you want to learn more about the Resident Evil story. Also keep on lookout for Resident Evil 4 that will surface soon. That game looking promising to be something great.

Rent or Buy
Anyone who owns a GameCube and it mature enough should definitely BUY this game, the graphics are the best in any game yet, and is the absolute treat for any Cube fan. If you think you can't handle the enjoyment or the fear, then you should bite your tongue and rent the game and see if you like it.

Closing Statement
I have played the Resident Evil series since the very first Resident Evil for the PlayStation. I thought the first Resident Evil game was a bit boring and was surpassed by its future counterparts such as Resident Evil 2, 3 and CODE Veronica. However when this game was out for the GameCube, it covered up every burden that the first Resident Evil had and made the Resident Evil franchise even bigger than ever!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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