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Reviewed: 10/17/02 | Updated: 10/17/02

Evil is back and better than ever!

Introduction: Well, what exactly is Resident Evil. Resident Evil was made on 3/30/1996 on the Sony Playstation console. It is considered to be ground breaking as far as Survivor Horror games are concerned. What I am reviewing is the remake of this game for the Gamecube console. This was released early this year (2002). This game has overall improved graphics, new secrets, new areas, tougher monster A. I., and an altogether new experience for people who played the original. Now that you know a little about the game I’m reviewing, let’s get on with the review. (Note: I am not reviewing any part of this game in any specific order, and the final grade is not an average.)

Graphics: This game has the BEST pre rendered graphics I’ve had the good grace to lay eyes upon. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that this game has the best graphics of ANY console game in history (although the future will change this). The character models have a lot of details that really makes this game shine. Not only the character details, but the mapping, both the inside and the outside areas of this game are really amazing. On another strong point the lightning and shadow effects are the best a game has to date. Another good effect is the water reflections of your character. It’s like actually looking into a river or a mirror. So I give the graphics of this game:

Character Control: One of the most debated topics on ANY Resident Evil game is the controls. Me personally, I absolutely LOVE the controls. It’s just very easy for me. Now on this game it did take a little bit to get use to using an analog control stick to move my character. I think on all the other versions of Resident Evil (including the Dreamcast games) had the ability to use the control pad, which is what I was used to since I started playing video games on the NES. So when good old Sony came out with the PS2, I had to get use to the analog control stick and the Gamecube and Xbox followed suit. Anyway, I’ve heard you either love the Resident Evil controls, or you hate them, and personally I love them. One thing also that hurts the score is the fact that your character moves like a “tank”. They run like a tank, slow and steady, more like a fast walking pace. They also turn like a tank. Even the Quick Turn feature doesn’t seem to be very “quick”. So I give the character controls of this game:

Story: One of the best parts about this game is it has a very good plot to follow. There is also some twists and turns along the way. This game will make you want to pick up (if you haven’t already played them) Resident Evil 2 and 3 and Code Veronica X ports. You will probably be interested also in Resident Evil 0 coming out very soon. The only thing that hurts this game (which is my point of view) is that they didn’t add anything that much different from the original game. Which is probably great for new comers, but it’s the same thing for me and the rest who have played it on the PXS or Saturn or Dreamcast. Maybe they will answer some of my questions in Resident Evil 0. ;)
STORY: 8/10

Voice Acting: This game takes a HUGE leap from the original. Great voice acting all the way thru. The only thing that hurts this score is the fact that it doesn’t have subtitles. I feel that all games should have subtitles for the fact that some people might be hearing impaired. I’ve read articles to gaming magazines from hearing impaired that doesn’t enjoy Resident Evil as much since they can’t understand what’s going on.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very nice. Just what I like in a game, tough enemies, tough bosses, challenging puzzles, and a scary atmosphere that goes perfect with this game. The monster design and character design are great as well. Again the characters move like a “tank” and takes some time to get used to. There are a total of two characters that you can play as from the beginning, each taking his or her own “story” thru the game. Both of these have very different challenges in his or her story. Like for example, Jill holds more items but Chris can take more damage. And the story and NPCS will also vary depending upon which character you choose. Also, this game is HARD. Even on Normal setting enemies will take a lot of damage to take down. Plus ammo and health items are in short supply. The only flaws are the cut scenes, which could have been done better, although the FMV videos are perfect.

Sound: The sound is just downright perfect for this type of game. From the monster noises, to the footsteps, to the eerie music, it’s all just perfect. Another cool sounding effect is when you are near windows are outside, the thunder is almost true to life like.
SOUND: 10/10

Replay Value: Simply put, you have two characters to complete the game with, plus if you beat the game under a certain amount of time, you unlock new costumes, new gameplay options, and one new weapon. This game takes about 12 to 16 hours to complete with one character (not using a guide or FAQ) even for seasoned pros of Resident Evil. But once you know where you’re going and everything you could complete the game in fewer than 3 or even less than 2 hours. So to say the least this Resident Evil has High Replay Value.

Overall: This is the best Resident Evil yet, and that’s saying a lot considering there is about 6 Resident Evil games out there.( Resident Evil, RE2, RE3:Nemesis, RE:Code Veronica, RE: Gun Survivor, RE: Gun Survivor 2.) Also this is saying a lot since it is a remake of a 1996 classic. This game is a must buy for survival horror fans, and you MUST at least rent it to try it.
OVERALL: 10/10

Conclusion: With mind blowing graphics, ear savoring sounds, and one hell of a gameplay experience, I just wouldn’t feel right as a gamer if I did not at least give this game a chance and try it out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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